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on August 3, 2005
The outside box does say that GB is in fullscreen and GB2 is in widescreen. However, that is a misprint. Originally they did intend to release it this way, but the backlash was so severe that they reversed this (stupid) decision. I guess the box artwork was already printed by this point. Rest assured that the actual movies are BOTH in widescreen and there is not even a fullscreen option. The inside boxes do both indicate widescreen.
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on September 16, 2014
Loved these movies as a kid and they still hold up. I love the limited set. The figure it is really well made, and each is numbered which is nice for a collector. Also within the blu-ray holder is a little book 25 pages long.

All new special features are:
*Who You Gonna Call: A Ghostbuster Retrospective
*Roundtable Discussion with Director Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd
*Ghostbusters Music Video
*Poster Art Gallery
*Plus Original Special Features.

Ghostbusters 2
All new special features are:
*Time is but a Window: Ghostbusters 2 and Beyond
*Roundtable Discussion with Director Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd
*Deleted Scenes
*On our Own Music Video
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on July 26, 2005
Well, this isn't packed with special features, but it's sure worth more than two stars. After all, what do you expect for a double-feature (each film is in its own thin-pak case) plus episodes of the cartoon (which it will be great to reminisce while watching, by the way) and a scrapbook at such a low price?

The real treat that home theater enthusiasts and most people with eyes will appreciate is that the transfers have been remastered and are marvelous-looking. That alone makes this a good companion to the old discs (KEEP THE OLD RELEASES because the video commentary from the first Ghostbusters DVD isn't on this new one and the neither are theatrical trailers). e-mail me for a link to comparison pics of the transfer upgrades! Worth an upgrade for home theater enthusiasts and fans of the cartoon (and fans of cool gimmick packaging, too, I guess!).
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on March 31, 2010
I received the DVD a few days earlier than expected, and in an unexpected way.

There was a knock on the door, it was maybe 2 in the morning. I don't really remember. I slowly got out of bed and peeked through the doorhole to see who it could possibly be.

It was Bill effing Murray. Dressed up as a ghostbuster. When I opened the door, he clicked a remote to turn on a stereo boombox he had with him. Ghostbusters theme blaring, he starts dancing. 70's disco style.

After "WHO YOU GONNA CALL," he held the DVD case up to my face and paused the song. I was silent, he lowered the case and put it in my face again.

"Ghostbusters?" I asked.

He started the music again, put the dvd down on my doormat, took the boombox and danced away.

I opened up the DVD case when I got back inside, and on the INSIDE of the SHRINK WRAPPED DVD CASE, I kid you not there was a note that read

"No one will ever believe you. No one buys DVDs anymore."

I got noise complaints from other people in the apartment the next day. I told them I was sorry and wouldn't play my music so loud. Let's face it. No one would believe otherwise.

Excellent DVD. High quality video and audio, and the extras are AWESOME.
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on August 4, 2005
Just a bit of information I know I would have like to have had before I bought it: There are some reviews on this page complaining that the first film is presented only in fullscreen.. The slip-cover for the set does, in fact, list the first film as being in fullscreen, and the second as being in 2.40:1 widescreen.. which confused me and I bought it anyway figuring that there was no reason they would do one film properly but not the other. Then I noticed that on the slip-cover under special features they list the FIRST film as being in widescreen, but NOT the second... It gets stranger. When you open it and look at the individual cases, the first film is labeled as being in 2.40:1 widescreen, and the second is listed as being in 2.35:1 (NOT 2.40)...

Well, dyslexic cover-art designers aside, when you watch the films they ARE BOTH IN WIDESCREEN.. whether one is 2.40 and one is 2.35 I didn't really bother to figure out, and frankly I doubt given the attention to detail displayed on the boxes. Either way, the films do look really good.

The special features are, like most people said, nothing to scream about and mainly re-packaged from the earlier releases with the notable exception of episodes from the cartoon, which are pretty awful. The scrapbook is nice, despite having an odd odor like burnt french fries...

As for the films themselves, I haven't really watched them since I was about 12, and so it was pure nostalgia. They were actually better than I expected. The first one is plainly the "better" movie, and the second one basically shamelessly recreates its plot blow by blow (Instead of stay puft, we have the statue of liberty, instead of an evil apartment building, we have an evil museum, instead of arguments with a surprisingly accommodating mayor and his meddlesome underlings, we have... arguments with a surprisingly accommodating mayor and his meddlesome underlings.) However, in some strange way, the second film feels fresher to me, and the real joy of the movies was watching these great actors do their thing, and they're all just as good the second time around. Even if Winston still has nothing to do besides show up once in a while to deflect criticism about an all-white cast.

So, anyway, hoped that cleared up some stuff.
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on August 29, 2005
Most of the extras from the original special edition are included in this new version with some missing in action. Gone is the video portion of the audio commentary which did add a Mystery Science Theater 3000 quality but is not a huge omission. However, also gone are the trailers and the subtitled production notes that one could see while watching the movie. For these alone you might want to hold onto your previous edition.

The picture quality of both movies has been improved significantly, although, maybe it's because I am so used to the old transfers that, at times, this new one looks too good. And then, some scenes look just as grainy as the previous edition but this may be due to the film stock at the time.

The Ghostbusters 2 DVD originally had no extras and it still doesn't have any that pertain to the movie but two new additions are an episode from The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, entitled "Citizen Ghost" and "Partners in Slime" from the much inferior Slimer and The Real Ghostbusters cartoon. Hopefully, this means that Sony is finally going to release these shows on DVD at long last.

Finally, there is a nice, glossy movie scrapbook that features more storyboards, stills and poster designs from the movies.
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on October 5, 2014
I won't go into the details of the films as most people will have seen them already and will have already been covered by other reviewers. So onto the 4k mastered & included Digibook, actually it is a pretty good package,the 25 page digibook is presented very well gives nice behind scenes info on both films aswell as original 1984 Talent bios for the main stars and director. Ghostbusters features all the original extras plus a few new exciting additions A retrospective roundtable discussion with Director Ivan Reitman & Actor Dan Akyroyd that lasts 24 mins. Ghostbusters music video & poster art gallery. I have to say the telestrator commentary with Ivan Reitman, producer Joe Medjuck and Actor the late Harold Ramis that featured on the original 1999 DVD release has never appeared on any of the bluray releases thus far. It would have been nice as that was a groundbreaking innovation for DVD at that time and would have been perfect on Bluray (Ghostbusters was the first title to ever do it) here we just have the regular commentary fun as it is it would have been nice to have the telestrator picture commentary. The 4K picture (I don't have a 4K tv so I don't know how good it would be on that) is very clean and presentable but I have notice several scenes throughout the film are very grainy and not as sharp as they should be given the 4K tag. Ghostbusters 2 (first time on Bluray) comes with slightly smaller bunch of special features
A shorter 16 min Roundtable discussion with Dan Akyroyd and Ivan Reitman where they touch on the sequel and the possibility of a Ghostbusters 3. 7 Deleted Scenes (although word has it on the internet - see Youtube reviews- that there were substantially more deleted scenes that have not made their way here). Rounding out the small selection of special features is the music video "on our own" by Bobby Brown, which I have to say Brown copied the same template that Ray Parker Jnr employed with his video i.e including celebrities such as Lori Singer and Christopher Reeve prior to the accident that crippled him in 1995. The 4K picture on this title is much better, picture has been scrubbed up quite nicely you'd think this film came only yesterday. There could have been scope for more new extras given the 30th anniversary of the first film & 25th anniversary of the second but it is a very solid package and having it in digibook housing both movies makes it very collectible item much better than the UK where they only get both films in an amaray case with a slip on cover.
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on January 2, 2015
You wouldn't believe how different the movie looks! The colors pop so much and it's so much more natural that it confused me. I saw so many scenes where I couldn't believe it. Like some scenes I thought were supposed to be night or dusk, but they were overcast days. Dana's sofa is bright pink! The clarity is amazing as well. Scenes where I could see things and read things that were a blurry haze before... it's just mind blowing like I'm watching this movie for the first time.

Oh and no BD advert stuff! No previews!
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on October 16, 2014
Awesome purchase. Two Blu-Ray 4k remasters for the price of a single new blu-ray.

We all know Ghostbusters is one of the greatest sci-fi comedies of all time. What I forgot, or perhaps failed to realize at the time, was how good the sequel Ghostbusters II was. It might have been formulaic but it was funny, heartwarming, and a solid sequel to the first film. The film points out that even the most cynical of souls can see things in a new light. It's not as good as the original, but if you watch it again you might find it better than you remember. And it's here in the package for a few bucks more.

I can't add much to the video quality discussions you'll find on Amazon and the web. The Ghostbusters transfer looks as good as it can without violating the artistic choice to shoot with a somewhat vintage-looking grainy effect. Ghostbusters II wasn't shot with a grainy look in mind and the transfer provides a surprisingly crisp, clear picture for it's age.

What I can add is that the sound is excellent. Both films have been well remixed without a lot of extra channel redirection and the result is a great home viewing experience if you have a good sound system (can't guarantee if you are watching with now-typical back-side LCD TV speakers, your sound is going to be lacking no matter what you watch)

All aspects considered, this is the best Ghostbusters release since 1999 and is substantially better than that already great DVD.

BTW, Slimer-mode is pretty cool for cinema buffs. Try it out
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on December 7, 2014
Among the best comedy movies of all time. I mean, c'mon, there's even a song!

Actually, the first movie, Ghostbusters is really good. Full of comedy, mystery and a love story too. Ghostbusters II is pretty good too...a little more effects, entertaining and funny. I'm glad to have these movies in my DVD collection.

As for the whole package, the bluray is outstanding video with excellent sound. A nice upgrade transfer. There's a cool little Ghosbusters booklet plus an Ultraviolet digital HD copy. And hey, there's even a coupon for $3.00 off dinner.

Overall, I think this is a great set to have in one little "book style" case. I just wish they didn't put the DVDs situated on top of one another.
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