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on September 16, 2003
An MGM double feature, featuring the first two of four movies in the Ghoulies franchise. Ghoulies involves Johnathan Graves (Peter Liapis), a college student who inherits a family estate. When he finds black magic paraphenalia, he winds up conjruing up the title characters, as well as his long dead dad. Can he stop them? Ghoulies II involoves the operators of Satan's Den, a haunted house for a fair. When the ghoulies hitch a ride by hiding in Satan's Den, they bring big bucks to the fair, until Uncle Ned (Royal Dano) finds out they have killed a couple of the workers. Can he, his nephew Larry, and short actor Sir Nigel Pennywight (Phil Fondacaro) stop them? This also has a scene that delivers on the original's advertising campaign. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the bathroom....
Both movies are low budget films by Charles Band, pre-dating Full Moon Pictures. The cats in both films do great jobs for what they are given. The direction is what you would expect for low budget films. Both films are shown in widescreen anamorphic formats, and look like they have been taken fresh from the lab. the sound on both is great sounding Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono. They are standard releases from MGM, with only trailers, but the low price warrants purchase for fans of the horror genre or MST3K.
(1985, PG-13)
Johnathan Graves: Peter Liapis
Rebecca: Lisa Pelikan
Malcom Graves: Michael Des Barres
Wolfgang: Jack Nance
Grizzel: Peter Risch
Greedigut: Tamara De Treaux
Director: Luca Bercovici
Writers: Luca Bercovici, Jefery Levy
(1987, PG-13)
Larry: Damon Martin
Uncle Ned: Royal Dano
Sir Nigel Pennywight: Phil Fondacaro
P. Hardin: J. Downing
Nicole: Kerry Remsen
Dixie: Dale Wyatt
Director: Albert Band
Writers: Charlie Dolan, Dennis Paoli
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on April 30, 2015
scrap the old Double feature dvd from 2003 which had no extras anyway

scream factory have continued their relationship with Charles band by releasing another Empire pictures film on Blu-ray
this time it's Ghoulies & Ghoulies II on 1 blu-ray Disc
both films have been given a new High definition transfer in 1:85:1 widescreen
and i tell you what the picture quality for both films does look amazing, very sharp & clear picture quality
plus the sound quality has been boosted with a new 5.1 Master audio mix plus the original stereo mix has been added to
so for both films you get an option of a new sound boost with 5.1 surround sound or the old stereo mix from the VHS days
personally the 5.1 Master audio mix is much much better sound quality of course.

for the first time ever for both Ghoulies films, new special features
GHOULIES has a new 30mins retrospective featurette FROM TOILETS TO TERROR
only executive producer Charles band, music composer Richard band are interviewed
make up artist John vulich is also interviewed-John was part of John Buechler's team during the 80's
John recalls how the Ghoulies creatures came to be etc
tragically the only Actor from the film interviewed is Michael Des barres who played Malcolm Graves
for some reason, Actor's Peter liapis, Lisa Pelikan, Scott thompson are not interviewed maybe they weren't available
one of the small roles in the film Donna played by Actress Mariska Hargitay is not interviewed either
which is not surprising, Mariska Hargitay plays Detective Olivia Benson on Law and order svu incase some fans did not know that
Ghoulies was Mariska's first film role
very interesting 30min featurette regardless, Charles band has the most screen time
as he tries to recall the making of Ghoulies, filming & marketing Ghoulies maybe he has amnesia problems these days
cause he says during the interview it was 35years ago now so he does not remember every detail how Ghoulies came to be

first time Director of Ghoulies Luca Bercovici was not interviewed for the making of featurette
however he does do a new Audio commentary for Ghoulies
the commentary is boring actually, for the first 15- 20mins of the film
Luca is very informative about how he got the Directing Job for this film
and talks about some of the casting but then there's alot of pauses, long pauses actually
like he's run out of things to say about the film, or he's not interested talking about the film anymore
pathetic Audio commentary, what's the point doing a commentary when you're not really interested
that's the impression i got when listening to his voice
i think he should've done an interview for the retrospective featurette, than do a commentary
as a fan listening to the commentary i thought what's the point of this you're wasting my time
I hate when some cast or crew are asked to do an interview or an audio commentary for a film like this
make the Commentary worth listening to don't waste the fans time
otherwise there is no point doing the commentary
GHOULIES II special features
again another retrospective featurette with Charles band and special make up effects artist Gino Crognale
only couple of Actors from the film have been interviewed
Actress Kerry remsen recalls lots of fond memories acting in Ghoulies II
how she loved the experience working on the film
Actor Donnie jeffcoat is interviewed aswell
only short featurette this time around 15mins
there's also some Deleted scenes from the film and Theatrical trailer
Charles band's father Albert band was Director for Ghoulies II so of course no new Directors commentary for this sequel

if you love Ghoulies/Ghoulies II, time to upgrade for sure get this new Double feature blu-ray version
worth the money for sure
4 stars for both films, 5 stars for this new blu-ray release
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on August 27, 2003
MGM has done an admirable job for this new Double Feature DVD. It contains both Ghoulies and Ghoulies 2, both presented in Animorphic Widescreen with their original theatrical trailers. The picture and sound are as good as we're ever going to see these two films on DVD. A great value, even if you only wish to buy it for one of the movies.
GHOULIES was an early release from Charles Band and Empire Pictures, predating the later Full Moon Pictures. The budget was fairly low for the mid-1980's, but it is still an enjoyable late-night film.
GHOULIES 2 was the sequel and probably had a little larger budget. It featured more talented actors (Royal Dano, Phil Fondacaro, Starr Andreeff, Sasha Jenson) and the Ghoulies are a little more animate than in the original movie. On a whole it is better than the original in many ways.
There were two more later sequels (Parts 3 & 4) to the Ghoulies franchise...maybe they will also come to DVD someday soon.
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on March 18, 2015
Who doesn't like cheesy horror flicks from the 80s and 90s? The Ghoulies franchise is just that. The puppets are ridiculous and the plot and acting are atrocious. That being said, a Saturday afternoon or evening with some popcorn and I am good. Zone out and enjoy the travesty unfolding on your screen.
The down side is that these are on a single double sided disc.
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on April 29, 2015
Scream Factory continues its relationship with Producer / Director Charles Band by releasing their Double Feature Blu-ray edition of “Ghoulies” and “Ghoulies II.” Spawned out of the same “Gremlins” craze “Munchies” and “Critters” were birthed from, these two horror / comedy hybrids are B-movie budgetville gold. The two films differ in tone, but both accomplish what they set out to.

The original "Ghoulies" centers on Jonathan (Peter Liapis), who was almost killed by his father Malcolm (Michael Des Barres) as a child during a satanic ritual. After being saved and raised by Wolfgang (Jack Nance), who has kept him unaware of his background, Jonathan inherits Malcolm's house and moves in with girlfriend Rebecca (Lisa Pelikan). During a party, he jokingly performs a ceremony described in one of his father's books on black magic, not realizing he has unleashed small, demonic creatures known as "Ghoulies."

In "Ghoulies II," the pint-sized monsters hop aboard a traveling carnival, where their violent behavior and grotesque looks are most likely to go unnoticed. There, the creatures find a new home in a haunted house attraction. As they earn their keep by scaring visitors, the carnival finds itself running in the black for the first time in years. But things quickly turn sour when, to the shock of carny Uncle Ned (Royal Dano), the Ghoulies start taking bites out of the customers.

“Ghoulies” is more serious in tone and plays straight much of the time. However, a group of idiotic partying young adults pave the way for sporadic moments of bad decisions and juvenile hijinks. “Ghoulies II” takes itself less serious and really finds its stride in its last act. As soon as the little creatures take over the carnival and its rides, deadly mischief and mayhem unfold and hilarity ensues. I found the sequel more entertaining and lighthearted because it seemed like it wasn’t taking itself as serious as the original did.

Both “Ghoulies” and “Ghoulies II” are rated PG-13 for violence and gore, profanity, alcohol, drugs, smoking, frightening and intense sequences, and adult situations. Apparently there’s an R-rated version of “Ghoulies II” floating around. According to content notes on IMDb, there’s not much difference between the PG-13 and R versions.

Many religious folks will be offended by the amount of satanic chanting and magical incantations are found in the first “Ghoulies.” I’m not really a fan of it myself and usually just turn down the sound. The sequel is tamer in that aspect and fully embraces its cheesy and schlocky aspects without as much of the seriousness found in the first film. I do have a problem with the fact that they defeat the little monsters by using dark magic to summon a bigger demon to take them out. I never have gotten the whole concept of fighting evil with more evil.

Scream Factory gives fans a healthy dose of bonus material for the “Ghoulies / Ghoulies II” Double Feature Blu-ray. Special features for “Ghoulies” include audio commentary with Director / Co-Writer Luca Bercovici. New interviews with Executive Producer Charles Band, Composer Richard Band, Actor Michael Des Barres, and Special Effects Makeup Artist John Vulich are found in a 30-minute featurette. It also contains a theatrical trailer for the movie.

Special features for “Ghoulies II” include new interviews with Executive Producer Charles Band, Actress Kerry Remsen, and Special Effects Artist Gino Crognale. There are also deleted scenes and a theatrical trailer found.

Scream Factory’s “Ghoulies / Ghoulies II” Double Feature Blu-ray is a great reminder of what movie magic was like before CGI took over. Just like the “Gremlins” films that launched these creature features, we get entertaining puppeteering that makes the movie even funnier when humans are attacked and sent screaming in bloody terror. Stop-motion photography is utilized to perfection as well. If you like your Gremlins a little nastier than what Joe Dante and Steven Spielberg served up, you’ll love Charles Band’s Ghoulies.
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on September 15, 2013
Okay..Hey readers, it's the Living Dead Girl. Ghoulies I saw when I was a kid along with Puppet Master (if you're a true fan you'll know where I'm going with this, Ghoulies was spawned from a very dumb movie series called it's the same plotline, only Ghoulies was better, and its also the same plotline as Puppet Master (I'll explain.) The Ghoulies are brought forth with a spell by people who want them to do their bidding. Now these are greedy people who don't get their way..especially not in my favorite one Ghoulies 2 where The Ghoulies have like a giant killing fest(leading of course to Critters and Critters 2) but in Puppet Master it's the same cool plotline, except the puppets protect the Toulan family, which is once again why Corey Feldman is my favorite Puppet Master...he understood the flick...oh also, I loved Roland and that giant eating machine at the onto Critters 2!
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on September 18, 2015
These movies are both "campy" but I love these kind of horrors. The first one is ok. Kind of generic and drags on a little bit. The second one is one of my favorites. I do wish this came as a three pack, though (The fourth movie is something I pretend never existed)

I did get a different cover than the one displayed here, though. Not a big deal, but I kind of like this one better than the one I got.
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on May 20, 2015
Ghoulies, in my opinion, is one of those movies that you just can't watch too many times :) To be honest, I'm not that big of a fan of Ghoulies II but hey, it came with the CD and if I'm totally in the mood for some B-Movie Horror Flicks, it will certainly do the trick. Always good for Halloween and you can't always depend on Netflix or TV to play them so it's nice to have them available at my fingertips.
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on May 24, 2013
I really enjoyed the 1st movie in this set, specially the dinning with the ghoulies, one them eating a small tomato & in my mind he said in a funny monstrous sombre voice,"Delicious!" & then later the innocent conjurer undulates a very funny scream of madness to which only to that point i was already satisfied with the humorous movie of horror-comedy.
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on March 20, 2010

Upon returning to his family's abandoned mansion, Jonathan realizes he has inherited his father's powers of sorcery, which he uses to unwittingly unleash a handful of demons known as The Ghoulies! The tiny terrors run amok, getting into mischief and killing their unfortunate hosts before Jonathan summons the strength to defeat them. GHOULIES is good old fashioned B-Movie monster fun from Charles Band's early production company Empire Pictures (also responsible for TROLL and other campy classics). John Carl Buechler's creature designs are both creepy and original, even if the cheapness of the latex hand puppets shines through. One can't ignore the similarities between the film and its obvious influence GREMLINS, but it does enough to distinguish its own identity through its dark Fantasy roots in arcane magic. Rather than trying to mask its low budget, GHOULIES revels in its cheesy acting, confusing and pointless plot, and dated special FX. Its greatest faults lie in its weak structure and pacing, two distracting elements that make the first film less entertaining than its sequel. There is still plenty to like for the average B-Movie fan, making this a fun if not silly and stupid 80s sleeper!


Ghoulies 2

The operators of a traveling spook house pick up some unlikely hitchhikers when The Ghoulies begin terrorizing carnival goers at their most recent stop! GHOULIES 2 shows a tremendous improvement over the first film, with the increased budget being reflected in the recognizable cast, improved special effects, and larger setting. John Carl Buechler's new Ghoulies are larger, meaner, and much more mobile; they are also free standing, and no longer show the cheapness of the rubber hand puppets used in the original. Several stop-motion animation shots have also been added to give the creatures more validity as they run amok and get in to all sorts of mischief. While the gore has increased as well, the lighter tone creates a kid-friendly atmosphere, while providing enough laughs and kills to entertain the older crowds. The carnival backdrop is a fun and colorful setting, which provides the creatures with plenty of hapless new victims and brightly-lit attractions to dismantle. GHOULIES 2 is the definitive film in the series, and an enjoyable entry for creature and B-movie fans.

-Carl Manes
I Like Horror Movies
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