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on January 27, 2007
"The Ghouls" was not exactly what I was expecting it to be. The description on the back of the DVD box makes it sound like a fairly typical zombie movie. "The Ghouls" however is anything but typical.

The main character, Eric Hayes, is a thoroughly despicable man who makes his living listening to the police scanner and rushing out to videotape crimes in progress. He then sells his tapes to the highest bidder.

One night, Eric witnesses three men dragging a screaming woman into a dark alley. Eric grabs his camera and follows, fully expecting to videotape a rape. Instead the three "men" tear the woman apart and eat her. Eric runs away when the ghouls come after him next, but returns the following evening with a friend and a gun to videotape the ghouls in action again.

This is not a movie for the easily offended. There is a lot of graphic violence on hand. As I mentioned earlier, the main character is simply a loathsome person. That may also turn off some viewers.

The CHUD comparison in my title refers to the fact that the ghouls live in the sewer by day, but come out to eat at night. But unlike the fun 1984 horror film, "The Ghouls" is dark and somewhat depressing, yet strangely compelling. For indie horror fans this is well worth a look.
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on February 19, 2009
Wow, was this movie terrible. There was home cam corder production values, not one single character was even vaguely likeable, the script may have been written by an ape, and the monsters and special effects would have embarassed a high school drama club. I am ashamed to have given this movie one star instead of none. I was not expecting Casablanca, or even Evil Dead. I am not a movie snob. I really enjoyed Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers and Bloodsucking Pharaohs in Pittsburgh. Some people can be given a microbudget and turn out a great movie, like Bubba Ho Tep or Corpses. And then there are people who make movies like this where you just want the ninety minutes of your life back. The Ghouls does not even get into the "so bad it is funny" realm. The "protagonist" is a druggie/alcoholic cameraman who sees corpse eating monsters one night, and decides to persue the story. You have potential here. Then the scriptwriter and director get a hold of this premise and flat out embarass themselves. The film company that did this film was at least honest: Crappy World Films. In my eyes, the movie commits the ultimate sin, it is boring. Watch something else.
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VINE VOICEon September 29, 2006
OH MY GOD!!!!! I bought this movie for $3.88 and I feel so flipping ripped off! I can't find one single solitary thing about this movie that was benevolent. At the very least, I was able to watch it with my brother and friend. Therefore not one, but three souls had to suffer. Anyway...... The technical aspect of this movie was HORRID!! Most of the movie looked liked it was shot by a blind person, with all due respect to blind people. Honestly, like someone picked up a video camera and just started walking around in circles. Imagine COPS on hard core psychedelic drugs. The sound was disgusting. The microphones were on one side of the room and the actors (if you can stomach to call them that) on the other.

Speaking of the actors, can we spell V-A-P-I-D! Our lead character Eric, wow, I don't know why there was so much useless back-story on him. It wasn't relevant to the plot that his character was a womanizer (which I found hard to believe based on his physical appearance) and he was a HEAVY drinker and drug abuser. He also has a thrill for the macabre. This thrill he captures on video and sells it to TV stations. All most like the scum bag version of Peter Parker.

I have gone on for ten minutes and I haven't even spoke of The Ghouls. When I bought this movie, I was under the assumption there were going to be zombies, ghouls or something. Well after a VERY SLOW 25 minutes into the movie, we see some sort of creatures. My best descriptions of them are homeless people that sort of look like phantoms or vermin. However, this is by no means a LIVING DEAD theme movie.

As a bonus, there is also this no reason character of a "mentally challenged" guy. I don't have the strength to go into detail. Just imagine a sick Gummo twist, which is all I can really say. I do know that this movie was crap and as soon as the movie was over, I told my friend to take it the HELL out of my house. I have seen some real junk in my life, but I refused to even have this lump of human waste in my home.
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on February 26, 2010
First and foremost, the distributors fooled me. The box implied that this was a large scale zombie movie and that there would be a handful of survivors in a ravaged city. This was simply not the case. However instead of being angry as would generally be the case, I was taken aback. This movie is no zombie fest, but it was a very dark and thought provoking movie. I was pondering it long after the very odd and fitting credits rolled. Ghouls, is about a sleazy paparazzi reporter who makes his pseudo-living by filming scenes of crime, murder, and tragedy. The gruesome sights never bother him until he finds himself on the receiving end of the horror. Ghouls come in two varieties here: the flesh-eating type and the social type. There are some powerful themes running throughout this gem, largely about the media but also some other ideas, like smoking, identity and overall moral standings in our society. I had some trouble warming up to the "hero", but I realized we aren't meant to like him. You might pity him, sympathize with him, even feel concern for him, but you never truly like him. Much better than I would have expected, but this IS a thinking movie-goer's zombie film, action isn't the real point. If you're thinking about buying this solely to see scads of the undead, look elsewhere.
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on August 20, 2007
WAIT!there's a ghoul no! its a fool with a camcorder ahhhhh! roar!!!! What a piece of junk! I feel bad for the ones who bought this movie.Maybe your souls will be forgiven if you resell it!That is if you can find someone willling to buy it.Please use a false name and address.We don't want them looking for you.Now back to our review.Nah! skip this review and this movie.Why waist the space on this dribble!!!!
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on November 16, 2014
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