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on December 27, 2011
I was new to waxing when I purchased this product. I read lots of reviews and decided that this one sounded the best. I have continued to buy this product for all my waxing needs as I am very satisfied with it. I also had to purchase a warming pot and spreading sticks, but I have not bothered to use the pre- or post- epilation oils. Below I have listed my regimen for all those who would like to save a little $$.
*Set the wax to warming in the warming pot at least an hour before you plan to wax. I leave it on high with the cover OFF for about twenty minutes then leave it on low with the cover on for the rest of the time.
* Set out a comfortable pillow covered by a large towel that you won't mind getting ruined in the place you plan on waxing.
* Also set out a small bowl of cornstarch with a basting brush (or small paintbrush), a bottle of Olive oil, cotton balls, good tweezers, small trash can, and a mirror of some sort (if you plan on bikini waxing).
*wash all areas to be waxed (I just hop in a slightly warm shower and do a quck wash. Be carful not to use really hot water or satay in too long because you don't want to open up your pores too much)
* dry well.
* I brush the cornstarch onto the area to be waxed, follow the waxing instructions, tweeze the inevitable stray hairs, and use the olive oil to remove any wax residue left behind anywhere.
A FEW EXTRA NOTES: I always wax after my kids are in bed for the night. (Does anybody want to chance their kids walking in on them in the middle of this?) I only do my bikini area, but I do as close to a full Sphynx wax as I can (that's everything, Ladies!) and it takes me a good 2 hours. The first time it took me twice as long, but after I got used to things, my time improved. Also, I do this set up in front of a TV in my basement. If I had better lighting and didn't get distracted by what's on screen occasionally, I could prabably do this in an hour and a half or less.
The morning after waxing and all the days following, I make sure to exfoliate the waxed area with a loofah to prevent ingrown hairs.
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on July 29, 2013
Well, this is going to be a long one filled with info so you don't hate your life afterwards.
The first time I did it, that was me. There is a learning curve and it doesn't matter how many reviews you read, everything is hard to remember when you've accidentally globbed on a chunk of wax on your armpit and you stalled just long enough or haven't gotten it warm enough and it dries and gets hard. That was really freaking painful.
So my tips in bullet points:
*a lot of people suggest watching videos. Probably a good idea. Based on my first experience with doing this on my own, I probably should have done that. But obviously, since I had been to a spa once and gotten it done, I was a professional. This is very false. Don't assume that you can just man up and do it. You might can, but it is a lot harder when it comes down to it.
*It hurts like a bitch. You're not a sissy for popping a few Advil 30 minutes before. Do it.
*Even though it by no means makes you a professional, go out to a salon and get one done so you kind of know what to do and what your pain tolerance is going to be.
*Shell out the extra twenty bucks to get the kit. I cannot imagine how difficult it would be without the warmer.
*Make sure wax is warm enough but not too hot. Someone suggested getting it melted and then putting it between off and medium. Excellent advice. It takes AGES to melt the first time, so don't think your warmer is rubbish.
*Before you start, make sure you have baby powder, coconut oil (or the oil in the kit) and scissors handy. Baby powder is in case you get sweaty and clammy. Dries the skin before you put the oil on. I'm in love with coconut oil and it did an excellent job.
*DON'T FORGET TO OIL!! Seriously. Put it all over everywhere you're going to do before you start just in case you forget between times. Let me tell you, waxing is a zillion times more painful when it takes your skin with it. And there is such a thing as under oiling. If you overdo it, wait like thirty seconds and you're fine.
*If you're sporting a forest down there, cut it first. 1/4 of an inch seems to the the rule of thumb. This part is as important as oiling.
*Don't spread it on too thickly. It gets chunky and hardens faster and you're stuck with blobs of wax in your netheryayah. Not fun.
*Start on your legs. Get it right on your legs first, and know you're going to mess up on your lady parts anyway. It is just a matter of of how many times you mess up.
*I've said it before, but, don't forget the oil.
*Once you feel as though you have graduated from your legs go to a practice strip on your armpits. This is as painful as your upcoming bikini, so it is a good test to see if your Advil has kicked in yet. But to be fair, there isn't really enough Advil to make it not hurt at least a little.
*Start small and start thin. You don't want paper thin, but not too thick. This is where your first learning curve comes in.
*Once you have done a strip or two on your armpits, head downtown.
*Start on the outsides and work your way in. For me, the "landing strip" was the most painful part to take off. This is really only a problem if you are doing the full Monty though.
*When you move down towards your netherparts, get a mirror and sit on the floor back on the wall. If you can get gyno style with your back supported and your feet pushing on something, you're going to be better off.
*Be careful around the really sensitive areas and try not to double wax. Don't freak out if you accidentally do, but try to avoid it.
*Don't forget your oil.
*The whole area gets really sensitive and it takes a long time when you first start, so if you find it getting unbearable, do your armpits or your legs or stomach or whatever for fifteen or twenty minutes and give it a little rest.
*Look away when you pull and remember to pull the opposite direction of the hair growth. And don't yank up. When you go get your salon wax, carefully watch how they do it.
*If you get clammy from the pain, the coconut oil does jack, so put some baby powder on for half a minute or so and then re-oil.
*If you pansy out, you've just shot yourself in the foot. But if you do, those scissors you have handy find another use. If it gets really hard and crumbly and you simply can't do it, you can sometimes pull it up enough to cut off the hairs and the wax. Just watch your skin. They make wax remover but I didn't have any, and once it is on and solid, the oil doesn't help you at all. Some people recommend baby oil, but I didn't have it around for the infamous armpit of 2012 episode.
All of that said, the stuff really is awesome. The bad reviews are user error. I refrained from writing a review after my first time because I figured I would try again before I made a judgement on the product. Glad I did.
It still hurts, especially if you have sensitive skin like me, but it gets better!
Oh! And also- if you get any bumps that come to a head, you're not supposed to pop them, but I had a really big, itchy one that I accidentally scratched and it popped. Few hours later, a tiny shard of wax popped out with the tiniest speck of root. I assume it was a pore that had two and only one if them came out. So just FYI, if you get a big itchy whitehead, put some Neosporin and a band aid on it and let it soften and see when it does.
Good luck! :)
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on September 22, 2008
I was tried of spending all of my money at salons to get a brazilian wax done. I bought this product along with the wax warmer and the pre oil. I took 3 advils, waited half an hour and went to work. I got great results!! It didnt hurt any more than at the salon. In fact it hurt less because I got to keep the $80.00 I would have spent at the salon.
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on October 7, 2014
Awesome product! I love love love love LOVE this.

I have never been to a waxing salon. I think it's kind of weird to have someone else do a brazilian wax on me. Anyway, I've always been a shaving girl, but I was sick and tired of having to shave every day and started looking for something else.

I tried waxing last month (yes, I'm really new to waxing) using some sugar wax called Sugarpot. It claims to work for brazilian wax as well, but so not true! It hurts like CRAZY, and it doesn't help that I have to do the same area several times to get the area clean. At the end of it, I was sore and disappointed. I almost gave up on waxing and wanted to return to shaving until I saw a youtube review on Gigi wax.

I got a bottle and couldn't wait to try it. I don't have a wax warmer, so I used the water bath method that people use for melting chocolates.

Yes, the wax hardens relatively quickly, but I could use it for over half hour, which is more than sufficient time for me to do the brazilian. I even had time to test trial it on my arm.

It wasn't as messy as I imagined. I placed a towel on the floor, but I didn't get it on the towel.

But I didn't apply it as nicely. Maybe because without the warmer, the wax had cooled a little. When I try to spread it on my skin, it doesn't go as smoothly as those I see in youtube videos.


Pain wise ... maybe I have pretty high tolerance, or maybe because the SugarPot wax experience was hell. By the way, spare yourself the torture. Don't use soft wax for brazilian waxing. Maybe everyone knew, but I didn't!

Anyway, back to Gigi, when I was pulling up the edge to get a grip on the wax, the wax was already pulling out hair so it hurts a tiny bit. But after a few deep breaths, I pulled my skin taunt and yanked the wax ... nothing! I barely felt it. Again, maybe it was in comparison to the other product I've used that made this painless.

A little on the gross side: I could see the roots of my hair on the wax, which is great because it means the area will stay hair free for a longer time.

I didn't get the pre-epilator oil or the wax removal because I've checked the youtube videos and some other reviews which says normal baby oil works as well. I used olive oil, which I already have at home before and after waxing. Works just fine. The wax was easy to remove, a little messy, but it wasn't a big deal.

After using the olive oil to remove all the wax, I did apply some Bee Magic to just sooth my skin. It wasn't bleeding or hurting, I just thought it would be good for the skin to have some healing & moisturizing cream after waxing.

I'm never going back to shaving.

Now all I ask is for Gigi to make a 220v wax warmer!
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on April 16, 2011
Well, like many people, I've been making an effort to do my own beauty stuff to save money, and this has extended to DIY waxing of various body parts. I tried the Clean N Easy sensitive wax on the bikini area, and while this wax works well for eyebrows and legs, it is not so good for underarms or bikini area. I read the reviews on the Gigi Brazilian body hard wax and decided to give it a's pretty cheap on Amazon, and if you have Prime, you don't have to even take the time to drive to the beauty supply store.
In any case, some observations: This stuff does work...and as a generality it is less painful than strip wax. I say as a generality...because there is a decent learning curve here. It sounds easy to slop on a strip of wax, wait for it to cool a bit, then pull it off in one swoop...but an entirely different thing to do it. The wax tends to be difficult to get started on an edge, we found that if you take the time to make sure the edges are thick enough, this problem can be mitigated. The residual wax bits are difficult to get off. This might be easier with the recommended Gigi product, but I just used the stuff I had. The hair DOES come off with this product...even the more dense areas, but if you aren't careful, you won't be able to get the wax off at all! Fruitlessly pulling at bits of hardening wax on my bikini area is not my idea of fun! We were unable to make this work with strips, as other reviewers recommended, but did find, as said before, that with a little practice, the wax gives you a nice, smooth skin.

My suggestion: Try the wax. It seems to work pretty well for the bikini area. If you are unfamiliar with *hard* wax, as I was, take the time to wax a patch of hair (not fuzz) from your leg, which will be a much much less painful area to practice on than your genitals ;)
Once you get it straightened out: enjoy!
*tip* read the instructions on the can before you start...the paper instructions on the lid are only in Spanish & French! Good luck!
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on June 14, 2011
This wax is finicky, but boy, does it stick to hair. Even stray hairs that get left behind are usually removable with just your fingers--no tweezers necessary! I got perfect results the first time I used it, and things have only gotten better with practice.

Here's what I've learned. First, use lots of oil (and I mean LOTS) before letting that wax touch your skin. Better too much than too little, because you can always rub some off if you need to. Don't worry--the oil won't keep the wax from sticking to your hair, but it will keep you from losing two layers of epidermis. Second, the wax should be just barely melted. It works best when it's on the thick side. This wax has a really narrow window between being too soft to remove and being hard and crumbly--it may take a few tries before you get the knack. If it feels warm or drips and runs, it's too hot and you'll have a hard time peeling it off in one go. To keep it at the right temp, go between Low and Off on your heater while you're using it. (To get it to the right temp, leave the lid off while you're warming it, and stir frequently to test it. You want it to be about as thick as cold honey).

Given how tricky this is to use, you might wonder whether it's really suitable for DIYers. I'd still recommend it to waxing virgins, and here's why: as long as you use the oil, you are going to get perfectly smooth skin* using this. It doesn't really matter whether you hit the window of pliability or not. It's more comfortable and faster if you do, but the hair will be gone regardless.

*Anywhere but on your legs. It's not impossible to use it on your legs, but you can't do a big area at a time, so it takes forever.
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on September 17, 2011
I'd been getting Brazilian waxes for almost two years before I moved away from my favorite salon (European Wax Center go check it out, Brazilians for around 30 bucks!) and just couldn't afford to fork over over 55 bucks a month on waxing. The salon I went to used hard wax so I thought I'd give this stuff a try. I LOVED it! It works great at removing coarse hair and worked pretty good at eyebrows but hurt a little bit more than strip wax. Recommendations when using it: make sure it's about the consistency of honey, any thinner and it doesn't work as well, and lay it on THICK especially at the top of the strip where you are going to start your pull. For any waxing first-timers out there apply wax in the direction of hair growth and pull off in the opposite direction. Enjoy!
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on May 28, 2012
I have never gone to a salon to get a brazilian, never waxed anywhere ever, and only started plucking my eyebrows recently in the last few months.

That being said... let me tell you my first experience with this wax and of waxing period.
First off, this wax was so easy to use.
The only problem I had on my first try was that I was a bit of a coward. So the problem was me and not the wax. They say mind over matter... that didn't stick for me and i was hurting more because I was pulling slow. I know i was hurting more because of my slowness because later when i took a deep breath and pulled fast, i only felt a sting and not the pain I was feeling from pulling slowly.
I thought this wax wouldn't be able to get my hair because I have never had it plucked or waxed before and thought it may be too coarse but boy was i wrong. This wax held onto all of it and pulled it out really good. Actually, too good. I think over 50% pulled out by this wax was pulled completely out with all of its roots and caused slight bleeding in those but not excessively, actually it was at most a tiny drop the size of the tip of a pencil. The other 50% had roots too but not the whole root so no bleeding there at all.
Oh and on the very first wax, i forgot to use the gigi's pre-epilation powder that is supposed to help the wax not stick to the skin. I was really scared after realizing that but it was unnessary.
If any of the wax did stick to my skin, it was where the wax was the thinnest. I know some say it was hard to get off but for me i just used my nails and scrapped it off easily. And if there were any left after that, it all came off after i showered and scrubbed it.

The first time took me almost 3 hours... and my arm and neck hurt more than the area that was waxed.
There was no lasting pain with the brazilian and I would do this again and with this same wax.
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on July 16, 2014
I've tried giving myself a Brazilian wax several times and could never really get the job FULLY done...until I tried GiGi Brazilian Hard Wax. I have used other kinds of waxes: GiGi honey wax, a green wax of which its brand I don't even remember, lemon and sugar wax. All these waxes were ultimately either ineffective in removing all my course hair or they were just too sticky. I would end up still hairy and with residue wax all over my body and wax all over my floors. Clean up used to be a nightmare!

Now this hard wax was perfect! The fact that you don't need any strips reduces the hassle and the mess, and also allows you to focus on small little bits and pieces at a time, which for me was absolutely necessary. I didn't buy any of the pre-wax products-- I soaked a little isopropyl alcohol in a cotton ball to clean the areas to be waxed, pat dried them with a paper towel and then applied baby powder pretty much everywhere. Make sure you don't forget the baby-powder! If you forget to powder up the wax will stick to your skin and remove it along with your hair (Ouch!). Because no trips are used, I was actually able to wax parts that I have never been able to before. In the past, whenever I used honey wax and strips on these specific areas, I would pull slowly and the strip would come off but the wax would stay on my body. I would spend anywhere between half an hour to an hour trying to oil rub the wax off my skin, and then I would just give up waxing altogether. Now this did not happen with the hard wax. When I pulled slowly the wax did break, but the hair did come off with the wax. I did find myself having to pinch little bits and pieces of wax (along with hair) at a time, which was excruciatingly painful, but this is my own fault for not being able to pull fast enough. I was able to wax everything off with some trial and error. Once you learn to use the wax, and to pull fast, you will absolutely love it! I feel like it hurt me less to wax myself than to have the job done professionally, but it did take me much much longer to get it done (approximately 2 hours!). The wax did leave some stray hairs, but it was nothing my tweezers couldn't fix. Cleanup was also very easy. I used my nails to chip off hardened wax that fell on my floor (a butter knife would also be useful if you don't want to risk damaging your nails). Rub on any type of oil (baby, almond, olive, coconut oil, etc.,) to remove any wax residue from your skin.

Here are some tips for waxing:
- Taken an advil or two (if you are not allergic of course) thirty minutes prior to waxing. This really helps with the pain.
- Clean and pat dry areas that are going to be waxed.
- Powder up!
- Make sure your skin is taut. Use one hand to pull the skin and the other hand to pull the wax. Some areas are more difficult to make taut than others. Experiment pulling different directions until you find one that is sufficiently taut. It really reduces the pain when your skin is not being pulled and dragged along with the wax!
- Pull fast! The faster, the less it will hurt.
- If you are like me at all, mind over matter is easier said than done. I tell myself "fast" but end up chickening out and pulling really slowly. If you pull slow the strip might break (not to mention it will hurt like hell). For those areas which you know you might chicken out because they are extremely painful, try waxing very small portions (nickel or quarter sizes worked for me).
- A thicker wax layer is not necessarily better. For me it was actually worse. Just make sure the wax layer is not TOO thin on very painful areas as a slower pull combined with thin layer or wax will cause the wax to break.
- I found it helpful to wax from outside to inside. Start with your bikini area (thigh) and then continue moving towards the center.
- Don't forget to bring a hand mirror to the bathroom!
- Play some soothing music to distract you from the pain.

Good luck!
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21 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on October 1, 2011
Works great for bikini waxing, but if you want to use it on your legs or arms, I would suggest using sugar-based soft wax (to be used with strips). This one would still work okay, but is hard work and takes longer time. I am pleased with the purchase and will definitely buy again. Some suggestions for the beginners: spread a large [old] bed sheet on the floor, have a mirror handy, wear examination gloves (unless you don't care for your fingernails), sit on the floor and lean against the wall. The above setting will help you accomplish the task more efficiently, faster and with a minimum mess.
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