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Color: Sicilian Sand|Change
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on May 14, 2015
We love our new counters!!! Super easy, watch the dvd, get creative and add dimension! Make sure not to make it look so sponged on. We had plenty of everything in our box!
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on January 21, 2015
My stomach sank when I discovered how much it was going to cost to update or replace the 44 year old dated looking laminate in my small Kitchen.
The window sill, countertops & miniature bar looked very dated. It was chipped, stained, burnt etc.

Then by accident I discovered the Gianni Granite kit when I was looking for items to update my kitchen & bath with.

I was excited at the possibilities & potential to save a lot of money while savaging my laminate countertops.

I called customer service & shared my concerns & apprehension about doing this.

The application process she shared with me is the one she successfully uses & typically recommends.

This process allows you more time to fine tune & fix the way it looks as you're proceeding step-by-step.

1st clean your countertop then fill in any small holes, scratches, chips with "Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Filler Stainable for interior/exterior" as it's water resistant-which is critical for countertops. Apply with small putty blade/knife then let it dry. Just follow directions for drying time.

Then lightly sand with 150 grit sandpaper until it smoothly blends with countertop.

Note: I even fill in the gaps around the chrome or silver base of laminate backsplash to create a smooth seamless look by using my fingers to smooth the wood filler around it while applying. After it dry's then lightly sand to blend & smooth it.

After cleaning , get a fan ready to help speed up drying time with either a table, step ladder or stool to place fan on.

Get a paint pan then apply aluminum foil inside of it to speed up the cleaning process by simply disposing it when done.

You'll start out by applying the black acrylic primer paint which is water based. You'll use the enclosed NAP & roller which comes with the kit.

I recommend going to Walmart & going to the section where they have packaged assortments of various size small round artists painter brushes. Why? This will make painting or dabbing the corners far easier to paint then using the seafoam sponges for dabbing paint.

Paint the corners 1st with the enclosed foam brush, then roll the black acrylic primer paint. Make sure it looks smooth & solid black.

After you're done with painting the black primer then start the fans on a low speed to completely dry your countertops. It typically takes about 20 minutes to dry touch when using fans. No, I did not wait 24 hours or longer than 20 minutes.

Remember, you'll be applying the paint in steps & not all at once to avoid any possible muddy looking effects.

Now get out two paper plates , shake the brown paint can (Sandstone?) then pour a small amount of paint into a small plastic bowl with a lid for later use or touch-up.

Now tear the sponge into sections as described in video. Then dab sponge into paint bowl then blot off on one of the paper plates, then start lightly applying to black countertop. Just lightly dab the complete counter top. Then use the small rounded artist paint brushes you bought elsewhere to dab the corners/seams with the brown paint. You may even lightly stroke the black corners completely with the brown paint.

If you feel satisfied then immediately start the fans to completely dry the paint on low speed. Wait about 20 minutes or until paint dry's to touch.

Note: About using the White paint. Use very little or none at all as the paint is designed to simply highlight the countertop! You should use the same or apply equal amounts of the Brown & Gold color with very little white or no white paint.

Additionally, you can simply save the white paint & use it in combination with Martha Stewarts Acrylic Pearlescent white paint sold at Michael's to redo your bathroom countertop in White Diamond which looks absolutely stunning! However, you need to water/thin the paint down with up to 7% water.

Now apply the Inca Gold just like you did with the brown, & dab &/or stroke the corners/seams with the small round artists paint brush. After you're done, turn on the fans again at low speed. Wait 20 minutes or so until try to touch.

However, you may need to repeat the process for the brown & Inca Gold paint, if it does not look natural to you or from someone else's opinion you trust. Be patient & don't worry! You'll know when it looks natural or good to you. You may even need a break from it to get a different perspective- like I did.

Once you have obtained the desired look, you'll then will be ready to apply two coats of topcoat to give your countertop a nice gloss look which also will protect it. This is the key to making it a long-lasting durable finish! You want to make sure you completely paint your countertop with two coats of topcoat.

Apply one coat then when done with 1st coat turn on fan at low speed setting until dry to touch. Then repeat the process. You need to avoid putting any hot or heavy items on the countertop for at least 14 days to let the finish harden. This is also one of the tricks to a long-lasting finish.

It's been about 6 months & there have been no problems with peeling or discoloration. Best of all, spills wipe up easily with a sponge--without leaving any stains behind.

I'm really impressed with this unique system as it literally saved me thousands of dollars & produced visible results way beyond my expectations. I hope this review helped you. Please let me know if it helped you in any way by clicking on the yes button. Thanks & Good Luck!
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on August 9, 2013
Moved into new home with country French look. Builder choose bland dark laminate countertops that didn't contrast enough for me between cabinets and floor. Bought the giani Sicilian sand. When I first applied it...I used too much white mineral. Showed a friend a pic and she said it looked cheap! I was so worried I wrecked new countertops. Went back to dabbing dark primer in and around the white. Suddenly, began to look better. I became creative and began dabbing here and there. Ran out of their clear coat and got some polycrylic gloss topcoat. Ended up looking great! Couldn't be more pleased! I used four top coats, sanding a little between the first two. COLORS and DEPTH emerged as I added each gloss topcoat. I have no shouldn't be too hard on them. If colors don't please you, sand down some and redo. Make it your artist canvas!
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on February 2, 2012
We followed the DVD directions and applied the Giani, and most of it went well. The topcoat step is VERY challenging. You have to go ultra-fast, and you can't bump the counter or go back and smooth it over too easily, it just dries very rapidly.

We didn't have enough topcoat in the kit, so we had to order more. We had plenty of primer and the other colors, so it was strange that there wasn't enough topcoat. Oh, and put it on too thick and it looks milky.

It looked really good for awhile. People who saw it in person were amazed that we painted it. They didn't think it was granite; they just thought we bought the whole counter like that.

Unfortunately, about a month after we finished the application we're noticing the paint is starting to chip in places. It is a bit noticeable. I might dab a little bit of Sharpie over it to see if I can hide it, but really I think we'll just need to replace the entire counter eventually.

I don't think it is durable enough for long-term use in a busy area like a kitchen.

Update July 2013:

The paint continued chipping, and got much worse. There's a spot that chipped all the way down to the original laminate, and it's the size of my hand. There are smaller, less-obvious chippings and wear throughout the kitchen.

I wonder if our house wasn't hot enough during the cure time. We cranked up the heat, but perhaps it still wasn't enough.

We are replacing our counters in a few weeks, thankfully.

I'd say only do the Giani if you're willing to replace the counters if it fails.
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on December 2, 2014
This is such a good buy. It completely changed the look of an old countertop we got from my fiancées parents. You can barely tell where the crease is unless you know where to look. People have paid so many compliments to the look of our new bar in the basement. Easy to use and looks beautiful!
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on June 24, 2011
I just finished changing my 30-year old beige laminate countertops to sleek black granite. The color actually makes the kitchen look larger and is perfect with the black frig and dishwasher. I researched every countertop paint available before I decided on Giani, watched every instruction video, read every tip, and even downloaded pictures of black granite to use as a guide. When you have zero artistic talent, you need all the help you can gather.

Important tips:
*Your kitchen will be out of commission for 2-3 days. Have a back-up location for the coffeemaker, microwave, and other essentials.
*Have touch-up paint for the walls. No matter what kind of tape you use and how careful you are, the paints will creep under the tape.
*Do the practice board. Find the combination of colors you like, then keep the board in front of you while you work.
*I wanted the look of tiny quartz chips throughout the granite so bought metallic silver acrylic paint at Hobby Lobby and spattered on tiny drops by flicking paint off a toothbrush with my thumb. It's very subtle and looks great. Practice first.
*The first coat of black paint won't look good over the primer. The second coat of white makes it slightly better. I only used a bit of the bronze to highlight, which looked like splotches of mud. Then, as promised in the directions, the top coat brings it all together to look fabulous. The primer turns black, the white shines, and the bronze shimmers.
*The acrylic caulk comes out white, but dries clear. Don't panic when it looks like toothpaste coming out of the tube.
*Someday you'll stop gazing at your new countertops, amazed by their beauty and your hidden talent. It hasn't happened to me yet, but I'm sure it will.
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on February 4, 2011
Would buy it again and again. A little goes a long way. I bought one set and between my bathroom and two of my moms there is still over half the product left.
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on December 31, 2010
Keeps amazing me the products that people think about to help us save money! We bought this product to re-do our 20 year old countertops. Prep of the countertop is important as you need to bondo (wood fill) any cracks or chips, as this product will not do that. We had enough in one package to do an L shaped countertop that is 10' one direction and 9' the other direction. When you use the minerals, they tell you to do the bronze last, but we went back over it with the black again so it wasn't so bronzy. Just our preference. We also had 2 different sponges, one to apply and one to come back over and dab the pattern out a little. We were really happy with the results, it doesn't look like any granite that I know of, but it has a very nice finish and for the price are you really going to care? Take your time and wet sand after the minerals are dry (8 hours as suggested) it really helps to make the finish much smoother. Also buy a second 4" roller for doing the top coat on a back splash or edge, it helps tremendously. Enjoy - we sure did. Took us about 2 days to complete with drying time and all.
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on August 31, 2014
I can't add much more than what has been written about the product before. I agree with those comments. My review here would be more as to tips and warnings. First of all, if you are new to doing this type or make over and intimidated at all (yes we all are looking at the great expanse of counter top) follow the instructions to the letter, read over several times, watch the videos, both the one that come with the kit as well as those on you tube. Don't be held to the colors in the kit, the paint is latex polymer and available everywhere. If you want to add a another color, do it. Experiment and experience is good here but too much experimenting and you will run out of enough paint to do your job. The back splash is the hardest to get right. Added detail is required here as in most cases it's hard to reach and get the paint on in a manner that matches your flat surfaces. Watch for runs and smears that look funny. Go on line and find a photo of granite slab that is close to what you want to see or buy a tile from your local supplies. On glitter, available at Hobby Lobby and other places. If you sprinkle the glitter on during the painting process, the majority of it will be sanded off during that stage. Apply the glitter at the time you apply the first coat of poly sealer. I used a third coat of sealer on the high traffic areas and those that get water splashes. If you don't like the finished result don't be afraid to sand it down well and start over. Additional paint may be needed for the job. Take a dab od paint color or the inside of the lid to your paint supplier and by a half pint or so. Don't be held to just sponges and paint brushes in applying your paint. Be creative, a crumbled up paper bag or plastic bag works for some looks as does a feather or anything that can duplicate the granite look. If you counter has a round or oval sink don't apply your colors in a circle around the sink. It won't look right. Maintain a pattern across the whole surface. If you have a counter where the edges roll over and even under, special attention will be needed here as well to match the over all look. again look for runs and drips. Sure most people won't be looking up on the underside but it pays to always do a job right. Your young toddler as well as your pooch will appreciate it. I jumped around here some but perhaps it might help. Again the back splash, work at it the most to get it right, the flat areas are easy.
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on November 19, 2014
Good prep work is essential to ensure a good, long lasting result when painting. I did my job well and it only took a few days. Giani provided good instructions and all the right products packaged nicely (Thank you). The price was less than I expected. The counters look great. I am happy.

The product was easy to use. Following the directions is important. The kit says it will cover approximately 16 running feet of standard 24" wide counters. I have 20’ of countertop, in 4 pieces, minus a double sink. One kit was just enough. I have left over of everything except step 3 (the clear). On the three sections without the sink, I moved the countertop out from the wall (removed the screws holding it to the cabinet) so I could access the front edge and backsplash without having to tape off the wall. Rather than rushing this job, I let each step dry good and did not peel tape early, although it was tempting. No touch up needed. I would use this product again.
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