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Gigi Brazilian Waxing Kit, 14 Ounce
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on September 6, 2012
Waxing hurts. It doesn't matter what kit you use or where you go.
But you can save the pain of your wallet of you use this kit. Saves a ton of money already.

My Salon uses this exact kit and charges $75 a pop (plus tips!).
I've used it twice and still have lots left over for more. Paid for itself in the first use.

Anyway, after reading many of the reviews here, I said what the heck and bought it.

If its your first time, watch the DVD that is included and read all instructions.

Here are some tips:
-Shower before you wax. By showering, it softens up the hair folicles and makes it less painful.
-Have plenty of towels and news paper around. Its gonna be messy if its your first time.
-Use the included Pre-Epilation Oil. Helps reduce pain a lot
-Pre cut your hair if its too long.
-Heat it up so it is not warm, not HOT. you will burn yourself.
-Have your bf help you for those hard to reach places :) if hes comfortable with it.
-Do it on a small area first if its your first time. Once you are confortable, then you can do the rest. Take your time

Lastly, like all waxing, your skin might get irritated after depending on your sensitivity levels, I like to put on a moisturizer afterwards to help protect the fragile skin area where you waxed. Any gentle hypo allergenic lotion should work fine. I recommend pure argan oil from morocco. Josie Maran has some good ones but they are expensive. I personally like this Pura D'or Pure & Organic Argan Oil (4 fl. oz.) . Pure & organic argan oil, non greasy, fast absorbing and forms a protective layer on your skin as well as moisturizes it.
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on June 1, 2010
This GiGi Brazilian wax kit really does have almost everything you need to do a successful Brazilian on your own. To start with what it comes with:

GiGi Brazilian Hard Wax (this is the same stuff they use at the salon)
GiGi wood sticks for spreading wax (when these run out, I'll just by popsicle sticks)
Gigi Pre-epilation oil
Gigi Post-wax cooling gel (this is *not* a wax remover)
Gigi Wax Warmer (the true value of the kit, comes with a warmer, plastic cover, and paper ring to put around the wax container so it doesn't drip onto the warmer)
Instructional DVD (meant for professionals and not super helpful to me)

I have gotten Brazilians in salons several times before and I can't speak enough to the benefits of hard wax over strip wax for that "area." Hard wax adheres to the hair, not the skin, so hurts MUCH less when pulling out (which is not to say it doesn't hurt, you're still pulling the hair out by the root). I once did a Brazilian to myself with those no-heat strip wax sets you can get at Walmart - OUCH. This is definitely better. I don't find the contortion too difficult - I put a towel down on my bed, lie down, put my knees up and do it that way.

Definitely use the pre-epilation oil which will ready your skin for the wax. The warmer does keep the wax at a good temperature - you set it to high at first and when the wax melts, move the setting to low. Once the wax melts, apply SMALL strips and make sure the wax is THICK -- this make it easier to remove. Also make sure you've trimmed the hair and make sure you work so that where you're pulling from (the "edge" so to speak) is relatively hair free. I found that if I tried to pull from an area where the wax was already sticking to hair (as opposed to bare skin), it would be much harder to get out and ended up breaking a lot of the hairs, rather than pulling them out. It's tough finding that perfect instant where the wax has cooled enough to pull off quickly and with little pain, but I did it a couple times, and I'm sure I'll get better at it. I tapped the wax with my finger until it was no longer sticky, counted to ten after than, and then pulled. You can get pretty much all the hair this way but it takes a little while - I may get faster once I've gotten the hang of this stuff.

The post-wax cooling gel actually burnt a bit, but afterwards I didn't have any redness or soreness. I wish Gigi included the Wax Off wax remover in this kit because that would have been really helpful -- you have to sort of pick the wax off if it cools too much, and wax remover would make things easier.

Overall, a great kit, they really do use it in salons (when I went in to get my eyebrows done, I checked!) and it works well. I definitely recommend it.
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on August 6, 2012
This Kit is awesome ~ almost painless!!! I've already done a Brazilian wax and waxed my underarms, in the less than the week that i've owned it :D I'm not going to stick to my tips and tricks rather than revisit some of the amazing reviews that are already here.

I've never gone to a salon for waxing, I'm always scared i'll have a reaction to the chemicals. So my method of choice (until purchasing this system) was Nair/Veet or shaving.

In the past I've tried cold wax strips, microwave waxes etc, but they all left me more bloody and bruised than hair free. This product is the only one I've ever tried that has worked and it worked well. I'm italian and the hair i waxed is pretty course, and thick. This kit took it out pretty painlessly. I'm thrilled with the amazing results

BRAZILIAN: this took me like 3.5 hours and i did not do the back. Mainly because i had been doing this for 3 hours and i had stuff to do. That being said, I removed about 95% of the hair, and areas like the front, and my bikini line are perfectly smooth. I think the main reason was wax was too warm (see below for more info). I'm sure then next time it will be way faster.

UNDERARMS: This took me a bit less than an hour- again see below. However, I got rid of about 99% of the hair, and the hair i did miss was easily plucked right out. (I did need hubbie for this on a couple of pulls). However the next day, my underarms are smooth and beautiful!


1. They must have updated the video (as of Aug 1) because it was only on the hard wax and not other types as other reviewers said. The video was a nice bonus in the kit.
2. The kit includes 1 collar to help keep your warmer clean. You can purchase a set of 50 for $6 well worth it. There was NO clean up on the warmer when i was done. Plus each collar can be used more than once if you're neat.
3. Test the wax on the inside of your wrist before putting on your bits.
4. I had no problems with the oil or the gel spilling in the container.
5. My kit does NOT look like the one in the photo. I don't know if they recently re-did packaging. Doesn't really matter i guess, my box & products look different but are as described.

1. lay down garbage bag under wax warmer and working surface on the bathroom counter, an old sheet on floor & a small bag to put used wax in after.
2. Add collar to the wax pot, set in warmer and turn on
3. Take Advil
4. Shower & exfoliate (I used Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash- its for the face, but it's gentile and I love it).
5. Flip the hard solid wax that's still in the center of the pot
6. Add Pre-Epilating Oil (DON"T FORGET THE OIL IT HURTS 1000 times more if you don't remember the oil)
7. Start waxing
8. Use olive oil to remove any wax residue

Honestly, i think the hardest thing in the whole process is figuring out what temperature is the right consistency for the wax. I've done two waxes with it (Brazilian and under arms) and still don't think i have it quite right. I wax wouldn't be sticky to the touch on top but then would have the consistency of gum on shoe (best i can think of to describe it). I ended up with both waxes getting an ice cube, and putting it in a plastic bag and rubbing it over the wax strip. It worked -- YAY!!! Seems counterintuitive but i think maybe i am still having the wax too hot. One reviewer said waiting for the wax to cool was hardest part, and boy oh boy is she right.

Those that complained the "Kit doesn't come with strips to remove the wax", really aren't giving the product a fair shake. You don't need strips. That being said, I can understand why they want them. For me, the wax never seemed to get to that perfect not sticky state. Therefore, when i was doing my second underarm i had an idea. i took a used bit of wax and kinda made a wax strip out of it. Then i'd cover the spot to be waxed with fresh wax from the pot, then put the wax strip over the hotter wax cooling on my skin. I then rubbed the strip a little bit, so the wax strip sort of melts into the fresh wax i just applied. Then RIIIIPPPPPPP!!!!!

That seemed to give me the best result. It allowed me to really get at the hair with the wax, and the 'wax strip' i added on top was too cool to stick to skin at all, but added enough strength the wax underneath so everything came out nice and clean. I actually can't wait to try this technique during a brazilian, there were a few spots I couldn't get and i think this would be perfect! As an added bonus, because you are re-using wax you need less 'fresh wax' to make the thick hard wax strip.

Overall, I didn't find this wax messy (some of the reviewers had me scared). i spilled a little bit on my granite counter, and it cleaned right up.


1. After Wax Cooling Gel (included in the kit)- stung. I don't know if it's supposed to but I've ordered 100% aloe to use next time.
2. GiGi Wax Off Wax Remover (purchased separately)- this stung too, didn't do a great job of cleaning the wax off and it stinks like cheap lotion. I just used olive oil. . Save your money. Do NOT purchase it.
3. GiGi Clean Collars 14 oz.- You get one free one in the kit. You'll want to purchase this (50 collars for $6). If you figure 3 waxes per collar that $6 will last a long long time.
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96 of 111 people found the following review helpful
on January 17, 2012
Don't be scared or intimidated like I was. It's not that much fun, otherwise it wouldn't cost so much at the salons, but you can do it and get great results. I've been "blessed" by the hairy fairy. I might also be a bit OCD. I used to tweeze every single hair out of the "brazilian" area, it usually took about 2 hrs. and was literally a pain in the neck and I couldn't get all the way to the *ehm* "back". I've paid anywhere from $75 to $85 (without tip) for brazilian waxes at salons and the still had to take tweezers to the area when I got home! Frustrating!!! The more expensive wax was actually a lot worse than the cheaper one. Grrrr. I paid $38.75 for this kit at, chose free shipping and after one use, it's paid for itself. I do have a high tolerance for pain. But I was still shocked that this method hardly hurt at all. (I was using Sally Hansen microwaveable hard wax on my upper lip regularly and that hurt, I thought I was in for torture.) I think the trick to less pain is that you pull the skin as tight as you can before yanking the wax off and that you don't let the hair get too long. I've learned this from tweezing too. It may be helpful to practice how to best grab, pull, tighten the skin before you get started. I pull the skin tight even when I apply the wax. It's relatively easy on top of the pubic area and might get a little trickier once you get between the legs, especially the lips. I try to get them as "flat" as I can, usually pulling up will do the trick. I've sat on a bar stool, the hamper, opened and closed bathroom cabinet doors and drawers to put my foot on. LOL All just to get a good clear view of what I was doing and a good "grip" on the wax and on the skin. It does take practice and I'm sure I will figure out the best positions soon. I was really pleased with my first attempt, minimal pain, nice and clean result. It took me about 1.5 hrs. that's with running back & forth, getting paper towels, alcohol wipes, fishing out my good tweezers out of my purse, sanitizing them, re-washing my hands, etc. I know I will get more efficient with practice. I was still not able to do the "back" myself. I think I will attempt that at another time, maybe with a mirror... not sure yet...

Watch the video, it has some good tips.
Read other reviews, they have some good tips too. Start with the "most helpful" ones as rated by users.
If you need more tips/techniques watch videos on youtube, they may be helpful too.
Hair cannot be too short; it shouldn't be too long either.
With longer nails, you may be able to lift the edge of the wax easier.
Ideally, you would have no hair or at least not much hair on the edge of the wax where you're gonna lift it and pull from, but that's not always possible. My hair was too long by the time I got the guts to try to do this myself. Stupidly, I didn't trim it. If you have too much hair/too long hair on the edge you're pulling from, it'll be harder to lift off the wax and get it going. This was actually the only case where I did hurt myself.
Do smaller sections. It takes longer but it's easier. I started rushing, wanting to get done quicker by doing larger sections at a time, that's when I started to leave a lot of hair behind. I just don't have the experience for that yet.
I didn't buy any numbing spray or any other prep or after products. I have to watch my $ and was able to do just fine with what this kit came with.
Getting the wax the about right temperature makes it much easier to work with. However, I was not able to get a nice soft ball on the end of my spatula like the video showed. But I was able to work with what I had anyway. Be careful, use common sense. Don't burn yourself. You want a nice thick layer of wax. If it's too runny, it's too hot and you may not be able to lay it on thick enough, even if you could tolerate the heat.
As the wax cools, the surface will dull. When it's no longer sticky, it's ready to be taken off. If any wax residue is left behind, you may be able to lift it off by sticking the "not hairy" side of the wax patch to it and pulling it off.
Give yourself time and you will do great!
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on September 19, 2012
Prepare yourself for too much sharing. But come on - we are talking about a kit expressly made to wax one's lady parts. Is this really a time for modesty?

Let's put it this way. If we lived in the 70's, the "delicate curls" of my nether regions would be appreciatively referred to with such adjectives as "expansive" and "luxurious". Also perhaps "impressive", what with my nether mane's ability to creep halfway down my thighs like a spreading fungus. However, living in the now, the only acceptable place for an expansive and luxurious mane is on one's head. Sucks to be me.

As a woman with an "expansive and luxurious" rug, personal care can be difficult and embarrassing. Dark and coarse hair never seems to completely disappear, even directly after shaving. Combine this with the palest skin on earth (finding makeup is difficult because of my light skin) and super sensitive skin (oh look, another razor burn & ingrown hair!). Now what do you have? A hairy ghost-white chick with a red rash at her bikini line. No wonder I never want to go swimming or wear shorts...

A few weeks back I happened to pick up some Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit, for Face, Brows & Bikini to take care of some unsightly hair on my face. Somehow, instead of filling me with rage, ripping off that wax strip was wholly satisfying (even though the first time I did it, I took some lip skin along with it). And, I am insane, but something about looking at the strip afterwards was mesmerizing, in the same vein as staring at a Biore strip after you pull all of the gunk out of your nose pores.

As I stared entranced at this wax strip and the multitude of tiny hairs, visions began to dance in my head. Visions of me, frolicking through the grass in a pair of tiny white shorts, my legs smooth as a baby's butt (too bad I'm not skinny enough). Me wearing a swimsuit that's not a skirtie because I am not trying to hide my crotch from the world. And, (TMI ALERT), better romantic spontaniety with my spouse because I don't "have to shave first, sorry, ask me tomorrow".

So I bit the bullet and ordered this kit. And I waxed, and waxed, and waxed some more. I waxed my bikini line. I waxed my upper thighs. I waxed inward from my bikini line to a landing strip. I waxed my armpits. I waxed my happy trail (did I mention I am hairy?) I waxed my legs... at least halfway. Then I ran out of wax and became sad, so I ordered some more. Don't worry, there is a lot of wax in the kit. You'll get several brazilians if that is your only objective. I was just going crazy with it.

In all seriousness - this kit is awesome. It has everything you need to be a waxing superstar. I found the wax perfectly suitable for every area of my body that I tried it (upper & lower legs, armpits, crotch, tummy). It is VERY easy to use. It didn't take me long at all to get the hang of multiple strips at a time (otherwise it doesn't seem time efficient since you sit and wait for it to firm up). I'd apply just as many strips as I needed for the first one to be ready, then go back down the line ripping them off. It's still taking a long time because I am inexperienced and trying to wax off a LOT of hair, but I expect it to become easier as I get more practice and get more into the "maintenance" phase of things.

As far as pain, there are some areas I just couldn't get because it hurts. I mean really, you are ripping the hairs out of your body all at once. It is not as comfortable as having a massage, or even stabbing yourself in the eye with a fork. I wouldn't say I am super tolerant of pain however and MOST areas of my body were no issue for me. Just remember, it's pain in the name of beauty and convenience!

If you are not comfortable double-dipping into your own wax, you'll need lots more wax sticks. The first time I used the kit I never double dipped and I used almost all of the sticks that it came with and hadn't even accomplished that much. I quickly decided that my personal double-dipping policy is that it's ok as long as I'm outside the bikini line. Remember NO double dipping EVER if you are sharing your wax pot with someone else.

Here's a good kit of wax sticks also from Amazon: FantaSea 350 piece Wax Applicator Kit
You'll also need: GiGi Clean Collars 14 oz.

Here are some tips. Others have said them, but they bear repeating.
* Commit an old sheet to the cause and put it down on a hard floor and put your wax warmer on the floor with you.
* NEVER EVER forget the pre-epilation oil. Ow :(
* If I was getting a hard to reach spot or an area that I can't really move the pull end into a non-waxed area (some areas this seems impossible??) I would roll up a bit of the last strip I pulled off, and stick it to the end of the new strip to make a tab I could grab.
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125 of 149 people found the following review helpful
on July 9, 2010
I decided to buy this kit based solely on the rave reviews it received and was not let down at all! Visiting the salon and getting waxed every month at $60/pop can really add up, especially when you can purchase this nice at home kit for less than what one visit costs. I use it mainly for at home brazilian waxes for myself only. I use it for underarms too but purchased it for my bikini area and will write my review based on that.

I began getting waxed about 6 months ago and only know what my esthetician used and what comes in this kit. I believe she used an all purpose wax - Nudesse.

First off, the video that is included is extremely helpful if you've never waxed yourself or used hard wax before. Unfortunately you have to see some woman's "neverminds" but it shows you exactly the texture the wax should be to apply it, how to apply it, and how to flick it and take it off. There is no guesswork on your part to getting it right, just follow the instructions on the video and you will do great!

There is no need for muslin strips when using hard wax - an added benefit and savings. When the wax is applied properly it comes all the way off with no problems, even in those areas that are hard to pull the skin tight.

The pain was barely noticeable, much much less than when I went to the salon to be waxed. I think this is because the wax doesn't stick to your skin and the only sensation you feel when it comes off is your hair coming out of your skin, not the wax being ripped off your skin. Even when the Esthetician used oil to prep the skin, I could still feel it sticking. My skin also isn't red when I'm done - at all.

The kit includes a small bottle of oil that is applied before you wax and a small bottle of cooling gel for when you are done. Both products worked magnificently for me. The video will explain how much you should use for the best results. Even though the bottles seem small, they will last quite a while if you are using this just for yourself in your home. The warmer heats the wax to the perfect temperature. It's true it takes a while for the wax to heat up, but after it is warm there is no need to run back and forth anywhere to re-heat or feel rushed to get it all done before the wax cools off too much. The applicators included work great - you only get ten each of three different sizes for a total of 30.

I am so pleased with this product I have already emailed my friends who I know wax and suggested they look into it too. I Love It, I'll never go back to shaving or to the salon again for my bikini waxing needs.
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on December 31, 2014
Ahh, where to begin...
Well, being a Latina (I'm Puerto Rican) and my genetics, I am just naturally hairy, which is a major pain in my ass. :( I've been shaving and waxing since I was 11 years old...I'm 20 now. Over the years I've spent SO much money waxing both in salons and at home with those pre-cut/pre-waxed Sally Hansen strips. Fortunately for me, I found this kit. IT IS AMAZING!!! The warmer itself is pretty good, I leave it for maybe 40 minutes on High to Medium heat to completely melt the wax. It also comes with some handy sticks, varying in different sizes to spread the wax, pre-waxing oil and cooling gel (for after) and a CD. I feel like the oil is pretty useless, though. Just make sure the area is clean, put on some baby powder and get to waxing.

This wax doesn't require the muslin strips. Apply it, it hardens and then you pull it off. Make sure you apply this wax on kind of thick. Or else it will be hard to lift the corner to pull. The first time, I pinched my skin on accident a lot and ended up with like a billion bruises :(

WARNING: Wax in general can be pretty messy. If this is your first time or you're inexperienced, I recommend doing this on a non-carpeted floor, like bathroom and lay down an old towel/paper underneath you. And have baby oil ready for clean up.

Overall thoughts, this kit has been the best investment I've ever made. Your legs, underarms, face and bikini area will be smooth and thankful (: I love my gigi wax warmer👍💕
review image review image
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28 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on February 19, 2013
All I can say is WOW. I am kicking myself. For YEARS I have been going to waxing salons (some downtown with terrible parking etc.) and I have wasted hours of my life (last 7 years) making those appointments. Let's takes 20 minutes to get there, 10 to park, 5 to wait for your aesthetician, another 45 minutes to an hour to get your brazilian, 10 min to check out and 20 minutes to drive home. That's about 2 1/2 hours of my life 12 times a year for the last 7 years I wish I could get back. I got this kit in the mail at 6:30pm and ran upstairs to plug it in immediately. (I was done at 8:30pm) I only read enough directions to see that I needed to put the cardboard ring (included) around the wax container before I plopped the whole thing down in the metal heating tub and moved the switch over to high. I waited about 35 minutes before I couldn't wait any longer. I didn't even bother with the DVD. I've watched those ladies at the salon rip the hair off of my nether regions so many times I could do this with the lights off--and I am NO pro by any means. I took one of the smaller sticks and turned the chunk of wax still unmelted in the middle, but the surrounding hot wax was just fine. I then turned the melting pot down to medium, and I believe the secret must be to use the large rounded sticks they use in the salon. I didn't use the ones that came with the kit. I purchased the larger rounded ones and simply:

1. dipped
2. twirled the medium to hot wax in a ball on my rounded stick (so as not to string it everywhere)
3. pulled my skin upward and thickly slathered a perfect bandaid sized wax slather on me over the hair
4. tapped the wax until it was cool (it turns a dull color and isn't sticky)
5. pulled up a tad bit of the end and (pulling my skin taunt) ripped up against the hair

I DID use the pre-wax oil about 3 minutes before I started, so that may have helped with the pain. BUT on a scale of 1-10 at the salon with 10 being the worst pain ever, I'm usually at a 9 1/2 at the salon. I would say my pain level using this kit.....a TWO.
TWO ladies and gentlemen. I'm not EVEN joking. Why have I never done this before? Not to be crude but they say when its your 'time of the month' waxing hurts like hell. Well- its my 'time of the month' and my pain factor is a TWO.

Also.....this took me 30 minutes to do a full brazilian. From the time I sat down on the floor with kitchen wax paper spread all around me-- to smooth and bare walking downstairs to tell my husband I'm never going to another salon EVER. That will save us about $75 a month and hours of my life. I'd say the 14 oz. can (I barely used any) will last about 30 waxes plus. Also the redness factor is a 1/3 of what it usually is at the salon. I'm somewhat still in shock that this $30 at home waxing kit just blew my mind. Anyways, I wouldn't recommend it for a 1st timer. Id recommend it for someone who pays attention to their aesthetician while getting waxed and can pretty much mimic her technique.
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on February 19, 2015
I just tried this kit yesterday. I usually get my Brazilian done at a salon, but wanted to try this because monthly waxing was just too costly. My cousin referred me to this kit.

She gave me some really helpful tips that I would like to share: (You can basically read this and skip the DVD)
-Before you plan on waxing, place the wax in the warmer for at least 1 hour on High to melt it
-Once it's all melted, set it on medium so that the temperature is comfortable when you wax
-Shower before waxing so your pores are more open, making the waxing easier on you
-Bring a tub of ice cubes or an icepack in a ziplock bag, you will want to cold press the strip of wax you've laid to speed up the process
-Lay a towel underneath you to keep the area clean, this process gets messy
-Grab a cosmetic mirror, this will allow you to point it down where you probably won't be able to see
-Leave a "lip" where there is NO hair at the opposite direction of the grain, this will allow you to pull the wax off easier

My thoughts:
-Love how easy it was to use. Directions were on point.
-Messy, but well worth it. This product pays for itself in the first use.
-Honestly, doing this myself with the hard wax was the most PAINLESS Brazilian wax I've ever experienced
-Only downside, I was mad that the cover to the wax warmer arrived broken in half
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76 of 91 people found the following review helpful
on August 30, 2008
The kit is complete. The wax is meant to be pulled off without muslin strips, that's why it doesn't come with them. To be honest, if you are planning on waxing yourself, it is difficult because of the pain and you probably will need help from a friend. My boyfriend helped me, and if he can do it, anyone can. It comes with a video that helps you if you are a novice.

The wax is super thick and pulls off everything. It is pretty easy, but I still believe you need additional hands to do it for yourself. Great value--endless waxes for less than the price of 1 bikini wax.
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