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VINE VOICEon June 10, 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
To properly evaluate the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power razor, I decided to compare it to the new Schick Hydro 5 and my normal razor, a Schick Quattro Power. All started with a new cartridge and a fresh battery as applicable.

I'll begin by saying that I've been using Schick razors for about 40 years and have not been too impressed by most Gillette razors. In particular, they tended to clog up more and were harder to keep clean. I was expecting to be underwhelmed by the ProGlide as well.

ProGlide vs. Hydro 5
Initial impressions: Packaging: Both come in the standard plastic clamshell, but the Gillette is easier to open. The back is perforated for easy opening, where the Schick is more child-proof and requires a sharp object to open it.

What's included: The Gillette comes with only one cartridge, where the Hydro comes with two.

Holders: the Gillette snaps snugly in to the included plastic holder, while the Schick holder just has a small pin to locate the razor. You could use the Gillette's as a travel holder with no problem.

Guarantee: The Schick comes with a money back guarantee. The Gillette assumes you will like it.

The razors: While the Gillette looks more substantial, both weigh 1.4 oz fully loaded. The Gillette has a single blade trimmer on the back of the cartridge. Flip the razor 180 deg to use it. The Hydro's trimmer is under the lube strip that you flip back to use the trimmer.

Cartridge mounting: The ProGlide cartridge slides on easily and snaps in place. The locator pin also acts as "suspension" for the cartridge pivot. The Hydro is a bit more imprecise. You have to line up two small spring loaded fingers on the handle with tabs on the cartridge. Not hard, but not as elegant as the Gillette. The Schick cartridge is smaller than the Gillette...less waste.

On initial "hefting" the Gillette felt better, but in use both were comfortable and easy to maneuver.

The Shave Test
All of the above are secondary to the "Yes, But How Does It Shave" test. I shaved half of my face with the Gillette and half with the Schick, using Proraso Shaving Cream and a badger bristle brush.

Shave No. 1: (3 Day Growth)
The ProGlide felt smooth in all directions, with and against the grain. No pulling on the neck or under the chin. The trimmer was easy to use.

The Hydro was smooth on the cheeks, but pulled noticeably on the neck, especially against the grain. It left a couple of small "razor burn" marks on my neck. To use the trimmer you have to hold the razor with one hand and flip back the cover with the other.

Both razors rinsed clean easily with no clogging.

The Wife Test: Immediately after shaving, Mrs. Boilermate judged the Gillette side marginally smoother, but said that side felt sticky. After my face "dried" she still said the Gillette side was smoother.

Shave No. 2: (2 Day Growth)
The Gillette was smooth while the Hydro pulled noticeably on the neck and under the chin. The Gillette side was again judged smoother in the Wife Test.

ProGlide vs Quattro
Shave Nos. 3 and 4 were done with a two and three day growth respectively using the ProGlide and a Schick Power Quattro (with a new cartridge and a fresh battery).

The first thing I noticed is the ProGlide is noticeably quieter, where the Quattro sounds like an electric razor by comparison.

In both tests, the ProGlide performed as before, with no pulling or burning. The Quattro pulled slightly on the neck, but substantially less than the Hydro did.

As before, the Gillette side was judged smoother by Mrs. B., tho by a similarly small margin.

So what's not to like? The price of the cartridges. Schick cartridges are cheaper across the board than Gillette. Power ProGlide carts are about $4.00 apiece, where Quattro Power carts are about $2.50 each.

While the ProGlide gives an excellent shave, doesn't shave enough better to justify switching from the Quattro based on the cost of the cartridges.

Overall, though, the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power rates five stars. As a life-long Schick user, I was pleasantly (and unexpectantly) surprised by this razor. If you can get past the price of the cartridges, I highly recommend this razor.
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VINE VOICEon June 9, 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The first thing I tried with this razor was a side-by-side comparision with my Mach 3 razor. So I put a new blade on my old razor and shaved one side of my face and neck, and the other with the Fusion. Without hesitation I can say the Fusion was a much smoother and less iritating shave. However, both razors seemed to give the same shave in terms of closeness. To be sure, I let my hair grow out a few days and there was no appreciable difference.

I can recommend this to anyone who needs a very sensitve shave. The battery power works in the shower, so that's a nice convenience. Naturally, with a battery, there's more heft than an unpowered razor like the Mach 3.

The downside, you might expect, is that the blades are about twice as expensive as the Mach 3. Since my old razor never bothered me, I won't be switching to these more expensive blades. But if money is no object, or if you really need a more comfortable shave, this would be a good razor for you.
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on July 24, 2010
This razor is okay, but it certainly doesn't live up to the hype, and, most certainly, not the price. It's all sizzle and not too much substance. Don't get me wrong you'll get a good shave, relatively speaking. But I've had better shaves with other less costly razors. I've used the Fusion, both manual and power, and the Mach 3. After shaving for a number of years with both Fusion power and manual, I've detected no difference between a "power" shave and a manual one. The Proglide is no different. The "power" option with battery and all sounds great, but doesn't work at all. It's a placebo and an expensive one at that.

I'm going back to using Mach3.

Here's a tip that has really served me well: use hair conditioner rather than shaving foam, and you will get a much closer shave. At first, I didn't believe a friend of mine when he gave me this tip. But it's true. I get much closer shaves. And the other great benefit is that your razor blades last much, much longer. Instead of a razor blade lasting me for a couple of weeks, tops, when I use foam, my blade is good for six to eight weeks when I use hair conditioner. Needlessly to say, now I only use hair conditioner for shaves. And I don't have to tell you, this translates to not only getting great shaves, but to saving a lot of money!
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on June 9, 2010
With the claims of a revolutionary razor, I believe most of the hype to be exactly that, hype.

Took a shower, washed my face. Applied Gillette Fusion shaving cream and tested it next to my old Fusion. No difference, what so ever. The "larger handle" is not that big of a deal, compared to the fact that a Powered Fusion has roughly the same handle size. The shave was no closer, it was no smoother, I could tell no difference what so ever in razors besides the pretty blue light on my new ProGlide. Having said that, I can't complain, they sent it too me for free.

It's an excellent marketing ploy designed to influence Americans to buy whatever product big businesses want us to buy next. Having said that, I see no reason to switch from my old Fusion to newer and more expensive cartridges. It received three stars due to the promises made by Gillette, and the fact there older products are just as functional as this newer, more expensive one.
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on June 10, 2010
I am always trying to find shaving products to give me a closer and more comfortable shave. I've experimented with this razor for the past few days. I will not be permanently upgrading to this. For some reason, Gillette appears to have completely bought into the notion that five blades gives a better shave than just two or three. Like the Fusion Power, the Fusion Proglide Power has some of the same problems. The most obvious problem it has is cost (just like the Fusion Power). For the quality of the shave you get, the cost of replacement cartridges is not justified. To be fair, I have noticed a slightly more comfortable glide with this over the Fusion Power. The blade stabilizer and microcombs do appear to be a modest improvement in this regard. Also, the Fusion Proglide blades appear to last a little longer than the Fusion Power blades - but not by much. The micropulses still do not provide a greater degree of comfort over a razor that lacks this feature. Also, I have not noticed a closer shave with this razor over the current one I am using (which is now the Schick Hydro 3). When comparing it my current razor, the Fusion Proglide Power definitely lacks the level of smoothness and comfort. Last but not least, just like its predecessor, I've discovered this five bladed razor tends to nick my face more often than a double or triple bladed razor. Gillette needs to get back to basics by realizing it is much easier to keep a satisfied customer who gets a good, comfortable shave as opposed to introducing new brands of razors that have gimmicks, and that are, not to mention, ridiculously overpriced.
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on July 24, 2013
I have been searching for the right razor all my adult life and happily my quest has ended. Simply an amazing razor. Used for underarms and legs, my legs felt like I had just had them waxed at a salon. Haven't figured out the need for the batteries to me all it does is vibrate the razor, I don't use the feature. Just glides down my legs no nicks or irritation whatsoever. After using this razor I exfoliated my legs with Perlier White Almond Sugar and the result is amazing. Ladies, don't forget that after showering in order to keep your skin moist you should use an oil skin product, try Tom Ford Neroli Portofino. This product has the fragrance of sandy beaches and ocean waves it is very delicate and lasts quite a longtime. I mention this only because I feel this razor does such a good job why not pamper yourself and feel like you just had a spa experience.
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VINE VOICEon June 21, 2014
So I really thought this was a silly gimmick when I first saw it.
I figured they were just trying to play to the Pulsonics popularity and try to snag some naive consumers that didn't want to shell out for the expensive electrics. The idea of putting a battery in my razor just.. I dunno, it made me laugh.
Men's razors seem to be getting more and more gimmicky lately.
I'm waiting for the 20 blade, vibrating, self lubricating, razor that compliments you on your technique as you shave.
Because of that I've still been scavenging Mach 3 blades (still a great razor).

Just to be clear, I own a Pulsonic (retired) and a Panasonic Arc 5, both vibrating electrics.

The blades on my Arc 5 were finally starting to pull hairs from being dull and I didn't have the $60 to replace them at the time, so I ordered one of these on a whim.
What wasn't obvious to me for some reason is that the vibration is minuscule. It's barely noticeable but it really does help the blade slice through your hairs. On most of my face it doesn't seem to make much of a difference but on my chin and upper lip where the hairs get really stiff it slid right through them. Normally those are areas where even new blades catch a bit and things get a little sketchy but this one went through without a hitch. I'm shaving my lip with a lot more confidence now... which probably means I'll be horribly wounded and disfigured soon but still, it's a nice feeling.

Still haven't had to replace the battery after a month which is also a nice surprise since I figured they must be in bed with Duracell and had created another way to help sell AAA's to tech nerds. But nope, not even showing signs of slowing down yet.

I still like my Arc 5 just for sheer ease of use but I'm definitely keeping this one and buying new blades for it.
I might finally retire my Mach 3.
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on April 20, 2014
I ended up with one of these as a sample, not expecting much from it. Pitched as a men's razor, presumably for the face, I couldn't comment - but I inadvertently found it to be an excellent razor for the bikini area.

I've used men's razors, multi-blade razors, etc. before, so I don't think that's why this razor is as good as it is. I have no idea why the vibration works the way it does, but when used in the bikini area, it gives incredibly smooth, irritation-free results that I didn't think were possible. I thought the vibration may be preventing the razor from having too much sustained pressure on the skin, although I don't generally use much pressure when using razors in general, so I'm not sure. All I know is that it works - and unless I find something better, I will continue to use this razor for that purpose.

Incidentally, it's not the best razor for legs. It's not bad, but I wouldn't be writing the same type of review with that type of use in mind.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 12, 2014
I've been using Gillette products all of my adult life (40+ years), and have always been happy with them all.

For a long time now, I've been using a Mach 3 razor (1st generation), and have been very happy with it also.
I would consider my beard full, and thick, just tough beard hair to shave.

I decided to try this "Fusion Proglide Men's Power Razor".
I was a bit intrigued by the addition of a battery, to vibrate the razor, with slight motion, possibly adding to it's ability to shave even closer.
Plus it's use of 4 blades, and the thinnest used to date , that aid in less irritation, and a closer shave.

I will say that this is a good razor, but the battery & the vibration, I have tried it, and see no benefit. At least no measurable benefit.
I honestly didn't notice any improvement in closeness, or less irritation, than I got with my Mach 3 razor.

Both razors give me a very close shave, with very, very little, to no irritation!

So it's brand new, and have used it, so for now, I'll keep using both, and try and decide which is actually better. At this point, I just can't tell any difference.

My end opinion is: if your already using a Mach 3, just stick with it.
I think your best investment would be to find a good shaving cream/gel, that works best for you!
If your looking for a good razor with 4 blades, you may love this razor.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi DB62,

We really appreciate that you took the time to leave such a detailed, well written review. I'm sure other shoppers appreciate it too!
I feel bad that you didn't notice a difference between the razors though. Bummer :( In addition to the difference in the number of blades, Gillette Fusion has breakthrough technology on the front and the back of the cartridge. The front has 5 blades spaced closer together to form a shaving surface technology. This distributes the shaving force across the blades to help reduce pressure for more comfort and less irritation than MACH3.
The back has a truly innovative Precision Trimmer-a single blade built into the back of the cartridge. It allows you to easily trim sideburns, shave under your nose, or shape facial hair. And if that isn't enough, it also features a flexible Comfort Guard that follows the curves of your face, an Enhanced Indicator Lubrastrip, and an improved forward pivot that allows the restoring force of the cartridge to respond more quickly. I'm so sorry you didn't feel that was the experience with the Fusion. Actually, what's not to love about both of them? We truly appreciate your loyalty to Gillette regardless of which one is your fave. Have a great weekend!

Gillette Community Manager
on May 1, 2015
Over the years, I've tried a number of razors made for women. None of them has ever been satisfactory, and yet they have gotten increasingly more expensive. I finally decided to try a man's razor. What a difference! It is well-made and works great!

The only thing I don't like is the lubricating strip, which I see as just another way to make a razor seem worn out before its time. Since we all use shaving cream or soap anyway, why do we need a lubricating strip on the razor blade itself?

Anyway, I bought the RazorPit Men's Razor Blade Sharpener to go with this, and so far that is working great as well.
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