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on June 7, 2012
Simply put one of the best razors on the market. As a guy with an insanely tough beard, I chew through blades quickly and still struggle to get a clean cut. While these blades are no tougher, at least the results are far superior.
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on November 25, 2012
Always on the lookout for a better razor. This wasn't it. In my experience. I've found the best razor so far to be the Schick Hydro 5. In my opinion, this Gillette Fusion Proglide seems to have a smaller head surface (than the Hydro 5), so it takes more strokes to cover the area. It says it has a "drop" of mineral oil. I'm not sure what the purpose of that would be, but I don't find it to add anything to the shaving experience. This Gillette Fusion Proglide seems to "drag" more than the Hydro 5, IMO. I'll stick with the Schick Hydro 5 (unless) until something better comes along. I would not recommend this product.
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on December 2, 2012
I absolutely am in love with the Gillette Fusion Proglide razors! And the best part is I was able to purchase this item for an outstanding price (sale + coupon). I have always shaved with an upward stroke, going against the grain, because it is the only way for me to truly feel like I've gotten as close as possible. The problem with shaving against the grain, as many of you may know, is that it can leave you extremely susceptible to irritation and other common shaving problems. So I was elated when Gillette came out with the Fusion Proglide and even advertised that these blades are made for going against the grain. Granted, I've been able to shave that way with a few other razors, but they don't hold a candle to the Fusion Proglide and its superior technology. The other thing that makes these top-of-the-line is their single blade edge trimmer (located on the reverse of the cartridge). That little blade gets in places the front side of the cartridge can't reach, and it helps keep sideburns straight, clean and even. It's not really a bother to me that the lubricating strip wears out quickly (and honestly, on what razor does it not?) because I always shave with a fair amount of nice shaving gel (Schick Hydro gel for Sensitive Skin is superb!). The Fusion Proglide cartridges seems to last just as long as my previous razors, if not longer. I cannot see myself switching razor brands anytime in the near future, unless someone decides to come out with a razor that tops these.
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on November 9, 2012
I've tried everything. I'm a female, but in terms of how good a razor is I measure it by how well it shaves my underarms.
If I'm able to shave the next day and get close enough for it to count, it's a good razor.
It hugs the best, just be careful as with any razors with that aloe strip, don't let it get overly wet since that part will fall off.
I prefer this over shick's quattro, the male or female of that razor. It's not nearly as close, and I don't feel like any of the vibrating versions of these razors makes much of a difference, at least for me.
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on August 30, 2012
For the past 2 years I've been using the Gillette Fusion non-power razor, but the cartridges are expensive. I saw the Gillette Fusion Proglide Midas for $10 here on Amazon, and with a $4 coupon I decided it was worth trying. Yes, like all razors, it's very sharp. However, I was able to get an incredibly smooth shave in about 2 minutes without cutting myself. This razor has given me the best shave I've ever had. An earlier reviewer stated that it's too slick, however I found the grip on the handle to be better than other razors I've used.
The same reviewer also noted that Amazon did not list this as a non-power razor, however if you actually read the name compared to the other Gillette razors you'd notice that all the power razors clearly say "Power" in the name. Also, the picture below the description where they compare the different Gillette razors, the power razor's image says it's a power razor and the manual doesn't mention anything about it being a power razor.
Anyways, I'd highly recommend getting this razor!
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on January 14, 2013
Everyone's experience with a razor is different. I've tried a lot of different types, and I was more than happy to let go of my Gillette Fusion Power early last year. I bought a Shick Hydro Power. I thought it was great, cheap all around with an amazing cut. I even have the highest rated review on the product on Amazon currently. Now, I looked at the reviews for this saying Hydro 5 is better. It might be better for one person or another, but I have used both extensively and like this one better.

I have been using the Proglide POWER (yes, power) version for about 6-7 months now. I just purchased this manual version to take with me to basic training (in case the power version would be confiscated). I'll backtrack and talk about my experience with the Hydro 5. When I used it at first, it was kind of rough. I figured it would get a little better and it did, but it still was uncomfortable. I fooled myself into liking it because of its price and how long the lubrication strip lasted. I was getting only a week on my Fusion Power before it started to become uncomfortable because the strip faded out, and I was getting 3-4 weeks with the Hydro 5 until it ran out. The lubrication on that thing is funny though, because sometimes the whole thing will fall out of the razor.

My experience with the Proglide has been positive in every way as soon as I took it out of the box. I have learned long ago to not hype up any product until I've used it for a long time. With 6-7 months of experience I'm telling everyone how it is. The proglide can cut through thick stubble as good as it does on your 5 o clock shadow. I hadn't shaved for about a week and used the Proglide and it cut me down smooth with no pain and with ease. I bought myself a replacement pack of 8 cartridges and I have run through 6. That means in 6 months, I have used 6. Actually 7 if you include the one it came with. For those of you out there who know how to make a razor last, one of these can go up to a month or two. For beginners or average shavers, you will get at least two weeks worth before you even consider changing it, and, the lubrication will still be there.

One thing I hated about the Hydro 5 was the grip. It was a horrible design. With the Proglide, it was made with you in mind. It just feels natural holding it, and every stroke feels just right. As we all know, replacing Gillette cartridges can be a pain in the neck (not physically). To buy a pack of replacements, you're looking at about $30 for a pack of 8. The same will cost you under $20 with the Hydro 5. Not everyone cares to pay for it, but it's more than worth it. It's the best shave I ever had in my life, and I don't mind paying $10 extra every 6-9 months for a better experience.

Think of razors like gas, and you are the car. You only require regular gas, but if you decide to go with the premium (Proglide), your car will run faster and be more responsive.

I will state again I have not used the manual proglide yet, but it's the same thing without vibration (which I don't use much anyway).

Hopefully your experience is as good as mine.

Here is a run down of stats in my own opinion for the Proglide.

Fusion Proglide
Standard: $9.74 (comes with 2 cartridges)- replacement pack of 8 - $28.99
Power: $10.94 (1 cartridge) - replacement pack of 8 - $31.99

Comfort level: 5/5
Effectiveness of each stroke: 4.5/5 (sometimes you have to run the blade back over)
Smoothness of shave: 5/5 - Your experience may be different, but this is the best shave of my life
Cartridge life: 4/5 - Depends on how you use it. Will get you 2 weeks minimum and up to 2 months maximum
Design: 5/5 - The thing I hate about most razors is the design. This one feels great in hand

Overall: 4.8/5 - It's not perfect, but the best razor I've ever used in my life

It comes out of box with a razor holder which most gillette razors have, but others don't. Also, I strongly recommend buying the Proglide shaving cream. it's the best I ever used in my life. You can literally see your hairs rising in seconds if you look closely.

Good luck everyone!
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on November 6, 2012
i've been using an old Norelco rotary for the last few years and decided to
give this razor a shot especially with the $4 off coupon. WOW this is the
closest shave i've had in years, perfectly smooth with zero cuts or nicks.
didn't use any fancy gel or foam, just regular soap in the shower. i'm
definitely sold !
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on January 21, 2013
I found this on Amazon for about $5 cheaper than any of my local stores. I also have the Fusion Power so I got this as my travel razor. Well, turns out I like this much better than my Fusion Power and it is now my everyday razor!

One small complaint is the case, or lack thereof, that this comes with. There is a small plastic holder that covers just the blades themselves and a small part of the razor. Very minimalist which is fine if that's what you want. I would prefer something a little larger but not enough to take off any stars.

Pair this razor with the Cremo shaving cream ( and you will have yourself a buttery smooth face everyday.

A note on Gillette customer service, it is great. My Fusion Power broke, out of the blue, and I emailed them to express my displeasure as a longtime Gillette user. They answered my email and mailed me a coupon for a free Fusion Power to replace my broken one! That is how you keep your customers happy.
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on June 17, 2012
Very sharp - shaves effortlessly and smooth. Love the black and gold look of the razor. Only gripe was that it didn't feel as solid and heavy as previous Gillete manual razors but performance it does not lack. And the packaging is a lot better this time. No need to grab a sharp knife or scissors to open it up (frustration free).
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VINE VOICEon January 21, 2013
Over the years I have purchased my share of this company product, including their shaving gel. When it comes down to it, I do get a nice shave from this Fusion (late model?), and I agree with so many smart shoppers when they mention the price on these things (the blades) is ridiculously high. This package was a very nice deal and I wanted an extra razor, which looks very nice on the Limited Edition, and the extra 2 Cartridges that came along with it. I bought not too long ago the Limited Edition Coast Guard of this same brand, and that one I really dig.
In my case I have always found that I replace the blades every 8 uses, and I like the safe way they are designed, but still it is advisable to shave carefully when using sharp blades. 4 Stars!
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