Customer Reviews: Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike, 700c, White/Red, Small
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Price:$404.99 - $846.57
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on June 1, 2013
If you're like me, you are looking to get an entry level road bike without paying the standard entry level cost of ~800 bucks. My previous Trek hybrid was stolen and I needed a new bike to start training for a hike. After doing my research, I zeroed in on this bike as being the one with the least mechanical complaints, the best visual design, and the best price point. I was right. The bike rides well, is easy to assemble, and looks great, and I saved a lot of money by not getting a brand name.

DAY 1:
The bike arrived and I unpacked it to discover that a spoke had broken off the front wheel in shipping. I immediately called Amazon customer service and they resolved things quickly to my satisfaction. The assembly was pretty straight forward for not having instructions to look over, but myriad youtube videos clarified unclear issues.

Aside from the broken spoke, I had to align the brake pads and tighten the brakes, but the big issues that I couldn't fix were that the brake calipers were crooked and made my brakes not hit the tire at the same time, and also that the wheels were not true.

DAY 2:
Since I'm riding in NYC I needed to make sure this thing wasn't going to get me killed. So I took it to the shop and they were able to fix the spoke and straighten up the brakes without any problem. I pointedly asked them their thoughts on the bike and if I needed to upgrade any parts -particularly the cheap looking brakes- but to their credit they said no, and that if I don't plan on racing, then this bike is solid and I should just enjoy it.

I've ridden the bike for several miles now across NYC and it holds up very well. The seat was comfortable with my bike shorts and the gears shifted accurately. The bike is definitely a bumpier ride than my old Trek hybrid, but that might just be standard road bike bumpiness, or something I can resolve later through upgrading parts etc. The brakes are not great. I don't stop instantly at full speed, and it feels like I need a good 2-5 ft of clearance to come to a stop at full speed. I will buy new brake pads for 10 bucks to correct this.

Here is the best endorsement I can give, the bike is such a good deal that after taking it to the shop and riding it around central park I ordered the women's model for my wife. This bike is probably the best entry level priced bike you are going to find anywhere. It looks like a higher end bike, and is built pretty well. I think most of the mechanical complaints mentioned in other reviews here are because of user error (not filling up tires enough, not screwing on the pedals tight enough etc.) And with the money you save, you can upgrade a ton of parts and still not spend as much as you would on a brand name bike. So, buy it, but just know you'll need to take it to the shop for a tune up before it's trafficked-road ready.
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on September 23, 2013
If you're looking for a top of the line, carbon fiber bike that weighs about 13 ounces, this is not your bike! I am just getting back into riding and I literally started a Google search for "best entry level road bike" and found the Giordano LIbero. I didn't make a hasty purchase, but rather read through tons of reviews here on Amazon as well as independent blogs and checked all of the info from the manufacturer's web site. Let's go step by step:

Purchase: Easy as pie, like every Amazon purchase!

Shipping: Free shipping is a heck of a deal. I only wish it could have shipped on the following Monday, but it wasn't the end of the earth.

Delivery: (This has nothing to do with the bike itself or even Amazon, but I'm going to brag). First of all, the seller shipped this with a SIGNATURE REQUIRED and we weren't home. I contacted our FedEx sales person who kindly drove about 60 miles round trip to bring this to me the same day. SCORE!

The package: The box was in great shape and everything fit very well. All parts were packaged well and nothing was really banging around in the box. There is one small 1" scuff on the right side of the bike by the pedals, but is is hardly noticeable and I'm not mad about it. It looks like a factory blemish.

Directions: The assembly directions have much to be desired. I hadn't put a bike together in a couple of decades, but it was VERY easy with the help of YouTube! YouTube will really help you when it comes to adjusting the brakes. Assembly really was a breeze and took a combined time of about 40 -45 minutes total, including adjustments and tire inflation.

The BIKE: Great looking and feeling bike. At only 24 pounds it is a contender for some serious training and easy hauling if that is your thing. READ THE REVIEWS and everyone's concerns about the brakes. While they are easy to adjust, I will definitely be investing in new brakes (or at least pads?) for my first upgrade. The current pads are a bit on the spongy side and the bike may not have the complete stopping power that you need in an emergency. Replace. The. Brakes. The white handle bar tape grip gets dirty very easy. This will be impossible to keep clean and will be the 2nd upgrade. No biggie, but black or red may have been a better choice. Once adjusted correctly, the Shimano shifters work great and are simple to use.

I really have no complaints about this bike and I'm very satisfied with my purchase. If you're getting back into cycling or want a great workout bike, this is it!
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on August 28, 2014
after only 1 month ride, the screw thread on crank arm is broken, have to replace whole crank arm to install the paddle. Send them emails, agreed send part, but never get it. Send them email again, no any feedback. Now, my $4xx NEW bike need more than $100 to be fixed.
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on March 3, 2014
I did a lot of research on ALL of the road bike offered here on amazon. I did not check my LBS before buying this bike as I know I couldn't have gotten anything for nearly as cheap as this. After recording the bike, here are my thoughts on it:

- I read several people reviews on the bike prior to my buying it and noticed one specific common theme : THE TIRES SUCK!! I can neither confirm our deny the accusation, but decided I did not want to be the sucker on the site if the road trying to change a tire on the fly. so with the bike, I ordered a couple schwalbe lugano tires to go with the bike and replaced the factory tires with them. I didn't even put air in the factory tires, didn't want to waste my time.

- assembly was a breeze. No need for instructions, although they were provided if need be. Handle bars, seat & front wheel need to be installed. The integrated brake levers come installed on the bike. Only one thing needed adjustment and that was the front derailleur. Chain rubbed on it a little in high gear. A half turn off the adjustment acre and that problem was cured.

- a couple things I found decieving when looking at a picture of the bike where the shifters and frame. The main triangle of the frame is made of an octagonal shaped piece of steel. Not that I'm complaining, just thought it should be mentioned. Also, the bike comes equipped with shimano claris integrated brake levers/shifters, rear derailleur and gear sets. Brake components are cheap and should be looked into upgrading in the relatively near future after purchase of bike, but they will work fine until you decide to do that. The shifters are a dark gray, not silver as picture. They are your standard integrated levers.

I highly recommend this bike to any new biker. It's a ton of fun, shifts like lightning, no problem at all. Buy this bike!!!
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on April 26, 2013
I am an avid (poor) cyclist. I usually average about 50km a day when I cycle to and from my house to the downtown core. Getting into cycling is hard for students and people on low budges which is why I purchased this bike.

For the components it came with and the style the price point can't be beat. Just be sure you get the right size. I bought the smallest size which comes with a 54cm headtube. On the website it states this would fit someone 5'7 but be warned if you are 5'7 you should get a 52cm bike. So I had to switch out the stem to a shorter stem for $30 at my local bike shop and now it feels much better.

- good value for the $
- great style
- the seat is surprisingly comfortable for stock
- easy to assemble

- no assembly instructions in the case (but you can find them online and it is quite easy)
- brakes have very little stopping power (swapping out the brake pads for $10 will fix that)
- measurements stated on the website are misleading
- brake levers are single pulley system and wiggle, under high usage they might rub against the walls of the rim and you might need to swap them out for better brake set

Here is a video review of my assembling the bike:
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on June 13, 2015
I got this bike to help temporary commute to work, I own a Vilano Shadow back at home.

Here is what I like about the Giordano compared to the Vilano Shadow:
- The STI shifters and the derailleurs are Shimano Claris, which I found to be highly superior and much easier to operate than the Shimano Tourney on the Vilano Shadow. They make a big difference.
- The wheel rims are definitely better than the Vilano ones
- The handle bar tape seems of higher quality on this bike.
- The derailleurs where working almost perfectly out of the box, very minor adjustment was necessary.
- The cranks also seem of higher quality.
- The included kickstand is definitely a bonus on this bike.
- The size and fitting works perfectly according to their suggested chart.
- It rides more comfortably than the Vilano Shadow. Not sure if it is the actual frame or the wheels, but this bike feels softer on the bumps than the Vilano shadow. It feels as if it got some elasticity to it when it hits a bump.

Here is what I don't like about:
- The frame seems a little bit heavier (maybe 1lb or so) when compared to the Vilano Shadow
- The brakes are crappy when compared to the ones on the Vilano Shadow. The brakes also took lots of adjustment (they were not centered and were much harder to adjust then the dual pivot on the Vilano. I would highly suggest replacing the brakes with better ones.
- The wheels needed plenty of trueing especially the front wheel. The bike was not ridable out of the box. Make sure to get spokes nipples wrench from amazon as well and true the wheels using the brakes (this will get it to an OK shape, till you visit your bike shop)

The seat and pedals are very comparable between the two bikes.

In terms of the price, I think the price tag is ok when compared to the Vilano Shadow, but might have been better if it was a little cheaper.
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on March 23, 2012
I'm a 6 year triathlete and an experienced wrench. So far, so good with my new bike! I'm in Boston on assignment with my company, and overall it was cheaper to purchase this than to ship one of my two Felt bikes here... (Plus I'll resell it to a college student in August when I leave!)

Spent 3 hours or so customizing the bike, getting adjustment done etc.

The great - I normally ride a lighter bike with carbon wheels etc. This bike is a beast, and great for riding through Boston and two the local bike trails. Put in a 20 mile ride last night and it did wonderfully. Wheelset seems like it could deal with a pothole or twelve without much problem (schader, not presta valves, btw) integrated shifters, once adjusted, work great.

The good - Overall, feels well built and came in good condition. Some abrasions on the bottom of the front fork, and a chip on the frame.. but overall it looks great too.

The so/so - not a fan of the brakes. Pads dont stop this beast quickly (i'm also 6'3 and good size) so there's a lot to stop. Will upgrade them.

In general I'm very happy with the purchase.
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on June 19, 2013
Got lucky on the size I'm 5'7" w/31" inseam and the 52cm frame fits me like a glove. First of all I'd like say that there can't be a better made lighter road bike out there for money.
I wanted an inexpensive, high quality, light weight road bike with decent components and I got it!
Have had it for a couple of months and ride it hard 20-25 miles per ride 4 days a week. It could use a pro tune at the point as is recommend, but still have no complaints.
This thing is Fast for a 16 speed because of the gear ratio. 16th gear is a killer! I can rarely stay in it long even when riding faster that 20mph... Have been over 30 on it for brief periods and actually have no trouble getting it into the mid 30's on a sprint.
It's solid, well built and rides like my older $1000+ Bianchi and Specialized bikes did.
Took about an hour to assemble, I don't follow directions very well:)
There's nothing out there in this category for under$500 that can touch this 23lb power house.
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on August 23, 2013
First, the chain broke only after about 12 miles of riding. Also, I've tuned the gears, but could never find the sweet spot where the chain didn't derail under hard pedaling or grind during shifting. A much bigger problem is that the machined hole in the crank arm that holds the pedal was too large and not perpendicular to the plane of the crank arm. It looks like they machined it crooked on the first try and instead of throwing the part away they machined a second hole. After about 30 miles of use the pedal slowly backed out of the crank arm far enough that it began to pivot back and forth and destroy the aluminum threads in the crankarm. Thus, I have a bike that cannot house more than a pedal. Instead of getting the part replaced by the manufacturer, I figure I'd replace the entire crank arm set because the one they have on there doesn't match up properly with the gear shifters (shifters have 3 positions and there's only 2 gears; I suspect this might be why I couldn't find the sweet spot where the gears shift without sounding like dubstep). Unfortunately, they installed their crankarm with a gorilla, and there is no way to get it off without cutting it off (my crank arm puller isn't doing the trick, so I have another one with a longer handle on order). They pounded the crank arm into place such that the metal to metal interface is effectively fused. They didn't even grease this interface. Lastly, paint chips off of this thing at the slightest bump. Anyhow, this bike will show up looking beautiful and the frame isn't bad, but the shoddy craftsmanship and mismatched components makes this bike worthless to me. This sucks because this was supposed to be my commuter, but instead this POS has become an expensive paper weight and annoying project bike.
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on November 10, 2015
Lets start with the packaging and shipping of the bike. Basically I got three of these sent to me due to an error I will discuss in a bit. But the packaging of the bike was abysmal. The first box was okay. There was a hole in the box where the rear derailleur was which I wasn't too pleased with. The second one had huge holes on the sides of the box and that was disappointing. The third one had was taped instead of stapled like it should be. All in all, the packaging was terrible and I expected a lot better packaging for relatively delicate instrument I dropped 430 dollars for. I am personally shocked that the bike wasn't damaged.

So the reason I got three of these in the first place is because on the first bike I received, the hub of the front wheel was filled with metal so the skewer wasn't able to go through (just a bad part I'm assuming). Amazon was good about returning the damaged bike though, although I wish there was a way to only replace the wheel so I wouldn't have had to send the whole bike back. The reason I got two replacements instead of one was due to some miscommunication I had with two representatives. Although it was troublesome having to ship two of these back, it was okay with me.

Now lets move on to the bike itself. I have put roughly 800 miles on this bike so far and this is what I have experienced.

Frame: The frame came in fantastic shape. There was no chipped paint and the welding done on the frame was very good. It is a little heavier than your typical road bike frame but that is expected for an entry level bike. The frame geometry/shape isn't structurally or aerodynamically ideal but for an entry level road bike it is a great frame (it can even become a project bike if you buy a better bike in the future).
Wheels, Tubes, Tires: The tires seem good so far to me. They don't look like they're great quality but so far they have worked flawlessly in cold weather, warm weather, rain, and dry conditions. The tubes are solid. I ride in Atlanta and with how bad the roads are, the tubes see a lot of rugged terrain and I've definitely hit my fair share of nasty bumps. But I have yet to replace these tubes and they don't lose air pressure very quickly either. The wheels themselves seem fine. There is no bending or anything and they seem sturdy.
Components: This bike comes with the lowest level Shimano Claris components. These are pretty heavy (especially compared to the 105s on my new bike) but it is expected for an entry level bike. The derailleurs had to be adjusted out of the box, and then again after the first 50 miles to account for wire strain. However after adjusted properly, the components work fine and I have yet to encounter major problems with them. The brakes also had to be adjusted as expected. The brakes on this bike are terrible. Even in dry conditions they work very poorly and in the rain the distance required to brake increases exponentially. I would personally recommend changing the brake pads on this bike after receiving it. The chain and crankset were two of my main concerns before buying this bike. Many users said the chain or the crankset broke after a few hundred miles. I've been inspecting this every 100 or so miles and it seems fine to me. My guess is the chain breaking is more due to shifting at a bad time, improper derailleur adjustment, or simply not lubing the chain. The crankset I cannot say but so far it is intact to me and I've rode some pretty rough uphill terrain with it.
Seat/Handlebars: The seat is comfortable. Again a little heavy but the cushioning makes up for it especially for an entry rider. The handlebars are good. nothing special

Final Verdict: If the bike doesn't get damaged during shipping due to the terrible packaging, this is a fantastic bike for 430ish dollars. It is a perfect commuter bike and entry level road bike for someone who is not willing to spend too much money. It is heavier than your average road bike (frame and components) but again for the price and the type of bike it is very expected. I would say the only part that needs to be immediately replaced is the brake pads. A lot of reviews said the bike had horrible low level shimano components but it is important to remember it doesn't get more basic than this and I would not call the claris components horrible (theyre simply just okay components). Overall, I would give the packaging a 1/5 and the bike itself a 4.5/5 right now and I highly recommend this bike to anyone looking to get into road biking or in need of a good commuter bike.
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