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on August 10, 2002
Girls Nite Out is another horror flick from the eighties that many people have either forgotten about or never seen. It is about a crazed killer on a rampage on a college campus during a scavenger hunt. The clever killer dresses up in the school mascot's bearsuit and uses a Freddy Krueger-like device made with serated steak knives as its deadly "claws". Yes, the movie is old, the plot is questionable, but this movie is worth watching for something else. There's just something so weird and scary about the bearsuit. The way its swirly, hypnotic eyes look at you, it's almost paralyzing. Out of all the horror movies I've ever seen, this one still gives me the chills. It's worth checking out, I think the producer had this fear factor in mind when they made this movie.
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on March 15, 2011
Not your typical campus-set slasher from the 80s in which a college scavenger hunt turns bloody when the contestants get killed one by one by a murderer in a bear costume (!) with knives as his fingers.
Although Girls nite out (or the Scaremaker as it was originally called) has all the usual ingredients of a good old fun stalk 'n' slash movie, the makers did try to do something new with the material.
Over the years we all had our share of masked psychopaths but a bear costume? And while at first the school's furry mascotte evokes some giggles, when the murders actually begin it becomes a little more creepy.
Because the action is set to a "golden oldies" weekend, there are a lot of 60s/70s rocksongs on the soundtrack and they are a welcome change from all the terrible 80s groups we usually have to endure in these kind of movies.
In contrast to other slasher movies of this period there isn't even a final girl!
So is it any good? Well, i guess if you are a devoted slasher fan and you are in a good (read forgiving) mood then you'll probably like it and you'll be able to oversee its shortcomings ( too many silly characters, somewhat lacking in suspense....etc.) I unashamedly like Girls nite out. At display here are a bunch of mostly sympathetic teens, the movie benefits from an above average cast (serious actor Hal Holbrook as the camp guard especially lends the movie some class) and it has a genuine dreadlike atmosphere only those 80s slasher seem to know how to evoke. Avoiding the usual battle between the final girl and the killer but instead opting for a more subtle "sleepaway camp"-like final moment evoke a legitamate chill.
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on February 23, 2015
A cult classic worthy of re-discovery. Girls Nite Out is a movie that gets a lot of hate, truthfully I don't understand why. The movie offers up fun, comedy, and even atmosphere. In fact the movie relies more on atmosphere and mood more than gore. Most of the teen characters are wacky and of-the-wall, yet likeable. Although the real stars of the film are Hal Holbrook as Mac and the killer. The film has a small cult following, and really deserves a second chance. Now I'm not saying this is the greatest movie of all time, far from it. However I think it's a terrific slasher film.

Plot: A college is holding its yearly scavenger hunt, only to be interrupted by a merciless killer.

My Thoughts: I love the the killer's disguise, it was pure genius. The killer wears the school mascot costume-a bear- and places steak knives in one of the paws. The weapon is similar to Freddy's glove, however this came out first-1982. The bear suit is goofy but that just increases the creepiness of the film, especially when the kill talks profanely.The acting is pretty good and the gore that is on screen is pretty good as well. I found the pacing to be decent and the story interesting. Hal Holbrook is as awesome as always. The film's soundtrack is cool, consisting of golden oldies hits from Lovin' Spoonful, Tommy James & the Shondells, Ohio Express, and several others. The film's score is exceptionally eerie and haunting. Overall I recommend this film to slasher fans and horror fans.

Disc Content:
Main Feature
Theatrical Trailer
Bonus trailers
Alternate Title sequence
Scene Selection

My Rating: Film-4/5 DVD-4/5
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on August 26, 2015
DVD Review: Media Blasters (Guilty Pleasures) version. The DVD comes with 4 different movie trailers, some Fangoria thing, and an interview. The picture quality is a little grainy but overall watchable and the audio is a little muffled but listenable.

Movie Review: Someone kills a bear mascot and assumes the disguise and slashes people because of stupid s#!+. This is your standard slasher movie with some good acting and some bad. The story made some sense I guess, and the kills are R rated good and blah blah blah. Slasher film lovers may like it but anyone else probably won't because they like pussy movies like The Notebook. I, personally, loved this movie.

Conclusion: 4 Stars for the DVD and 4 stars for Girls Nite Out.
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on May 2, 2014
This film has some creativity with the design of the killer. The psycho wears a bear mascot costume with Freddy Krueger style knives for one of its paws, which makes this different to an extent from other 80s slashers. The psycho with the costume, claw, and creepy voice is well designed. I also thought the film was decently directed, and acting was better than some other low-budget retro slashers. A lot of the film takes place at night, and the overall quality of the atmosphere is OK because of the darkness and locations. It's decently scored with some suspense, and I thought the movie was well done overall. However, it does have some things that may be a problem with some. First, it's a slasher with no nudity; this isn't the norm with 80s slashers. It also does contain some unnecessary filler in some places. There's some dialogue sequences and other scenes that I thought pad the running time and simply slow down the pace, and I thought it would've been a little better if more of the film took place outdoors. As for the gore, there's one bloody scene with blood spilling down a girl when the bear killer gets her. Aside from that scene, there's some blood; but the overall gore content is low. The body count isn't high, but it's OK; if you're looking for a high body count slasher with a really fast pace from beginning to end, lots of gore, sex and nudity, I wouldn't recommend it. The film also has a silly comedic farting sequence with a guy in bed with Julia Montgomery that was tossed in. This isn't among the best of the 80s slashers, but fans of 80s slashers and those who aren't looking for a slasher that's overly intense and gory may find interest it. The films main problem is some of that unnecessary filler that may bore some people. In my opinion, this type of slasher movie would've been better with more gore, a faster pace, and nudity; nevertheless, it has a nice 80s charm to it.

The DVD quality is really good. It has a nice and lively interview with Julia Montgomery that I thought was good. She talks about the film, as well as mentioning her role in REVENGE OF THE NERDS. You also get a quick extra that shows the original title, and there's the original trailer.
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on August 25, 2013
A movie like GIRLS NITE OUT is not for everyone, but if you are even searching for an obscure title like this than your interest must have peaked somewhere along the line and you should check it out. Pretty standard, but its campiness makes for some silly slasher fun.
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on July 29, 2010
Girls Nite Out is a whodunit slasher flick, just as many horror flicks of that time were,and it has the typical stalk and kill scenes and has great murder sequences. Has a huge twist at the end as to who the killer is and many suspensful moments in between. There are better slasher films (such as Prom Night and The Burning) and yet there are much much worse( THe Majorettes, and the Forest) so Girls Nite Out is not that bad compared to many and stands among some of the above average as being well made, well directed, ( for it has great atmosphere and lighting) and cool death scenes, some even pre-date nightmare on elm street with the four bladed claw!!! Overall a very entertaining and standard slasher flick and is a must buy for slasher fans!
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on April 25, 2014
College slasher in a mascot bear outfit kills girls. A theme develops that guys who get dumped become mass murderers. Perhaps the biggest dump was Hal Holbrook's career.

This is an 80's slasher film that used older 60's-70's music for background, most likely because it was cheap and easy. I was not as impressed with this film as my fellow critics, in fact I was bored with much of the film. It was more like a made for TV 70's slasher.

Parental Guide: No f-bombs, sex, or nudity...which is mostly likely why this film gets looked over.
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on May 6, 2013
Girls Nite Out is a great movie for the slasher movie fan or fan of horror in general. The plot is a killer, wearing a dancing bear suit, stalks a variety of cheerleaders during an all-night scavenger hunt at a remote Ohio college. It is one of those guess who the killer is slasher movies that makes the movie so fun. Hal Holbrook is in the movie helping the film in the acting department. Lauren Marie Taylor from Friday the 13th Part 2 is also a nice addition to the movie. I wish she did more horror movies. This movie was exciting as it went at a good pace and delivered some scares. There was a lot of suspense and its hard to guess who the killer is as the movie effectively keeps you on your toes. I thought it was cool the killer dressed in a bearsuit. It was creepy. The ending was really awesome. As a slasher movie fan this was a real surprise. Having seen a lot of known and lesser known slashers I gave this one a try and thought it was unique and better than a lot of some of the other slashers I've seen. It's not on par with Halloween or Friday the 13th but it was a lot of fun. I will definitely be watching this movie many times in the future. Cheers
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VINE VOICEon March 7, 2011
Ya know, I gotta say I enjoyed the hell out of this movie, though I'm not so sure I should have. I realize it's second rate slasher fare, but something about it just tickled me pink.
Yup, it's a slasher, so it's about a bunch of female college students getting systematically slaughtered on the night of the annual college scavenger hunt. Before and during the hunt, we're treated to a heavy helping of student tomfoolery and relationship dramas with all the characters. I suppose this is to help establish motives for possible suspects. The killer carries out his duties in the school basketball team's mascot bear costume. The killer is also equipped with a handmade claw apparatus made of knives, literally giving the costume a bear claw. And this predates Nightmare on Elm Street by two years! During the murders, the killer likes to mutter, "whore" and "slut" while carrying out the carnage. Not a ton of gore on display here, but enough to get by.
The great Hal Holbrook is also here as head of campus security, though I'm not sure how he got duped into this film. It's nice to see him though.
Lots of bad acting, Lovin' Spoonfull songs and a comical twist ending make this more entertaining than it probably should be.
Extras on the disc are a short interview with Julia Montgomery(still looking hot, cougarish!) and a handful of trailers. Not a bad deal considering the price.
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