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25 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on October 29, 2010
"Glee"'s third episode-specific CD release (or EP), following those for "The Power of Madonna" and "Journey", is the soundtrack to their tribute episode to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", the biggest cult film of all-time (and "The Rocky Horror Show", the stage show that was the original inspiration; indeed, some of the song choices made here are references to differences between the two shows). It is overall a strong effort, and features some great work by a number of the castmembers. Indeed, considering this was only one episode, a surprising number of the regulars (all save Mark Salling/Puck, who wasn't in the episode, Mike O'Malley, Jane Lynch, and Jessalyn Gilsig, who don't normally sing anyway). Some spoilers for the episode will inevitably creep into the review, so be warned.


1. "Science Fiction/Double Feature" - the longest song on the album, actually (though the shortest in the actual episode), a quirky melange of references to 1930s-1950s sci-fi/horror cinema that establishes the tone of the original story. This is actually the first solo song for Naya Rivera/Santana. It's a bit of an odd choice for that distinction, since it has no real relevance to her, but Rivera's mix of hard pop and R & B vocals have rapidly become one of my favourite sounds on the show, and she does well here. She sounds rather different than she normally does here, singing a much slower and less intense number than past work on Madonna or Lady Gaga - indeed, a lot of people were convinced that it was Jenna Ushkowitz/Tina or Dianna Agron/Quinn (personally, the former is plausible, as Rivera and Ushkowitz actually do sound rather alike; I really can't see how people thought this was Agron, though).

2. "Over At The Frankenstein Place" - maybe the least remarkable of the songs featured (both on its own and in terms of staging in the episode), but featuring good work from Lea Michele/Rachel, Cory Monteith/Finn, and Chris Colfer/Kurt.

3. "Damnit, Janet" - Michele/Rachel and Monteith/Finn again, with backup from Colfer, Agron, and Amber Riley/Mercedes. One of the funnest numbers in the actual show, with the actors gleefully hamming it up playing their characters playing their roles rather stiltedly (albeit, that's totally suitable for "Rocky Horror"). Cory Monteith has improved massively since the show started (listen to his voice now compared to when it started; the electronic assistance has majorly dialled down), and this is in fact one of my favourite songs he's ever done. He's never going to match Lea Michele in singing ability, but I like their voices together.

4. "Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?" - typically referred to as "Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul" due to the film, this different title refers to an older name for the song. Song by guest star John Stamos/Dr. Carl Howell as his audition song, as it were. Overall, the cast of Glee are much better singers than the cast of the original musical (Susan Sarandon is one of the greats of her generation, but nobody thinks of her as a singer), but the film version of this was performed by Meatloaf, obviously of a much higher calibre than most of his castmates. Nonetheless, the Stamos version is fun on its own (even moreso in the episode, where it's given a really exuberant group dance number).

5. "Sweet Transvestite" - ah, sure to be the biggest controversy. This is performed by Amber Riley, who, though a great singer, is never going to match Tim Curry's sensational original, though she is, in other respects, a superior singer. The song has been reimagined as more of an R & B thing, which makes it distinctive and clearly not just trying to copy Curry; and the performance is fun; but simply due to the iconic nature of the original, it's clearly inferior. It's also the most prominent victim of the incredibly arbitrary line censorship that somebody at FOX always forces on the producers; in this case, apparently you can't say "transsexual" (well, actually, you can say it, but you can't sing it; it was much the same with "bitch", which the characters say all the time, but in "Bad Romance" became "freak"). Fun, nonetheless.

6. "Toucha, Toucha, Touch Me" - also somewhat censored, again in arbitrary and rather pointless ways (you can't sing "heavy petting", but you can actually show characters engaged in it? Whatever, FOX), but a fun performance on the show. Jayma Mays/Emma had this as her audition song, so she's the latest to get to perform hers on the show itself. Mays rarely sings (this is only her third contribution), but she's pretty good. The Columbia and Magenta roles are filled by Rivera and Heather Morris/Brittany, and in the show itself they totally steal the scene.

7. "The Time Warp" - the song of the show; even people who don't know anything about "Rocky Horror" know this one. The film version is handled solely by Riff-Raff and Magenta - in "Glee", it's been repurposed as a group performance number outside of the story, so while most of it is done by Colfer, Agron, and Kevin McHale/The Criminologist, Monteith and Riley also chip in some bars. There's also a difference between the soundtrack version and the performance version: it the former, Rivera sings one of Magenta's lines, but in the show itself Agron is dubbed in. Colfer, probably the most gifted male singer outside of Matthew Morrison/Will, does an amazing Riff-Raff; Agron is probably the weakest of the female singers, but she handles her part fine (her take on Magenta's spoken lines is quite good, actually). Quite fun.

Overall, I'd call this a four-star collection. I don't think any of these numbers will make it onto the "Top 10 Glee Songs" list compiled at the end of the show, but nonetheless, it's nice.
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on October 28, 2010
Would be 5 stars if we got the original lyrics and no Jane Lynch???

but i have enjoyed songs and understand this was for network televison not HBO or Showtime. Glee has pushed some borders this season Britney and Santana making out in bed, Britney and Kevin having sex, the whole religion episode. the producers probally gave into the rocky lyric changes to keep the others.

i did not feel it was "the same voices we always hear". I knew I would love the Time Warp and they knock it out of the park with Chris Colfer (kurt) as Riff devilishly delightful totally in his element. Emma (Jayma Mays) lead on "toucha toucha touch me" and john stamos "whatever happened to saturday night" are new and fresh. Emma's an important character but she has had few songs to this point. Amber Riley "mercedes" on sweet travsestite was pleasant i was expecting Puck or Kurt but in hindsight Riley's voice is the only one with the power to pull off a bawdy romp of a tune with the force it deserves. the one thing i did miss was no Jane Lynch (Sue) or Puck (Mark Salling) on any songs??

Don't be a Rocky snob. this is not a remake, not the original, but it is a nice tribute. it keeps the faith of the original alive and it is fun.
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on October 27, 2010
It's one thing to have Lea Michele do Streisand, because the admiration and respect is there as well as the voice (and the pushing to star in the eventual Funny Girl revival). But this is a travesty. There has probably never been as horrid a cover as Amber Riley trying to take Frankenfurter to church. If you're going to do an exact copy then have respect for the original and DO NOT change the lyrics. If something is not suitable for TV (and who believes there is anything Fox thinks isn't suitable) than just don't do it.
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7 of 9 people found the following review helpful
First let me say that I am really not a big fan of Glee BUT I am a fan of Rocky Horror and have been for many years. The rendition of some of the songs they did even with the "TV friendly" lyrics and casting was still awesome. I would say as good or better than the original but you really can't do a comparison due to the much better fidelity of this recording and the changes they made to fit inside the format and time limits. John Stamos was a real surprise to me doing Meat Loaf's song but ALL of these songs will be going into my iPod for regular playing. All I have to do now is decide if I need to buy some better MP3s of the original. This TV show may not be something I will tune into very often but this tribute to Rocky Horror was exceptional and deserves accolades to all involved. I wish they could have done it all unbroken without the lame story they created around it. I would buy the video :)
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on May 3, 2011
I never much cared for Rocky Horror when I was younger, but that's because I didn't understand it. When I got older, and started getting made fun of for my weight, I realized it was a show about celebrating your difference. And then I fell in love with the music. I was a little worried when I heard Glee was doing it, because I knew they'd have to tone it down a lot to get past censorship. But I was determined to keep an open mind, because, after all, that's what both Glee AND Rocky Horror are about. And so without further ado, my two cents about Glee: The Music, The Rocky Horror Glee Show...

1). B - Naya Rivera (Santana) - Science Fiction Double Feature - I never much cared for this song, but I don't think Naya is capable of singing something badly, so it still sounds amazing.

2). A- - Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) and Cory Monteith (Finn) - Damn It, Janet - Even a song as classic as this one, sounds fresh and new when sung by Lea and Cory. Such a fun little song.

3). A+ - John Stamos (Carl) - Whatever Happened To Saturday Night (AKA Hot Patootie) - I already knew that John Stamos could sing. After all, he was named an Honorary Beach Boy. Go ahead, I'll wait while you go look up the video for Kokomo on YouTube. LOL But bottom line, he ROCKS this song. So much fun!

4). A+ - Amber Riley (Mercedes) - Sweet Transvestite - I was a little concerned about this song being sung by Amber Riley, especially considering how long it took for Tim Curry's version to grow on me. But this is Amber Riley, and I forgot she can do ANYTHING. She murders this song like she was born to sing it. Even though I wish they'd left the song as it was (Come on folks, you can't say transexual, but transvestite is alright? And Heaven was blocked too?! Insanity, that's what these censors have! LOL), but she does beyond amazing with it.

5). A - Jayma Mays (Emma), with Naya Rivera (Santana) and Heather Morris (Brittany) - Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me - One of the only songs where Jayma sings, period, much less her own leading solo. And she does a REALLY good job of it! She looked like she had a lot of fun doing the number in the episode as well.

6). A- - Lea Michele (Rachel Berry), Cory Monteith (Finn), Chris Colfer (Kurt) - There's A Light (Over At The Frankenstein Place) - Such a fun and different song. It worked back when, and it works now. When DOESN'T Lea Michele sound good?

7). A- - Cory Monteith (Finn), Chris Colfer (Kurt), Kevin McHale (Artie), Dianna Agron (Quinn), Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) - Time Warp - Pretty much the Rocky Horror theme song, so nailing it was important. And they nailed it dead on. There are parts when they manage to sound almost identical to the original, and it was VERY fun to watch them do this number during the show.

So that's a wrap folks, with my two cents on Glee: The Music, The Rocky Horror Glee Show. The overall grade is a solid A, with only one song failing to rank as an A. This was a super fun episode, and they had a LOT of expectations to live up to for this episode. For my part, I think they did GREAT. The biggest deviation was with Sweet Transvestite, but for me, they scored big time with that song. It was a risk to change it from Transexual to Transvestite, and from giving Tim Curry's number to Amber. Personally, I think she killed it DEAD. I enjoyed this EP very much, and I think it gave us some modern Halloween hits for this new generation of kids that Glee is reaching out to. And you know, all of us adults who love it too. LOL Give this a try folks, especially if you liked the original Rocky Horror (The Rocky Horror Picture Show (25th Anniversary Edition)) and have not yet heard the Glee version of the songs. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
Thanks for your time folks.
Sincerely, R.A. McDowell
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5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on October 30, 2010
I have been a fan of Glee since the pilot and have pre-ordered and enjoyed all the cd's...until this one. Glee, the show has felt new, fresh and original aiming to break the mold of tv comedy pushing for controversial issues, language and sexuality, even at 8 pm. Glee has been great at exploring gay sexuality, teen pregnancy, rights of the disabled and many hot button topics. With its frankness, it made sense that they would feature songs from Rocky Horror a musical that, with the 1975 movie, brought camp into the mainstream, now quite common in such shows as La Cage and Hairspray. So I was surprised at how cleaned up the lyrics were, especially with Sweet Transvestite. First I found it odd that Mercedes was playing the role and not Curt or maybe Will. Then watching the show I understood, there was no one else willing or available. But her performance was more a pop version rather than a performance of a scene and being from "sensational" Transylvania is simply not correct. I can forgive the change to Touch a Touch Me since on the show it is peformed by Emma and not the Janet character. The song on the show was used to explore her and Will's relationship so no "heavy petting" or "seat wetting." But in the end, in spite of the excellent performances, this cd and episode seem pointless.

The plot of the episode initially seems to be that Will Shuster is putting on a production of The Rocky Horror Show. Given the way the series has been it is plausable that he would get approval to put on such an adult, campy show though its at a high school. Of course in the end there are obstacles --objection to the adult quality, silliness involving Barry Bostwick and MeatLoaf as tv studio heads wanting an "expose" about the production covered by Sue Sylvester, and Will's guilt over his motives to impress Emma which ultimately leads to Will cancelling the show. But by the time the language has been cleaned up and Frank N Furter is played by a female I'm thinking the production is not even worth attempting. I am not aware if any high schools have ever performed the show but I think it unlikely. If this Gleeified version is 20th Century Fox's way of suggesting a family friendly production they can just forget it. A cleaned up Rocky is NOT what the public is asking for. Artistic integrity has already been compromised in the media with the bleeping of words on the radio of songs that shouldn't be played in the first place. Material with adult content can be simply enjoyed minus any editing in one's own home. On reality tv we are inundated with twentysometings sleeping around and beating each other up while their language is bleeped when such programs' content is more harmful to kids than language and is simply a waste of digital space. Then we have major controversy over Adam Lambert (who would make a great Frank N Furter) kissing a man on live t.v. while women have kissed women with not much complaining. Glee had the perfect opportunity to break free from typical tv censorship with a little camp minus bad words and nudity but in the end promised much more than it delivered. Instead of a brief version of a classic show we get the typical Glee angst-- body issues, love triangle confusion and self confidence boosting. In otherwords, nothing new here.
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3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on October 24, 2010
I am by no means a "gleek", nor am I "gleetarded" as coined by Mad Magazine. I do, however, acknowledge greatness when I hear it and this Rocky Horror Glee Show CD is awesome! I noticed the altered lyrics, but didn't mind much. I was especially glad that the usual over-produced, auto-tune vocal sound is gone from this recording, in favor of natural, expressive singing. The cast does these songs justice, and it's nice to hear them recharged in time for Halloween. Make no mistake about it, I am no big fan of the show (I've skipped more episodes than I've watched) but this ranks up there with the now classic "Madonna" episode and the performance of Aerosmith's "Dream On" with guest star Neil Patrick Harris. This could be the best that this GLEE bunch could dish out... though that may not be saying much. It's up to you... give it a listen!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on April 18, 2011
Comprar na Amazon foi uma experiência incrível, pois foi a primeira vez que fiz uma compra internacional. Meu pedido demorou a chegar e chegou além do prazo previsto, mas a assistência da Amazon foi incrível e recebi meu produto, o qual estou muito feliz! Muito obrigado Amazon!
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6 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on October 21, 2010
Hindsight being 20/20 I have to wonder why I was expecting something different than what this album provides. Glee is a prime-time network television series. It's a more "family friendly" show, which directly contrasts with The Rocky Horror Show (and Rocky Horror Picture Show, naturally). Seven songs are presented here, but they've all been watered down to fit this mold (and possibly to preclude yet another "outrage" from the Parents Television Council). The most obvious offenders are "Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me" and "Sweet Transvestite", each having lyrics changed to make them more palatable to mainstream audiences. In the case of "Transvestite", not only have the lyrics been changed (it's "Sensational Transylvania" instead of "Transsexual Transylvania"), but the gender of the character has been changed as well. That's right, Frank-N-Furter is played by Amber Riley's Mercedes character. Don't get me wrong, Riley does a fantastic job singing this song. Unfortunately she's just not the right person to play this iconic character...that should go to a male actor. It's the entire point of the character.

That's not to say the soundtrack is all bad. Cory Monteith and Lea Michele are awesome in "Dammit Janet". Monteith manages to sound almost exactly like Barry Bostwick in the film version! Chris Colfer as Riff-Raff hits it out of the park in "Time Warp", proving yet again that he is probably the best actor on that show.

In the end though, the album leaves me with a bittersweet feeling. While it's a decent record in the spirit of the show, it's a bit insulting to fans of Rocky Horror. The edits done in "Touch Me" and "Transvestite" manage to kinda ruin the whole experience. It's almost as though the creators of Glee shouldn't have bothered with this if they had to completely castrate the show. I mean, is the word "Transsexual" really a bad word? I'll reserve final judgement when I watch the episode, but going by what I've heard here this is Glee's first official dud.

UPDATE: I watched the episode. The casting of Frank-N-Furter was even worse than it sounded on the soundtrack. Also, the editing of the lyrics is completely unjustified if the word "transsexual", "tranny" and even "nuttage" is said in the episode. Why even bother?
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on January 13, 2011
What is not to love? They have done a great job making this music their own. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and now this is on my I-Pod and enjoyed all the time!
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