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on December 22, 2009
I have many study Bibles and have to opportunity to recommend particular types to people very often. I would recommend this Bible to anyone. It is an excellent resource for teachers, pastors or just for personal study.
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on January 11, 2010
Format: DVD-ROMVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I really wanted to like this product; Bible software for the digital age, which should be right up my alley. And while this software offers tons of material in fails horribly in presentation.

First I suppose I should give the strengths of the product, you get a searchable Bible presented in both the New International Version and the King James Version.

Within the program there is a great Atlas/Map application that shows the known locations of a tremendous amount of events in the Bible.

Also there are just a ton of pictures of various locales and historical sites from the Holy Land and surrounding areas, some pictures include a soundtrack of the recorded ambient noise from where the picture was taken, a nice touch.

There are virtual tours of specific sights taking you inside some of the holy places and allowing you to see them almost as if you were a visitor there.

There is also over 700+ prices of artwork based on the Bible, and historical biblical events, a really great collection.

And the nice thing about all of this material is that using can in a way cut and paste it out to use for your own projects, be they sermons, presentations, or Bible studies.

So the down side?

Well first because of so much information (The material is contained on 3 DVDs) if you want to run the program without using the DVDs you can spend a whole afternoon installing it all on your computer. A pretty slow installation program by modern standards.

And the way you navigate the software and get to all this great material is pretty bad. There is no instruction manual or introductory material that I could find to help you. You kind of just start hunting and pecking. And eventually you kind of figure it out, but even then it is hard to use.

Now the software looks good on the screen and the presentation is pretty slick but I think they failed to remember that form should follow function. So while a teenager of twenty-something could probably figure out the software, a more mature user will probably have trouble and quickly get frustrated.

If they offered and option to switch out of the slick interface and access the material a bit more simply this would really be a good resource but until then I am afraid your experience with this product may vary.
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on December 30, 2009
This is probably an excellent product and very unique. The problem I had with it is I have a MAC and the product did not come in a MAC format.
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on December 4, 2009
Format: DVD-ROMVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Glo is a step in the right direction. It takes an incredible amount of information and pulls it tightly together. This is what people need. It makes it possible for a student to learn without having to spend a lot of time learning many different tools and lots of time digging up connections between the data in those tools.

It took me a little bit to get the hang of how Glo works and how this interconnectedness operates. Being able to zoom in and out in the right places is incredibly powerful. I had to unlearn some of my browsing habits but as I do I'm able to move so much more rapidly than I do in other electronic mediums.

The downside is that there are a lot of rough edges that frustrate and hinder. The install was the first. It took hours on a very capable machine with a good internet connection. There should be an option to get up and running and then feed in more data later as well as pushing the on-line updates into a separate block of time. I just don't think it's realistic any more to expect someone to basically hang out for a few hours waiting for something to install.

The interface is really revolutionary. But it was allowed out the door with some flaws that leave me scratching my head. I can only attribute them to a lack of adequate testing and quality assurance work. One example is browsing the media library. A great thing to have available by the way. But expanding an area and then collapsing it again can leave one with a bunch of scrolling to get everything centered again. The software should handle this, not make the user do it.

I'm very hopeful that future updates will smooth out these types of glitches. They aren't bugs, they are just poor behavior on the part of the interface. And the interface is the whole point. I can get quite a few of these resources in other formats. They have been available in dead tree format, of course, for some time. Much of it is on line and searchable now. But to have it all tied together and dead easy to use, that's what makes glo still worth it even with the bumps. If they iron them out, it will be amazing. As it is right now, it feels a bit unfinished but I still have no desire to take it off my machine and I intend to use it daily. It's just that much better than many of the other options I have, even with the problems.

An easier install, a smarter ui and this is the best non-academic Bible study software available. That said, I would still recommend this to friends right now, though I'd warn them of the issues.

I feel like I should add that I am an I.T. professional. It's impossible for me to review this from the perspective of the 'average' user. I'm on computers all day, every day. That said, I don't think the average user would have too much trouble getting the hang of Glo, but sometimes that's tough for me to gauge.
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on November 25, 2009
Format: DVD-ROMVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I wasn't really sure what to make of the Glo Bible when it arrived, since I wasn't exactly sure how I might use it differently from my study bible. It's also definitely worth mentioning the fairly steep system requirements for it. I almost felt like I was installing Myst, with multiple DVD's, requiring an update to Direct X and SQL Server Lite, 18GB or drive space, 2GB of RAM, and a Dual Core Processor. I'm not sure our priest or assistant priest have machines powerful enough to run this. That being said, the application runs fairly quickly on my machine (a dual-core Intel Centrino laptop with 4GB RAM running Windows 7 64Bit). It starts up smoothly and the transitions are fine, though sometimes slightly jerky.

What I appreciate most about this is the ability to have all kinds of different information quickly and easily linked together. In the Topical section it was great to select a topic and see scripture verses, photos, maps and videos all related to the topic selected.

I also appreciated the idea of linking YouTube videos to the topics and bible areas. I say the idea, because in experience all of the YouTube links were broken. They all came up with the message that the user removed the content from YouTube. I don't know if links had been updated or what, but the key item this needs is an automatic, and frequent, content updates. Currently there seems to be no way to update the content or application elements, or if there is I can't find it. Even the Web site has no support downloadable updates.

Glo works through different sessions, which are analogous to tabs in the browser. You use multiple sessions, such as a bible session and a topical session, and can easily switch between them.

Overall I'm finding this to be somewhat helpful in preparing talks and bible studies, but I wonder if I'll continue to use it in the long run, especially if more and more Web linked content is broken and no updates come along.

- Visually beautiful
- Very easy to navigate and drill down into information
- Many different sources of content and information easily linked together
- Great breakout of information
- Very detailed maps, almost like viewing through Google Maps.

- Absolutely no help documentation. I still can't figure out how to switch between NIV and KJ versions
- Not enough content at this point without any way to make updates
- Very high system resource requirements
- When zooming in to some maps the map data is unavailable and shows camera images of missing map data, would prefer if it just didn't let me scroll

Overall I would recommend waiting to buy this until it's a little more clear how content updates will occur. But for $50 this is a good bible source which should be pretty interesting for teens for a while, and good for getting ideas for talks and bible studies.
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on November 2, 2009
First, I have to say there is a lot to like about the Glo Bible. Its fun to sift through the scriptures and the zoom feature is great if you are looking for a story you know, but don't know exactly what chapter it is in. (The zoom takes you to headings). The pictures are awesome and rich, the detail on things like the temple are cool, and even the little movies are fun.

However, unless you are super-patient, and computer savy - you might want to wait until Glo Bible 2.0 or something. I had numerous problems (and a scan of Facebook's Glo Bible Fan Group would reveal many had technical problems).

1. Its HUGE and I had to install it twice because the first installation didn't finish. But - there is no uninstall so I had to go through manually and pull files out.

2. The second installation took 3 hours (and you can't do anything else on your computer while you run it - so keep a book handy).

3. Its glitchy - more than once I've had it suddenly "shut down" or clicked an article that said "This file is not available and the whole thing shut down". When I try to go to "Update" the entire software shuts off.

4. As mentioned before - there is no "help". When you click "help" it tells you to send the company and email. I did do that, and to their credit, got an email back in about 12 hours that simply said "Help and an instruction manual will be finished by Thanksgiving".

5. Not all that's promised. One of the main reasons I bought it was for the "reader tracking" which is supposed to have bible calendars, and track reading, etc. Once the download was done I discovered it is NOT in the software and won't be finished until "mid-November" -- THAT should be mentioned on the website.

6. The Journal promised and appeared to have a place where you can write your notes, thoughts, experiences etc. But it doesn't. Basically you can highlight a scripture and make a personal note (which is cool) which shows up in your journal, but you can't really write a journal entry.

So - its a product with huge potential to change how people use the bible. BUT - it was released WAY WAY WAY too early and needs to have some bugs worked out before its really ready to shine.
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VINE VOICEon December 6, 2009
Format: DVD-ROMVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have several different versions of the Bible on my shelf, along with a number of books that are study guides. "glo" takes the best of all of my maps, study guides, and chronologies and creates an interactive Bible study beyond belief. You have videos you can watch, pictures of real places in the Bible, interactive maps and guides, along with the Bible itself ready to go. The verses are linked together to a point that you can go through a topical study in minutes.

In the digital age, it's hard to keep people's attention when studying the Bible. Glo has done just that by keeping a flood of information at your fingertips. There is no slogging through things to get to what you want. Everything is cleanly organized and easy to follow. I thoroughly enjoy using this!
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VINE VOICEon December 17, 2009
Format: DVD-ROMVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
While freely admitting that my favorite reading experience is a book, the kind with paper pages, I found Glo to be a versatile and useful tool. The videos, maps, and pictures are very insightful and bring a much greater understanding to the written word.
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Format: DVD-ROMVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I read a lot of reviews about this product before I installed it. I was very skittish about doing so based on the negative reviews. At this point, I have only installed the first disk (of 3). It is the 2nd 2 disks that have the bulk of media resources on them as well as what take the most time to install. I am going to wait to install the other disks until the spring when the audio Bible is available for download.

I am a very basic computer user--so please note that I think I'm pretty average in my computer skills. There are several specifications (very specific) that this program requires you to have on your computer. I tried all the ways I knew to figure out if my computer would work and I wasn't able to. I was able to make sure I had enough space available, but wasn't able to figure out what kind of graphics card is in my computer. We just bought this computer in July though, so I thought I would likely be safe. But, the program has some good checks in place to make sure your programs are up to date that it needs to use and make sure that you have what you need on your computer for the program to run. Yay! I had to update two programs on my computer before I could install GLO. Glo walked me through it very easily--no problems.

I think from what I've read on other reviews that the first disk is very similar to the trial version that some people have reviewed. It has the NIV Bible, a timeline, and other minimal media resources. I liked the interface a lot. To install the first disk took less than an hour and I haven't noticed any difference in my computer's speed. Even just these resources in the portion that I've already installed are very useful.

The tricky thing I'm up against now is finding 2 hours to keep track of my computer while it installs the other disks. There were multiple times during the installation of the first disk that I had to be present to click okay and such.
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on December 8, 2009
It would be helpful if reviewers listed system details. However, if you are running Vista that's all that's needed since Vista can't run itself, much less a program of this size.

Installed on an AMD Phenom II 910, 8 gig RAM, 1 TB hard drive, ATI 4350 video card, Windows 7 64 bit, Eset NOD 32 version 4 AntiVirus. Internet connection speed 20 meg down, 3 meg up.

I mention the antivirus because most of the popular programs are bloatware and use too much of the system resources. Also the Eset comes in native 64 bit.

Installation took 1 hour 15 minutes and went smoothly. Three DVDs are used. The program itself use about half of the first one, rest is data. After installing highly recommend defrag the hard drive.

Program checks for updates on installation and each time it starts. If you have a fast connection this presents no problem. If it does just go into Program Files and create a shortcut from the root executable.

I can not comment on the content. This was a gift for the wife. But,she really has taken to it. Uses it to prepare Sunday School lessons. Microsoft should use her as a product tester. If anything can go wrong she'll find it when no one else can. So far she reports no problem. After a few sessions it runs quite well. Probably due to Windows 7 SuperFetch.

Program does need a little work. These are minor though: On a multimonitor system it does not remember which monitor it was on after being closed. Always opens to the default monitor.
Would like to see option to install the executable program on one drive and the data on another. This would be useful for those who use a SSD for the root drive.
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