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Go Vacation - Nintendo Wii
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on October 12, 2011
If you love minigame collections like Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, you'll love this game. If not, then there is no point in reading further.

I'll start off with a few logistics. You only need your Wii remote and nunchuk, the balance board and zapper are optional and don't really affect the game play. You can use your Mii Avatar and even though it says you cannot use your Mii's glasses, it actually does let you. You can also register a dog companion if you choose.

Now this game has a lot of similarities to Wii Sports Resort even going as far as to having some of the same games. In some cases, you'll find the Resort to be better (such as sky diving) and in other cases, Vacation to be better (such as with jet skiing).

When you start playing the game, you will start off at Marine Resort, where you are given the task of completing Stamp Dash where you must play a specific game and getting a stamp for it. You must collect 20, 10 of which must come from the Marine resort. As you keep playing, you will unlock the other resorts (usually every four stamps collected). Once you collect the first ten, you can choose from the unlocked resorts where to go next. After you complete 20 games (you don't have to win or be any good at the game in order to get a stamp), you will get a villa and unlike in Resort, you can actually go inside it, rearrange furniture and interact with it. You can also change your clothes too.

When you go to the other two resorts, you will also have to complete Stamp Dashes, in the case of City Resort, it is 20 and in Mountain resort, its 25 each separately. There are two choices to finding the particular game that you have been tasked with playing. You can look at the map at the bottom of the screen where it shows you (the blue arrow) are at and where the red dot (where you need to go play the activity) is located. You can use devices that each resort allows you to use. For instance, in Mountain Resort, you can use trains, horses, and jeeps to get to where you want to go, unless you want to walk or swim. In City Resort you have a trolley, skates, and skateboard. In Marine Resort you have jet ski, boat, plane and atv. And in Snow Resort you have snowboard, skis, helicopter, and ski lift. In some of these you have to make sure you are in the purple circle to activate it (such as plane, boat, train, helicopter, ski lift, and trolley).

The second method to accessing the game that you are tasked with playing is through the menu. There is a "map" button and you click on that and it will have several regions of that particular resort you are in and if you can get as close as possible to your location by pressing the right region (this is great in cases where you get lost or take the wrong ski lift and end up in the opposite direction than you should be.

You also get the choice of day or night gameplay. The background to the game is very realistic especially in Snow and City resorts. There are all sorts of people running about that will run into you, and in the case of Snow Resort even cause you to fall down. The background music sounds like something you'd hear in a real resort (even though half of it is in Japanese with exception to the announcements being made in Snow Resort). The music will get louder the closer to the source you get, and less loud the further away.

The particular stamps you must collect are by no means the only games available to you. There will be many people walking around with little signs above their head which indicates they have an activity for you to play. So you can click on those too regardless if there is a stamp available for it.

What makes this game so great compared to Sports Resort (which is good in its own right) is not just the variety of games, but the fact that its an open world so you can drive around or run around or use whatever method you want and basically be free to just roam.

Namco really did a good job with this game, so I give it five stars. Like I said before, if you love games like Sports Resort, you'll definitely love this game (especially once you get past the stamp collecting).
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on November 17, 2011
This is the best game! As it says, there are about 50 games, and all are very fun. A small list is

-Scuba Diving
-Horseback Riding
-River Rafting
-ATV Racing
-Scuba Diving
-Beach Volleyball
-Bungee Jumping
-Pie Throwing
-Dog Sleding
-Water Gun Fights

The Pros of this game are
-Great Quality
-Wide selection of games
-Can walk around, explore and ride
And I can't name the rest.

The Cons are

I would recomend this game to anybody!
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on October 19, 2011
I really LOVE this game! My friend and I have been playing off and on for a couple weeks and have gotten maybe 1/2 the treasures and minigames under my belt...yet there is still so much to do! We're in our 40s and thoroughly enjoy it...and her 4 year old loves to play, too! It's actually the 1st game she can get around in and actually accomplishes stuff! It's challenging yet simple! It's very entertaining and I always find something new/cool every time I play. I've even taken to drawing my own maps of the resorts so I can keep track of where things are and what I've found! Have you found the alien spaceship yet?! Comment if you get stuck on finding something, maybe I can help. BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!
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on November 3, 2011
This is an impressive game for the money. Since the other reviews so far haven't really addressed the Balance Board - I will focus my review on that. If you enjoyed the skiing in Wii Fit, you will like this game. Many activities in the game give the option of using the BB. I think in most cases, it makes the activity more difficult, but if you're looking for a game that makes you want to dust off the BB and use it - this is it. Some games are similar to Wii Fit like Ski Jumping and Skiing. However, they take things to a new level with some of the games. Many activities use it (some better than others) - Wheel Slider and Dog Sledding are two of my favorites. Others include Grind master, in line skating, slalom skiing, snow board, snow tubing, sidewinder, jet ski, half pipe, skateboard, surfing, paragliding, and pie thowing.

One thing that is unique in this game is that you can just put on some skates and just exlore the entire city resort (or other gear at the other resorts). As you do this you will unlock things by finding hidden treasure chests, message balloons, talking to people, doing combination tricks, etc. There are freeform endless routes you can take which include power boosts; jumping from building rooftops, etc. Although you can go directly into the activities after you unlock them, which is fine if you're short on time and just want to play a mini game, but you'll be missing part of the fun. There is a lot of other fun built into the various resorts beyond the mini games.

Two activities that do not use the BB is snow mobile riding and ATV - however, it does prompt for it when the BB times out. I've found though that you can just click the "a" button and it seems happy. You don't really need to turn the BB back on and waste battery life. I doubt it, but maybe it will unlock it later.
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on October 23, 2011
My kids (9, 6, and 4) loved this game and played it for 4 days straight over Fall Break while I worked. I know that's against the rules for most families, but it worked and they were up jumping and interacting with each other, so I was okay with it. Their favorite part was creating their own vacation villas, complete with furniture to choose and colors to pick, etc. There is also a choice of resorts to visit (mountain, city, and beach were 3 of the choices) and fun games like pie throwing contest with really cool playback feature, plus horseback riding or ATV driving, scuba diving, etc. We rented it from Red Box, but I will be buying it for them for Christmas! They begged me not to take it back...
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on October 19, 2011
I was really excited when I saw this game advertised, thinking it would be similar to Wii Sports and Sports Resort, and while they definitely have a lot more mini games to choose from than the other two games, the quality just isn't the same. The graphics are well done and I like that you can really explore all the different regions of the game via various methods of transportation. Part of the fun is just wandering around and seeing all the fun little details they put into this game such as all the background characters minding their own business while you explore. But when you really get into the mini games, I just found them to be so unresponsive to my motions that many of the games became rather frustrating. Just as an example, they have a tennis game which I was looking forward to because I love the Wii Sports tennis game, but the motion to hit the ball just isn't fluid and responsive and you have to unnaturally swing very early to make your Mii react in time to actually hit the ball. There is an option to just play the mini game as a solo player which is nice, and you can use the nunchuck to actually aim the ball instead of relying on timing like in Wii Sports, but again it just didn't respond the way it should and made that feature pretty pointless. I could go on and on but to keep it short, there were similar issues in just about every mini game and it really takes the fun out of it. It might be worth it if this were one of the $19 games but at $30 I hoped for more.
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on December 27, 2011
"Santa" got the whole family this game and I must say......we have been playing it for 3 days straight and can't get enough of it. I have a feeling Sports Resort will collect dust now!!!

We loved Sports resort and never got tired of it but this game trumps it by a long shot. I'm not gonna do a huge review here but this game has so much to do it's insane.

All the games so far are fun fun fun!!! We literally rode snowmobiles for 4 to 5 hours just exploring the snow resort!!! We spent hours riding jet skis, innertubing, riding 4 wheelers and river rafting. The watergun fights are a blast, scuba diving is amazing, and just taking an airplane tour around the resort was killer!!!

For Wii graphics this game must have tapped all the resources because the water, snow, etc looks insane! The ski resort lit up at night is so sick!

I opened up my own log cabin villa last night and you can decorate with big screen tv's, log furniture, etc.

This game will probably stay in the Wii for at least a year before we replace it with something else. This game IS A MUST BUY!!! I'm 38 years old and don't play many video games but THIS GAME IS EXCELLENT and I couldn't wait for the kids to go to bed so I could go surfing and drive my JEEP in the mountains so i could river raft down the rapids!!!

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on January 14, 2012
What people need to understand is that this is a fundamentally different game from Wii Sports Resort. Yes, it's an attempt at an improvement, but through the creation of a deeper experience for those who have the patience and imagination to appreciate it!

The minigames--while not all stellar (come on, there are fifty of `em)--are great for the most part! Surfing captivated me with it's depth and controls--and entire game could be built around that alone! Even so, it doesn't take long to see that the minigames are less than half of the game. I'd go as far as to say the minigames aren't even a quarter of the game. You're exploring the island, solving puzzles, finding secrets....

As others have mentioned, just cruising around in various recreational modes is fun in of itself. Go Vacation rewards you for exploring with its impressive attention to detail, from all kinds of sights and sounds, to narrative back-story and subplots... I've been amused to discover it's the most novel take on an RPG (role-playing game)--one where you can play as yourself if you use your Mii instead of one of the generic avatars! :) Even if my wife's not actually playing with me, Go Vacation lets you choose anyone you like to tag along, even the family dog! It deserves high marks for doing something different and really indulging gamers' *fantasies* as far as the resort concept goes.

I don't want to leave the first resort on the island (the beach resort) until I've found everything there, and I'm probably close to 10 hours in. This will go down as a classic, even if as a niche hit. Go Vacation is a dream come true for those who wanted a little more whimsy and "Resort" built into the title that inspired it. BIG win for me (a 30 year-old gamer)!
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on March 3, 2014
Like Wii Sports Resort, this game has mini games, and lots of them, each with levels of difficulties, some harder to achieve than others, and if you master all the levels for each mini game it earns you a silver key. True, Go Vacation has a lot more mini games to occupy your attention. Even better, it has four resorts, island, winter, mountain, and city, which are large, scenic, and fun to explore. For instance, take your horse around the mountain resort to explore and find mini games, and while you're at it, look for treasure chests with clothing changes, earn stars by jumping off certain cliffs, and talk to locals who can give you clues on how to earn those stars. Take your dog with you and it will even bark when you come to a place where you can earn a star. Earn all the stars in a grouping and you get gold keys. The keys unlock goodies for your villas, furniture, styles. On top of that, if you've created miis for friends, family, or just because it's fun, those miis will show up around the villa and you can invite them to travel with you and even carpool with you in a kayak or car, you can even get a star if you carpool often enough. Take pictures of you and the miis you find, and look at them in your album. Bungee jump at 16 locations. Find hidden areas. There's a ball in each resort; figure out where it should go and watch the special effect. Customize your outfit and gear, changing the colors. It's so much fun! And the best part? It's not rigidly controlled. Go where you want, when you want and use your brain instead of being forced on one path and in one task where the game tells you exactly what you should do as you're doing it leaving nothing to the imagination.

Where does this game fail? The controls are not intuitive. Yes, you get used to them, but the system could've been better thought out. Also, the camera doesn't swing around with you very well. For instance, if you're on foot and turning, it takes a few seconds for the camera to swing around behind you so you get the new view. Frustrating for certain tasks especially, but not a deal breaker in my opinion.

I thought about giving it a 4 rating. 4.5 would be more accurate for me, but I'm rounding up on this one because I've spent hours on this game already and will spend many, many more.

Please Namco, consider making wii Go Vacation 2. My wishlist? Better intuitive controls, of course. Cats and other animals to invite with you instead of just dogs. New resorts of course: jungle, desert, space, theme park, zoo, time period specific like futuristic with robots or dinosaur age, wizard land, holiday specific like halloween or Christmas, food land or pirate land, art land would be totally awesome with areas like famous classic paintings from van gogh or monet although I suppose copyright infringement might apply here. More costumes of course. Power-ups would be fun. How about riding an ostrich instead of a horse in the outback or desert? And lots more hidden areas and challenges. Come on Namco, make it happen!
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on December 12, 2011
We've played through nearly 200 Wii games (seriously), and this game fits in the category of some of the most enjoyed multiplayer gaming at our house. I have six children ages 3-12 and they all enjoy playing the game, which is a rare thing only a few other games have accomplished. The best thing is that they can all play together, which when you have a big family like mine is a great thing.

The amount of content in Go Vacation is amazing. There are 4 different areas, Beach, Mountain, City, and Snow, each of which feels like a complete game itself with a variety of things to do. The kids have piled up over 20 hours in just a few weeks (we closely monitor playtime, so 20 hours in that period of time means they've spent essentially 100% of their game time playing it). They are still going strong and I expect they will be for weeks to come. There is a ton to do, and with the added customizations to your villa, hidden things to find, and outfits to change between, the entertainment value for the cost of the game is Fantastic!

The games themselves I personally find are hit and miss, though notably the kids love them. I find that they are better than most other 3rd party games. For example, I think the controls are much better than just about anything in the Sonic & Mario at the Olympics series (which perhaps oddly seems like the most comparable game I can think of).

The one minus point (4/5 stars) comes from my personal take. I've played the game a bit and find the frame rate drops below levels I enjoy when we play 4 people at once (the game is mostly split screen). That drop in frame rate can make the game a bit nauseating for me at times. As well the controls are not up to the level of Nintendo's first party offerings like Wii Sports Resort. So as a game for me, it's in the good category, but not quite up to 'great' status. The kids would give it 5 stars I'm certain!

Overall it is a really fun game that is perfect for a wintry day of video game fun. If you have a family with kids I STRONGLY recommend it!
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