Customer Reviews: Professional Stability Ball by GoFit
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on September 30, 2009
I bought this GoFit 75cm Stability Ball as a replacement for my desk chair at home. I've learned (from a trusted source) that sitting on a stability ball can burn 100 calories an hour. After using this for a month now, I'll bet that's true.

As for this specific stability ball - it's certainly a heavy-duty ball. It states a burst-rating of 1,200 lbs. I work at home and probably spend 6-8-hours a day sitting on this thing and it's very comfortable. At 6'2" and 220lbs, the 75cm size is perfect for use at my desk.

Use a bigger air pump if you have one. The pump that comes with it will take you a month to pump it up. I used a small portable air compressor and even that took a while to inflate. I did have to re-inflate it a bit after the first few days once it settled-in. That was no problem. I just used a pair of pliers to remove the plug.

I looked everywhere, but there were no instructions on inflating the GoFit ball that came with it. Not that it's rocket-science to pump up a ball, but a few tips might have been helpful. I used a long level and a measuring tape to figure out when the ball was close to full-inflation. Just hold the level (or a yardstick, etc.) on top and measure the distance from the level to the floor.

The DVD and booklet that come with it seem to be a good bonus too.

All-in-all, a great Stability Ball for what I needed -- and a much healthier option than sitting in a regular chair all day!
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on August 15, 2009
I've only had this ball for a little over a week, but I really like it. I've been doing exercise videos, one of which recommended a fitness ball. I never really liked using a fitness ball at the gym, but I decided to go ahead and get one anyway. Well, this is much better than what I used at the gym! Sturdy, good quality, and the right size (I learned that the ones I'd been using at the gym were too large). I've noticed there are questions about what size on a lot of reviews of different balls. Some people say that the "cutoff" between a 55 cm ball and a 65 cm ball is 5'3" instead of 5'6". I'm 5'3" and the 55cm ball is perfect for me. The balls I'd used at the gym look more like the "burst resistant" balls instead of the professional ones. The professional stability ball is definitely nicer. It was easy to pump up with the supplied pump too. I guess I'll report back if I have any problems with it, but thus far it looks like a very good purchase. I'm enjoying the exercises with it as the balance challenge adds an interesting element. Nice fitness ball!

---- Some time later ----
Okay I've been working out with the ball for a while now, and it's great. The only real problem is that I'd like to add more air. I've tried and tried but can't get the plug out. I can't do it with my fingernails, pliers are impossible to grip it with (and might hurt the ball anyway), sticking various items under the head of the plug hasn't worked so far. Is there a special tool I need to buy to remove the plug? I did manage to remove it once before, but over time it's become really stuck in the air. In general, that's a good thing; but for adding more air, it's difficult.

---- Later ----
I wrote the manufacturer and they suggested working the plug out by using 2 dimes. Or my brother-in-law did it in 2 seconds flat using a butter-knife. :) So it hasn't been a real problem. I've had the ball quite a while now, and it works great. I've done some long stability-ball exercise classes, and this is perfect for them. Very good quality.
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on October 14, 2010
I am writing this review for those who are interested in using this ball as a chair.


Since I sit for extended periods of time (e.g. 3 -4 hours at a time), I needed a chair that would provide excellent back support and force me to sit up straight. Sitting in folding chairs has resulted in aches to my lower back and pain to my posterior.

This ball fit that criteria to a "T".


The ball is extremely durable, having thick walls. The ball is not slippery and retains a firm grip on a surface with a rug. I periodically bounce up and down on the ball and it has retained its shape for over a week without losing air.


After the past 1.5 weeks, I literally feel stronger. The first few days I felt quite sore. This can be attributed to using "core" muscles that I never strain. Now, my back feels great. As an runner, I even feel my performance has improved.


strengthens back
soft cushion does not pain behind
fun to bounce up and down
cost next to nothing when compared to a "high-end" chair that claims miracles
easily portable


your boss might not allow you to sit on it at work
if you have no balance, you may fall over (probably a rare occurrence)
ball is red NOT purple, as shown in picture


Height: 5 ft 9
Weight: Slim
Ownership: ~2 weeks
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on November 10, 2010
I was a 470lb man when I bought this ball. I use it in my daily exersice routine. It has made a world of difference in my core muscles. I feel stronger throughout the mid section and I stand up straighter. I recomend following the video and incorperating it into your workout. I saw a personal trainer and she got me goin on the ball. I tried to find a ball to hold me but kept feeling unsure if a ball with a 300lb rating. If you are seriouse about loosing weight and strengthening your mid section, GET THIS BALL!!!
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on March 25, 2009
I recently added strength training (dumbbells & resistance bands) to my workouts, but quickly injured myself when I increased the weight. Determined not to stop completely, I looked at a sports medicine textbook which said that the key to avoiding injury is to become comfortable with a particular weight level and then to perform the exercise (using the same weight) in a less stable environment. This helps to challenge and strengthen various stabilizer muscles before moving to a higher weight level.

For this reason, I was looking for a good exercise ball to use with my strength training exercises. If you read through the reviews of other balls, you'll see the occasional story of someone who was injured when their ball burst. Most of the high-quality burst-resistant balls that I saw were too expensive, but the GoFit Professional balls seemed like a good compromise between price and quality. They have a 1,200 lb. burst rating and are slow to deflate if the ball is accidentally punctured.

I originally ordered the 65 cm. ball but this was too big (I'm 5'7"), so I sent it back and ordered the 55 cm. Deflating the 65 cm. ball seemed to take forever. This gives me a certain comfort level that I won't be doing a face-plant if my new ball punctures while exercising on it.

The 55 cm. ball is more of a reddish color than the picture shown on Amazon. The pump included with the ball is certainly adequate, but I bought an Isokinetics pump, which made short work of pumping up the ball. Fully-inflated, the ball measures a bit less than 57 cm. high.

So far, I'm very happy with this ball. It seems to be very high quality and I feel comfortable exercising on it. My one minor complaint is that it's a bit difficult to remove the plug (I use a small screwdriver) when you need to add air to the ball. The ball comes with a second plug (which I've already lost) along with an instructional booklet and a DVD. I haven't looked at the DVD yet, but other reviewers speak highly of it. One of these days, I'll get a DVD player for the old tv in the basement and maybe add this to my workout routine as well.

All in all, I recommend this ball highly. I think it's well worth the extra money to buy a ball of this quality.
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on December 10, 2009
I took a look at quite a few stability balls before buying this one. I wanted a ball that could handle weightlifting excercises and the use of heavier dumbbells while still feeling secure under my body. This unit fits the bill very well. It is very good quality. I had no problem pumping it up with the supplied pump. It has held the air very well since I pumped it up. The included DVD is a nice added touch for those who like to have pictured step by step instructions. There is no lasting rubber smell that I can detect. I am very pleased with this purchase. I had also followed up with GOFIT customer support prior to my purchase to get some additional information and to see how they respond, and it was a good experience. Thumbs up on this product.
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on October 22, 2010
IMPORTANT: It has been pointed out to me by two other reviewers that the purple product pictured here is NOT the one being sold! The purple ball pictured is a GoFit 65 cm Premium; if you order the model being sold on this page, you'll get a GoFit 65 cm Professional (with an increased burst-resistance of 2,500 lbs. but only available in a lame girly-red color men don't like). The Premium (and more manly purple) ball is slightly lower cost and has a burst resistance of 1,000 lbs.; it is the one I own and what I based my original review on. Usually, manufacturers color-code their balls by size. If you buy a ball (regardless of brand) that is not the right color, you need to check to make sure it really is the right size (a blank measuring tape should be included in the box, but you should double-check it with your own numbered tape measure just to be sure). Sometimes these companies, who all outsource their product manufacturing to China, unknowingly get a bad batch where the balls are the wrong size/wrong color but are sold as the right size, and sometimes they are the right color but the wrong size. I went through three other brands of balls that had these problems (detailed below) before getting lucky with the GoFit. Hopefully, this never happens to you, especially if you are ordering online.

The GoFit 65cm Premium (purple) core stability ball is one of the best on the market. I had bad luck trying balls by three other companies: Altus (smelled horrible like a toxic waste dump, was the wrong size [55 cm] ball instead, foot pump broke after a few minutes), Valeo and Everlast (both wrong 55 cm size, pumps didn't work or broke before full inflation). So I was stoked when the GoFit actually inflated to the right size! GoFit is a very sturdy ball, tough enough for big guys who want to lift weights on it, plus it doesn't have that toxic chemical smell some other balls do. My only complaints, and the reasons I'm not giving it a five-star rating, are the included foot pump is pretty crappy (no surprise) and the exercise DVD, while providing a good, tough, easy-to-understand workout (by a hot lady with a southern accent), skips over doing the opposite side of all alternating side exercises so you have to stop and pause the disk repeatedly in order to complete the workout. This sucks because I would much rather be able to just do it straight through. I suppose that becomes less of an issue if you memorize the workout, but I fail to see how the extra 10 minutes or so showing the alternate side exercises would have hurt the company. One other gripe: one of the exercises requires you to have two stability balls, but there is no way I'm going to buy two of these things just to do one exercise so I used dumbbells instead to get around this. All in all, however, the GoFit ball is an excellent choice and a product that stands head and shoulders above the competition, at least in my experience.

For those of you interested in an even tougher, dumbbell-heavy workout using one of these balls, I highly recommend getting the Men's Health: 15 Minute Workout. Note that this workout teaches you to cross-train your muscles with different weight dumbbells at the same time (so, for example, one 10 lb. and a 20 lb., or a 5 lb. and a 10 lb., whatever is comfortable for you). Just thought I'd mention this fact before you order it that for those of you starting out who may only have one matching set of dumbbells.

You also might want to pick up a cheap workout mat or exercise ball base because the ball will often roll around (and possibly slip out from under you) if you just use it on the carpet; that could be dangerous for some users but is a problem all these balls share. One cheap, but less than perfect option, that I've found is to angle some of my heavier dumbbells on the floor so the ball won't roll around as much (at least not backward).
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on February 15, 2010
I have been sitting in the exact same chair at work for almost five years, and recently, my body had started to complain about it. I had the idea of sitting on an exercise ball for a large part of the day, and shopped around a little before getting this one. After three weeks of sitting on it almost 10 hours a day, I couldn't be happier. Physically, I feel much better, and the ball itself seems to be holding up extremely well. I am about 5'6", and this ball is the perfect size for me to sit on. It holds its air well, and I haven't had any issues regarding a rubbery smell (which I hear can happen with these things). I definitely recommend this.
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on July 29, 2008
If you search the page you will see that the professional quality balls are 10 to 15 dollars more than the simple "burst resistant" balls. In my opinion, it is money well spent. The professional ball is rated for use with weights: bench presses, inclines, flyes, etc. This 55cm GoFit ball comes with an excellent DVD. The DVD offers 3 training programs: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The person performing the exercises on the DVD does an excellent job showing the proper form, and the individual doing the naration is very knowledgeable. The icing on the cake is the excellent booklet included with the ball. The booklet includes 36 pages of black and white photos and follows the DVD perfectly.
I should add that an air pump comes with the ball. It's adequate. I must also add that the size ball you order is determined by your height. I'm 5'6" and I find that I'm comfortable with either a 55cm or 65cm ball. If I had to choose between the two sizes, I'd go with the 65cm ball. I'm incredably happy with my purchase and have just ordered a second ball.
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on July 14, 2011
I haven't tried the DVD yet so no feedback on that, but I really like the ball itself.

Being my first stability ball, I was a little worried about it being able to hold me (a BIG girl at 5'8" & approx. 260 lbs), but it does, and I can already feel/see the difference.

It was easy fill, and has lost very little pressure over a couple of weeks worth of daily use. It lost enough to open up & pump back up, but nothing like some of the horror stories below.

The color wasn't as shown, which was fine with me - not trying to color coordinate my excercise equipment or anything . . .
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