Customer Reviews: Contoured Single Vinyl Coated Kettlebell With Training Dvd by GoFit
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on January 11, 2011
I am loving this contoured kettlebell, for a couple of reasons: 1) it makes doing moves like cleans and presses so much more comfortable. 2) the contoured shape makes the bell much easier to grip with sweaty hands when doing halos or lunges when you're holding the bell in front of you.

The beginner video that comes with it is great as well. If you've never done any of Bob's other workout videos, it gives you a really good feel for his non-Biggest Loser style, which I think is great. The people in his videos actually sweat and exert effort, they're not just skinny and pretty, but are some seriously fit women. I also enjoy the non-club-type music, basic sets and his straightforward, no sissying around approach.

I work out quite a bit, I've run a few half marathons (currently training for another) and lift weights and do yoga several times a week. The first couple of times I did the beginner workout included with the bell, I was SORE. But in a good kind of you-know-you-worked-it way. Perfect length and level of difficulty for the beginner to novice. I tried one of his longer kettlebell DVD's this morning (Sculpt) and loved that as well.
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VINE VOICEon November 21, 2011
Kettlebell Weight:
If you're just starting out with kettlebell training and you don't know what size kettlebell to use, the recommended guidelines are that an average woman would start with an 8kg (17.5 lb) bell, while a man would start with a 16kg (35lb) bell. However, with the cardio DVD kettlebell workouts that have a lot of movement, if you follow those weight guidelines, you're going to have a bad day. There is absolutely no way a man could do one of Bobs cardio kettlebell workouts with a 35lb bell. A strong woman could probably do one with a 20lb bell, but you wouldn't want to start there.

I use DragonDoor kettlebells, which are largely considered to be the best kettlebells you can get. They are VERY expensive, and once you go below their 12kg bell (26 lbs), they change the handle which results in the bell being harder to swing with two hands. That being said, because you will be using smaller kettlebells than what is considered common for cardio kettlebell workouts, you'll want to find a bell that has a good handle that you can hold onto with both hands and swing between your legs. The GoFit bells actually fit this requirement perfectly and there's no reason to save a lot of money and buy them. As for the vinyl and contoured feature, it's a nice bonus, however, it's not needed if you know good form. The only thing I see those features doing is that they make bad form more comfortable, but it does make learning the form more comfortable.

Kettlebell Form:
If you want to learn GREAT form, let me recommend Power Systems Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting Series 1- DVD. You'll learn excellent form for about 200 kettlebell exercises. It's a lot of money for a DVD that just teaches form, but it'll teach you everything you need to know without having to buy anything else. Also, because it has so many exercises on it, you can learn the exercises and form, and then build a workout perfectly suited to you.
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on May 12, 2013
I'm a Certified Personal Trainer and work with Kettle bells daily. Unfortunately, my gym does NOT have these on hand. They are the round kettle bells that are pure iron and bruise wrists!

This KB will NOT bruise your wrist, is very comfy and easy to use. The DVD is a fantastic way to learn how to use your KB in a few minutes, and take those moves with you as you progress.

If debating KB's, BUY THIS ONE. The curve is essential and even helps with correct clean+jerk form.

Like most Kettle Bells, it's a bit pricey. But you know what? IT'S WORTH IT! USE DAILY :) I keep mine by my couch and swing it around all the time.
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on January 30, 2012
I was looking for something to take my workout routine to the next level and I'm pretty sure I found it! I heard a lot of great things about kettlebells so decided to give it a go. This bell is easy to hold, even with sweaty palms and, although I've never used a round shaped bell before, I can definitely see the benefit of the contoured shape, particularly when doing cleans.

The DVD that comes with it is obviously not going to be amazing because it is free but it shows you how to correctly use the bell and it's a good starting point for a beginner like me. The 30 minute workout does make me sweat but I can tell it's not going to be enough for me in a week or two. Having said that, after my first day trying out the bell I had pains in places I've never felt pains before and my thighs definitely took a beating. I have ordered Harper's Body Sculpt DVD and can't wait to get it.

Also I think the 15lb bell was the perfect weight for me to start with - I am a 5'3" woman, early 20s, athletic build, 125lbs and would consider myself quite fit. I think that in a few months I will progress to a 25lb bell but this is perfect to get started... even though my husband called it a paper weight! (but he trains in MMA so feel free to disregard!)
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on February 8, 2011
I was very out of shape so the video was tough for me, couldn't do all of it and couldn't do every move, but that's what I was looking for. The evening after my first workout my glutes and back of my thighs were so sore I just knew this was going to be a very effective workout for my more needful areas. Working with the kettlebell is totally different than using regular barbells. I highly recommend the Bob Harpers Contoured Kettlebell and the dvd that comes with it. It's a cardio workout integrating the contoured kettlebell.
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on March 14, 2012
Love the contoured bell, sadly the casting sucks, the handle (the only metal showing) is not smooth, for the money you spend on this, they should have put more work in a nice smooth handle, instead it is heavy casted, rough and pitted. Little disappointed in the casting, you are going to swing the thing around, dammit anyways, and your hand needs to slide around the handle. Thanks, but no thanks, for 'its for more grip ability'.

On a normal bell, you use a straight waist all the time, with this version You have to keep your wrist at a 90% angle for lifts, not good, and the reason is because the top upper corner 'cuts' into the back of your wrist, will hurt. Seriously needs a larger radius.

The DVD only shows 10 exercises with the KB. Sadly, you could have done without it, you definitely do not need one with every KB purchase, and you would normally would by the different sized bells. Even more sadly there is NOT IN METRIC. Drop the antiquated units already.

CH. 5 - 3:49 KB Squats
CH. 6 - 4:52 KB Swing
CH. 7 - 5:44 KB Double Arm Lift
CH. 10 - 8:15 KB One Arm Lift
CH. 11 - 10:23 Alternative KB Lift
CH. 12 - 10:56 KB Halo
CH. 13 - 11:58 KB Clean
CH. 14 - 14:58 KB Clean Press
CH. 16 - 17:00 KB One Arm Row
CH. 20 - 21:16 KB Windmills

Would have been a Four Star if Smooth handle, and a Five Star if the DVD was worth something.
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on August 21, 2012
I literally just received my kettlebell in the mail, and I am already disappointed with it!

When I held it in my hand, as if I was doing a "clean", the top edge of the kettlebell rested (see: embedded itself) painfully on my wrist/wrist bone. The rest of the contoured part of the bell made no contact with my arm at all, thoroughly defeating the entire point of it being contoured.

When using good form, which involves a straight vertical wrist, the contour aspect of this kettlebell becomes obsolete. I can't even really imagine how the contour feature is ever an advantage. I will have to use bad form (a backwards-bent wrist) and risk injuring myself, in order to even use this kettlebell without extreme pain.

Another thing that I find somewhat irritating about it, is that it is not flat on the bottom. It teeters precariously on a flat surface, because the seam of the vinyl coating is so raised along the bottom of the bell, creating a noticeable, uneven "V" shape.

If I could return it without the shipping cost being deducted from my refund, I would. But, alas, that is not how it works. So, I'm stuck with it.

Save yourself some time and disappointment and opt for a traditionally shaped kettlebell.


Just wanted to update this review after having properly used the contoured kettlebell during workouts a few times. I will say that it is possible to use this kettlebell without altering your form TOO much. I would still recommend a traditional kettlebell over contoured, but it hasn't been as bad as it was when I first held it straight out of the box. When I'm working out, it becomes less of an issue that the top edge digs into my wrist a bit. I'm in motion enough that it is usually only for a moment, anyway. So, make of that what you will. I still stand by my original review, only with less regret about not being able to return it.
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on January 3, 2011
I love the contoured kettlebell for its shape! It's easier to manipulate than other kettlebells and is a great tool for increasing strength and stamina. The DVD is helpful for introducing proper form and safety, but will not last you long. I found myself only using the DVD twice and then I moved on to other workouts with more variety and increasing difficulty.
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on July 13, 2014
I have 3 other traditional kettle bells that occasionally bang the mess out of my wrists even with protection and attention to form (it only takes one good hit). Also, during moves like the suitcase and overhead rotations I can hold the bell closer because the contoured shape allows me to do this without accidentally bumping my legs or head. The really added bonus for me is that even though the casing is vinyl the core is iron and I can attach my platemates for incremental weight increases.The handle is also nicely shaped for comfort as well. Basically, the kbell just feels better and I plan on buying a full set of these. I hope this is helpful...Our Lord's Peace & Blessings...
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on February 28, 2013
Mine arrived with a DVD made by GoFit but NO Bob Harper DVD. If you shop around you can soon tell that the price for this has been padded to allow for the DVD. This is something I noticed before I purchased it, which I did not mind because I wanted the DVD. I double checked the box it came in, no Bob Harper. Could not seem to get customer service (email) to understand that I just wanted them to send me the DVD. I did not want to have to ship the Kettlebell back. Live and learn I guess.

The Kettlebell itself is fine. However, the contoured feature is not really that important. On the GoFit DVD they do of course like to show you how great it is that the contour fits on your arm for a couple of exercises since they are the ones selling it. However, on 3 other Kettlebell workout videos I have, they use regular Kettlebells and they work fine without the contour and none of the trainers bring up that it would be so much better if you had a contoured one.

When I decided to get a second more heavy one I purchased the much cheaper "Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell" It works wonderfully and is eligible for Prime shipping.
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