Customer Reviews: GoPole Reach 14-40" Extension Pole for GoPro Cameras
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on November 16, 2013
I had originally purchased the GoPole Reach, returned it and bought another product called POV pole. So I can give a comparison between the two. Here's a quick review of both:

GoPole reach:
- $54.99
- 25% Heavier than the POV pole. 8 oz vs. 6.4 oz.
- Longer final compressed length, will not fit my back-pack. And my back-pack is already larger than most.
- On my unit, there was a problem with the 3rd section and the mid-section. When I twist to tighten the 3rd section, there is still a bit of slack left at the joint in the lateral direction. This makes the camera rattle a bit when you shake the pole, which is quite annoying. This seems to be a quality control issue. Hence the reason why I returned the unit (also reason why I gave it 2 stars)
- Wrist strap is attached to the rubber handle and feels cheap and flimsy.
+ The diameter of each of the telescoping tubes are significantly larger, which should make the pole more resistant to bending upon impact (ie. if you happen to fall on it)
+ 4" longer than POV pole (40" vs. 36") However, this does not affect me since I will probably never use it at full extension of 40"
= No need to fully extend each telescoping section in order to lock. So it can be locked at any length you want.

POV Pole 36" GoPro-Edition: [...]
+ light weight - 6.4 oz.
+ Very compact in the final compressed length. FIts any regular sized back-pack
+ Solid construction. Solid aluminum handle with aluminum tubes.
+ Solid wrist strap that attaches directly to an eyelid in the aluminum handle base.
- The diameter of the tubes are smaller, which may make it more prone to bending upon impact
- 4" shorter than GoPole
= No need to fully extend each telescoping section in order to lock. So it can be locked at any length you desire.

I prefer the POV pole due to its lightness and overall build quality. Very portable in the compressed state. Highly recommend it.
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on August 25, 2014
This one star is for the product and the gopole company's service. I enjoyed the product for about a month and even though the product is rated for salt water the product was a pain to bring to the beach. Water and sand would get stuck and would be almost impossible to remove completely.

With only a month of use the white coating started to chip off. This caused white chips to be excreted every time I wanted to remove water from the gopole. Eventually it became more and more difficult to extend the pole.

The next problem was that the product would lose the ability to lock into place for unknown reasons.

To top all of this off, the product comes with a lifetime warranty, I thought I was going to get my defective item replaced. After contacting GoPole countless times they refused to replace the defective item. That was the last straw for me.

The product is great when it works but if it doesn't good luck dealing with their company!
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on December 15, 2014
My first response was it was awesome built pole, I didn't even have it for 6 months and took a spill snowboarding and snapped the mount. I tried to send it back to get fixed and they told me they didn't offer warrant for this type of incident, then tried to get the parts or even send it in and the guy told me they didn't offer it.

So screw GoPole & their cheap junk, I'm going to try a Smatree SmaPole next & hopefully the all stainless steel & cnc metal mount will withstand it.
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on June 30, 2013
I bought the GoPole Reach for a snorkeling trip to Cozumel. It worked really well and then the tether came off and I see no way to securely reattach it. Thankfully I didn't drop it because the water I was in was far too deep for recovery by snorkel. It helped me get some really nice video, but once the tether came off I no longer wanted to use it unless I was in really shallow water. Of all things that NEED to be right on this pole, the tether is probably the most critical. Very unsettling when you have an expensive camera mounted on the end.

One other thing is that when the camera is tilted 90° it's not a true 90° and it points upward a few degrees, causing many shots to be too high. It's kind of hard to compensate for this under water and several videos were shot too high. It seems like such an easy fix if GoPole would correct this in manufacturing. I'm not sure how they can not see this.

Because of the broken tether and not a true 90° tilt I'm giving it 3 stars. This shouldn't discourage you from buying one though. It's nice piece of equipment and I'm hoping GoPro will have a solution to the detached tether. I've emailed their support and am awaiting a reply.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have to admit, I did "cheat" and read some of the posted reviews for this product before testing it myself. As a "Vine" reviewer, I don't usually peak ahead. That said, I found that the GoPole seems like a decent product.

* Nicely finished and seems like it is reasonably sturdy, but not heavy in weight. That is not to say I would ever confuse it with a "pro" grade mini boom. It's not that. But it is just fine for my Hero 3.
* Rubber grip feels secure in the hand.
* Included lanyard fits into a convenient 1/4" receptacle which is the same thread type as a standard tripod head for cameras.
* The Hero 3 fit into the GoPro compatible fixture at the end of the pole just fine.
* The cap nut on the camera fixture is secured instead of being loose. This is more or less just like the GoPro fixtures.
* Once mounted, the camera still has the same range of motion as the OEM mounts.
* I was able to extend and retract it just fine.

* You would never mistake this for true professional gear because the telescoping action is far from smooth enough. In part, I think this is because the locking mechanism for the segments is similar to that found on lightweight telescoping poles like household dusters and such vs. photo equipment. There are no turnbuckles or locks, you just twist the segments to lock or unlock. This works fine when the unit is new and clean, and I did not test to see if grit would hurt the action because it just seems like a definite "yes" on that account. A photo tripod or monopod locking mechanism would allow for a bit more clearance between the nested tubes and a more easy sliding of the segments for extension and retraction. This may seem like I am being equivocal, and I know I am. The thing is, it is working now, but I think it will be sticky later. Some reviewers have had their GoPole get scratched up and seize due to grit getting stuck in the segments and I can believe it. In fact, I had to mess with it a while when I first opened the package in order to get it to move smoothly. A bit of time locking, unlocking, and moving the segments in and out did the trick. I may also use some "Pledge" furniture polish or similar to make sure it stays smooth and able to move.

* It would be nice if a more articulated camera mount joint was available. The standard GoPro forward and back tilt is fine for a typical application on top of a helmet, car, etc. Since this is a hand held pole, I would like to be able to hold it at an angle out a passenger window of a car. I'd like to be able to do that without having my whole arm outside the car. If the mount allowed a side tilt, I would be able to do that. Instead, I have to hold my arm out to the side and have the pole straight up. Alternately, I can hold it out of the sunroof if one is available, but that is a different shot than the street level I would like to have.


I think this is an economical and serviceable GoPro accessory. It is not pro grade, but it does not have a pro price, either. It is probably fine for the casual user and would, in my opinion, work best in environments without a lot of dust or sand.
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on February 17, 2015
The best purchase on Amazon, the gopole is not original, the quality and materials are so cheap, it only has 3 stage telescoping when the original has 4, it is a fake product. bad quality, photo attached.
review image review image
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on August 13, 2014
I ordered a GoPole Reach in May of 2014 and by late July it was broken. I had used it a total of 4 times. The fifth time when I tried to mount the camera, one of the three plastic tines on the mount snapped off as I tightened the screw. I didn't crank it very tight, but it has to be able to hold the camera so it is stable. I remember thinking 'Wow that didn't seem so sturdy' but it was just the end piece. It looks like a screw and it could be replaced. So I e-mailed the company….

They did respond promptly to my e-mail and told me to fill out a form for warranty service. I had only asked if they had a replacement piece of plastic ( I offered to buy it ) that I could fix myself but I had to fill out a form for warranty claim. The next day my response was this -
"Unfortunately, your recent warranty request has been declined. GoPole manufacturers warranty only covers damage resulting from defects in materials and workmanship of the product. It does not cover damage resulting from misuse or accidental damage."

I replied to this by saying 'Great, but I wasn't asking for warranty replacement or even anything for free, can't I just buy the part and replace it myself?'

That apparently didn't deserve even a response. To them the matter was closed and I am left with a $55 paperweight.

IMHO - A fly by night company that only wants your money and feels no obligation to you beyond that. I am not sure how mounting the camera constitutes "misuse".

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on March 16, 2014
Had mine for about a year now and used it on about 15 dives. Started off using a short pole, but wished I had something that let my camera get a little closer to some things (eels, rays, lionfish, etc.) without putting the rest of me in harms way. The only problem was that until this came out, there really wasn't anything telescopic, and obviously I didn't want to deal with a 3 foot long pole dangling off of me when not in use.

This totally covers all my bases. Long enough that you don't have to worry about getting too close to anything, but when collapsed it's not too big to get in the way. I use a bungy w/clip to secure it to my BC so I don't have to worry about dropping it when in or out of use. Another nice bonus is that you also rotate your GoPro back towards yourself at any time to get some nice underwater selfies.

Update: After a couple dozen salt water dives (even though it's been rinsed every time), it's losing it's structural integrity. Glue is starting to give way around the plastic flanges, making it hard to extend and collapse.
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on July 21, 2014
Got this for my sisters go pro...she uses it for selfies...which is waste, this was made for extreme sports and a action packed lifestyle. It can take a beating, makes a pretty awesome light saber gotta make the noises with your mouth though, it doesnt make the buzzing noises on its own...we tried. I warn you not to over do it though, if you make the saber noise too hard you might get spit on your step mom. If you hold your hand over your mouth while you breathe heavy its makes a pretty convincing darth vadar voice...
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on December 7, 2015
I have owned two GoPole Reach 14-40'' and both of them have fallen apart.
The worst part is I dont practice extreme sports, I use my go pole for travel and thats it I am very disapointed as I am planning a Ski trip and was going to use the Go Pole but now that it is broken I wont be able to. I will write to Go Pro as I do understand these poles have warranty.
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