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GoPro HERO3: Black Edition
by GoPro
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The Black addition has a range of FPS from 25 to 240 fps with 1080p going as high as 60fps and 720p as high as 120fps, which is perfect slow motion capabilities in the post especially when slowing down 120fps you get super smooth slow motion. so yes! sorry to be complicated
Jun 7, 2013 by Chris
If you're not using wifi you should get a solid 2 hrs on a seasoned battery. I would recommend charging your battery a few times once its drained out.
Jun 14, 2013 by Todd J. Kopetic
Is it waterproof Mar 1, 2014
This product comes with a waterproof case, so yes as long as it is in the case. I am using one for snow sports and snorkeling
Mar 2, 2014 by MattnJo
This type of GoPro 3 built high quality performance! this is not like a old smartphone cost down when a new smartphone released.
11 days ago by Charito Nava
warranty suction cup Oct 30, 2013
The suction cup works very well but the key is to make sure the surface is as clean as you can get it and flat. The heat and cold temps will effect it so check it each time you secure it.
Oct 30, 2013 by Kevin filek
The camera operates like a WiFi accesspoint (except without internet access). You'll see the camera's signal pop up as an accesspoint... so that you can view from your laptop, phone (with app) or other devices- including the remote control. Yes, it can stream video to your computer or phone... but the bandwidth of WiFi is limited and the image choppy at a larger size / ok at smaller sizes. It's best for just setting up the cam angle / positioning. It can be used as a streaming vid source, but again, not great. Overall, interesting use of wifi... wouldn't say it's the best implementation, but for a wireless connection- sure it makes sense. Note: using wifi will kill the battery fast. Not recommended for extended use unless you have it connected to an external power source. It's still best used as a wide-angle cam that records info to the SD card (there's more cams out there these days with similar capabilities)
May 8, 2014 by Michael Lee
I purchased the LCD back and it came with a new deeper back for the case. The different case backs snap off and on.
Sep 14, 2013 by Wayne Price
Black edition has an 11MP camera, the white & silver have a 5MP camera. Each step down loses some video quality and speed. In particular, the black can record at 1440p and 240fps (not both at once, unfortunately), and the white is missing the "protune" facility that lets you get raw camera data.
Nov 18, 2013 by Mike Meyer
I didn't tried yet but I did a search and found this !!! It may help you ! Thanks
Mar 13, 2013 by Bruno Rosa
If you are interested in two key features: Remote control with wifi capabilities and 1440p resolution then yes. The Black edition GoPro Hero3 is the only one that can do these things. Be warned the wifi REALY drains the battery life and you may need the add on battery back pac accessory to get the kind of use you want out of it. 1440p is kind of a novelty resolution at this point, if you shoot this high you will be down rezzing to nearly any current display. All that said, I have one, I did buy the battery pack and I really like it.
Jul 4, 2013 by G. B. Keefer
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