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Style: Headstrap Mount + Quick Clip|Change
Price:$14.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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This grab bag of mounts offers a good assortment of buckles and mounts to enhance the use of your GoPro Hero.

By using these parts, either by themselves, or in tandem with the mounts you already own, you can achieve particular angles and placement of your Hero that might otherwise be difficult if not impossible.

I'm still waiting for some company to manufacture a line of really high quality aluminum or titanium mounts, but until then, this bag of mounts will help you out in many situations. The price is fair too.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 13, 2014
I have a 8 year old black lab named Brudis. At first I thought this was going to be a nightmare to put on, but I was able to do it in under 2 minutes the very first time. Brudis loves to wear this. I think it makes him feel like he has a job. The quality over all is pretty good. It stays straight for the most part, but with all the running, hitting trees, and running into misc. things, you will have to make adjustments or straiten it back out. As for the footage, the top mount is way better than the bottom mount. The bottom footage is really shaky, clunky from the dogs legs or what not. The top mount gives a good POV of the dogs head and what they're getting into. I would recommend using superview 1080p by 60fps, just because dogs run fast! I've tested in the water and it seems to dry within 5 hours or so. It's also a real head turner. Having your dog go up to strangers and get petted, just seeing their reaction is priceless. I give it a 4 out of 5 bc I do have to adjust it every so often, a hard thing to get around. I would only recommend this for medium to large dogs. This will not work on the taco bell dog.
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on March 23, 2014
I love this headstrap! So far I've wore it for a half marathon, kayaking, and snorkeling. All with great results.

First of all, the strap is very comfortable. If I wear it above a hat I barely notice it's there. The strap is adjustable so you can get a tight fit and not have to worry about it falling off during filming. I had no problem wearing this during my half marathon, other than the fact I looked like a total nerd...

Second, the shaking on the film is not bad. The whole point of getting a GoPro is to see from the actor's perspective. So if I'm running, I expect to see movement. I debated about getting this or the chest strap for running and decided that a headstrap would avoid the back & forth sway (yaw axis) you would get with a chest strap (not to mention your arms getting in the way). I'm very happy with my choice. Checkout the video for the NYC Half:

Third, the quick clip. I don't use it. If I had to buy this again I would just get the cheaper version without the quick clip.
Normally the camera is screwed onto a hard plastic plate on the strap. The quick clip clips camera onto the plate, rather than being screwed onto it. I understand the point of the quick clip is to be able to get the GoPro off of your head without taking the whole strap off. I have not used this device because it doesn't look very secure. I would rather take the band off my head since it only takes a second to get it back on. The clip really freaks me out. I'm curious to see if anyone else has had good experience with this thing.

Lastly, couple of tips:

1: After your GoPro is properly screwed onto the plate on the strap, you can still pivot it to point up or down to get the best filming angle (and then tighten the screw further if there's any slack). I didn't get this right the first time I took it snorkeling with me so I ended up filming ABOVE the water instead of all the amazing fish I saw under the surface.

2: If you're filming a long event and can't leave the camera running on your head the whole time because battery power you can obviously get a spare battery. However, if you're running a race and can't finish within time one battery allows, set your on/off to recording, turn your beep to 100% volume and get familiar with the beep pattern on the GoPro. This will allow you to operate your GoPro without looking at the control display and know you're actually filming. Alternatively, you could use the remote or your cellphone, but the wifi would just suck more power out of your camera.

Good luck and have fun!
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on March 6, 2011
If you use a helmet cam, you know you are paying for a specialty item.
When you buy accessories for a specialty item, you tend to pay more as well.
So, no strikes on the price. I knew what I was getting and the cost is fair.

The Key benefits
1. You CAN see what you are aiming it. Get the right shot, the first time.
2. It allows full text viewing of all your menu items instead of the cryptic lettering on the front
3. You can set the auto-off. It will go off after XX seconds and not use battery after.
4. You get a a bunch of housings, that if bought separately would be nearly the cost of the LCD.

Used it on a snowmobile ride recently where branches and other assorted issues cause the top helmet mount to be out of wack. Super easy to turn on the LCD, repoint the camera, and turn it off again. Worth its weight in gold for on-the-fly adjustments without having to pull the card or rig up some external viewer. Worth every cent if you do sports that leave the camera exposed or with the potential to not get the right framing.

1. Can be hard to see in overly bright days.
No strikes due to this for me. I can still see it well enough, it does it's job.
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on July 19, 2010
I purchased this mount with the intention of using it this coming winter while skiing. However I had the chance to use it during a recent river rafting trip. Over the course of the 4 hours I had it on my head, not once did it bother me. By the end of the trip I forgot I was wearing it (maybe that's partially due to having had a few beers that day too). The strap is comfortable and the fact that its so wide prevents that feeling that plastic grocery bags give to your fingers when you are carrying something heavy.

One tip: Practice with the strap on your head before using it the first time. The camera needs to be pointed down at a greater angle than you would initially suspect. Its not a flaw of the product, just my perception. After one adjustment I was able to easily simulate a first-person view instead of having 80% sky in every picture. Total adjustment and testing time was less than 5 minutes but required a computer or TV to verify recordings - so do this at home before starting your activity.
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on July 22, 2013
I purchased this product because I am on vacation in Hawaii, and unfortunately I had to purchase it from a camera store instead of Amazon. With that said I still would like to share my opinions on the product to help anyone who is unsure if this is a good product for them.

Why would you need this product? If you have ever owned a underwater camera which gets foggy (this is what happened to me) then it will work great for you. Basically, what happens: Your Go Pro can get hot while the weather outside is still cold. This creates a little fog on the lens causing fog or condensation which can ruin your video and photos.

I had my camera sitting in the Hawaiian sun for hours then jumped in to a 65 degree cold fresh water spring. Typically this would cause fog on the inside of the case, but luckily the inserts were inside and prevented this from happening.

All in all for the price you are better safe than sorry by using this product with your Go Pro!

As a side note: I use this in both my Hero 3 and Hero 1 cases and it works. Just because it is a hero 3 insert doesn't mean you only have to use it for that camera.

Also, an important note. You can use these multiple times you just put them in the oven for 5 minutes at 300 degrees to dry them out. So dont think you can only use them once! Make sure to get your moneys worth!!!

All in all, I recommend this product and would definitely purchase it again.
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on December 20, 2013
Just a heads up if this is your first gopro, these are ALL replacement parts, if you all you want is the mounts in this kit they come with the GoPro when you buy it.
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on March 15, 2011
I found the LCD screen to be quite clear even though it is small. This BacPak does add about 1/2" of additional bulk to the camera, so if weight or size is an issue, then it can be easily removed and used with out.

What I really like about it is that the menu system displays now on the BacPac LCD in real words instead of only those cryptic letters on the front LCD screen That is a big plus in my opinion!

As far as battery life, the screen can easily be shut off in order to conserve battery life.

I really do like the flexibility of now being able to view pictures and videos immediately instead of having to wait to access a computer. This can make a BIG difference between getting the shot you are looking for instead of a shot of the sky or ground!

As a final comment, make sure you install the new firmware BEFORE trying to use the BacPak. Instructions are easy to follow and are available on [...]
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on July 25, 2010
Review updated 2011 Aug 10:

Vs. Helmet mount for mtn biking:

- Better PoV perspective which captures more movement of your arms and your gear in action
- Better ground detail
- Better clearance from branches

- Can't easily aim it behind you while on the bike and looking back at friends riding a section you just rode
- More wind noise, due to it capturing the sound of wind deflecting off your chest

Footage from my GoPro on my helmet mount wasn't very spectacular. It seemed a bit slower than in real life and made everything look flat, from making obstacles look insignificant to making pitches look level. Moving the camera to the chest mount gave my footage better ground detail to help with depth perception and since it captured my position, arm movement, and gear's movement, it gave a sense of the technique I was using to handle the steep pitches. The ground and foliage seemed to zoom by faster too, which seemed to give a better sense of speed. It made my PoV footage seem a lot more interesting to watch. I still have a helmet mount for certain situations, but this is now my preferred location/way to mount/wear a camera on my body.

Both are kind of finicky to aim. I find the best way is to not use leg attachments if at all possible. The chest mount requires the camera to be tilted up, since your chest will be at an angle to the ground, else you will be filming your bikes top tube and your knees. I found that mounting the camera upside down with it tilting upwards just enough that it allows the camera to be coerced out if you open the rear hatch is just about perfect and is how I realign it each time if I happen to move the camera from mount to mount. I then use the UPd mode (available after a firmware upgrade for the regular HeroHD 1080) or just rotate it 180 in editing software (don't flip, as that reverses the left and right orientation). Using leg attachments will make it prone to shaky video and risk being jarred loose out of position (kills the flow looking down and seeing you need to fix the aim).

The GoPro tends to have rattling/clacking sounds which can be minimized by padding the clip interface with some tape to tighten it up and maybe padding the case with tape to dull the sound of dirt bouncing off the case.

If I were to ride solo (time trial style) or behind a better rider on a generally non-stop fast and flowy ride, I'd definitely opt for the chest mount. If I were to ride with buddies who were slower, I'd opt for a helmet mount, just so I could just pullover my bike, put a foot down, and turn my head and film them attempting a section I just rode. If the view was great and I'd want to get some riding by footage of scenery off to the side, I'd use a helmet mount too. If I wanted to ride stylish, I'd just opt for a non PoV view or give the camera to someone else who would act as a chaser.

IMO, this is one of the big reasons to get the GoPro over other PoV cams. Get it, use it, and learn to love it.
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on January 2, 2014
I have 4 GoPro cameras for professional use. Two original Hero HDs and two Hero 2s with WiFi. All have the flat lens dive housings so that whether I'm filming underwater or topside on terrafirma I won't have an issue with sharp focus if they are used in the water. All my waterproof cases have two of these inserts and I rotate fresh ones for each day's filming. The desiccant embedded in the paper has a very limited capacity for moisture absorption so I regenerate these often. Last thing you want to do is get that once in a lifetime money shot and have a foggy lens. Condensation can occur in the waterproof housing even on a hot sunny day so using these all the time is a wise decision.

I don't bother with regenerating these in the oven. Mainly because if you have a gas-fired oven the combustion from the burner is creating moisture as a by-product which makes the process less efficient for drying the inserts. I use a 100-150 watt light bulb in one of those clamp-on reflectors pointed up towards the ceiling. I lay a loose piece of aluminum foil over the light reflector and then set the inserts and the included Humidity Monitor strip (the thing with the circle) on the foil. I'll let these heat and dry for a half hour and then seal them in a ziplock snack bag. If you have any of those small desiccant packages you find in packing materials for various products you can also regenerate that little package at the same time and put them inside the ziplock bag to help keep your inserts dry and fresh when you have to open the bag to swap out inserts. DO NOT place the USED inserts back in your baggie that contains DRY inserts. I know that may seem obvious but.....

Watch the Humidity Monitor card in your bag and when the color inside the circle turns PINK then you need to regenerate everything in the baggie, including the Monitor swatch. Just opening and closing the baggie puts moisture from the air in there and eventually the inserts lose their effectiveness.
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