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on June 8, 2012
Verified Purchase
I use my GoPro HD Hero 2 camera every time I go mountain biking, and the WiFi BacPac/Remote seemed like it was going to add convenience and fingertip controls, regardless of if the GoPro camera is mounted on top of my helmet, or on a chest harness worn by my brother or cousin (when it's their turn to film). I had been waiting for this since I bought my GoPro HD HERO2: Outdoor Edition (2011 Model), so when it was finally available on in June of 2012 I ordered one up. Upon receipt the WiFi BacPac, WiFi Remote, and my HD Hero 2 camera required a firmware update before I could use any of the WiFi components (see the bottom of the review for instructions.)

The WiFi BacPac attaches to the GoPro camera just like the other premium accessories (LCD BacPac, Battery PacPac). A USB charging cable is included (it's just a standard mini-USB cable) and like the other premium accessories, GoPro includes a couple of different backdoors in the box compatible with the WiFi BacPac. The only features on the WiFi BacPac are a single power/select button and a small LCD screen with indicators for battery capacity, bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity.

The WiFi Remote is a nice looking unit, a little over 2"x1"x0.5" in size. It features a large LCD screen, two large control buttons, a removable velcro attachment strap, removable keychain attachment, and a special USB charging cable. The two control buttons are rubberized and heavy duty, and perform the same functions as the two buttons on the GoPro camera. I liked the size of the buttons - big enough to use even with full-finger gloves on. Being waterproof to 10-feet (and thus, splash-proof as well) is a nice touch. The WiFi Remote can control up to 50 WiFi BacPac-equipped GoPro cameras at once (Hmm... might have to convince my cousin to get one for his GoPro camera!). Its large LCD screen mirrors the display on the GoPro camera - great for when you have the camera mounted somewhere that's hard to reach (or just far away).

Using the remote is just like using the buttons and LCD screen on the GoPro camera; the LCD screen on the Remote mirrors the screen on the camera, so even if you have the camera mounted somewhere out of reach, you have full access to the camera's controls and settings. The included wrist strap is long enough to attach the Remote to my bike's handlebar or top tube. They also give you a keychain attachment for more mounting options. There is a very small, slight delay from when you push a button on the Remote to when the camera responds. It's nothing to worry about though - I'm talking "slight" as in "not instantaneous" - but only the most picky people would notice.

After using the WiFi BacPac for almost half a year, I realized that it might not be as useful to me as I had initially thought. Most of the time I ride using the Chesty harness, so having the WiFi Remote is redundant since I can easily reach and use the two buttons on the camera itself. My main concern with this accessory was the absence of the promised the iPhone/Android app, which at the time the WiFi BacPac waas released was slated to be released in the "Summer 2012." Without this app there isn't much reason to use the WiFi BacPac accessory since if you really want to get the camera pointing in the right direction you're better off ditching the Wifi BacPac for the LCD BacPac instead. Hopefully the iPhone app will come out soon so I can re-evaluate the product once more. Until then, I can only give this accessory a 3 star rating.

(UPDATE 10.08.12)
After constant delays, GoPro finally released the initial version of the app. The app was a free download through the App Store on my iPhone 5 (initial release is only for iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, iPod Touch 4, and iPad 1, 2, 3 on iOS4.3+; no Android version yet) so I loaded it up immediately after release. My HD Hero 2 camera, WiFi PacPac, and WiFi Remote also had firmware updates, so I followed the same instructions (posted aat the botom of this review) to get all of my devices up to the current software.

With the WiFi BacPac attached to my camera, I fired up the app on my iPhone and... nothing. Turns out you first have to go into the camera's WiFi settings and set it to "Phone and Tablet". With that done, I restarted the app again... nothing - until I went into my iPhone 5's WiFi settings and switched to the WiFi BacPac. Finally, a connection was made! Every single setting available on the camera can be adjusted using the phone app. The larger phone screen allows for easier menu navigation and a "live preview" of what the camera lense is seeing - The app essentially functions the same as the WiFi Remote and LCD BacPac combined, but after playing around with the app for a couple of days there are some issues.

1. The first and most noticeable issue is video lag. Even with my iPhone 5 right next to the WiFi Bacpac, the lag time between what the camera sees and what is shown on the iPhone 5's screen is about 5 seconds. Again - this is with the phone right next to the WiFi BacPac. At about 20 feet away the lag is slightly longer, so it's safe to assume that the farther you are from the WiFi BacPac, the longer the lag time. While this affects real-time viewing, it's still good for making sure you've got your GoPro camera pointed at the right angle when it's at a remote location.

2. The second issue comes around if I want to switch remote control from my iPhone to the GoPro WiFi Remote, or vice versa. Switching the camera to accept commands from iPhone to GoPro WiFi Remote is as simple as a couple of taps on the app. Switching back from GoPro WiFi Remote to iPhone app takes more steps; first switch the camera back to "Phone/Tablet" mode using the GoPro WiFi Remote. Once you do that the WiFi Remote will no longer have control of the camera. Then on the iPhone I have to first go into the phone's WiFi settings, connect to the WiFi BacPac network, and then start up the GoPro App to regain control of the camera.

3. The third issue is the lack of certain features that were promised when GoPro advertised the app months ago. One of these features is present with the WiFi Remote but not in the app: the ability to control multiple GoPro cameras simultaneously. If I want to use multiple cameras for an action shoot, I have to revert back to the GoPro WiFi Remote for control. Another missing feature - and one that made the App a "must have" - is the ability to view or share content stored on the camera's SD card using my phone (or tablet). Thus even after the release of the app, the only way to view recorded content while out in the field is to either use the LCD BacPac (an $80 extra if you don't already have one, fortunately I do) or lug along a small laptop - not at all convenient when you're riding in the middle of nowhere.

4. There is a fourth issue, that fortunately doesn't affect me but does affect other people I know with the WiFi BacPac - so far the app is available for iOS only; anyone with an Android phone is still waiting for a product that was promised over 5 months ago.

VERDICT (App version
So far the only gains I get from using the app over the WiFi Remote is the video preview (albeit with the current 5-second lag), and one less gadget to bring with me when I ride (the WiFi Remote). I do lose the multiple-camera contro (for now) and I still don't get the playback and sharing functions. One extra "feature" of the app is that the main screen has direct links to GoPro's "Video of the Day" and "Photo of the Day" - both realistically useless regarding the actual functionality of the app; I could do without these; if I wanted to see GoPro's video or photo of the day, I'd go to their website.

So as it stands with the initial release of the GoPro app, my 3-star rating stays put. Sure it adds features but it also subtracts features, but at least the app is free - as long as you have iOS; Android people are still out of the mix. I'm pretty sure the missing features will be available in some future software update, but judging from how late the app arrived, who knows when these features will be added? Hopefully GoPro picks up the pace on updating the app, as I don't doubt that once the app is complete it will become an awesome add-on feature to the WiFi BacPac's offerings.

UPDATE (11.27.12)
Finally got around to trying out the Android version of the GoPro app on a friend's Android phone, and it performs pretty much the same as the iOS version, including the pros and cons.

UPDATE (12.04.12)
For those of you who want to use the GoPro app, please note that you don't actually need an iPhone (cell phone) to use the GoPro App... you can use an iPod Touch or a WiFi iPad; As long as it is on iOS6 and has WiFi it can connect to the GoPro WiFi BacPac - a cellular signal is not required. I've tried the App with my iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, and iPad Mini WiFi and all three are fully functional; I can adjust camera settings, start and stop video recording, snap still photos, and power the GoPro on/off - plus with the preview I can see what the camera is seeing, so if you already have an iOS6 WiFi device you could just get the standalone GoPro WiFi Bacpac AWIFI-001 for about half the price, skip the GoPro remote and just use your iOS device instead.

Apparently a lot of people are having trouble getting their WiFi BacPac/Remote to work, so here's the proper way to do it (for reference I'm using a GoPro HD Hero 2 camera and an Apple Macbook Air):

1. As a precaution, charge the WiFi BacPac, WiFi Remote, and your GoPro HD Hero 2 camera to full battery first.
2. Go to the GoPro website and download and install the latest "Cineform Studio" software for your computer (they have both Mac and Windows versions).
3. Using a USB cable, connect your device to your computer and power the device on.
4. Launch the Cineform Studio software; it should alert you that there is a firmware update available for the device. Click "show details" and then click the "update" button.
5. Cineform will download the new firmware and copy it to your device.

If you're updating a camera, Cineform Studio will then show you extra instructions on how to update the camera. Follow these directions EXACTLY AS SHOWN!
If you're updating a WiFi BacPac or WiFi Remote, Cineform Studio will complete the entire process on its own.

After updating all three items, your firmware update is complete. Once you have all three devices (camera, WiFi BacPac, WiFi Remote) updated with the latest firmware, the WiFi BacPac an Remote will connect to the camera and function as expected.
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on June 8, 2012
Use your Smartphone or Tablet as a live video remote control
Enjoy convenient live video + photo preview and playback
Wi-Fi transfer* your favorite videos and photos from your GoPro to your Smartphone or Tablet and share with friends
Use your Smartphone as a hotspot to live stream video and share photos + videos to the web

WOW, what a cool feature!
But you will be disappointed If you've purchased this product because the features listed above, those are just what you would get if you paid for a finished product.
The features are not there and GoPro is not giving any information on when this feature will be released, for all we know it could be next year!

So I bought this gadget for the 3 features that aren't there.
The manual provided with BacPac is not well written.
Remote shutter control is the only function available, it is very convenient in some situations but not worth the price.

Also the product arrives completely inoperative, you must install updates on remote, backpack and cam to "fix it".
It is understandable that the Camera itself needs an update, but the firmware on bacpak and remote is not functional out he box!

My recommendation is to wait for updated firmware before buying this gadget.
I will be definitely returning this one back.

I own almost all their products and add-ons, including 3D rig and LCD packs. Have to say that I'm very disappointed with the GoPro product for the first time.
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on June 9, 2012
I received the wifi product today and now realize its fundamentally not the product they advertise.

If you need a remove control and feel its worth $99 for you to have that functionality they you may be happy with the product. The problem is that GoPro advertises and promotes this product as having wifi capability to stream and share the content and its simply not true, you can't do those functions with the product out of the box as of June 8 2012. There is no indication that GoPro will offer the app and wifi capability anytime soon. There is no release date or info from GoPro that the app will be available soon as in this week, this month or this year, I did some googling and I can't find anywhere where GoPro talks about when the app will be ready; they appear to be totally silent on the issue of when the app will be released. I think this means it could me months if not longer until the app is ready and passes through all of the app release tests from both iOS and Android app stores.

I'll be happy to change my review and rating once the app is released and works as advertised. Really disappointed in GoPro, they usually do a great job with their product but in this case its almost comical that they got all of us to pony up $99 before the product was actually finished and ready for public consumption.

Just take a look at all of the other ratings, even the ones with 4 or 5 stars says they are waiting for the real product to show up. You have to wonder if those ratings are true to the product in hand or are somewhat aspirational on their part as they -hope- the product will work for them at some point in the future.

I'm on the fence about returning the product as I purchased it for a reason and wil use it when the app comes out ... but when will that be?

UPDATE 7/5/12: GoPro has provided details on the smartphone/tablet app. They claim the app will get released "late July/early Augist". Here is the link: [...]

The initial feature set for the app looks interesting and somewhat useful, but notice that cloud streaming and other app feature will not be included in the first version of the app. Again, I'm disappointed with GoPro, love the camera but this delayed app, and now delayed features, are a sign that the company is having trouble designing, building and releasing quality products.
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on June 22, 2012
Verified Purchase
As I was waiting ages for this to come out as I saw that it was out in the Amazon marketplace I placed my order, I didnt want to take a chance of getting a "sold out" message.

They took a few days to send it but I eagerly waited for my package to arrive, in the meantime I saw their ad on their site and got even more excited!

The product came and after getting warned I need to update my HD2 camera I tried to do so but it failed everytime, I tried on a 2nd machine and finally it updated.

Then I updated the WiFi backpac and the remote without a hitch (a bit irritating you have to register the product on their website before it allows you to update the firmware/s), oh boy! I could finally stream and do all those things as in their ad right? WRONG.

For $99.99 bucks I got a nice remote and thats about it.

Where is the streaming that was promised over half a year back GoPro?

Even if streaming to Android/iOS is taking time, at least give us streaming to our damn computers.

As an owner of many of GP's products I am quite p**sed, and this is the last they are going to see of me unless they change their attitude - and quick.

I'll leave this at 1 star till they release some sort of streaming functionality and update it once I get that functionality.

Bad show GoPro, very bad show.
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on June 20, 2012
What the others said:

Firmware update is very difficult for even those that are very technical. The camera update flat out does not work worked using CineForm Studio as per web site on Windows 7 Premium 64-bit, you have to manually download the file, format the card in the camera, etc. Look on Google for the steps.

The 1.0 firmware on the WiFi backpack and remote should not ship, it is totally useless. The firmware update for the WiFi backpack and remote does sort of work, but you will have to follow the exact instructions about 10-12 times before you stumble on the correct timing to hit "retry" the update after it initially fails, use your speakers to hear the USB connection go up and down and eventually you will get it.

Camera waterproof to 160ft, remote waterproof to 10 feet, remote range under water...less than 8 inches, shame on GoPro for not mentioning that upfront!!! Do not purchase the remote for Snorkeling or any underwater use.

There is no support for the Android or Apple WiFi connection as promised, no application on the Apple store or Google. This was advertised to work last year when the WiFi backpack was to be released, not cool.

This product should not have been released or GoPro should have made it apparent that it can not be used as they advertised or as anyone would expect from a waterproof remote.
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Verified Purchase
GoPro was clearly under public pressure to release this item as they kept pushing it back from an early 2012 date to finally releasing it in June of 2012. Unfortunately however it seems that the delay did not contribute to them actually building and releasing the key features. AS OF RIGHT NOW IT DOES NOT STREAM, IT DOES NOT HAVE TABLET SUPPORT, IT DOES NOT HAVE BLUETOOTH CAPABILITY - The only thing this device does is let you see the front display on a remote and hit the record button remotely. All of the most anticipated features are not developed yet... BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! It's the classic tech company "let's sell a bunch of devices based on features that aren't complete in order to raise the money necessary to complete them".

That being said this is the first time I've been disappointed by GoPro, they generally make great products with great quality video. should probably stop advertising this item on their front page as "GoPro's cool new Wi-Fi BacPac allows you to wirelessly stream your latest extreme adventure." when it can't do it yet!
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on June 19, 2012
Like many others, I was excited by the streaming apps. Got this home, and despite labeling on Amazon and on the box, there is no app yet (you probably realize this by now). Price to pay being an early adopter of a company that rushes things out the door. The remote part of the product works just fine, but that's really only 1/3 of what the product page advertised. Hopefully, the app is free and doesn't come with a bunch of in-app purchases to make it useful.
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on July 13, 2012
Verified Purchase
When you get the Bacpac out of the box, you have to do a careful series of firmware upgrades to your cameras and your bacpac in order to get it to even function; in the middle of this process, you need to reboot the machine doing the upgrades for no apparent reason.

Once you do the dance of a thousand usb insert/removes, you have a not-as-advertised battery drain that adds almost no functionality to your camera. The remote is nice, but has a very limited range - about 10 feet. Forget any ideas you had of triggering dozens of widely-placed cameras, you'll be lucky to get one to work when you stand on top of it.

The worst part is not only is there is no app for smartphone control, there is no schedule to actually ship one and no evidence that one is in development. The GoPro team appears to have rushed this out the door with no thought of consumers actually being able to use it; please spend your money elsewhere.
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on June 4, 2012
UPDATE: 10/16/12
Recently, the update for phone/tablet live preview was just released. I proceeded to update normally through Cineform. Little did I know it would brick two GoPro Hero 2's. The first one I had for 10 months, installed the update, and it kept blinking all 4 lights and flashing a gopro camera icon with v198 below it. Wouldn't respond at all. I thought I had messed up on the update by doing something wrong, so I took it back to BestBuy and exchanged it for a new one.
I went to update it again, and what happend? It did the same exact thing again. All four lights and camera was unresponsive. Only way to turn it off was to pull the battery. It turns out that A LOT of people are having this problem.
I exchanged it once more today and did a manual flash of firmware version 124. Went perfectly and I can use my remote and wifi bacpac after pushing the menu button on the wifi bacpac for it to register on the camera. Just not the app. I'm withholding on updating until GoPro releases a better update with positive feedback from everyone else.
Though that entire process was absolutely awful, I won't take any stars away from this product since it's slightly inderectly related, and more of GoPro's faulty update. The remote is absolutely convenient for me. The app is just a plus for me.
Just a heads up for all you future buyers
You can find other users similar stories here:

I will update this when/if they have released a better update through cineform to accommodate everyone better.

I'll be adding to this review overtime.

I picked this up from BestBuy today and decided to leave my review here. I have to say, this has been my best purchase for the GoPro yet! I was tired of having to run through the menus solely with the camera and especially if I have already mounted it in a way where it has taken some effort (under a car for example).

The remote is about 2.5 inches long and an inch in height give or take. Feels durable. Top half is coated in a rubber case, bottom is plastic. They say it's waterproof, but the charging connectors are exposed, so someone else can be the guinea pig for that. Buttons are easy to push and the menus on the gopro show up exactly the same on the remote.

The WiFi BacPac performs excellent with the remote once you do the update (I had some troubles and had to uninstall and reinstall cineform). The button is easy to push and acts the same way as you would turn on and off the camera itself. By short pressing it while it's on, it leads you straight to the wifi menu for quicker options (tablet, smartphone, network, etc...although the app isn't out yet and gives you a "coming soon" message). You can turn off both the camera and remote by holding the power button on the remote. When you do this though, the wifi bacpac is still on. You can simply press the power button on the remote and it turns the units back on, which I think is cool. Just don't forget to turn off the WiFi BacPac when you're not using it anymore.

As for battery life, the two seem like they have a long lasting battery life. Haven't had much of a chance to really test it out. Not sure about the GoPro's battery life either when paired to the bacpac. I have read on the manual though that when the bacpac runs low, or completely out of it's own battery, it will draw power from the GoPro to be able to use wifi.

One problem I did find, when you run through the settings and do the "upside down option", the screen on the remote goes kinda crazy looking and the lcd thinks its still right side up. Nothing terrible; still works at it should and can still read it. Just letting you know.

I did a short test run through all the menus with the remote in my youtube video:
youtube dot com/watch?v=pFn1k8pB-aQ

Overall, I'm perfectly happy with the product and I can't wait until they release the app for live streaming!
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26 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on June 10, 2012
Verified Purchase
"Wifi is waterproof to 10 feet". The advertising would lead one to believe that it actually WORKS underwater. It doesn't work in even one inch of water. Truthful advertising would disclose this up front. Might as well claim it doesn't need batteries. Technically true, but don't bother trying to use it. Details, details. Who needs them?

Advertising claiming "Control your GoPro wirelessly from an iPhone or Android" would lead a rational person to believe that you could actually do this. Nope. The directions instruct you to download the app from the GoPro site. There is no download. You might think GoPro would have the common decency to run a banner on their page saying, "don't waste your time looking for the alleged download, come back in 6 months".

I don't need a $99. remote. I purchased this for one reason only, and that was remote viewing and streaming from an iPhone.
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