Customer Reviews: Goal Setting: Discover What You Want in Life and Achieve It Faster than You Think Possible
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on February 20, 2011
Think goals are just things you make on New Year's Day and then break by Valentine's? Think again. Goal-setting is a powerful tool, but you need to know how to create goals that are right for you and then map out a path to achieve them. Other goal-setting books that I've read have focused only on making the goals, but this book teaches you not only how to create focused goals, but how to break the larger goals into smaller, more manageable tasks with tangible results; each steps builds upon previous steps until you reach the desired result. In addition, the emphasis on affirmations during the process gives this book a unique aspect that further builds the effectiveness of the method.

I was a skeptic at first, but decided to try creating a goal that addressed my financial security issues. The goal that I had set forth on New Year's Day of finding a job was not happening. Once I used the tools in this book of really focusing in on what kind of job I wanted and why, I was able to create a realistic plan of action, be open to the right kind of opportunities, and get a job that not only will bring in much needed income, but that will fill my soul as well. The positive self-talk from the affirmations were probably the key that gave me the confidence to nail the interview.

Although this book is small, it packs a wallop of useful information that I will use over and over again.
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on September 20, 2011
I have discovered that as a writer, online reviewer and even runner of a household, it is vitally important to set goals - whether on a big scale that affects my writing career or the smaller day-to-day scale that guides what meal to prepare, what bills to pay and what leisure activity to pursue.

Now, there are people who have the good fortune to innately set goals for themselves and meet them without really having to "try" hard to do so, but most of us - myself included - need, at some point, a guide to help us map out a path to success in almost every possible endeavor we choose to undertake.

K. Akhter's book Goal Setting: Discover What You Want in Life and Achieve It Faster than You Think Possible is a very good guide to help the average reader to conceive actionable plans, figure out what steps to take and obstacles to overcome, discern the costs and benefits of goal setting, and how to organize a "map" or "game plan" in order to achieve one's goals, no matter in which area of life it involves or the scope of the endeavor.

As a writer, I was particularly interested in this book because even though I have long dreamed of writing a screenplay, my own thought processes, lack of clear vision and - let's be honest here - inability to properly focus on my end game have proved to be (self-imposed) deadweights that have hampered my progress. (My specific issues involve not knowing where to start a project of my own creation and meeting self-imposed deadlines.)

As Akhter points out in the book's fourth chapter: "Our expectations get us worked up more often than we'd like to admit. If we expect something to go well and it doesn't, we feel angry and disappointed. If we expect results by a certain date and our goal isn't achieved due to circumstances beyond our control, we can lose all hope and give up because it seems futile to continue."

Fortunately, Goal Setting: Discover What You Want in Life and Achieve It Faster than You Think Possible gives readers the information they need to identify their goal-setting weak points and how to overcome them, The book's tone is earnest and informational and really gives the impression that the author is talking to readers in an effort to help them define a game plan, assess what is needed (and what is not), anticipate hurdles and then carry the plan out.

These traits, which are the highlights of any good self-help book, make Goal Setting: Discover What You Want in Life and Achieve It Faster than You Think Possible a very useful and helpful resource for anyone seeking a guide on how to set goals and meeting them.
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on May 20, 2011
Do you have a set of written goals that direct your endeavors? Can goals really make a difference in your life? Have you ever wanted to accomplish something, but been unsure how to get started? Or maybe you started something, but couldn't figure out the right actions to take?
"Goal Setting: Discover What You Want in Life and Achieve It Faster than You Think Possible", by SelfMadeEasy.Com, is a 20-page ebook that explains why you need goals, how to set them and how to review your progress.

Goal setting is the process of writing down specific, measurable and time-targeted objectives. You figure out what you want, you write your desires down, and then you work toward achieving them.

The author suggests the following five steps for the goal setting;
Define Your Goals
Create An Action Plan
Take Action

This is an amazing little book because it is a complete goal-setting primer presented in a way that will motivate you to take action. It is presented in a step-by-step format that can be used by a novice or experienced goal setter. This book will guide you in developing your own focused, targeted, personalized map - a map that will lead you wherever you choose to go.
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on July 15, 2011
This is an excellent book on setting goals for whatever it is you want to accomplish, whether it's spending more time with family or getting a degree of your choice. Sometimes it's hard to just slow down my mind and think about what I want and what kind of time period I want to give myself to achieve the goal. With the help of this book and the importance of writing everything down, it can be done. It's also stressed that if things get in the way and I get off track, that it's okay. Getting back on track is what's important, and these things are to be expected.

One of the most important things is to set realistic goals and break them down into smaller goals so that it's easier to accomplish them. Affirmations are stressed as a way of keeping positive thoughts and keeping on track. I love what the author says about the two types of people in the world. One type works toward what they want, and the other type works to avoid what they don't want. He says that unsuccessful people don't usually focus on what they want, but instead spend their lives trying to dodge situations that they don't want.
If so much time is spend this way, there is no time to move forward for what you do want.

One of the most important and difficult things for me to do is to be able to focus and clear my mind of the clutter. I think the affirmations will help with that because it starts with a breathing exercise and that is a good way to clear the mind.

I really like this little book, although it is short, there is a wealth of information packed into it. It's to the point with clear steps and actions for setting goals and achieving them.
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on September 24, 2011
This is a really good book on the topic of goal setting - and self help in general.

It is very well-written and thought-out. It seems like the author truly understands what it takes to achieve or accomplish something...and he is earnest in his efforts to guide you.

If you dislike how your life is going or you're looking for something better, check out the information in this guide. It has some powerful insight, possibly life changing.
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on January 23, 2011
Not a long book, but a good one...has you thinking about the direction you are going in life. Makes you evaluate whether what you are doing is right for you and helps guide you in the direction you really want to go. Good informative book with lots of insights.
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on August 2, 2014
I found a lot of the suggestions helpful. At first I was unsure that so short a book would be very useful. In the long run its' brevity is what made it easier to digest and helped me to approach the exercises with a sense of fun and discovery. If you're looking for a book that will change your life I don't think this is the one. But I do think it will help anyone who wants a little kick-start into thinking about their future.
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on April 8, 2013
Bought it, read it, and can't really say that i liked it all that much although I suppose that there are many who might benefit from reading it. I really am not the person to ask about buying this book....seriously.
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on June 29, 2012
This book is more than a mere goal setting book. It is a practical and realistic guide to achieving success, whatever success means to you.

For the last 6 years of my life, I have been working hard trying diligently to launch my business. It's been doing o.k. and I've made money with it, but not anywhere near what I'd like or what I thought I would be making when I got started.

It's becoming very clear to me what I've been doing wrong. I've just been working hard thinking the harder I work, the more results I will see. As you will learn `hard work' doesn't always equate to results, it just equates to `hard work.' I never really had a plan, but a bigger problem than that, I never had an idea of what I wanted from this business or where I wanted to take it. Until I figure that out I will continue to spin round and round in random directions.

Also I've been scared about taking action in critical areas. I realize I need to stop delaying the important things and take action.

This book gives you a lot to think about, go out and get yourself copy.
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on October 11, 2011
When I bought "Goal Setting," I wanted a few things from the book. First, I knew that I needed a way to change my current system: all my calendars and to-do lists weren't helping me get much done. Second, I wanted a book that wouldn't give me a bunch of wishy-washy advice... I didn't want advice like "journal about your feelings" or "think about where you want to be in ten years." "Goal Setting" gave me both of those things - a new approach to my goals and specific advice - in simple, easy-to-understand prose.

First, this book helped me see that my to-do list habit and incessant desire for the newest, best calendar or calendar app was the wrong approach. Even with all my to-do lists, I always felt like I was just barely scraping by. It helped me understand that those lists weren't part of any bigger picture and that's why I never felt any larger sense of progress. I mistook my busy-bee activities as actual progress. This new perspective I've gained is one thing I appreciate most about the book.

Second, I got specific advice on creating my goals and a plan to achieve them. Like I said before, I didn't want silly activities where I journaled about the yacht I'd own in the Mediterranean; I wanted specific, practical advice. "Chapter 3 - Goal Setting Steps" gave me that realistic and useable advice. This chapter breaks goal setting into five steps, and I mean specific, clear steps. The best part? Simple questionnaires that cut through the distractions to help you see your real goals. I liked that the book made the goal setting plans specific and personal for me.

In short: I recommend this book to anyone who wants practical advice on how-to create a plan to achieve your short and/or long term goals.
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