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on February 10, 2012
Don't try charging a Kindle 3 with this battery pack. I connected it to my Kindle and shortly there was smoke from the Guide 10. It's dead now. There should be some current limiting built into the unit (other than just burning up). Energizer 2500 mah nickel metal hydride batteries used.

Later that same day: Goal Zero offered a free replacement when I contacted them about getting the unit repaired. Hard to beat that kind of customer service.
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on March 22, 2013
I purchased two of these so I could charge AA and AAA at the same time, as my equipment requires both types of batteries. These work with my iphone 5 and my iPad 2. I purchased the 13.5 watt solar panel and it will only charge this off of the USB. The benefit is that there is more surface area on this solar panel and even with overcast, it continues to charge the Guide 10.

IMPORTANT!!! When you get the Guide 10, there is a small plastic tab that is on the first battery. KEEP THIS and when you are not using your Guide 10, put the clear plastic tab back between the battery and the bottom tab. The reason for this is, it keeps the unit from discharging your batteries. Your batteries will still slowly discharge, but if you don't put the tab back in between the battery and the terminal, it will discharge your batteries quicker. IMPORTANT!!!

With the tab in place, I have been able to retain 70% charge after several months. Using the supplied tab, I am able to charge the batteries up and store the unit for several months and still be able to pull it out and use it. I have heard others say that they pull the one battery out, but I don't want to take the chance of losing one battery. This way, everything stays in place and is ready for use.

Also, you might want to pick up another set of batteries so that one set can be charging in your backpack (with solar panel attached and hanging off the back) while you are using your other set in your gear. Eneloop makes a great 2000mah rechargeable battery for this purpose.

If you are needing more power, the Sherpa 50 is the way to go. Using both the Sherpa 50 and a Guide 10 plus for your equipment that cannot be charged off of USB and uses AA or AAA batteris, is the way to go.
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on June 9, 2012
I purchased a kit at my local Costco during a Goal Zero road show back in March that included the Nomad 7 solar panel, the Guide 10+ along with several of the cables etc that are normally sold separately. So far everything has worked great except for the Guide 10+. They claim that the Guide 10+ will charge the average cell phone 3 times, I have an HTC EVO with the standard battery and since it is a smart phone I knew that I would get fewer charges. I was expecting to get at least 2 but my experience has been not even one full charge before the AA batteries are depleted. This might be acceptable except for one glaring omission in its design by Goal Zero. I do not know if they just did not think about it or wanted to save a penny on its manufacture but it does not have a blocking diode in its circuit. What does this mean? well a blocking diode prevents what ever you are charging from discharging back into the Guide 10 batteries when they become depleted. I was not paying close attention to charging my cell phone and when I looked at it the battery was indicating only a 50% charge when a few minutes earlier it was around 90% charged. When the AA batteries became depleted the cell battery then tried to charge the AA batteries back up because of the Guide 10 not having a blocking diode. This is at least for me unacceptable and a very poor design!
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on April 10, 2012
I find it difficult to underhand why this unit is an add on item. This is a more versatile unit due to the up to 1.0 amp ability.

I have used it just a little so far to verify the ability to charge the high drain iPad.

Overall a solid system and while I don't like having to buy two separate chargers, I am glad for the ability to recharge 8 batteries at once with the Nomad 7.

- 1.0 amp recharge ability.
- included batteries are low discharge 2300mah type. Good cells.
- can charge in addition to the regular guide 10 on one panel.

- shouldn't have to buy this as a separate unit.

Hope that helps.
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on March 27, 2013
I bought this as a package with their Solar Panel and the Guide 10 Plus. I liked the idea of having a battery charger, coupled with a solar panel, that could be used to charge small electronics. My first attempt to use this was on my Iphone 5 with the pin adapter that lets you use an older charging cable. This immediately fried it. I should have learned my lesson there, but I really wanted this to work thinking it was the adapter for my phone. Later that day I plugged my Kindle Fire into the Guide 10 and fried my Kindle. I think by Trial and Error we can determine that this is a great battery charger but is not suited for much else although Goal Zero claims it is. I contacted customer support on this issue. They sent me a really nice note saying that this should not happen but pretty much to have a nice day. Please don't buy this to charge anything other than batteries. I have numerous chargers for small electronics that have worked flawless. This isn't one of them. Unfortunate. Their Solar panels are quite good, their battery My one star is based on them advertising this won't cook small electronics and their almost moronic mail to me not understanding they may have a faulty component and they should replace it. I am still working on getting a reply to my mail back to them. Thus far after three days, nothing.
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on March 3, 2013
When I purchased this unit as part of my camping/backpacking solar power setup, I read nearly every review and spec that I could find. This unit lives up to its high rating here on Amazon.

The build quality is excellent, even though its made in China. It seems and feels very solid and rugged. Although, I don't believe I'll be beating the thing to death, but it DOES look like it could withstand a few drops without damage.

It meets every need that you could possibly have for charging mobile electronics, well at least Android devices anyway. I do not own an iPhone or iPad, so I can't speak for how well it works with those devices. After charging the included AA Nickel Metal-Hydride batteries, I was able to charge my Samsung Galaxy S2 from about 5% battery to full in about an hour. Then I charged my Google Nexus 7 tablet from 90% to full in about 30 minutes. After this, the batteries were depleted.

I would have thought it would have lasted a little longer, but for $40, hey, I can live with that. I also purchased some Sanyo Eneloop 2500milliamp AA's. They are a far better battery than the GoalZero batteries. They have lasted about 25-30% longer while charging my gear.

The pack also includes an adaptor tray to all you to charge AAA batteries too.. This makes this little deal a super buy. You can charge all your devices as well as batteries fro your flashlights, radios, head lamps, etc.
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on January 17, 2014
The company really should make this explicit in the instruction manual for the product. The many complaints here regarding "frying" of iPhone, Kindle, and other devices are evidently the result (according to a company representative I spoke with) of people using lithium, alkaline, or other types of cells in this unit. They told me this can create higher voltages to be output from the device through the USB port, which is supposed to be voltage-limited. To me - this is a design flaw, and needs to be corrected, but at a minimum the company should warn against using any other types of batteries in the unit than what comes with it. It would seem to me that this could easily be corrected with a circuit re-design by the manufacturer.
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on November 15, 2013
I bought this so I could have backup battery to recharge my devices while I travel abroad. I chose this specific unit over other chargers for the fact that you can pop it open and use other batteries, so I can carry several sets of batteries with me and not worry about having to plug it in. I just returned from a trip to Seoul, and this device worked admirably. It had no problem charging my or my friend's iPhone 5's, charged them very quickly with power to spare.

The build quality is good, and they even sell a cover for it separately, though I do not believe its necessary. So far the only draw back is that it takes around 8 hours to charge from USB, but I suspect there is a good reason for this, they wanna charge the batteries as slow as practically possible so as to keep them healthier and live longer.

I will edit this page if the product turns out defective or burns out any of my gadgets, as other people have reported. But so far, this is easily a 5 star product.
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on October 2, 2013
I ordered this to go with the nomad 7 solar panel. When it arrived I plugged it into a USB port to charge. Later in the day when the unit showed it was fully charged I attempted to charge a device. No sooner than interfacing smoke emitted from the charging unit, the off switch would not engage. I was forced to pull the cells to arrest it.

Immediately I went to, requested a return/replacement. The process went well but both times (original order and replacement took longer than expected to receive).

The replacement has worked will charging included batteries however I have not attempted to recharge a device with as to fear it will fry my electronics. I will definitely use it to solar charge AA and AAA cells but no faith it could power a cell phone or the like.

I like the small size, the appearance and what it is suppose to function as--I would like better if you could charge AAA cells without the need for the adapter to do so--given the price the quality should be much better.

I would only recommend the Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus as a battery charger for someone wanting a compact portable charger. otherwise there are better options out there for less money.

Since I am receiving half the functional usage I would rate with 2.5 stars but whole stars are require therefore 3 stars is my verdict.

Caution -- Buy at your own risk!

I fully understand manufactures have quality controls in place and they can not test every item going out their doors, that a small percentage of fabricated products will be defective for whatever reason. Fortunately, I have not been on the receiving end very often...though it happens and this is one of those instances.

I will try a load on the product while it is still in the return period....and update this review at a later date.

Amazon was great at handling the issue as usual, they get 5 stars for rectifying the problem. Thanks!


I like to close my reviews with a THANK YOU because I do appreciate you investing your precious time in reading my material. We live in a complex complicated world where time is at a premium. I do pray you found this review like my others informative and helpful in aiding your next purchasing decision. Your comments are always welcome and I make every attempt to reply to comments as time permits. Again THANK YOU for the opportunity to aid you in spending your hard earned money wisely.

I am not employed or receive any compensation by the manufacture or any organization promoting this product or additional hardware. I purchased or received as a gift my product like anyone else and just sharing my myriad thoughts and experience with you.

I hereby extend to you a plethora of blessing of good health and welling being. Bless you all.

2013 Copyrighted by Dr. Gary Drury
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on November 8, 2013
Ordered on the 10th of October...usual excellent Amazon service. Charged it up as per instructions.

Excerpt from the ad copy on Amazon for the Guide 10+:

- Recharge your cell phone 1-3 times per charge
- Charges iPads, Kindles, tablets as well

I have a Galaxy S3 phone. After 45 minutes the Guide 10+ was depleted and the phone had charged from 71% to 79%. Ok, recharged the Guide 10 and tried it on my Galaxy Tab 3 8" tablet. Started at 81% and ended up at 83% at depletion of the batteries on the Guide 10. Pulled the Goal Zero batteries, replaced them with proven Eneloops...same results. Guide 10+ is on its way back to Amazon. I own several Goal Zero products and like them enough to have given them as gifts...the Guide 10+ does not qualify. What a piece of junk!
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