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on August 10, 2010
In the market of Personal Development and Self Help there are hundreds of books, hundreds of DVDs, Hundreds of CDs and dozens of programs that are designed to help you succeed.
Some are better, others worse.

It is for all intents and purposes a complete guide to setting goals.
He leads you step by step through the process of sitting down and setting your goals and all the way to what you need to do to accomplish your goals.

If You Have Read One You Hvae Read Them All!
The problem with books by Brian Tracy is that they are all very much alike.
This was no exception.

Many books in the industry say about the same things, just in different words, Goals felt as though it was using the same words. I didn't like feeling like I had read it before.

Most of the advice can be found in other books.

Who can it help?
The guide itself was very good and if you haven't set your goals this book or read other books about personal development then this book will make a big difference in your life.

The act of setting goals and making plans for their accomplishment is the one action that will make the biggest difference in your life.

By setting your goals you are going to start pulling events into your life and make you move faster and faster towards your goals.

Easy to follow steps
What I did like about this book, and most Brian Tracy books, is how easy his advice is to follow.
This book is a 350 page guide going from step 1 to step 2 and so on.
If you haven't read these types of books before you could really use this book as a manual and just follow the steps one after the other until you are finished.

My Recommendation
If you are new to self help and personal development books I think this book could really make a lasting impact on your life. If you haven't set your goals and started working towards them in a structured manner, Brian can really give you some good advice.

On the other hand, if you have read other books in the industry and have taken these first steps I think this book would be a waste of your time, you have already read the advice and your time would probably be used better by reading other books.
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VINE VOICEon February 14, 2012
Over his stellar career, Brian Tracy has authored over 50 books. This one, GOALS!, was first published in 2003. I've read probably half of Tracy's books over the years and have long had this on my short list to read but for one reason or another, it never did seem to make it to the top of my reading list. What a colossal mistake that has been on my part. I won't go so far as to say this has been my favorite Brian Tracy book, but it would certainly rate in the top five. As I read this book, a recurring thought that kept running through my mind was, "Man, I wish I had read this nine years ago!"

One of the reasons this book never made it to the top of my reading list is that a few years ago I purchased Tracy's audio download, How To Set and Achieve Goals, which I have listened to many times over. I thought this book would be much of the same material, but there is so much more contained hear that you simply must read to benefit from.

Goal achievers know the first step in achieving goals is a line from the old Cool Hand Luke movie, "You've got to get your mind right!" That's what Tracy does here. Much of the book focuses on how to prepare mentally and avoid the mental sabotage that makes so many goals in life but a distant fantasy. There is a great deal of powerful information here on making your mind work for you, not against you as is often the case. Once you've got your mind in the right place, the rest becomes much more achievable.

Each chapter is broken into bite sized pieces that really allows the reader a chance to contemplate, absorb and reflect on what you have just read. In fact, this book reads much slower than most books because you will (or at least I did) spend a great deal of time reflecting. Each chapter concludes with a brief point summary of putting to work for you the material just covered. Again, this creates another opportunity for the reader to contemplate an action plan without becoming too overwhelmed with information.

Often when setting goals, obstacles get in the way that we might not even consider as having anything to do with why we might have fallen short of a goal. Tracy leaves no stone unturned here and provides valuable insight on each of these roadblocks such as time management, measuring your progress and associating with the right people to help you become successful. Along the way, the book is filled with quotes and quips that you will surely want to highlight and use on your life journey.

Learn from my mistake. If you have this book on your radar but have kept putting it off to read something else, move this book immediately to the top of your reading list. You can thank me later.
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on April 6, 2013
I am a huge Brian Tracy fan and this was another homerun in my opinion.

He gave us a detailed guide on why and how to prepare our goals. Living with goals has been so significant in my life that I recommend them to everyone. If you disdain using goals, I recommend that you give them a try for a month and see what happens. The power is incredible. It seems that after I set goals it is like magic happens in my life and events happen in ways that I could not even imagine.

I highly recommend this book to anyone but particularly young people just getting started in their careers.

-Bruce Raine, author of Attitude Determines Destiny
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on February 2, 2011
This book is extraordinarily helpful in a number of ways. Brian Tracy points out the common pitfalls of goal-setting, the reasons behind them, and what to do about it. As I read, I found myself highlighting key points or topics that I had heard somewhere before; now the pieces are fitting together! His 12-step program for setting goals is well-explained and easy to follow. He explains 8 ways to identify your special talents. The "6 P" Formula for business and personal success takes alliteration and turns into a useful tool. I have adopted his suggestion of writing down 10 goals per day for the next year (and then not looking back at the previous page!). The author predicts that 80% will have been achieved when I reflect back. I can hardly wait! I recommend that you obtain this book and apply the learning as well.
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on April 7, 2014
An excellent, perspicacious, and thoughtful book on why a goal without a plan is nothing more than a wish.

Mr. Tracy starts off talking about why goals are important, and how people with written goals are significantly better off than even people with goals, but which are unwritten.

And, as Mr. Tracy says, if writing your goals down once a year is good, writing them down more often -- even daily -- is even better.

Unlike his "Success" lecture recordings this book actually contains useful, actionable information, without the unnecessary partisan political claptrap that really has nothing to do with success, or goal-setting.

The book is geared more towards people with sales careers. There is plenty in the book that is adaptable to the lives of non-sales people. (Also, as Mr. Tracy sometimes points out, to a certain extent, we're all in sales: the "business" of selling ourselves.)

Mr. Tracy is not afraid to share how he came to understand the importance of goals in his own life. As a criminal defense attorney, I frequently purchase this book for some of my clients -- particularly juveniles. (Oh how I wish there were a Brian Tracy book for delinquent teenagers!) Chapter Two, where Mr. Tracy talks about his epiphany, is something that always catches the attention of my juvenile clients.

From there, I point out that the book covers, in detail, not just WHY written goals are important, but what they've done for Mr. Tracy. After we look at Chapter Two, I emphasize for them that "he's come a long way, baby, to get where he's got to today." And I point out that, as he says, he got there by following the principles outlined in the book.

Tracy walks you through clarifying your values, an analyzing your beliefs, to help you see how you are responsible for what happens to you, enabling you to create your own future. Many people have self-limiting beliefs, and Tracy talks about how that will hold you back, and encourages you in overcoming them, but also how to use your own weaknesses to help you grow -- as when he talks about making something out of your fears.

Tracy talks about financial goals (there's quite a bit on this, as perhaps befits someone whose major "fear" was of being poor), family goals (you don't spend more intimate time with others, do you?), health goals (I've met him; one of my goals is to be as fit as he is), and finding your "major definite purpose" in life (you can only have one!).

At times, the book gets a little bogged down in clichés. On the other hand, there's no denying that if you actually live them, those clichés can help. I also have the audio version of this book, which I've probably listened to at least two dozen times: I always get hung up on the sentence "For example, if your value is that this is a good world to live in and your belief is that you are going to be very successful in life, you will expect that everything that happens to you is helping you in some way." (Kindle Locations 429-430.) I mean, for goodness sake, isn't "this is a good world to live in," actually a BELIEF? Still, the point that your limiting beliefs are the major obstacle to success and happiness in life is pretty much undeniable.

All-in-all, to borrow a term from all the cooking shows I like watching, Mr. Tracy's book constitutes a kind of "reduction" of all the best self-help books I've ever read, and I've read a lot.

If, after reading Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want -- Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible, you find yourself unable to reach your goals, that can only mean one thing.

You read, but did not understand, Mr. Tracy's book.
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on May 29, 2015
This is a great book on Goal setting if your new to Brian Tracy materials.
The book covers clarifying your values, to analyzing your beliefs, determining your true Goals, How to set Goals ,and work toward achieving them. The book offers lots of good tip and techniques on goal achieving from writing it down on paper to visualization.
The Drawback of this book is its mostly a repeat of Brian Tracy's other books and materials. Its a great buy if your new to Brian Tracy! Not so great if you are already familiar with his materials.
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on July 31, 2013
....if you really know what you want!!!..But why today more than ever do we keep changing our mind or dont even really know what we would want in the first place? Im in my 50's and for the last 15 yrs I have asked mumerous people that if they were given 1 million dollars and never had to work again what would they do. And not one person had an inspiring goal that made me want to go..."so lets go for it. I'm in. I will help!" It always starts with "First thing i would do is pay off my____"

I am looking forward to anyone, and I mean anyone to just come here and say.............."I read all the books on marketing yourself, motivational books, books on how to write a book so youll be considered an expert in your field, but this book showed me how to just be myself and take my strengths and capitalize on them with the likes and dislikes I have." PLEASE SHOW ME ONE PERSON WHO CAN SAY THIS ABOUT THIS BOOK!(or any book) Because that is what we ALL need. Ever wonder why someone will give a great ,simple,easy,suggestion and go, "sure its easy to maker money. Buy something on ebay OR Amazon and just keep reselling it at a much higher price?" Why dont we all follow the OBVIOUS choices? I will tell you-Its because for some people...just seeing the 'clarity" the ease, the end of the road is all they need to motivate them and focus. They are what I call "hustlers." but in a good way.They chase a buck. Like the kids we knew growing up that had a newspaper route,sold used baseball cards in school and was the class bookie in junior high! Money gets them high!Hustlers s who attract money seem to be born and THEY need the goals list, but what about the deeper folk like us who want to taste life at the bone!!!? But what about those of us who need to do something to make money, but money alone is not enough? Lets be honest...how many of us would open up a dry cleaner in our neighborhood if we were guaranteed to make at least $75k a year for each one we put up and our outlay is only 25k which any bank would fund? Most of us still wouldnt do it.........and THESE BOOKS ARE NOT GETTING TO WHY THAT IS! Our ancestors of just 100 yrs ago would jump on that. They came here strictly to advance themselves and learning to love their work and "finding themselves" was just a bonus that happened by accident while doing 'real work." My question to all of America and all its authors are....Why have we all gotten so lethargic, apathetic and complacent at jobs we don't like, even if they pay huge $$$? Why was money enough 60-100 yrs ago but now it is not. What is emerging from our psyche. I may be more curious than most because I left the thing I love most to be a stock broker and make big money, and wound up neither making the big money nor being happy at the job. Double loss. I'm sure no one relates to that. -) WHY HAVE HUNDREDS OF GOAL BOOKS COME OUT IN THE LAST 20 YRS, AND WHERE IS ALL THE SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE THEY SHOULD HAVE CREATED? I myself have had written goals since I was a teenager, and had both journals,diary's,and 3x5 REMINDER CARDS in my wallet for over 20 yrs, and every year I cant figure out why nothing gets scratched off the list.But ever goal book tells us about Coach Lou Madden who wrote like 109 goals down and has completed 101 of them including having dinner with the president. Why don't any of us know just one person, just one like that!

How about a single mom of 35 starting to take ballet lessons and by 50 has her own string of studios. Something simple.I don't hear anyone doing this. And especially you dont hear of people over 45 and especially 50 starting and accomplishing anything worthwhile except to lose 8 pounds or run 2 miles.(Yawn!)I originally gave this book 5 stars, but when I realized how little I accomplished from reading it over and over for years, I felt it should get only 4 stars but is a 5 for being interesting. Do we need someone to write a book called: How do people who never write their goals down succeed? Would that help us to go with the flow of life better? Maybe some of us only thought for 30 years we always wanted to be a professional ball player until we become a grand dad at 50 or a dad at 35 and realize our 10 yr old child wears us out! If we cant keep up with a 10 year old..could we ever have kept up with the best adults in the world? Im one of those people,by the way.

AM I ALONE HERE? Something has shifted in Americas consciousness and the next generation of authors will have to address it! But what do WE do till then?
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on October 9, 2014
Let's suppose, hypothetically, that you've never felt like you manage to finish a task.

Or you have a lot of dreams and hopes, but they never seem to come to fruition.

Or you spend a lot of time working, and you have no idea what you're getting out of working so much because you don't really know what you're working toward.

Or you look around at where other people are and think that maybe you just lack the education, or the potential, or the drive, or the passion, or the work ethic to make it like they did.

But what if you could tackle life in such a way that you knew you couldn't fail? You'd succeed at whatever you put your hand to? You knew exactly why you show up at work every morning, precisely what you're working toward, and definitively how soon you're going to achieve success?

Brian Tracy, entrepreneur, businessman, and author of Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want --- Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible, may be the answer to the problem. Tracy recounts his own experience working a number of different jobs but never really getting anywhere, until he started to conduct research into the lives of top-performing business types in the field. Patterns began to emerge.

From those patterns, Tracy gleaned seven key elements of setting goals and twelve steps anyone can take to establish goals and achieve them. This book is his recounting of all of that information, which he frequently presents in person to huge audiences.

The book certainly provides a number of useful reminders about how to set goals based on your own personal value system and priorities. Tracy recommends things like "becoming an expert in your field" (Chapter 11) and talks about time management skills and persistence. For someone looking for a guide to take his or her life in a different direction, Tracy's book is as good as any.

The message may or may not jive with some readers, who will have been schooled that the definition of "greatness" is not necessarily monetary and professional success.

It may also not align with those who don't necessarily believe that you make your own luck, and you define your own greatness by how hard you're willing to work. Sometimes, hard work and dedication don't necessarily provide you with precisely the goals you had in mind. Sometimes, you find out that the goals you had in mind all along weren't really good for you.

Nevertheless, Tracy is a charismatic presenter of information, and the book is worth a read if you're looking to glean some ideas on how to set and take action on your goals.

# # #

Title: Goals!: How to Get Everything You Want --- Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible
Author: Brian Tracy
ISBN: 978-1605094113
Purchase here: http://amzn.to/Z5OmaT

Disclaimer: The opinions I have expressed are my own.
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on December 28, 2014
This book is great. If you tend to procrastinate which I'm guilty of from time to time, this snaps you back to the focus that you need to get what you want out of life. I'm not sure about the part where he makes it sound a bit too easy, it takes concentration and focus but isn't that why you would buy the book in the first place. That was my reason. I needed the mental boost.
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on August 9, 2013
It became clear to me that my son, once he went away to college, needed something to help keep him on track. He is bright and caring but needed more direction and motivation. To make sure he was reading it regularly I decided to read it along with him. This book helped BOTH of us deal with all the crap that was holding us back from a truly happy and successful life, primarily negative thoughts. After just the first chapter I was convinced this was going to work!
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