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on February 14, 2008
I give God Calling 5 stars. I'm giving Barbour Publishing, and any other publisher that is printing edited down versions of this book 1 star or less. I have a paperback edition that was printed by Jove Books in 1978. I just got a new hardcover edition printed by Barbour in 2000. I was going to throw out my tattered paperback, but I did a coursory comparison of a couple entries and discovered the new Barbour hardback entries all had entire paragraphs removed. And from a spritual point of view, they were VERY IMPORTANT paragraphs. Upon investigating, MANY of them have had sentances and paragraphs removed. You're better off going to a book store, and looking for an edition that that says "this book contains the complete text of the original hard cover...". The passages have completely new meanings when you read the full text as God intended. Whoever decided to edit this down should be ashamed of themselves.
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God Calling is a great daily devotional. I have been reading it on a daily basis for five consecutive years and cannot imagine starting my day without it. It was given to me as a gift by me wonderful sister, Mary Lou.

The book, based on apparitions of our Lord to two women living together in England in the 1930s, is organized by month and day with a daily message from God (through the apparition of Jesus) on how to live our life. A.J. Russell helped in the organization and editing of the book. What has been accomplished is superb as one cannot help but feel that God is calling him/her to meditation, love, and/or action.

God Calling has been vetted by the Anglican Church to insure Scripture accuracy and adherence.

I have given God Calling to many friends who were either searching for a good devotional or had become stumped spiritually. I have recommended it to many more. I know that I am not alone in my feelings for this book since most that received it or purchased a copy also begin their day with God Calling to them.
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on June 13, 2001
I just submitted a review and I should have read the "example customer reviews" before writing my first one. To anyone who would question the motive of the "two listeners" or A.J. Russell, I would encourage you to get a copy of the journal edition that includes at least one scripture related to each day's devotion. It is inferred in the book's introduction that it was through the studying of the Word of God on a daily basis that these two women grasped the insight found in God Calling. It is a supernatural event when our limited human minds take hold of divine truth, when we are given "revelations" concerning that which we formerly did not understand, that which we have not been formally educated concerning. This is not cultish or pagan mysticism at work. This is the grace of God to us who believe. If it was evil, it seems to me that another "fruit" of that evil would be for worldly fame and recognition for such profound writing. Instead, all we know is that 2 women faithfully and humbly took God at His Word that He would guide them into all truth and teach them all things and that a publisher, who loves God, decided to let the world enjoy the fruit of these women's faith. I thank God for all three of these people and I am challenged to read the Word of God for myself DAILY that I, too, may know God more fully and intimately. I applaud the attempt at warning all of us against being led astray by mystic sentiment but this book does nothing but support the foundation of solid, Biblical principals. If it repeatedly celebrates and admonishes fruits of the Spirit- LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS, SELF-CONTROL- reason tells me that it is indeed, FRUIT of the Spirit of God Himself. Remember, even Jesus said, "for the tree is known by it's fruit" (Matt. 12:33)when He was accused of being in league with satan. This book edifies God, encourages further study of the Word of God, and had the potential to transform my mind and heart to more closely resemble that of God the Father, Jesus the Son & Savior, and of the Spirit, Who is our Guide into all truth.(John 14:26) God bless all of you who are earnestly seeking Him!
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on July 22, 2002
I came across this book by accident at the bookstore. There it sat, one lonely copy with an intriguing title. The daily words of inspiration seemed to speak directly to me. With uncanny precision it has constantly provided me with support during difficult as well as happy times in my life. After owning this book for 4 years and reading it daily, I now know that it was no accident that the only copy left at the bookstore was meant for me. Buy this book....I doubt you will ever regret it.
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on October 25, 2011
Many Christians have felt blessed by "God Calling", so we must treat this matter in Truth out of love for them, for my opinion does not matter, but only God's truth revealed in the Bible. "God Calling" is filled with encouragements that seem "godly" and well-meaning, but we need to understand the controversy that arises when the two "listeners" claim these messages were given to them by Jesus Himself. When a Christian writes a book they would never claim their writings to be a direct revelation from God. If they did then their revelation would have to be viewed as Scripture [inerrant and infallible]. This is what Joseph Smith claimed about the extra biblical Book of Mormon.

Dear reader, please pray for wisdom before reading further. [James 1:5]

"But with my friend a very wonderful thing happened. From the first, beautiful messages were given to her FROM THE LORD HIMSELF, and every day from then these messages have never failed us. We felt all unworthy and overwhelmed my the wonder of it,and could hardly realize that we were being taught, trained and encouraged day by day BY HIM PERSONALLY,when millions of souls who are far worthier, had to be content with guidance from the Bible, sermons, their Churches, books and other sources." "God Calling" Page 11-12

THIS IS AN EXTRAORDINARY CLAIM. She's claiming that her friend penned the very words of Christ through her. This means that the book "God Calling" would have equal authority with the Bible. Do we believe this? Or is the listener unaware that she is channeling a message from a seducing spirit via automatic writing? Does the message line up with Scripture?

Ther is an unorthodox use of "Power" that is more consistent with the Occult than Christianity. In fact, the writer capitalizes "P" in power. We will copy the entire paragraph so the message will not be taken out of context:

"Discipline and perfect yourselves at all costs. Do this for soon every fleeting thought will be answered, every wish gratified, every deed used. It is a fearful Power, almighty Power. Oh! Be careful that you ask nothing amiss-nothing that is not according to My Spirit. All thoughts harmful must be turned out. Miracle-working power can become WITCHERY in the wrong hands. See how necessary I have made the purity and goodness of your own lives to you. This is why. Soon, very soon, you shall ask and at once it will come. Welcome the training, Without it I dare not give you this Power. IT WOULD DO HARM." January 6

THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE STATEMENT. That any "Power" supposedly derived from the Holy, Pure and Sinless Lord could DO HARM OR BE WITCHERY? If this ONE statement is flawed and untrue the entire idea of the book being written or inspired by the true Jesus must be thrown out. And further begs the question, just what spirit whispered in the silence?
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on March 27, 2006
I've always wondered why many Christians seem so stressed and burdened that all the JOY seems sapped from their lives, like the saving work of Grace was all up to THEM and the effort required just tired all the joy right out of them. Well, this powerful little book reverberates with the truth of Jesus' redemptive works: "Not I, but the Father who dwelleth in Me doeth the work." The desire to know and live in harmony with the Will of God is kindled in the reader and the resultant JOY is restored directly to the believing heart. It doesn't matter what you are going through, whether times of joy or times of trial: "Your faith and MY Power - the only two essentials. Nothing else is needed." (Feb.3 - If Men Oppose). Stop eating spiritual "crumbs" and begin feasting on the spiritual banquet testified to within the pages of this powerful, life-changing book. It will satisfy your soul.
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on April 17, 2000
I read this little book for the first time in 1978 when it was presented to me by a friend. It then remained tucked away and forgotten until recently when I began searching for spiritual comfort, growth, and guidance. How powerful it still is! I didn't just find it something to soothe my hurts. I found it to be challenging and downright confrontational on occasion. I needed that!
The "two listeners" are not psychics, but two women wished to share with others some of the lessons God taught them in their journey together with Him.
As a means of deepening my daily devotionals, I have chosen to use a concordance and my Bible to locate the scriptures which deal with the daily topics. The "Two Listeners" CAN be validated by scripture. I would challenge their skeptics to use God's Word for proof.
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VINE VOICEon March 11, 2000
In 1935, two women who remain anonymous and wanted to be known simply as "Two Listeners", have been given these messages from the living Christ. These messages give hope, comfort, wisdom, challenges and most of all love to it's readers. In the midst of poverty and disillusionment these two women were able to find comfort from words spoken in the depths of their hearts. We too can find wisdom if we listen with an open mind and heart, Christ will speak to us and lead us on our way to becoming our other self, with hearts renewed by Christ himself. God Calling and God at Eventide are daily meditations that can be read each day. I also like to read excerpts from Through Seasons of the Heartby John Powell and Grace Grace in Every Season: Through the Year With Catherine De Hueck Doherty
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on March 1, 2000
I have read this devotional every day for the past seven years. I have found this book to be inspirational and helpful in keeping me focused on my daily walk with Christ. This book comes to us from two "Listeners". It occurred to me that it doesn't really matter how these God-inspired messages came about, it only matters that these messages lead others to God's love. A truly comforting and uplifting source of peace.
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on May 7, 2003
i would just like to say, the lord jesus christ has blessed me so much with this book,it is a pricless blessing of my life,the lord knows i was going through a very hard and difficult time in me life,and he knew what i needed most the lord is my shepard i shall not want,there was alot of things in the bible i did not understand,in his word he said when he was alone with his disciples he explained to them,and that it what i feel he has done with me in this book and more,the lord jesus is so good!!i cant even explain all that it has helped me,it even helped me to read the bible more,well because the lord nows what i go through oh he has really helped me so much,to wonderful to even explain,i did pray to the lord about this book,because the lord knows i only want his truth,and he has confirmed to me time and time again that this is from him,its just so amazing and yes to be skeptical is okcause the lord wants us to be diserning,he also wants us to have a chid like faith,and trust him,simple trust he wont fail us,and he will lead us in all truth its a promise he will never leave us or forsake us is a promise!i would recomend this book {blessing} to everyone!!!!i also think its neat that the two listeners wanted to be anomenus,cause they were not looking for praise for thierselves and they could have,cause in john chap.7 verse18 the lord showed me it says,thosewho present thier own ideas are looking for praise for themselves,but those who seek to honer the one who sent them are good and genuine i believe we should never limit his word,where he says where two or more are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them, thy word is a lamp unto my feet,and a light unto my path."and the word was made flesh and dwelt amoung us.and jesus is the same yesterday,today and forever.if he did it for his disciples he will truley do it for us,i just want to say jesus is awsome and his name alone is excellent!!!!
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