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It's the debate of the ages, this time in a college classroom, and the verdict will be life changing. Atheist philosophy instructor Prof. Radisson opens the first day of class by proposing that, in order to forgo "dusty arguments" and failing grades, students may hand in a piece of paper declaring that "God Is Dead". Josh Wheaton, a Christian is unable to bring himself to make such a declaration and must defend his faith to prove to the class that God is not dead after all.

Willie Robertson, David A.R. White
1 hour, 54 minutes

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I was going to keep my silence, but cannot hold it any longer. My wife and I rented this movie and decided to watch it together after both kids were shown it at church camp and said they liked it. T-shirts were given out. This thing was really promoted. But I had a feeling about this movie. I hoped my suspicions were wrong. Many Christian films are lacking a bit in production quality or have sappy acting and dialogue, but I can overlook much of this if there is a good story, a good moral. Some films are really quite excellent. My wife and I are both Christians, but after 20 minutes we had to shut this movie off. Neither of us could take it any longer. It represents much of what is terribly wrong with politically charged Christianity today. I went ahead and read what the rest of the plot is, no surprises... its not a journey I am willing to take when so much of the plot, dialogue, and characterizations amount to lies and straw-man arguments. Jesus said the truth will set you free. This movie does not uphold the truth so much as erode away at it, or heap so much bitterness and twisting of facts as to make it wholly un-palpable. It is basically a conglomeration of Facebook-style posts or email forwards you typically see from fundamentalists that tend to demonize non-believers, college professors, Muslims, etc., while picturing Christians as innocent and terribly persecuted. It does not seek understanding, It does not help those who want to follow Jesus be more like him, or follow His teachings... instead, it really violates some basic principles of the Gospel. It seeks to indoctrinate us for an imagined war that is being waged in the minds of ultra-conservatives and fear-mongers in the political arena. It seeks to divide and tells lies, in order to get Christians angry and politically motivated. No thank you.
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440 of 565 people found the following review helpful By Noah Howerton on March 27, 2015
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This movie is offensive on so many different levels, but the portrayal of all non-christians as evil sort of takes the cake.

If you look at each non-believer they portray, they portray them in the most negative possible light. As if not believing in god ensures you also are just an all around horrible person. When an atheist gets cancer or terminally ill, all of their atheist loved ones cut them off.

Muslims that convert to other reliigions are invariably disowned by their parents, as if this phenomenon is unique to Muslim families. Evangelical Christian parents are never upset when their daughter marries a muslim, jew, or atheist ... and converts.

My favorite though, is the assumption that everyone behaves like evangelical christians and tries to push their system of beliefs on all those around them. They portray all of the college professors as atheists ... who spend their time persecuting christians. In reality, professors generally do not bring religion into their classrooms. Most atheists likewise avoid the topic of religion. The most vocal about *religion*, are the ultra religious evangelical christians. The *only* instance where religion entered the classroom during my 8 years of college was with a professor that was evangelical. She was easily the most prejudicial, ignorant, and offensive professor I've ever encountered.

The greatest part was the list of legal cases they seemed to site as motivation for the movie's production ... which was a list of religious organizations that fought for their "right" to receive public funding. Funding that I think most Americans would rather see in the hands of non-denominational, non-religious, student organizations promoting education, tolerance, and the freedom of religion in America ... and it's separation from the state.
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452 of 582 people found the following review helpful By classicalsteve on March 31, 2015
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I'll preface this review by saying when I saw some of the trailers, I found the premise of the film somewhat interesting: a student challenging a professor about the existence of God. However, the problem with this film is less about its core premise and more about its nearly insufferable rhetoric which overtakes much of the story. The first sign of trouble occurs at the very beginning. In "God is not Dead", at fictional Hadleigh University, Professor Radisson (Kevin Sorbo) insists in an introductory philosophy class his students sign a statement which unequivocally states God is dead, meaning that God never existed. The idea is that he can't get on with his lectures unless the idea of God's existence or non-existence doesn't need to be debated. If a professor at a public university, and probably many private accredited universities, forced his or her students to sign a statement that God did not exist, that professor's tenure position would be in jeopardy. From the start, the premise has already been tainted with a rather ludicrous plot device. (And let's not forget that at private Evangelical universities, like Bob Jones and the like, students are taught unequivocally that not only does God exist but use religious texts in many non-religious courses.) The main plot of the film is that Josh Wheaton refuses the professors' insistence of signing the statement. So Wheaton must try to prove that science can't disprove the existence of God, which at first seems an interesting challenge. However, as we'll see, the rhetoric of Wheaton's arguments shift during the course of the film.

The film actually has several story lines interacting at once.
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