Customer Reviews: God's Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It
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on April 26, 2005
I cannot believe this book received more than 3 stars from anyone. It's a clumsily veiled Bush Bashing Book covered in Bible leather. The concept is great! I bought the book based on Wallis' concept, and I do believe that Mr. Wallis' ideas regarding faith in the US are essentially correct -- the right do get it WRONG, and the left DOESN'T get it at all. But this book gets it WRONG most of the time too because of its hate-filled jabs at the Republicans and President Bush. Yes, he does take jabs at Democrats and the left too, but they are the half-hearted jabs of a wussy, girly-man. Wallis' pre-Iraqi war peace plan was a totally unworkable joke. His research, if any, is taken right off the op-ed pages of the New York Times. Every time I think he's putting some meat to his convictions or outlining a workable plan, he spews prose right out of the Micheal Moore movie. Jim Wallis shame on you for wrapping yourself in God to justify such an obvious anti-Bush Book. You don't get it either... It's good that HE forgives.
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on July 12, 2005
This book is marketed as a balanced view of the clash between fundamentalists Christians and secularist liberals. Do not be deceived! It is purely a front for him to spout his clearly leftist views of government.

He implies that socially concerned Christians must inherently be politically liberal and be in favor of government/welfare-state solutions for problems of poverty. This is ridiculous. There is no conflict in being a socially concerned Christian and also a strong proponent of market-based solutions.

This book is an insidious attempt to recruit politically ignorant Christians for the Democratic Party by using the language of faith.
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on February 5, 2005
...or political decisions. Political decisions should be made on the relative merits of our society's needs. The best question for any politician should be, "What is best for the greater good?" The question should not be, "What is best for the greater good, considering my religious convictions." This book, like the vast majority of American politics, subscribes to the answers of the tenents of the former question, rather than the latter. The death of secular politics is writ large in this pathetic surrender to the Right. The more I read, the more I understand why GW is president.
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Jim Wallis, like others of his ilk, uses religion to cloak his political agenda. "God's Politics" is just another left-wing political tract that calls for massive public funding and government infrastructures to "solve" every social problem. Every problem is described in the most extreme language. All criticisms of those not agreeing with Wallis' views are also extreme and, often, provably untrue.

Wallis fails to attribute his social solutions to Marx, Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler and other original authors, but instead claims they are divinely inspired. Any student of history would realize that these are old nostrums, requiring that earners be stripped of their earnings by bureaucrats in order to "redistrbute" wealth, make everyone equal in their misery and thus create a perfect world.

Some of Wallis' ideas echo the long discredited America First that pretended that there was no evil in the world meriting the attention of the United States. Ignoring such evil resulted in WWII and the deaths of millions of innocent people.

It could be argued that Wallis is well-intentioned. I doubt it. The self-absorption demonstrated in the book depicts a man of ego, not a man of religion. Wallis must recount all the luminaries he claims to know, all the events he has attended.

In short, Wallis is political and so is his professed god.

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on April 6, 2006
Wallis discusses again and again in detail stressing the terrible deeds performed by Saddam Hussein while the latter was head of Iraq. Fine and this is good but he proposes (while using other quotes) no real solution. He talks about using a UN protectorate forcing more sanctions on Saddam's Iraq rather than conquering it by military force. This never could have worked! In former Saddam aid Georges Sada's own book (available on amazon) he discusses how Saddam was collecting a superpowerful superfortune through smuggling Iraqi oil outta neighboring Iran. Iran would have been no help in the UN sanctioning Iraq heavier. Syria probbaly wouldn't either. Invasion was the only way to get Saddam out, as Bush did in 2003. Point is moot now anyway.
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on February 25, 2005
Want to know God's politics? Really know them? Then read the Bible. Wallis gets some right, some wrong. He picks and chooses the parts of the Bible he likes & leaves out the rest. You cannot embrace and honor only part of the Bible; you either respect it as God's divine law or you don't. Therefore, the moral laws, politically correct or not, are just as important as the parts that discuss helping the poor and needy. All of God's Word is worth reading. I have nothing against Willis, who has his opinions, but I'm saddened that people feel that they need someone else to tell them what God's politics are; He has already done so. Pick up a Bible and see for yourself. The true point is knowing Jesus and His love. If you know this, the rest of it will fall into place, regardless of the voices of political parties or authors. Men are fallible. God's Word isn't.
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on January 31, 2005

To preface this, I consider myself more or less a conservative Christian, although I generally despise pinheads like Pat Robertson / Jerry Falwell, namely because they have no idea what they're talking about and make the rest of the church look like blathering idiots.

While I applaud Wallis for bringing an oft-overlooked segment of the church, the premise of the book is highly flawed, theologicically. Jesus, Paul, James, and the whole of the New Testament philosophy gave absolutely no indication that the church should advocate a welfare state. The church should be the physical presence of Christ on earth, not a government. Paul hinted that communes within the confines of the church may be a good idea in some situations, but that's as far as socialism should be considered by the Christian. The gospels deal with matters of the heart, between God and man...and to extrapolate that into making a government an extension and moral agent of the church is a HIGHLY dubious position.
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on February 9, 2005
I was so looking forward to reading this book. Could not take it after the first chapter. Was expecting a great unbiased intellectual discourse...was I ever disappointed. The pronouns changed from "I" to "we"...who is "we" and were did "they" come from? Who are you speaking for? Now I get it. No offence, this isn't God's Politics, it's Jim Wallis's politics.
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on January 18, 2005
Good advice,all this requires any person to surrender to a higher source prior to a major change to take place.
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on April 21, 2005
As a committed progressive liberal, I found nothing of value in this sentimental and garbled stack of trash called a book. Science and philosophy should be our guide, not some ridiculous notion of a "big brother in the sky". Jim Wallis seems to be enamored with the idea of a groundswell of progressive Jesus Freaks running all over the place with Bibles in their hands. We don't need or want his outmoded and fallacious religion. Science and intelligent discourse are what we crave.
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