Customer Reviews: Goin Down Rockin: The Last Recordings
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on September 26, 2012
Might be tempting to compare these with Johnny Cash's last recordings. They're both emotional, holding nothing back. But Waylon was for sure goin' down rockin'. This is some hardass country music, and there is for sure nothing like it coming out of Nashville today. Great thing is that Waylon wrote all but one of the songs, so they're very personal.
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on September 27, 2012
This is some of the best that Waylon has done in recent years. "A Man Called Hoss" is also a great one. Wish he were still around plugin' out the good tunes. Waylon's music always came from the heart and this one comes from deep down. Yes you can hear a little of the age and poor health in his voice, that voice is still better than most of the other singers out there today. If you're a Waylon fan ( and I know you've heard this about other releases) you must have "Goin' Down Rockin'".
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on September 25, 2012
'Ol Hoss can still take the industry by storm from the grave ten years after his passing. There is nothing out there aside from Jamey Johnson that can hold a candle to the power of this music. Still kickin butt on music row Hoss!
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on September 30, 2012
I last saw Waylon perform at a Casino in LeeLanau Michigan in August a few months before we lost him. He was in good voice and gave us a full show. We stayed for 2 shows and both were great. Very shortly after Waylon took a turn for the worse and the rest we all know.
I had high hopes for this just released CD Goin' Down Rockin'. I had been a follower of Waylon's since 1965 when I first heard his great voice. I had been a DJ in 1959 playing R&R but the move to acid Rock in the late Sixties pushed me over to Country Music and there was Waylon like no one I had ever heard.
For 47 years I have waited for Waylon's releases always with great anticipation. I must say hearing this Cd was about to be released had me wondering about his latter day vocal capacities. But I was worried for nothing this is one of the very best collections of Waylon's music I have ever heard . The backing musicians are obviously people who knew and loved Waylon. They have developed this music as if Waylon was in the room and that shines through the whole project. The Goin' Down Rockin' cut is one of the finest Waylon songs and sounds I have ever heard. So to Waylon Hoss heads everywhere Buy it, you'll love it.
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on September 29, 2012
These songs were recorded by Waylon mainly with just an acoustic guitar and bass, after his death, good friend Turner brought in Reggie Young and Waylon's band and finished the tracks. Jessi Colter didnt want to make these available right away as it would look like they were just cashing in on Waylon's death, maybe so, but as a fan, I would have liked to got these in 2002, not a full Decade later! I mean come on!
Waylon's voice is stromng but they sound "airy" as if they were recorded in a open room with just an open mic, which was true. But they did a good job producing these songs as best they could to give them a professional sound to them as if they were actual studio session recodings as per making a new album. The material is very enjoyable and Waylon penned most of these song himself! This is for sure a MUST OWN for any Waylon fan! In a age where most new CD's of Waylon are rip off's and same old material just repackaged, here's a legit new release of ORIGINAL Material! Along with 2007 "Walyon Forever" which was produced by his son Shooter, thats all there has been released for new Studio material.
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on October 3, 2012
Three years before his untimely passing in 2002, Waylon Jennings spent a few days laying down what would be his last studio performances. Recorded in his friend (and steel guitarist) Robbie Turner's home studio, the tapes featured Jennings and his guitar working out new music and revisiting older tunes. Jennings no longer had the full vocal power of his earlier years, but his phrasing, tone and low baritone notes were intact; he sounds physically weakened in spots, but still mentally charged. Shortly after the sessions, Jennings moved back to Phoenix, and the tapes sat unfinished until last year, when Turner gathered select players to add instrumental backings to the performances. The result closely captures the flavor of Jennings' earlier recordings, skillfully weaving the players around Jennings and his guitar into a final mix that feels whole.

By utilizing players who'd worked with Jennings before, Turner was able to craft backings that are sympathetic to the singer and his sound. As with Johnny Cash's American Recordings, there's an unmistakable specter of mortality coloring the songs and performances. The title track is unapologetic, summing up Jennings' last stand with the hook line "if I can't go down rockin', ain't gonna go down at all." There's also a fired-up early run-through of "Never Say Die," which would become the title of Jennings last live set in 2000. Earlier songs take on added poignancy, such as a version of "I Do Believe" that's sung wearily, as if struggling to balance the hear-and-now with a here-after that was closing in. Similarly, "Belle of the Ball" is rendered more wistful and nostalgic here than as originally heard on 1977's Ol' Waylon.

Hearing these songs as life-end reflections is partly a product of hindsight. Jennings then-new "Friends in California" would have been the story of a wounded spirit in 1970, but looking back at 1999 from 2012, the protagonist's troubles read more prophetic and terminal. Similarly, the romantic resignation of "The Ways of the World" is layered with additional meaning as Jennings contemplates "the ways of this whole world are not always fair / most things are never what we want to find," and Turner dresses this latter song in steel guitar and atmospheric interludes that underscore the song's pondering. Arriving ten years after Jennings passing, this set is like a letter delayed in the mail; it's unexpected, enjoyable and bittersweet. 3-1/2 stars, if allowed fractional ratings. [©2012 Hyperbolium]
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on December 28, 2012
This is a 2012 Turner-Up records release, containing twelve tracks with a total playing time of 45 minutes.

All the recorded material was either composed or co-written by Waylon Jennings. Among his song writing partners are Tony Joe White, Bobby Emmons and Troy Seals. These artists are some of the best in the business, who have penned country classics for themselves and others throughout the decades.

Waylon Jennings was a major artist who achieved a highly successful mainstream country career by the mid-sixties. Unfortunately, his recorded output from this era is mostly overlooked and neglected. Listening to this material, one can sense musical clues as to the creative direction the artist was moving towards as the seventies approached.

Mr. Jennings global reputation was established when he, Willie Nelson and others created the "Outlaw" musical genre. During the seventies, its popularity elevated Waylon to an international superstar, who enjoyed success in the country, rock, pop and sometimes blues arenas. The songs he created were bold, rebellious and layered with raw emotion. His albums were constant best sellers and concert appearances were consistently sold out.

As the decades passed, his career began to eclipse. Age, health issues, changing musical tastes all conspired to negatively impact his career. Record sales faltered and casino stages were substituted for concert hall venues. However, Waylon, even through this adversity, never stopped composing, playing or performing at the highest level.

This CD is a testament to the artist's zeal. He laid these tracks down as solo performances between 1999 and 2002. The material consists of new songs and some reworked tunes from his original set. Some of the reconstructed material includes,"I Do Believe" originally recorded by the Highwaymen. "Belle of The Ball" was the b side to Waylon's mega hit" Lukenbach, Texas" and "Goin' Down Rockin" was a main stay on his concert play list during the nineties.

Following Waylon's' 2002 passing, Robby Turner began the audacious task of adding instrumental tracks to the previously recorded vocals. He recruited some of the top tier session players, and with great care and devotion, began to build these tracks into a finished product.

The songs are completely seamless between the singer and the musicians. It sounds as if each track was recorded by Waylon and the band in the same studio. "Friends in California" has a nice Bakersfield flavor and "The Ways of The World" reflects an outlaw psychedelic musical influence. "Wrong Road to Nashville" and "She was No Good for me" contains some of Waylon's most poignant lyrics.

Listening to this CD, it's obvious that Waylon expected his initial tracks to be blended with a band. His recorded legacy shows that he never had an interest in a stripped down or acoustic set. This project is an artistic success from start to finish. Waylon and the musicians, demonstrate a marvelous musical chemistry. The playing is rich and country soulful and blends effortlessly with Waylon's vocal passion.
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VINE VOICEon March 4, 2013
When I first heard about GOIN' DOWN ROCKIN', I was less than floored. Let's face it: Waylon's best music came around in the seventies, and while he still remained a reliable singer/songwriter/musician up until his death, whenever a legend dies, people flock to take advantage of it. Waylon passed away ten years ago, all the more reason to be suspect of this album.

Surprisingly, ROCKIN' is a solid album. There are moments that feel unfinished ("The Ways of the World" definitely feels incomplete), but the album as a whole is very rewarding. Even yet another rendition of "I Do Believe" feels kind of fresh; perhaps its the honesty with which he wrote it, or the knowledge that we're hearing it posthumously. He gives a heartfelt take of "Belle of the Ball," an album highlight; and even in the light-hearted "If My Harley Was Runnin'," he offers up a moment of pure poeticism: "There are places in Texas a man can still get lost."

His voice in fine form right up to his passing, Waylon Jennings remains one of those landmark singers, who transcended genre and crafted some truly beautiful music. As far as posthumous releases go, GOIN' DOWN ROCKIN' is up there among the best; you don't expect performances of this calibre after an artists passes away, and certainly not something so revisionist as "Sad Songs and Waltzes" (even if his version pales next to Willie Nelson's original). This is perhaps an album exclusively for Waylon fans; yet don't let that put you off, thinking that it's some hack collection. These are solid recordings featuring some great songs. While this probably isn't the last "new" music we'll hear from Waylon, odds are it'll be the last truly good stuff, so if you're a fan, there's little reason to pass this album up.
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on October 16, 2012
Robby Turner has done an admiral job surrounding these studio recordings with a spirited sound montage. Waylon recorded these originally playing only his acoustic guitar. All songs were written by Waylon, some from earlier in his career. His voice still sounding good but not up to his heyday. All solid recordings. However, there is part of me who would have been just as happy to hear these songs as they were originally recorded. Just the man and his guitar....looking back down the road at what went down and wondering what if anything good was up ahead. At his peak, no one past or present ever had the power, the force, the deep beauty of his voice. I saw him in concert about 4-5 months before he died. He sang Dylan's "Things Have Changed" and avoided singing any of his top 40 hits. (thank god) A real artist!
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on November 3, 2012
When I came across this cd on amazon I knew I had to have it. Before his untimely death Waylon went into the studio and cut a number of songs with just an accoustic guitar and a bass. After his death his band members completed the recording. What we have is twelve songs, eleven written by Waylon, that keep your feet tapping and your heart singing. These are very personal songs, but done Waylon style. Waylon knew he was dying but included songs like 'Going Down Rockin (by Tony Joe White), Never Say Die, and Wastin' Time. Waylon includes a song that appeared previously on one of his albums, Belle Of the Ball, which is pure poetry for the romantic soul. And for those of us who love blues we have 'Shakin' the Blues' which delivers an amazing punch. This is one great way of saying goodbye. Waylon, we miss you man.
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