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PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset - Jet Black
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on May 21, 2014
Edition: GoldVerified Purchase
Bought for my boyfriend. The house is no longer filled with gunshots and police sirens. No more military comands followed by loud bangs. No longer do I wake up at 2am from the sound of a hooker's final scream or a tractor trailer truck exploding. There are no more voices of people who are simultaneously in my living room and South Carolina.

A+ product. Highly recommended!
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on February 12, 2014
Edition: Gold
I bought these yesterday and I come from Astro A40's. The setup is a piece of cake and they are super comfortable. For the sound, I read certain reviews complaining about the max volume. Take this into consideration, Battlefield 4 playing at max volume, you stand near a tank or heavy gun fire and your ears will want to explode of how loud and clear the sound is.

Guys, for $100 you get wireless, easy setup, great construction quality, 7.1 surround, custom profiles in the future, think about it. What more can you expect for $100. The other headsets in comparison and 2 to 3 times the price.

If you want something that is good and works and don't want to blow 300, trust me and just buy this. Other reviews that complain about certain things, obviously are not considering the price point and are comparing to headsets that are double and triple the price.
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on February 13, 2014
Edition: Gold
I have been waiting for the official PS4 cans to be released but got sick of the wait and got some Turtle Beach PX4s last month. While the TBs satisfied my desires and more, I didn't expect this headset to blow the TB out of the water! I bought these over the past weekend and am already in love with them.

My expectations admittedly weren't high because of the reasonable price point, but it's obvious Sony really put effort into producing a gaming headset with good sound quality. There will be plenty of professional reviews about quality of sound so I'll leave the technicalities to them, but for gaming this headset will go beyond your needs.

I'm not a fan of the look at all. When rumors were circulating and pictures were released over the previous months, I was sure they were nothing more than rumors cause why would Sony release a headset so ugly? In person, however, the headset is pretty stylish...weird, I know. Then again, it's not like I'll be looking at the headset while it's on my head anyway!

They are comfortable enough to wear for the entire run of battery life (I've gotten 8 hrs so far) and they charge very quickly (about 45 mins on empty, in my experience). The only downside is the pleather used on the cups themselves don't breathe as well as the TB headsets, but it's by no means a deal breaker. Also, I wear think plastic glasses with these on and there is absolutely no issue whatsoever.

The headset has the ability to fold, which is a great convenience, and comes with a travel case! Setup is nonexistent as all you have to do is plug in the USB "gumstick" and fire up these puppies. Once you do that, they work immediately. The USB stick isn't a distraction, but would have been great if Sony have eliminated the need for it.

It's obvious that Sony cut alot of corners to keep the price of the headset down, so in some ways they feel cheap yet sturdy. I wouldn't leave these around very young children if it can be avoided, but they can take some jostling.

IMHO the sound is really good. I realize these aren't made to compete with the Boses of the world, so for gaming they're superb. The virtual 7.1 channel surround sound is impressive and effective; markedly better than the PX4s...I mean the difference is night and day! The sound stage feels a bit more natural and less stiff, also you really feel immersed in the game. With the PX4s I could tell someone was around me in BF4 but not where they were...with the Gold's I can tell exactly where they are. Planes flying overhead and boats running nearby are easily detectable. The mic is hidden and works well too; my friends have all mentioned how clear my voice comes through.
You can select "flat" sound by selecting '1' on the headset, or get a bit more low-end effect (LFE, bass) by selecting '2.' With the companion app, see below, '2' sound profile can be replaced with presets from developers.

The controls for the headset are all on the hardware itself, so until you become familiar with where all the buttons are you will have to take them off to see what buttons you're pushing but you'll adjust quickly.

The companion app:

The app was released this week and works as a mixer. It comes with 2 presets for gaming, movies, and music, plus a free preset for you to customize (low, mid, high) in each section for a total of 9 different presets. I am excited to see how they expand the utility of the app.
One thing to keep in mind: the headset and the PS4 don't keep the preset saved so you'll have to "load" it each time you turn on the PS4. A small annoyance but only takes an extra 10 seconds of time.
***Correction: the headset preset does in fact save until it is replaced with another or restored to default. Also, as of this review, the headset must be plugged in to change presets or restore factory defaults.***

I tried to be objective with this review, but I can't help the fact that this headset is so great regardless of price point. I would recommend it to a friend, family, or stranger. If you're on the fence about these just go ahead and get them, break them in for a few hours, then you'll understand!
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on March 12, 2014
Edition: Gold
After giving these a good few weeks of playing several titles on the PS4 (Battlefield 4, Resogun, Outlast, Dead Nation, to name a few), I absolutely have enjoyed this set. Notably in BF4 where I could hear more of my surroundings than I could before, specifically the direction of threats and gunfire. The chat is clear, and I have had no complaints from others when I speak, even at just above a whisper when my family is sleeping, also note there is no boom microphone, I couldn't tell you where the mic input is by looking at it. Adjusting between the powerful sound and ability to hear chat clearly takes some trial and error to get to a preferable level. Otherwise, if you have no one to chat with, crank the sound, it's very satisfying to hear and feel the booms. Be careful though, I really cranked these bad boys on day one, I am pretty sure I couldn't hear clearly for a solid few hours, they are powerful.

The included 3.5mm cable can directly connect to your PS4 controller as well, so you won't burn through the battery as quickly, but in turn, you will lose the virtual surround sound. Otherwise, the battery life is well beyond what I expected, I played numerous games over the course of 3-4 hours, and only one bar had depleted according to the pop-up menu when pressing the PS button. Before initial use, I would recommend allowing the set to charge completely before use (about 3 and a half hours).

The included USB charging cable is short, very short, not really viable to play and charge at the same time, but an aftermarket cable can fix that pretty easily.

The buttons allow a lot of flexibility as well, adjusting chat vs. sound volume, an option to turn VSS (Virtual Surround Sound) off and on at the touch of a button, a minor gripe with this is that there is no determining feature to locate the buttons by touch, after some use, you will commit them to memory pretty easy. The simplest way to differentiate them is they are all on the left ear cup the chat/game audio adjustment is on the front, volume control in the back, VSS and the selector switch is around the bottom. A toggle switch allows you to have two separate sound settings programmed directly onto the set, you can have one setup for an FPS game, and the other set for movies, music, etc. Which is nice to change on the fly. Additionally, there is an app you can download from the PS store that allows you to utilize pre-programmed settings for different types of media and uploads them to your set, be aware that the upload feature only works when plugged in with a USB cable. To add to the positives, you can also fine-tune the sound to your liking manually as well with adjustment sliders inside the app.

As bulky and heavy as they look, I was shocked at how lightweight and comfortable they are. I don't consider myself to have large ears, but I can feel the inside of the cups on the top of my ear, but it has never become annoying or painful, so no personal complaints here. Also nice is the matte finish, unless your hands are disturbingly greasy or dirty, you won't be leaving grimey prints on these very easily. The ear-cups also adjust to height as any standard headset will. It is worth mentioning that outside the set, there are two panels where you see the Triangle, Circle, X, and Square symbols are easily removable, whether we see custom panels for these in the future, or the implication is that you can customize them yourself is beyond me, it's a small, but nice cosmetic feature. I could see myself maybe throwing a FoxHound sticker on them, as I am a Metal Gear geek. (Can't wait for Ground Zeroes/The Phantom Pain!)

With all the good, there is a couple of minor complaints. The sound transmission seems to periodically become interfered with, or drops out. I can't tell where the issue stems from, but sometimes I will have distorted, broken, or scratchy audio. I know that it isn't a distance issue, as I am typically within 5-10 feet from my console at any given time. I thought at first this was purely an issue with Battlefield 4 (given the problems the game has had, it wouldn't have surprised me), but it happened with other titles. This rarely happens, and is a minor annoyance at worst. Another minor complaint is the USB dongle that is required to use with your PS4, you only have two ports as it is, and if you plan to use the headset regularly, you are now down to one. This is still minor unless you rely on the other port to charge your controller.

Overall, this is a great set, and it is difficult to find a VSS headset for the price range. If you're budget conscious like I am, and can only afford to splurge on a new toy periodically or you just want something to keep noise down for roommates and/or family, you can't go wrong with something that has the Playstation stamp of approval.

**UPDATE**: a couple days ago, this set just hit a mont old, there is an aluminum rod that allows free movement to compact into a more storable form factor. I am not rough on this set at all, but the plastic guide on the right earcup has broken. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT!!!
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on March 19, 2014
Edition: GoldVerified Purchase
I've been using these for a couple of months now. I use them on the PS4 and also on my PC for music. My most recent headphones are the monster turbine in-ear headphones. So keep that in mind, I'm not someone who is use to the junk headphones that come with your i-Pod/i-Phone. I got these because I don't like the headphone cord sticking out of the jack on the bottom of the controller. I think the sound quality of this headset is great, I definitely don't have a single complaint about it.

The quick review is that I really like these headphones, I highly recommended them. You get high quality sound, good bass, wireless connection via USB, they are easy to use and for $100, these are absolutely sweet. I think it'd be hard to beat at that price. I use them whenever I can. I mainly purchased these because they are wireless and my girlfriend doesn't like to be woken up by late night gaming ;) I'll hit some topics in greater detail below. I enjoy the headphones enough to at least address the complaints I've read before and after purchasing them.

I've read people complaining about there not being enough bass with these. There's nothing wrong with the bass in my opinion. I was actually surprised at the amount of bass after I had read the complaints about it before ordering. These days I listen to mostly EDM, dub-step, techno, anything electronic really. I'm very happy with the sound. Now it should also be said that it's not crazy brain shaking, overpowering bass but it's enough. Definitely enough for gaming. I think I'm most impressed with the fact that I have yet to hear that static/crackling/distortion that sometimes follows bass sounds in poor quality headphones. These always sound clear, even at high volumes.

Now people may be experiencing problems with bass in games, not music. It never bothered me but I did find out pretty recently that I was using the PS4 app incorrectly. There are EQs that you can set to increase bass sounds and what not. You have to plug the headphones into the USB and upload the profile for it to work. I didn't know that before and was just selecting what I wanted without plugging it in. I'm not sure if I missed that somewhere or if it just wasn't in the instructions. After reading reviews, I'm obviously not the only one who has done this. Now that I've used the app correctly, there is a difference between the EQs when used. It was good before in my opinion but in-game bass improved after the app was correctly used. The music was good without it and I'm actually not sure if the app even applies when using them with other devices besides the PS4. Also you can only select one EQ at a time. Oh well, not a big deal to me.
The EQ profile that you download from the PS app does continue to work when using the headphones with other devices. In other words, the EQ setting is saved directly on the headphones and works in all situations.

There isn't any sound leakage that can be heard by others that is worth complaining about. I asked my girlfriend about it and she can hear the occasional explosion while sitting next to me but nothing major. I expect some leakage with these types of headphones. I definitely can't hear sounds outside of what is playing in the headset, I'm certain on that. Don't plan on having a conversation with others in the room while gaming with these on.

Low volume is another complaint that I can remember reading. I don't think these people have normal hearing. I think the headset gets loud enough for sure. In fact, I often do not have them turned up all the way, explosions are uncomfortable to me at high volumes. I like to play games and music pretty loud, so don't get me wrong. I just have a limit on how loud. I recommend you don't worry about this, these absolutely get loud enough.

I can't comment on the mic. It works, I can hear others clearly, easy to turn on/off and that's all I can say about it. To be honest, I never chat in games. I've found that 90% of the people talking are either annoying or racist and they end up muted lol

I used these headphones with Google+ video chat for 3 months and the mic worked great. Never had a problem with it. You can also adjust the game volume versus the chat volume via buttons on the headset.

The surround sound is cool but don't expect to be able to hear EXACTLY where other players are. This is coming from playing COD and Killzone. I read someone saying he could tell exactly where people were from all angles, high and low, with pinpoint accuracy. He wrote as if he could turn around and shoot the guy pretty much based on sound. This wasn't true for me. I can tell people are close, I can hear them walking from all sides and have a generally good idea of my surroundings. Just don't expect to be able to pinpoint the bad guys with game changing accuracy. Maybe this is a personal issue of mine but I'm happy with the virtual surround sound either way. It's better than normal headphones in this respect. Assassins Creed sounds GREAT and I was very pleased while playing Metal Gear today. Thunderstorms sound awesome in these games. Most people will be satisfied, I know I am.

These are also super easy to use. Literally plug the USB into the PS4 and turn on the headset. The sound turns off on the TV automatically and you're good to go. I have a windows 7 laptop that is a few years old and using the headset on that was just as easy. Plug it in and the drivers install automatically the first time you use it. It really couldn't be easier in my experience. I guess one thing that does suck is that the USB isn't one of those short/micro USB plugs. It sticks out a bit from the front of the PS4. No more than a USB flash-drive does however. And sure, Sony should have added Bluetooth to these but that definitely would have increased the price. I prefer the cheaper price in return for the eyesore. The real question is why isn't the USB a micro one? Not a big deal. It also has an AUX cord connection for when the USB can't be used, like in your phone. I haven't tried that so I have no idea if it sounds different or not.

I haven't experienced a problem with the range of the device or its connectivity. I can walk into the next room and hear music/games still. I haven't really tested exactly how far I can get but I didn't buy these so that I could walk all over the house with them. I can use it around my apartment but it isn't a big place by any means. You shouldn't have a problem, for sure, while gaming in front of the TV. The only time I've ever lost connection was when the battery died. Can't complain!

As far as connection range goes, don't expect to have a stable connection in a different room. The connection has never dropped on me while in the same room as my PS4. However, it will start to lose its connection when you enter a different room. I've learned this after using them at a few different locations.

Battery life last long enough, it gets at least most of the 8 hours that are advertised. Just don't forget to plug it back in after you're done! I've had to use it while charging a few times and it worked like usual out of a USB wall charger. Nothing special about the wall charger, just the USB charger I use with my phone. It does not come with one of these and the USB cord that does come with it couldn't be much shorter. The USB port in the headphones is also the same size as the port in the PS controller. So cords that charge your controller will also charge the headset.

Comfort and size isn't a problem for me. Most people will be very satisfied. I have worn them for hours without feeling uncomfortable or warm. I also believe people that complain about the button layout are being a little ridiculous. I'll admit that I had to take them off a few times to find what I was looking for but just like anything new, you'll learn where everything is located.

Well that was a long review but feel free to ask me questions, I'll respond.
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on February 11, 2014
Edition: GoldVerified Purchase
Got my Golds earlier today, and I couldn't wait to test them out. They're great! I had ordered the Elites about a week ago, and literally days after they arrived, I found out about the Golds being released. Just my luck :P I basically had the choice of keeping my Elites, or returning them and keeping the Golds. I really liked the Elites but here were my major complaints: 1) horrible battery life (about 3 hours; I was constantly charging) and 2) very heavy with little padding (hurt my head after a while). The Golds definitely improve on both.

The biggest thing people seem to be debating is whether or not bass impact will be on the Golds. They didn't totally add Bass Impact. On the Elites, Bass Impact was a boost in bass levels, plus they had nodes on either side of the head that would rumble/vibrate to correlate with on-screen action - basically like how the dualshock controllers rumble during explosions, gunfire, etc. I personally wasn't a fan of Bass Impact (neither the bass boost nor the rumble effect), so this wasn't make-or-break for me, but a ton of people like it. If you liked it, just know that the rumble is gone, but the bass boost remains.

Here are features on the ear cups: Volume Up/Down, Virtual Surround Sound On/Off, Microphone, Microphone Mute On/Off, Audio Jack, Audio Modes, Chat Volume Up/Down. It also says the faceplates are customizable, but I have no idea how it works. Also, no sliders; I personally didn't mind the sliders, but everything is an on/off button now, except audio and chat volume, which are up/down buttons.

- Bass boost is available (kind of like Bass Impact from Elites, but without the rumble).
- WAY better battery than Elites (I've been using them all day, and I haven't had to charge yet).
- Comes with charger.
- Very light, and has plush padding on the headband.
- Collapsible; ear cups fold in.

- Charging cord is only 4 to 5 inches long, so you won't be able to charge and play at the same time. I found myself doing that all the time with the Elites, but that was because the battery was always dying on me. Can't tell yet if this will be an issue with the Golds.
- You can only have one audio mode attached to the headphones at a single time; bass boost is considered an audio mode, so you can't have this turned on alongside another mode.
- Seems easily breakable. They're very light, but that's because they're made out of what seems to be plastic. They feel a tad flimsy.

Overall, I'm very happy with the upgrade! If you have the Elites, and are looking to upgrade, I'd say it depends on what matters to you. Audio quality is the same, features are almost the same. The only real difference are aesthetics, battery life, and whether or not Bass Impact matters to you. I upgraded because the Golds came out during the return period of my Elites, but I can't say whether or not I would have bought the Golds if I couldn't have returned the Elites.
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on March 9, 2014
Edition: GoldVerified Purchase
When I saw this wireless headset, I just had to get it! I was looking for a wireless headset to use with my PS4 that sounded awesome and this fit the bill. Also the price was really reasonable too. Now let me go over the pros and cons of this headset.

* 7.1 Surround sound when used with a PS4
* Great sound quality when used on a PS4, PS3, or PC - I like the richness of sound that these headsets deliver(I tested on a WIN7 Ultimate PC)
* Works on a PC
* Portable and comes with a cloth carrying case
* Auxiliary cable to use on any other device (use if only if nothing else is available)
* Headset Companion App - Able to modify audio profiles and use it on 2 modes (switch on headset)

* Auxiliary cable - Although also a pro, it's a minor con as well because the sound is just not up to par with other headsets and sounds really cheap. Of course I would think that you would use it mainly for the PS4 anyway. It does sound good on a PC too.
* Charging micro USB is a little short, but you could use any Micro USB to charge it

Prior to this I was using a Plantronics GameCom 780 Surround Sound Stereo PC Gaming Headset and although it worked, none of the controls worked on the actual headset so you would have to manually go back into the system to change the volume, mute, etc.

Overall I think this is a really great sounding headset that is wireless (PS3, PS4, PC). Although the sound quality is lacking when the audio cable is used, at least it gives you that option if you need it. You can also download the Headset Companion App to change the audio profiles to your liking, but the sound quality out of the box is great as well. Get this headset!
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on November 25, 2014
Edition: Gold
DO NOT BUY. There are other manufacturers making PS4 compatible headsets now. Although I loved them, the hinge broke only after a few months. I was taking very good care of them. I did not drop it or mistreat them at all, but I did wear them every day. I am a mechanical engineer. There is a very high stress concentration between a thin plastic hinge and a metal rod. Simply putting them on every day results in cycle fatigue on this joint. The larger your head, or the more times you wear them, the worse you will be. My hat size is only 7-1/4.

I sent in the headphones to Sony for a warranty repair and they rejected them for "being neglected", which is not true at all. The cloth inside the ear cups also comes out easily... maybe due to sweat. The customer service rep said this may be why they were marked "neglected", but the service supervisor said there was nothing he could do about it. I have two of these headsets (one now broken), three PS3's, one PS4, a $4,000 Sony TV, two Vaio laptops, a Sony HD camcorder, and 3 Sony cameras.
All it took was a $99 pair of headphones to be the last thing I ever buy from Sony.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon March 28, 2014
Edition: Gold
So I am a Call of Duty gamer. I have played COD since 2007 nightly for about 4-5 hours a night. During that time I have owned over 20+ gaming headphones. Of those my favorites were the Axpro from Tritton and the A40's. Between those 2, I would prefer the AXPRO. The reason why I preferred the AXPRO was because of the 3d positioning of sound. The actual sound produced is really bad and tinny, but the positioning is great. I could tell exactly where, how far a player was by any sound heard. Well my 4th Axpro just went out, so I was done with the Shoddy quality.

The Astro A40 is a nice headphone. I do not think it is worth 250 dollars. I think the mixamp is worth the 130 alone, but the headphones are literally a 20-30 dollar headphone. If you spent 30 dollars on a headphone from Sony at bestbuy, the soundstage on that headphone would almost be leaps and bounds above the soundstage of the A40's. If you spent 100 on headphones, get the Audio Technica AD700, that is the best headphone for gaming I ever owned, I have the Sennheiser PC360 as well. So if you are looking at Astro, just buy the mixamp and find a different headphone. Google Mad Lust Envy on head-fi for choices.

This brings me to the Playstation Gold. These were gifted to me by a clan member of mine. He kept raving about how good these were for 100 dollars. I kept saying that wireless was garbage. So he bought them on Amazon, and had them delivered to me. I put them on and wasnt impressed. They sounded really flat. I told him I would play with them for a week and report back to him. Well its been 2 weeks, and I am still wearing them. They are lightweight, they are wireless and they arent garbage. In fact, I was honestly blown away because I had written these off completely.

3D sound positioning does take a hit with the antiquated VSS technology when compared to Dolby Headphone. The Skullcandy PLYR1 is 129 at a box store that has a big Yellow sign and that has dolby headphone.Otherwise these are a GREAT headphone for 100 dollars. I would say that the positioning when compared to the AXPRO is about 80 percent of what it was on the prior headphone. I played with the custom settings on the app and came across with a great soundwhoring setting. Go to the App on PS4 for the headphone. Put all three sliders in the middle notch. Turn Bass down one click. Turn mid up 1 click. Turn Treble up 2 clicks. The explosions are now a bit tinny, but dont overpower the footsteps and other sound that is needed to soundwhore.

If you are on the fence about these headphones, you wont find another wireless set under 100. The next best headphone would be the Skullcandy PLYR1 for 129 if you have the extra 30+ dollars for that setup. Otherwise while these may not be the very best, I would rate them a 7.5/10 and say they are definately worth the 99 dollar price tag. Wireless is definately the way to go now that I have tried these headphones. This now has me eyeing the Steelseries H but those are 299. To be continued lol.......
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on February 13, 2014
Edition: Gold
Hi I been seeing alot of mixed feeling's on this headset and I thought I would throw my 2 cents in .
First off I personally think the headset itself fit's great feel's good and look's stylish also matching the PS4 Look.

Set Up- Easy as 1,2,3 you plug in the transmitter into your PS4 and boom it works instantly. First thing I did was start a chat party invited some people and test the chat function . The first thing I noticed was I could not hear my friends all I did was turn up the chat and voila I could hear them they could hear me and the chat was crisp Like an apple .

Sound quality with game's- I popped in Tomb Raider definitive edition and wow was I blown away by the ambiant sound of the lighting striking the wind blowing and all of the other weather effects I was impressed

I then popped in Call of duty ghosts and the sound was flat guns sounded bleh and im like errrrr im like did they drop the ball with multiplayer game's (NOPE)

I went to the Playstation App store and they had a new audio app program for this headset and the elite's in one simple application . Basically what you do is fire up the application pick the headset you are using then pick what type of game you are playing they have a few choice's .
The best choice was an option to turn up the bass, Mid's,And Treble

This process is simple turn your chat headset to number 2 pick your settings and save it !!! There is nothing to download its that simple

I went back and fired up call of duty ghosts and I put dead silence on and I could hear everyone else walking around witch direction they were comming from and now the gunfire was intense

I also want to state that when I bought a PS4 I bought the Turtle beach Earforce Phantom's and I hate to say it but they just did not sound good hooked up to my PS4 the chat was bland and the audio was sub par if best

I am going to give this headet a solid 5 for the simple fact they are only $99 dollars and it comes with alot of bang for the buck
yeah you can go out and get a turtle beach 300 dollar headset or astro's but for me personally I was not impressed by the high end turtles hooked up to the PS4 . Alltho the Turtles sounded great on my Xbox one please let me know what you all think thx
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