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Format: Video GameChange
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47 of 54 people found the following review helpful
on March 14, 2003
having played the Japanese language version of this game, i can safely say that it will definitely blow the first game away. lots of new Psynergy (a lot of RPGs have some form of magic... GS uses psychic energy) to learn, lots of new and interesting weapons, many new places to explore, many new summons to get, and...
you can transfer data from a saved file that's on your Golden Sun cartridge. here's the main story:
in the first game, the main character Isaac and his friends Garet, Ivan, and Mia were chasing after Saturos and Menardi, two members of a northern fire clan who stole the Elemental Stars from Sol Sanctum and wanted to unleash their power upon the world by lighting the 4 lighthouses, all the while keeping Isaac's friend Jenna and the great Alchemy sage Kraden (and eventually a young girl named Sheba) hostage. at the end of the first game, your party succeeded in defeating Saturos and Menardi shortly after they lit the Venus Lighthouse. however, Jenna and Kraden are missing on a piece of land that broke off from the continent, and Sheba fell from the lighthouse into the ocean. in addition, Jenna's long-lost older brother Felix, who had been traveling with the fire clan members, jumped after Sheba to save her.
the second game starts out shortly thereafter. the members of your party are Felix, Jenna, Sheba, and, later on, Piers, a Lemurian they find on their journey. while in the first game the object was to keep the lighthouses from being lit, Felix is dead set on lighting the two remaining lighthouses. and the new foes of the game? Menardi's lil sister Karst and the strongest clansman she could find, Agatio. while they do want the lighthouses lit, they also want revenge for Menardi's death.
as i mentioned before, you can transfer data from a previous save file for the first game. you see, after the Jupiter Lighthouse is lit, you meet the 4 characters from the first game and get them into your party. that's right... 8 playable characters. and their stats when you get them are at whatever they were when you won Golden Sun (if you do not transfer data or use a passord, they start out at level 28). from there, you have a few more tasks before you can go to the Mars Lighthouse, but one thing is for sure... this is a much better game, and it it has excellent replay value. one of my favorite things is the blacksmith in a town on the second continent, who will make a plethora of weapons/armor for you from certain materials you find, making each game different since you won't always get the same items! also, the new multi-elemental summons, some of which you must defeat a game boss in order to get (and some of them are pretty tough). the final boss, the Doom Dragon, is quite a formidable opponent, attacking 4 times per round. he is humongous, can set all your Djinn on recovery, and has a special summon of his own, Ruin Crash.
i've played this game 4 times and won it twice (2 save files i'm just trying to level up for fun on). the music is just orgasmic - Motoi Sakuraba is one excellent composer, that is definitely for sure.
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29 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on March 2, 2003
Golden Sun: The Lost Age, is the sequel to the highly successful Golden Sun, starring Isaac, Garet, Mia and Ivan. This game will have you controlling the people the aforementioned were chasing all of the first game. I.E., Felix, Jenna, Kraden, Sheba and an extra character, Picard. ( Although I think His name will be different). Anyway, I'm not sure of your quest, but I've seen several screenshots (50) and Camelot has certainly kicked the already beautiful graphics (in my opinion anyway)up a notch or five.
Anyways, onto part of the storyline I know.
If you played GS1, and beat it, you would have remembered the last scene of the game, where Jenna and Kraden are seen floating on an island after the epic last battle between Isaac, Garet, Mia and Ivan, and the game's big bosses, Saturos and Menardi. You also might have remembered seeing Felix leap off the Venus Lighthouse to try to save Sheba. And Alex catches up with Jenna and Kraden and shows them that Felix and Sheba made it.
Well, GS2 starts slightly before all that. You control Jenna, and find your way down to the ship you first thought was Babi's Lemurian ship (the part where the island breaks off), but it was really Saturos and Menardi's ship. Then you see that oh so familiar cutscene.
Enough of talking the game, let's talk about a rather cool feature in GS2. Remember when you beat the game and in the 'Continue' screen you saw your game and 'CLEAR DATA'. For the love of all that is good and pure, DO NOT DELETE THAT GAME!!!
In GS2, they ask you if you want to upload your old game. How, you ask, as there is no upload option in the menu screen. Well, my friend, if you press L, R, left and b simultaneously and then b immediately after, a new option appears. "SEND". YOu can either send your game by way of a link cable, or three different password. Bronze password lets you send Level and Djinn. SIlver lets you send Level, Djinn and Character stats. Gold lets you send Level, Djinn Character stats, itmes and coins. Be warned, the Gold password id six screens long.
Trust me, putting in these passwords will alter your story when you meet Isaac, Garet, Mia and Ivan leter in the story.
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on October 6, 2005
It's amazing really. I have this itty bitty little GBA Micro and yet this game contains an entire world! In fact, that's the most striking thing about this game, just how expansive the world is in which it is set. You travel from land to land (suspiciously like familiar places like India, Japan, Africa and even Jamaica once you find out how to use the ship) and each one is packed with towns, dungeons and mountains, all of which are in turn packed with monsters, treasures and the occasional cunning puzzle.

Essentially it's a standard two level RPG game - you can either be wandering the world map or be within individual locations within the world map. The combat system is turn based and very rich with a remarkable number of actions available each turn: spellcasting, item using, direct combat, using djinn powers (djinni are cute looking creatures you collect up along the way which bestow abilities onto their 'owners') or summoning, not to mention the strategic exchange of objects or even character class changing that might go on within a battle. All in all this means that the combat strategy can get pretty interesting.

There's no rush. Almost all of the game takes place at whatever pace you feel like. This makes it a great game to pick up and drop whenever you have free time. This is helped by the fact that L-R-Select puts the GBA to sleep at any time in this game. This makes it the perfect game for the Micro. You can carry it with you all the time and get a moment to play it even if you only have 30 seconds to spare.

The only minor complaint is that the random encounters you meet are too easy. You need to fight them to get the experience but they're a bit easy to defeat so they merely waste time. They also lull you into a false sense of security. Just because you can kick the a** of any random encounter you meet doesn't mean you're going to have an easy time when you meet the next boss. The bosses are *much* harder to defeat. I feel that there ought to be more parity between the strengths of these two types of monster and that the spells to avoid random encounters should work for a little longer.

The puzzles are often of the pushing blocks around so I don't get stuck in a corner type. But it's surprising just how many novel ways there are to implement this, especially when the occasional spell changes the state of play. The only slightly annoying thing here is that you're never quite sure if a puzzle is soluble without you finding another item first. There's nothing more annoying than to waste a day pushing round logs only to find that a single spell you learnt later might have got you past the lot of them. And when you do solve a puzzle it's often frustrating how simple the trick was after all - but that's life in computer games.

GSTLA also has a vaguely entertaining story. It does follow on from the previous game and I found it didn't make much sense without having the back story. In fact, I started playing this game but rapidly decided to finish the prequel first before getting back to this game. You don't actually need to understand much of the story to play the game, but it's more fun if you do.

All in all, a great game with a few new features not present in the original Golden Sun - especially the freely sea-roving ship.

And I mustn't forget: the art is wonderful, and the music pretty catchy. And don't miss the fortune teller's dance for anything!
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
This is one of the best RPGs out for the Game Boy today. The only game that can rival it is the original Golden Sun. "The Lost Age" has some beautiful graphics and incredible fight sequences. Although the learning curve on it can be rather difficult, if you go to some of the eb sites out there about how to use your summoned monsters, you can figure it out after awhile. I do think you will have trouble with it though if you don't do your own research, as the in game help and the manual do not really explain the fighting system well enough.
When I first got this game, I thought that I needed to play the original in order to understand it. While it does follow a storyline directly from the original, this game is perfectly capable of holding up as a standalone game, especially since the original storyline doesn't make much sense anyway. This game does not really improve on the gameplay of the original in any way, and it's more of a continuation. The graphics, gameplay, and strategies are virtually identical. One problem I had with it though, is that it is fairly linear. You won't be able to advance much if you start exploring and wandering off. Also, when you are asked a question, many times you are given two different choices for an asnwer you can give, however there is only one correct answer, and you will basically get the same response regardless of which answer you give. For instance, if a character asks you if you want an apple, you can say A. Yes or B. No. If you say yes, he'll say something like "great, I knew you would!" If you say no, he'll say "What? That's crazy, of coure you want an apple, take it!" It pretty much makes this option pointless.
Lastly, some of the dialogue canbe REALLY long. You can't save your game during the dialogue and sometimes you'll have to sit through ten minutes of speech. It doesn't detract much from the game play however.
Overall, this game provided MANY hours of game play, unlike a lot of games that you can finish in a few hours. I found "The Lost Age" to be the best RPG I've played since the original Final Fantasy for Game Boy came out about 15 years ago.
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29 of 34 people found the following review helpful
on March 14, 2003
We've been waiting for a very long time, but finally it's here! If you don't know anything about Golden Sun: TLA, buy the original Golden Sun first. Golden Sun is an RPG with psynergy, puzzles and the usual battles with experiencepoints.
You can even transfer your old cleared game via a link cable or via a password. When you are in the main menu of GS, push L+R+left+B, go to send and you'll know the rest!
With the eruption of Mt. Aleph fresh in our minds, the game begins again with loads of action!
After the Venus Lighthouse was lit, Felix and Sheba were swept away in sea, but they've been founded by Alex, Jenna and Kraden. Saturos and Menardi are now dead, but Isaac, Garet, Ivan and Mia couldn't prevent them for litting the beacon. Isaac and co. are now in search of Sheba, Felix, Jenna and Kraden, but now they got another goal: to search Lemuria in order of Lord Babi of Tolbi.
Now it's time to follow Felix and his life. You're washed away on a former peninsula, Idejima, and now you are lost at sea. Then, all of sudden a tsunami will reach Idejima and it seems you're bumped into another continent, called India. Your goal is not preventing the last two lighthouses, but now your goal is lighting the lighthouse (actually the opposite of what it used to be). Meet Piers, your Mercury Adept, and navigate yourself trough more then 50 hours of gameplay on other continents, on sea, on the ancient Lemuria and a lot more! When you are ¾ of the game, Isaac and co. will join you on your quest.
It would be a bummer to say everything about this game, but it's a GRRRRRREAT game and it's definitly your money worth!
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on April 23, 2003
This is simply the best title that has ever come out on any Game Boy system, not to mention one of the best RPG's ever made. It is not just a solve the dungeons, get the items, save the people type of game. It goes beyond that, almost as if you're involved in a really long interactive movie that you have to figure out as you go along. For those of you who are planning to try to play this without completing the first Golden Sun, I definitely don't recommend it. You will not understand the plot, why you're being asked to do any of the things you're doing, or how to use Psynergy, Djinni, or Items to your full advantage. While the first Golden Sun does a little better at easing you into these skills, this game kicks right in where the old game left off. For those of you who DID complete the first one, be prepared for another 40+ hours of gaming along with some upgraded sound and music, and pretty much the exact same terrific gameplay and graphics as the first one, which is definitely a good thing. The password transfer system, while it is a giant pain in the butt, is a really terrific feature, because not many people will have an extra system laying around to transfer their old characters via link cable. I recommend the Gold Password and having all of your old Djinn as well. There are good step by step instructions in the booklet as to how to accomplish this data transfer. So in closing, this is a terrific game on a terrific system. Get it!!!
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on April 21, 2003
When i say theis is the best RPG i mean that it's the best RPG the game continues from the first Golden Sun, after Isaac and Co. have started to battle mernardi and saturos at the venus lighthouse. if you don't know what i'm talking about buy the first Golden Sun and find out. Anyway in this Game you get to play as Felix yes Felix the person who was said to have drowned in a storm more than 3 years ago. In this game there are up to 72 dijinni for you to get but if you don't have clear data in your first game you can only go to 44 dijinni, 11 of each element. i strongly reccomend buying this game, unless of course you dont have the first one, then i'd get the first one, beat it to get clear data and then buy this one so you can transfer the file. other than that this is a great game with great graphics and a great story line with great sound with a great main character who has a great name: Felix. All in all it's a great game. BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on July 14, 2005
Golden son is a excellent game with cool graphics my kids say.They say this game has a excellent timeline, excellent characters, and cool moves.I recommend this for kids everywhere it seems fun. So i say give this game a try.^_^
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on June 10, 2003
How can I say all that I think about this game, well I can begin with this... If you want this game and you don't hae the first, get golden sun 1 before this one because you won't understand one bit of it and I mean it;
Well back to business.
Graphics: 5 Star
Comment: Try to find a game better that this in graphics. Its detail is unbelievable;
Stroyline: 5 star
Comment: This stroy will keep you thinking about even if you were tired of the game but remember you will never get tired of this game!
Characters: 4 Star
Comment: I didn't give this catagory 5 star because some of the characters are very weak in attack and HP but they will then have any PP and agility like Ivan in golden sun 1 and Sheba in golden sun 2. The best in GS 1 was Isaac and in this FELIX!!
Summons: 5 Star
Comment: The summons are unbelievable. Unlike the first game you can have a multi-summon (at least that is what I call it) For example 1 fire 2 mercury 3 jupiter and 1 earth, just an example!! I wish i could give this category more than five stars!
PS: Hope this review was helpful enough to let you understand how money can be useful! Not some stupid book your father would like!! ^_^
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on December 11, 2003
The first time I saw Golden Sun was when the first version came out, and I thought that the game would be plain stupid...but you have no idea how wrong I was! After playing the first version "Golden Sun" I was in love! The graphics for these games are absolutly stunning and clear, as well as bright and colorful! I would say this game is definitly not a dissapointment.
The only problem is that if you want to play this game, you have to play the first one first, or else you will have no idean what the heck you are doing. Anyway, the story for this game is really great and characters have some pretty amazing personalities. I like it how all the different characters have different attitudes about their experiences in the game, and it really makes it a whole lot more interesting. I like how in the beginning you leave off in the last dungeon of the first game, only you're different characters instead of being Isaac, where in this game you play as Felix, Jenna's brother. Even though I recommend to buy and play the first version, some of the text does go back to the othe game so that you're not totally lost.
Ok, now back to the game! This game has so many amazing dungeons and enemies, and I would say that they are way more challenging than the first game. As you get farther in the game the enemies begin to get really strong, but it's really fun to battle them. And don't worry Golden Sun fans you do get MORE Dijnn, yeah thats right MORE Dijnn. Now for those of you who don't know what Dijnn are, they're elemental allies that help boost your magic, and character stats such as attack strength. There are also some really cool NEW attacks in this game, even for the characters from the last game. Just wait until you learn about the hidden summoning tablets that you have to find.
The summoning tablets able you to sommon very powerful monsters that can cause so much dammage that it can kill a whole party of enemies in one blow. (Yes you need Dijnn to be able to summon these awsome creatures!) Although it is very challenging to find these tablets, but it is way worth the wait. There are also 2 special summoning tablets that you can only get if you have all the Dijnn inlcuding the ones from Isaac's party. I almost forgot! You can transfer your data from the first Golden Sun game to the new game, so make sure that you have all the Dijnn in the first game or you will not be able to receive the 2 special summoning tablets, and trust me, you don't want to miss out on these! Especially because one of them gives a lot of damage as well as reviving any downed allies and restoring their HP.
Now more info about the battle! Even if you don't transfer data from the first Golden Sun Game you will be able to meet up with Isaac and co. Anway, when you have Isaac's party with you, you are able to switch out characters if their magic or HP is low, the only problem is that you can only switch out one character at a time. This means you need more strategy than ever! But do not take this special treat to your advantage. That's basically the only new stuff about the battle scences, otherwise everything is basically the same. Although there is new battle music depending on who's in your party at the time.
Like I mentioned before the dungeons are more challenging. If you're not a patient person then I recommend that you buy the guide book, because some of these places are very tedious. When I played, there was this one dungeon and it drove me crazy because it was almost like a maze. But I do have to admit that it was quite challenging and fun! You will also have to collect pieces of a trident in the game, and even though it may sound easy it is not, because all the pieces are in different places, so don't give up hope if you cannot find them...because they're out there somewhere.
Back to the characters. Now for those of you who thought that Felix is some evil person you are totally wrong. He plays a really great role in this game, and it's really cool to see Jenna and Felix battleing side to side. You also get to know more about the mysterious Sheba and about her past. A new character in this game is an allie named Piers, who comes from Leumuria. You also get to know more about his life and what the mysterious Lemuria is really like. There are so many mysteries about each character, but no worries, you find out everything in the end. And for those of you who wondered "Does Isaac ever talk?" well yes, in matter of fact he does! So this is really exciting for some, and believe it or not Felix has a few lines as well.
For those of you that like the villians, then you should definitly keep reading. Just like the last game there are two main enemies. There names are Agatio and Karst, and you DO NOT face them only once, which is really exciting.
There is really so much more to tell but I don't want to give away all of the amazing details and secrets hidden in this game. I would have to say that ending is very amazing and this game is definitly not a disappointment!
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