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TOP 50 REVIEWERon March 31, 2009
If you enjoy cardio boxing and want to work up a sweat, then this Wii game is for you. After doing the basic lessons and moving on to the regular ones for only a couple of hours my arms and shoulders feel like I can't lift them anymore. I'm pretty sure I'll be sore tomorrow morning.

This is basically a cardio boxing game. The rest of the exercises are short games and workouts that are unlocked as you progress through boxing exercises. It looks like there are 6 regular ones and 4 that use the balance board. This is the extent of the balance board usage. None of the boxing exercises use the balance board. This is a little disappointing, but since you can't jump on the balance board it would be a little difficult to do the boxing footwork which is bouncy, without damaging the board. Still, I thought the description of the game was a little misleading since the use of the balance board is limited to leg raises, push ups and a couple exercises that are already included with the Wii Fit.

Still, I think this is a good addition to my Wii Exercise list because it's engaging and holds my interest and I like games where I can build up the score and compete against my past scores. Here are a list of the pros and cons that I've discovered so far:

Choice of music. There are several different music choices that you can preview and play during your workouts.

Choice of settings. You can choose a gym, forest or seaside setting.

Lots of movement and easy to understand instructions.

You acquire points which you can use to buy things at the gym store, like different outfits.

You can pick your trainer (male or female) and there are several different training levels so you can play according to your abilities at a pace that is good for you.

Great response time on the controls and great sounds. "Pow! Crunch! Wham!" The movements and clicks of the Wiimote register right on. You can also click through scenery pans and other peripheral scenes to speed the game. (Thank you, UBI Soft!)

The graphics are a little ragged on an HD TV with component cables and 480p settings. Wii HD Link Component Cable
They are also a little simplistic compared to other Wii games, not bad, just simplistic.

The balance board is used in only 4 of the side workouts, not in the main cardio boxing.

All in all, I still think it's a good addition to my Wii workout collection and it's one that's fun enough that it'll get used often. It's good arm and shoulder exercise that will compliment my We Cheer Wii game and a good way to work up a sweat without getting bored.
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on April 27, 2009
I've had this for a month now, and I have to say I've really enjoyed myself. I got bored with the Wii Fit within a few weeks; my biggest complaint that other than the Hula Hoop, nothing really gave me a good workout.

Can't say that for this "game." I've worked out every day, and look forward to getting on it first thing in the morning. I do the prepared workout, and every other day will supplement it with some a la carte shape boxing or exercises. I like my trainer, and the little rewards are nice eggs to work toward.

I drip like a sieve, and my muscles are sore. That's a good thing.

I like that you can pick three different levels in the prepared work out (light, regular, hardcore), or just do a la carte if you want more or less.

However (and there's always a however), there are some flaws.

1) Not everything registers. Be it squats, upper cuts, ducks, or dodges, sometimes you have to REALLY exaggerate your movements to get it to register. It's very frustrating to throw an uppercut and nothing happens, or to throw a punch and it registers a duck simultaneously when you're doing ducking combos.

2) As noted by others, it doesn't weigh you. Missed opportunity there by Ubisoft.

3) The English translations on screen ain't such be good done right. ;)

4) On the sandbag exercise, it's too easy to knock the bags out in 45 seconds. I haven't unlocked all of the elements of the game yet, so I'm hoping there's a "free" mode where you can do the side exercises for as long as you like.

5) Sometimes it doesn't register the "up" on squats. You have to really "bounce" (again, exaggerating motions) to get it to register, which takes away from the work out intent. I don't want to exaggerate my motions; I just want to work out and get my sweat on.

6) The "training" mode on the side exercises should be the default, and you unlock the "challenge" mode. Seems silly to challenge someone who hasn't even trained yet.

7) After a prepared work out routine, my trainer tells me that I really kicked butt (nice encouragement) and that I should try a harder work out next time. Um. You picked the work out, Alex, not me. Why don't YOU try a harder work out next time. Maybe in time it will get more difficult (although I'm not complaining. It's working me out as is!).

I know these sound like a lot of gripes, but they are minor compared to the overall positive impression of this game. It's a good work out, and I'm really enjoying myself. Beats a membership to one of the shape boxing gyms that are popping up all over the place. Seems to be ahead of that trend a bit, and is something you can do at home at your convenience.
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on April 2, 2009
This game is a great work out, i was sweating my backside off. The name should be just cardio boxing though, it is the basis of the whole game. It is a good buy if you are looking for a work out not a game. I like how it gives you the option to use two Wiimotes instead of the nukchuck, i hate that thing. If you want to sweat and use it as a weight loss tool, buy it. If you want a game, don't.
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on July 23, 2012
I will preface this by saying I am an experienced martial artist and someone who knows how to throw a variety of PROPER punches the correct way. The reason I bring this up is because there is a sort of division between sports and/or exercise and martial arts or boxing in this particular case. The martial artists out there are going to immediately complain that these types of games can cause you to develop some really bad habits in terms of throwing a punch, and I agree to some extent. However, if you are relying on your Wii to teach you how to punch properly, you have already developed one major bad habit in doing so. So, frankly that argument is a little weak if you ask me and certainly no reason to avoid this game.

As to the reviewer who was complaining about this being all boxing, well it is GOLD'S GYM, which is kind of famous for things like boxing and wight lifting. I'm not sure why they thought it wouldn't be all boxing, it's pretty clear in the description. But, just so as there is no further confusion, THESE ARE BOXING WORKOUT ROUTINES. It's not boxing like Punch Out, but rather Rhythm Boxing, which is a sort of aerobic workout that incorporates a lot of punching motions.

As far as an exercise game goes this one is awesome. However it does require you to use the honor system and actually do all the things the Wii cannot measure. This game does not use the balance board for anything but for optional exercises (of which there are better versions of these four on the Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus). Personally, I think not using the balance board is so much easier. Like many of the dance games out now, this requires you to use the controllers to measure the punches you are throwing in time with the rhythm. Another nice feature is this game gives you the option of using two main controllers instead of the nunchuck, which essentially makes them wireless (as opposed to a wired nunchuck). With this setup, you can pretty much start right away without having to drag out the wii board, wait for it to calibrate, etc., etc. No more slapping yourself in the face with a nunchuck cord.

The trick to this is you need to do the footwork as well. The Wii cannot tell if you are going it, and when you get really tired you will find yourself cheating and just standing there throwing really weak punches and getting "Excellents" every time. For those of you with little experience in terms of boxing they basically have you just shifting your weight back and forth on your front and back leg with the music. For those more experienced you can start adding in some side to side shuffles, bouncing, etc. on your own. The game does measure bobbing and ducking, but again it is really up to you to actually do it right as you can simply just move the controllers in a U-shape to score.

The game has a few other exercises meant to mimic boxing roadwork and conditioning. Personally, I prefer Wii Fit Plus for this stuff. My usual workout is about a thirty minute series on the Wii Fit Plus, then I put this in and do the "prepared workouts" for about 20-30 mins. Recently I purchased some 4lb. wrist weights to incorporate into the boxing exercises. These don't get in the way of your controllers and you get get a lot better range of weights for stuff like that than you can in Wii accessories (the Wii dumbbells are kind of a joke).

The only "con" I have really come across is that occasionally when I have to to a double jab, sometimes the second jab registers without my having thrown it yet. This is one of those games that tests the thresholds of motion sensors, so it may just be a universal problem, however I also have two old, first generation controllers and it may just be the current quality of my controllers causing this. At any rate, it is a minor annoyance. Another minor nuisance is the music, which for some reason is computer midi-like songs. A good thing about them though is that many of them have a very easy to distinguish rhythm and timing.

Will this game turn you into Rocky? Absolutely, 100% NO. You won't be stepping into the ring anytime soon with this sort of training. However, if you do happen to find yourself in a ring after having trained with this, I would say you might have the endurance to last. This is a good cardio workout. It gets your heart rate up pretty fast and you can maintain that pulse for a good twenty minutes or more with these workouts. My arms and shoulders feel much looser since I have started using this and I am finding that my flexibility in my upper body is getting better with each day (Disclaimer: I also do a lot of Wii Fit Plus Yoga). If your hips, abs, back and shoulders aren't getting tired when you are doing these exercises then you are doing them wrong. Watch the training videos again and start looking at more than how they swing their arms. A proper punch, even the lightest jab, incorporates about 50-75% of your upper torso. As someone who does have martial arts training, I am also able to start working on my form and technique again, monitoring myself way more than the Wii can. However, I would like to point out that the Wii has correctly told me that I am not throwing my left hooks at the right angle several times now.

This is essentially an interactive workout video. If you are looking for a ton of games like the Wii Fit has you will be disappointed. About half of Golds Gym Cardio I looked at once and never messed with again. If you don't have any other exercise games, those extra workouts will be a good starting point for you, but you will probably want to invest in something else. This is by far the best Boxing exercise game out there (Punch Out will work your arms, but is certainly not geared towards an actual workout). But this game is worth it just for the rhythm boxing. The "prepared" and "a la carte" exercises are all pretty quick to load once you go through the tutorials the first time, and each exercise has a legend that tells you what punches are involved so you can pick and choose accordingly (Headshot Tuesdays, Body Blow Thursdays, etc.). I can guarantee that you will sweat, you will be sore the first few weeks, and by the end of each workout you will be throwing the some of the tiredest, laziest punches you have ever thrown. But if you keep at it and start working in more and more footwork, you will quickly see a difference in your overall endurance and conditioning.
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on July 10, 2009
I'm in my middle 40's and really never really got much exercise over
the last 20 years;
so I bought the Wii fit a while back,
This made a gym in my own living room possible,
I LOVE WORKING OUT in the privacy of my own home, no gym fees, no pretty little gym outfit to buy,
I lost weight and gained muscle mass within a few weeks.
The exercises are fun and some can be quiet exhausting,
I love using the Wii fit with the balance board but after a while it got a bit boring just doing all the same things all over again,
So this is what I did:
I bought:
My Fitness Coach by UBI Soft
Gold's Gym Cardio Workout (you can use the Wii Balance board with it)
I also bought some hand weight and a stability ball (to use with the fitness coach)
Now this is my exercise regiment every day:
Wii fit + My fitness coach on even days
Wii Fit + Gold's Gym Cardio Workout on uneven days
Now people that is FUN!!!
I'm working full time but I'm looking forward to my workout at night.
Fitness coach and Gold's Gym Cardio Workout will give you a total workout without having to constantly switch between different exercises,
In the fitness coach you can choose the workout time and in the Gold's Gym Cardio Workout you can choose a prepared workout or an a la carte, where you can actually choose how hard you want to work out.
Let me tell you, I had muscle aches on muscles I did not know I had ;-)
I love it and everyone should have it and live a little healthier and (maybe) live a little bit longer!
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VINE VOICEon December 31, 2009
If you have enjoyed the boxing games in EA Active and Wii Fit, you will LOVE this. It is so much better than those other boxing simulations. I did fitness boxing with an Olympic boxing trainer for three years, and this game comes the closest to what we would do in our training sessions. I do not know why they didn't just call the game - Wii Boxing! The only thing missing is actual sparring simulations. And they also could use a speed bag simulation. It would, of course, be impossible to simulate heavy bag without a heavy bag.

One part of the game is boxing lessons - how to jab, cross, uppercut and hook, as well as stepping, ducking and weaving. Another part is the boxing examination, where you can test yourself on your skills and earn certificates. Then there is the additional fitness drills, abdominals, squats, pushups. Each one is done in a 3 minute round, just like boxers do when they train. In fact, these exercises are all the same ones that we would do in my boxing class.

The game allows you to create an anime version of yourself. As you workout, you earn "Gold" with which you can buy additional outfits, including a full body panda suit. For some reason, all this struck me as incredibly Japanese. I wonder if the game was originally developed in Japan under another name, since there's nothing particularly "Gold's Gym" about it (and I belonged to a Gold's Gym in the past). Other nice features include the ability to work out in three different locations - forest, ocean, and gym, and a way to track your data with a calendar, height/weight/BMI, etc.
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Gold's Gym Cardio Workout is primarily a boxing training game. There are some warmup workouts, but the game focuses on training to box. If you love boxing, then you'll be set. If you're not a fan of boxing, then it makes sense that this probably isn't the cardio system for you.

You really want to have two controllers to use this - not just a controller and a nunchuck. The controllers are what sense your hand motion, and there's a lot of activity that involves right jab, left hook, right uppercut, and so on. You want to be able to have both hands holding a controller to have those registering properly.

The game's graphics are not up to modern Wii standards, so that's something you'll have to be OK with. With this being a fitness game, I don't hold it to as high a standard as an immersive world-exploring RPG game. They do have a few places you can work out in, and I love the wood-floored dojo type area by a forest.

While the game says it uses a balance board, really that's just for a few exercises. So you use that for doing push-ups for example, and for doing leg lifts. It's absolutely fine not to have a balance board since all the boxing is done just standing on the floor.

This is definitely a good workout. You're moving back and forth constantly, "bouncing" on your feet, and your arms feel it after a short while of quick punching.

The voice of your trainer can be repetitive, and the "music" is all tinny electronic music, so neither of those are a win in my mind. With so many excellent games out there with motivational music and great voice acting, they didn't hit the mark here. It's one of those things where it might be fine for a week or two - but after months it can start to wear on you.

Of course, it's easy enough to hit MUTE and put on your own music on your iPod :).

I have probably every fitness game that's out on the Wii and absolutely I think the system is great for staying in shape. I love dancing with Just Dance 3, for example. So what it comes down to in the end is which game connects with activity YOU like to do. If you adore dancing and hate boxing, this probably isn't a good match. If you hate dancing and adore boxing, then this is probably just right! In my case I enjoy both, so I go back and forth depending on what mood I'm in. Both give me a workout that gets my heart pumping, and both engage me in different ways.

I'll give this 4/5 stars. I really think they could have done MUCH better on the visuals, the voices, and the music, especially given Ubisoft's team of programmers and resources. And I think they could have incorporated some matches and other functionality, vs having it just be training.

I purchased this game with my own funds in order to do this review.
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on October 4, 2015
I bought this as a gift for my husband, but we both use it. It is a pretty fun game, and it seems to give a good workout. My only issue is that sometimes the Wii motion sensor doesn't catch the movements, which totally screws you up. Not sure if that's really an issue with the game, though. I like the regular types of punches and stuff, but the dodges don't read very well sometimes either. Overall, it's a decent game and a decent workout.
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on May 21, 2011
I got this so I could get a decent workout while getting my video game fix, and it hasn't disappointed. Unlike the boxing on the Wii Sports (which I had been using before), it works everything rather than just the arms; my whole body hurt from day one. Combining this with my diet has helped my weight loss goals greatly.

The Daily Workout is nice. You can choose three different levels depending on how long you want to play. And the workout changes everyday, so you don't get bored and your muscles don't get lazy because you're doing the same thing day-in and day-out.

The controls can be a little buggy. Sometimes it'll say you've punched when you haven't, or it will register the proper punch when you haven't done it, and occasionally it won't register a punch altogether. I continually have problems with the Punch Dodge exercise - such as I'll dodge left and my avatar goes to the right - and when doing Mitt Work it will sometimes double-punch and I end up having to try the sequence again.

There are little things that can be annoying, but don't actually affect the game. There are occasionally misspellings in the captions during the workouts (ex. "Rught Upper"). Or after a workout the trainer will tell you to try a harder lesson when he/she is the one picking it. I've also noticed that even though I always select "Random" for the background music, the same four songs keep getting played. (And, yes, one of them is "Eye of the Tiger")

The graphics are rather cartoonish, so your customized avatar is going to look like an anime character. As you complete workouts you earn points, and points earn you gold; you can then use the gold to buy different outfits for your avatar to wear. The game keeps track of your total punches, and as you hit certain markers it will reward you with different things - new clothes, new songs, new shop items, and even new outfits for your trainer.

Overall, very satisfied with this purchase.
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on May 4, 2009
Cardio boxing/rhythm game, or, punch to the beat, with profile slots for up to 8 people. Pick from Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Special routines that typically come with two 7-10 minute intervals with a rest period in-between. You can do as many routines as you can keep up with and your statistics are tracked. Aside from boxing, you can also optionally use the Wii Balance Board for pushups, lower-back & stomach exercise and punch dodging. Punches/moves include: jab, cross, hook, uppercut (head & body), duck & weave left/right, blocking, fwd/back/left/right stepping. More advanced routines string move of these moves together.

My opinion: you get out of it what you put into it. I play it for the exercise and not as a "game". It is possible to cheat on exercises but you're only hurting your own progress. I'm sweating up a storm and feel my shoulders tightening up after 1 month.

Wii Controls: 2 Wiimotes are recommended. It has the typical responsiveness of other Wii games: you might get away with throwing a right cross when a right uppercut was called for. Some punches that you definitely threw are not acknowledged at all. This is only a problem in that you won't get as many "points" and "gold" at the end. I'd say I'm getting between 90-95% of my punches registered.

Graphics: other Wii games are better but they get the job done. Appearance is like Japanese anime characters made over for a North American audience.

Sound: each registered punch makes some sound out of the Wiimote speaker. Music tracks are almost completely forgettable. How many times can you listen to another remake of "Eye of the Tiger"?

Longevity: I want to play each day, since I can change up the routine as I see fit.

$$$ Value: excellent. Thirty dollars for a guided workout in my own home after work.

Other bits: Sometimes the voiceover gets the punches wrong. It might say "Rught Uppercut" (yes, it's spelled that way) and it really wants a right hook. Sometimes the beat of the music isn't in sync with the punch flow and you miss. Probably the most annoying thing for me is that I throw the punch but it doesn't register; that throws me off for the next couple of punches but the way I see it, I still threw the punch so who cares. You can use "gold" that you earn to buy different outfits for your onscreen character, male or female. You can also change the outfits on your instructors, 2 male and 4 female. Bob's my favorite - the overly-pumped-up muscleman who's hands must be so tough that he doesn't have to wear gloves or wraps.

My bottom line: can be a sweaty workout in your own home at a fair price. After 1 month + a good diet, I'm definitely seeing results and want to go at it every day.
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