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on August 22, 2010
I've seen a couple reviews already that say this game isn't for people who aren't already in shape, or who are uncoordinated, etc., etc. I have to disagree. I'm a fat girl who can't dance, and I'm loving it!

To give you my perspective, I've taken some dance classes in my life, though not Latin-style dances. And I'm a good 100 pounds overweight, so to say that I'm out of shape is an understatement. I use the Wii Fit every so often, and while I love it for the yoga stretches, I really wanted to incorporate more cardio than the Wii Fit offers. I saw this game advertised back in June and have been looking forward to it ever since. I bought it yesterday and have played it twice. And I REALLY like it a lot.

Yes, the tutorials are quick, and I almost fell over doing the grapevine. But the second time I tried it I got a little better, and I suspect that the third, fourth and fifth times I try it I'll get better too. It really feels like an exercise class, where you may not get the steps right away, but if you keep showing up you will. But instead of embarrassing myself in public, I get to flail around in my living room instead and startle the dog (he didn't like me doing the samba and started barking at me).

I like the Personal Trainer option, where I can tell it just how out of shape I am, and then it starts me off on a three-day program of short workouts that still get me sweating. It's a start, I figure, and I bet as I get better, the game will make the workouts longer and more challenging.

I really get the feeling that this game is meant to be fun more than anything else, and so far I'm really enjoying it. Give it a try!

****Edited 10/29/10****

I thought that, now that I've had the game for a little while, I would update this review with further observations.

The mini-games are not that great. I like the swordfight and the karate ones a lot, but it took a lot of trial and error to get the jumprope to work (I sort of rock forward from heel to toe and swing my arms up in a scooping kind of motion), and no matter what I do, I keep getting eaten by lions during the marathon. The bull-dodging one is fine, I think of it as a chance to catch my breath between the more challenging dances.

If you keep showing up to this workout, you definitely get better at the dances. I'm still at the beginner level (did I mention I'm out of shape?) and they get repeated enough that you can start to remember the routines fairly easily.

Another thing I like is not getting picked on for being fat. There's no Mii that suddenly plumps up while a voice chirps "That's obese!" when you do a weigh in. You don't even have to weigh in, if you don't care to track your progress that way. Just start dancing!

The game is not without its flaws, which a lot of people have mentioned. The mini-games I already mentioned. The slightly dodgy sensors, which don't seem to pick up my moves 100% of the time.

But the bottom line is, I've had this game for a couple of months. And I use it in the mornings fairly regularly, and when I do I feel energized throughout the day. For probably the first time, this is a workout I look forward to. A private gym class just for me.
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on August 17, 2010
I purchased this game because I'm a big fan of both Just Dance and Gold's Gym Cardio Workout!! Boy am I pleased!! I wear a BodyBugg so my calorie burn is pretty accurate. Interestingly, my calorie burn from this game surpassed my average calorie burn from Just Dance. According to my Bodybugg, I was burning anywhere from 9 to 10 calories per minute- and that's on the beginning level!! With Just Dance, I usually burn between 7 to 9 calories per minute. It's a lot of fun, though somewhat different from Just Dance in that you use two remotes and the sensors seem to be much more accurate. All of the songs have a Latin flair to them and all of the dance routines are Latin (i.e. salsa, meringue, etc...). The tutorials are wonderful- unless you're familiar with Zumba or Latin dance, you'll definitely need them!! Btw, don't let the song list fool you. I'm unfamiliar with approximately 50% of them but they're still a lot of fun. Here's a fun note- my little cousin who can usually beat me at Just Dance by merely moving her arms was unable to do so in Gold's Cardio Dance. For once, I've finally found a dancing game where hard work pays off, lol. My only gripe is with the coach. She speaks over the music (right, left, back, front, etc..) which is something I enjoyed not having when playing Just Dance.
I also played around with a few of the other activities including the cardio boxing which I love and the jump roping which I'm not a big fan of because of coordination issues (I'm assuming). Anyway, it was a great investment and I can't wait to work out with it tomorrow!! Btw, according to my Bodybugg, this game and Just Dance have given me a higher calorie burn than any other Wii exercise game, and I own them all (Gold's Gym Cardio, EA Active, EA Active More Workouts, Wii Fit Plus, etc..) Buy it, you won't be disappointed!!

The song list is as follows:
Just Dance by Lady Gaga
Stronger by Britney Spears
Smooth by Carlos Santana
Gonna Make You Sweat(Everybody Dance Now) by CC Music Factory
Waiting for Tonight by Jennifer Lopez
Teknocha (I think it's a mixed song)
Heart of Glass by Blondie
I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred
Cosmic Girl by Jamiroquai
Empujalo by Emiliano Almeida
Oye Como Va by Kinky
Merengue Fugitivo (Zemi-tone)
Samba Zamba (Zemi-tone with Joao Pires)
El Salsero (Zemi-tone with Patricio Castillo)
Sacudete (Zemi-tone with Gio)
Salome by Chayanne
Rejeton (Zemi-tone with MC Pa Tras
Cardio Boxing:
I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor
Good Vibrations by Marky Mark
Forever by Chris Brown
For The Love of Girls by Wolfgang Gartner
Beatz Be Rockin (extreme music?)
Material Girl by Madonna
Heavy Sweatin (extreme music?)
Jai Ho
Everything You Got (Zemi-tone)
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on August 30, 2010
When Gold's Gym Cardio Workout first came out a year and a half ago, it pushed the bar forward and helped prove that there was a market for Wii Fitness Games. So the question is, does its sequel do the same? I'm happy to report the answer is yes.

Gold Gym Dance Workout consists of three main types of exercises: a pure "dance workout", a "boxing workout", and "mini-games".

In the "dance workout", you perform fast-moving choreographed dance steps using your arms and feet. It's not exactly like "Just Dance" in that the choreography doesn't really contain any "signature moves" for the song. Rather, the dance is made up of a series of basic latin dance steps (i.e., merengue, samba, salsa, reggaeton, and cumbia). You first go through a series of tutorials to learn the steps, and then you put them together through beginner, intermediate, and advanced stages of increasing difficulty and speed. Just as you'd do in a dance class at the gym, you follow the lead of an on-screen workout instructor shouting out steps to you to the beat.

In the "boxing workout", the game has come a long way since its predecessor. Again following an on-screen instructor, you upper-cut, jab, punch, and hook to the beat of music. And thankfully, Ubisoft decided to license a whole slew of popular songs, so you're not stuck to boxing to "Eye of the Tiger" over and over and over. The motion controls are remarkably accurate in detecting specific boxing moves, and the workouts were fast-moving and fun.

I admit that I loved the "mini games". Unlike other fitness games where minigames are an afterthought, Ubisoft seems to have put a lot of thought into these, and I love the touches of humor in the games. There are a variety of new and original mini-games, you can dodge charging bulls (ducking from side to side while holding your Wii remotes), try to balance yourself on a bucking bull (on the balance board), canoeing (using a combination of your Wii motes as a double-plated paddle while sitting on the balance board) and running (basically making rapid punching movements, made more interesting when you get chased by the occasional lion!). There are also a few games clearly borrowed from Wii Fit and Wii Sports resort (chopping things with a samauri sword, boxing a kangaroo, and karate-chopping certain items).

You can either jump into the various workouts immediately, or have your virtual trainer prepare a weekly workout routine for you. You can also choose two-player mode, which lets you exercise along with a friend (there will be two trainers on the screen, and when each person follows their trainer, not only can they compete to see who scores the highest, but to the casual bystander it looks like they're doing a cool latin dance together).

One thing I was impressed with was the accuracy of its controls, which is head and shoulders above previous Wii exercise games. It allows for the use of two Wii remotes. That Ubisoft eschews the use of the nunchuk is a good sign that they've taken accuracy in motion controls more seriously than they have in the past.

The one big thing I wasn't crazy about at first was how very difficult it was to follow and learn the dance steps. The first few times you play the dance workout games, even at the tutorial level it's very easy to get very overwhelmed. You have to basically follow the on-screen trainer and mirror the moves she's making, but she's moving so fast that it's incredibly difficult to follow, especially trying to do it in a mirror image. They provide a series of video and audio cues to help you, but it's still terribly difficult to follow her feet and to match them to yours.

The good news is, for each dance they offer a "practice" mode which breaks down the dance into different sections, lets you review each section, with three different camera angles to view the instruction, and lets you view the whole thing in slow motion. I would definitely suggest playing the entirely in "practice mode" until you get the arm and leg movements down and memorized, and then proceed to the workout. This may take days or even weeks for each song, so if you don't have the time or inclination to do this, you might be disappointed. On the other hand, once you commit the moves to memory, they're yours to do over and over again. And it probably goes without saying that you need a LOT of room.

And so while the game isn't for everyone, I think it's a great new Wii fitness title after a very long string of disappointing ones. Once again, Ubisoft has set the bar, let's hope upcoming fitness titles like EA Sports Active 2, Zumba Fitness, and the Dance Dance Revolution reboot continue to move the bar forward.
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on August 21, 2010
I usually don't write reviews, but in this instance I felt I should. I'm not someone in terrible shape, and my lackluster review isn't due to being out of shape. I've completed a program with the Biggest Loser Wii game and still do those exercises regularly as well as play volleyball weekly. I really looked forward to this game as being something different from Biggest Loser while still being a workout game. And I think it would be a decent workout game: for someone with some coordination or some background in Latin dance. I have neither, and boy have I struggled with this. I don't feel the game truly goes through the steps in a clear way for a total dance novice. I know there's a way to go back and practice each individual move in a routine, but unless there's a way to slow it down that I haven't discovered, that still wasn't too helpful once the routine brings the dance up to speed. I did some of the tutorials repeatedly and still never got much the hang of things once it sped up. Not saying it can't be fun to just dance around and that burns calories on its own, but I don't feel the game teaches the moves thoroughly enough to master any kind of basic skill to follow along. So it definitely has workout components to it, just not the kind I was looking for. I'll stick to the Biggest Loser game for my primary exercise routines, and I'll supplement this game on my "off" days where I want to take it a bit easier and not pay as much attention to form. I did the cardio setting as well and I still preferred the Biggest Loser routines to this. I feel the Biggest Loser explains the moves better and at least gives you time to switch positions. This game gives very little warning that you'll be switching sides or starting a new move, which a different commenter pointed out. So, to each their own, I can see some people loving this game, especially if they already have some basic knowledge of Latin dance and/or are coordinated aural learners (the game leaves very little to visual learners just in my opinion). For others, I really can't recommend the Biggest Loser game enough as a workout game.
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on October 4, 2010
I have noticed that a lot of reviews are from people who have used this product only once or only after a few days. I have had this game for about a month and have used it regularly. I hopped on the Wii fitness craze about nine months ago and went out and bought all the usual stuff that was out there. I got the Wii fit, and did not understand how on earth that was supposed to make anyone lose weight. (ie: I just have to stare at a candle?" I got Just Dance and LOVED that, until I only really liked a few songs on there and it didn't hold my interest very well. THIS game is something I can get into. I set it up with the personal trainer and have been following the "My Workouts" about five times a week. I really feel like I am losing weight. The "My Workouts" start off very, very light. I can see how some people don't feel like they are getting a workout if they have only used it a few times. You have to answer questions that are used to design the My Workouts. I answered honestly and just plain told it that I wanted to work out hard. After that, I'm pretty sure it heard "kick her a**". I also appreciated the My Workouts as it kept me from just staying in one dance style or trying to advance too quickly (and thus get frustrated). The dances are fun and interesting, and very good cardio. I like how it tells you your previous record for calories burned for every workout so you feel like you have a goal in mind.
All that said, I do have a few cons:
The mini games are very annoying. I see them as more of a break to catch my breath in the middle. They do not read your movements well at all, which make them near impossible. Also, the controls on the workouts aren't exactly perfect, but if you're like me, you really don't care that much. It's not about points, it's about getting moving. My only other gripe is that it almost feels like the same routine is put to several songs. As in, I feel like I'm doing the same routine I did five minutes ago, but to a different song.
Other than that, I am all for this game. The calendar lets me see my progress and I almost feel like I'm letting down my "personal trainer" if I don't visit her. (Okay, that was weird.) But it really is an awesome game if you are like me: I wanna lose weight, I hate working out, and dancing seems like a great way to burn some calories without realizing it.
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on October 6, 2010
First off, for all those that have posted above me, you CAN slow down and loop the segment you're having trouble with. It will repeat, in VERY slow motion, until you get the hang of the feet and arm movements. You can do this in the practice mode. Yes, what you do with the left foot you'll do with the right,so get ready to mirror your moves on the other side of your body- thats part of the latin dance!

Is it as fun as just dance? No, but its not intended to be compared to it either. this is a workout game, just like the title says. It is fun, but the main focus is on calarie burn, tone, and weightloss. Not to say that you can't have fun, I just don't think thats the primary focus of a workout game.

Its fun if you're wanting to learn some real dance steps, but be prepared to spend some time learning if you aren't familiar with Latin dance. I completed my first workout today, and it was short yet sweaty!! I found myself wanting more of the dancing, so I went back and learned the basic steps.

this game also incorporates the moves into different- FULL LENGTH- songs! I had to pause the game mid way through the 2nd song- I had to get some water and take a break! I love the dance games (just dance, DDR, and the ea active games). This will be a nice variation to my wii workouts!

If you find this game around the $20- $25 range and you love to dance, grab it.
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on November 23, 2010
First I'd like to say I have owned the game for a month, and I've played it pretty regularly but not every day. I haven't changed ANY of my eating habits, and in the 1 month that I have played this, I have lost 12 pounds! On top of that, I have had a blast while exercising, which is something I can't say about most kinds of workouts. If I rated the game on how effective it is for getting you moving, I'd give it 5 stars hands down.

Unfortunately, the game has some negatives. The main one being the mini-games. They don't work the way they should, and are overall ineffective. There's one where you dodge charging bulls, but the wii-motes aren't sensitive enough to pick up my movements of "dodging" when I hold them the way the game tells me to. The Jump rope game doesn't work well either. I have tried it with the wii Balance Board and without--no success. The only success I had with mini-games is the ninja one where you use swords to chop bamboo (and giant pencils), but there's only so much fun to be had in that.

The personal trainer feature has been a flop in my opinion because they always try to mix the mini-games into the workout (which, as I noted, are worthless and a waste of my time). Also, once the personal trainer assigns a workout, I haven't seen that there is any way to tell them you don't want to do that workout.

So how have I been playing the game? I skip the mini-games all together, and I go to the "my workout" option and then to "create workout". I make my own custom workouts that are combos of latin dances and/or cardio boxing. At the beginning I created workouts that were more on the beginner level, and now I have a pretty good set of custom workouts personally designed by me! I use take advantage of the ability to use 2 wii-motes, and I generally burn 400 calories per workout now, though when I started I had shorter workouts that burned less calories. It's great because you can save these custom workouts, and return to them or modify them whenever you want.

The menus aren't 100% intuitive. I had to search around to find a record of my total calories burned, but once I played around and looked through all the menus, I found that I can see my progress by clicking on the days of the calendar. I can also earn new outfits for my avatar, which isn't the most exciting thing since the avatar isn't shown during the cardio workouts, but it is still neat for me to see what new piece of clothing I have earned. I also like that after a workout, the game will show you a piece of food to correlate the number of calories burned...for instance around 410 calories shows you that you burned a serving of Apple Pie.

I like that the view through the gym windows is different from day to day. Sometimes it's Sydney, Australia, the pyramids of Egypt, Venice's a nice little touch.

When I first tried a new routine, I was tripping over my feet, but eventually I got the hang of the moves, and the more I played the smoother it went. I'm not the most talented dancer in the world, but I just keep moving since that is the goal. :-) Another thing is that in a couple of workouts the instructor calls out the wrong side of the body (left when it should be right), but this doesn't happen too often, and if you are watching the screen you can figure out which way to mirror them.

The wii-motes aren't perfect at getting all the movements, but usually they are pretty good at picking them up. I try not to worry about it too much since my goal is just to have fun while burning calories.

Finally, I would like a way to download more songs and routines because I like to keep things fresh. I'm being cursed by these catchy songs getting stuck in my head for the rest of the day after my workout! haha At least I don't hate any of the songs.

So...although this game has its faults, in the end when I factor the price, fun, and effectiveness (losing 12 pounds in 1 month with no diet changes), it's still a winner.
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on August 29, 2010
Why I purchased: We enjoy working out on the Wii and like to keep it fresh by switching programs around. Gold's Gym Cardio Workout and Just Dance both get used at least once a week, and Dance Workout seems (in part) like a mix of these 2 programs.

- Seems more accurate in "getting" your moves than Just Dance if you're using double Wiimotes.
- Latin dance and Zumba type of workouts are fun.
- Interface (Gold's gym desk, etc..) is much nicer than Cardio Workout.

- "Tutorial" is terrible. They moved way too fast for us to understand what was going on.
I guess in time we'll learn the moves and do better, but they should have started with a
slower rpm or slower tutorial to get the moves down.
- Not as much fun as Just Dance or Cardio Workout and not as good of a workout either. It's just missing that X-factor.
- Not too much of a minus, but the mini games are pretty useless. They just don't seem to fit into the workout and are pretty lame.

Overall: We gave it a three star because it's a good companion to the rest of our wii workout collection, but it likely won't get used as much. My advice would be to wait until Zumba Fitness comes out (Nov 30) and see which one is better. Also, Just Dance 2 is coming out Oct 12, and if it's anything like the first one, it's a hilarious must purchase.
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on August 22, 2010
While I agree with some people who say the game moves quickly and the tutorials are wimpy, that doesn't bother me. I missed most of the steps but worked up a crazy sweat trying. Isn't that the whole point of working out? Who cares if you move exactly right? You'll get it eventually.

I was so thrilled to pick up a few steps here and there and feel the vibration in the controls when I got things right. The second time through I did a little bit better. I am going to play this quite a few times so eventually I'll figure it out. I like the ability to create a workout or have one made for me. I like that I can't figure the whole thing out the first time I do it. There is a LOT more to it than "Just Dance," and the controls are infinitely more accurate. My advice to anyone with a new game... give it a chance.
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on August 25, 2010
For those who already own Gold's Gym Cardio Boxing, let me make some comparisons:

1--This actually records your total calorie count for all activities you do; the older version only did the boxing segments, so if you did the jump rope or the exercise activities, they were always summed separate.

2--There are some pre-determined workouts, but you can also pick your own. In the other GG game, however, the workout segments are longer without pause; for instance, you might do 8 minutes of cardio boxing with the short break part and then the other 8 minutes. None of these segments are that long. I think 3 minutes was about the longest I've had and so you have to stop for a few seconds, click a button, and then wait for it to load the next one. I do wish there were longer segments. That being said, I am breathing harder on these shorter segments, so maybe 8 minutes would wear me out.

3--They don't have the punches or dance moves moving up the screen like in the older version. A little person stands at the right and a few seconds before a change, she demonstrates what is coming next. The left of the screen has your miss, good, or excellent meter for each part. I think that the pace of this game just doesn't allow them to do that the same way. So, sometimes you might hit off beat a little and get a miss or a good. But, I think once you start to learn the routine or the song, you would not have to rely on the screen quite so much and could anticipate the next move, which will help.

4--The dancing is a latin flare dance, like it says. It is not hip hop and you will not do the same moves as Just Dance, which I also have (and which bugs me since there are no calorie numbers or progress tracking on that game..wonder if JD2 will have that...). And, some of the moves are a little fast/challenging. But, they are not long and they are repeated in most of the dances, so once you figure it out, it's not that difficult.

5--I'm really good at GG Cardio Boxing's jump rope exercise; I could not figure this one out. It is not the same. It's slower and I can't get the remote to respond very well. Hoping I figure that out later because I like to jump.

6--You have to put some force into your punches and moves for it to register, which gives you a better workout. And, you get a vibration response when you hit on excellent, so you can tell if you are on beat or not on the workouts.

I haven't done every part yet and I don't know if you unlock more parts or not. But, so far, I am cautiously optimistic, so I went with a four. It takes a little bit of getting used to but I think it's a good game.

Oh, and note, you may have to download a console update to play; I did.
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