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on June 21, 2012
Bought this machine thinking it was a good quality machine. Buyer beware this is a piece of garbage. The cage is flimsy steel, and if you put on any more than two 45 lb plates on the machine the metal smith bars buckle and make pushing up the weight dangerous as you have to move your body unevenly to guide it back into a parallel position on the smtih rack. If I could get someone to take this piece of garbage back I would. This machine at best is worth about $300 dollars, and the headache to put it together is unbelievable. A few simple upgrades in the components of this machine, like a heavy steel roller bar for the smith carriage, linear bearings and a higher quality of steel would make it worth the money, but none of that comes with this junk.

The lat machine pull down as well is very hard to pull, and requires constant WD 40 on the pulley weight stack just to get it to work. I am yard saling it soon for $200 bucks and spending the extra 1-200 for a real machine!!!!

Stay away from this unless you only need to lift with a couple 25 lb weights on the machine. Then it is probably fine. But not worth the 750!!!!!

Construction: 1 star, very flimsy steel, and the rollers for the smith rack bend with ANY weight on them. In fact, the bend makes it dangerous to bench with it because it can get jammed. I had to constantly put vasoline on the bars to keep it moving freely.
Price: 1 star. This is worth about half of what it sells for
Would I recommend: NEVER-1 star
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on December 10, 2012
I'll get straight to it.
The the support rails for the smith machine part won't hold any plates over 25lbs without bending.
The pulleys bind with any weight over 20 lbs
The bench will not fit under the machine to do shoulder work.
The slide rails in the back are so thin if you pull them slightly they bend and now your weights stick as it goes up and down.
The cover material on the bench lasted one week before it tore. and it was not abused.
That being said. I modified the machine with solid steel bars and roller bearings also swapped the pulleys, the cost $250.
Now you can bench heavy weights, no stick, no flex. cut the leg off the bench re welded it a foot shorter now you can do shoulder work.
I did all of this because a friend had the tools available. but my advise to any one is spend the money and get a good machine right off the bat.
you're going to pay a grand at least but you will be happier.
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on March 14, 2012
I bought this machine thinking that it would be of high quality. It shipped fast . I got it home and spent about 10 hours putting it together. Their were lots of parts to deal with but the instructions wher pretty good so for the most part the biuld wasnt that bad. The quality of this product is bad cheep frame work (dont over tighten the bolts you will crush the tubing). The slide rails for the press bar and the cable system are to small thy bow if you use the machine the way it is desinged for. The pullys bind up hew would make it where all the main pullys ride aginst each other .The peg deck is the same piss pore construction the left side moves decently but the right will pull in but have to push it back to its start position.
I could sit here and type a leter a mile long about the quality issues I have with this machine but dont have all day.
Bottom line I would have exspected more from a name like GOLDS GYM but this is nothing but junk...
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on May 10, 2013
This gym has a lot of features for the money so that's why I bought it. Main use was to incorporate bench presses into my routine. I bought an Olympic barbell set to go with this and started benching. My chest got bigger stronger. I liked the idea of using the butterfly and chest fly attachments to do total chest development and using the smith bar for some incline bench presses to shape upper pecs.

Because the gym has so many features the build is not as good as other Gold's Gym models particularly the bench and racks for benching pressing. At $280-$500 they offer stronger built equipment if you are looking to do bench presses, preacher curls, leg extensions and lying leg curls. The cheaper units do not have the smith bar or pulley system but are made of a stronger tubular steel that seems to be beefier gauge. I was temped by these units but wanted to try all the different workouts to see what was best for me. I didn't want to have any weaknesses due to not training muscle groups that often go neglected. So I bought the multi gym.

Overall the machine is easy to use with the exception being the smith bar. It does not use a ball bearing assembly instead relies on plastic glides which stick very easily. This is not acceptable. To safely lift using the smith bar you would have to seriously drop weight which is counterproductive. Using it for squats stresses the lower back too much and pretty much defeats the purpose of using a smith or safety squat machine. It will mess up your back. Plus you do not get the benefit of developing your stabilizer muscles. It is the worst smith bar I have ever used but I blame that to the low price of the machine. I can not do squats or incline bench presses with it so it is pretty much useless to me. Other uses for it may include stretching bar for legs if you require greater flexibility but I use a barbell on supports or the supports itself.

Other problems seem to be similar to the smith bar in that where there should be metal there is more plastic than you would find on pricier units. On the bench for example the front has two thin metal flat bars for feet welded on but the front has two plastic ones you have to screw on. They have holes so you can bolt the bench to the floor but offer no substance or structure to the bench at all and the could easily break if you were to rock the bench while lifting. They should be metal although this does not seem to affect function just cheap. Most if not all of the other benches Gold's Gym sells have all metal feet.

I really liked the idea of the butterfly attachment as most guys find added value in them. While functional it did not glide as smoothly as I had hoped. It is simply bolted on with nut and screw metal washers and uses a thick black grease to lubricate it. This surprised me as a clear lubricant would be a better choice if that's the route they wanted to go instead of a sealed bearing construction. The black grease is not very slick but rather clumpy and gets dirty and possibly be messy. Dirty grease can gum up the motion. Also it tends to run wear off so multiple applications might be necessary meaning to you have to take it apart to add more. You don't want black grease all over your machine body or clothes. It squeaks and rubs when you use it so something is not right with it. I honestly expected this part to be better built. The noise was distracting at first but I learned to deal with it. After a few workouts the butterfly arms broke in and started swinging smooth enough but tends to make grooves in the metal it is rubbing against. Here some plastic might be in order in the form of bushings and a better lubricant like wd-40, something to cushion the arms so you don't have metal rubbing against metal. Something needs to protect the machine better grinding damage.

When using the pulley system with 35lbs on each side the cable stretched and the plastic sheathing split somehow. I am not sure how that happened. I think it jumped the nylon rollers and got caught on the metal brackets. I must not have noticed and kept working causing it to run along the metal edges slicing it. I didn't use it for awhile but it seems okay now. The pulley does not like heavy loads. I think the max is 50lbs each side. The pulleys have plastic guards on them called traps. A few times the cable has slipped off and snapped them. The traps are fragile and maybe not necessary. I removed them damaged ones and moved the remaining ones around so it wasn't obvious where some should be but were missing. The even though the cable came off it is always held in place by the metal u brackets so there is no risk of cable hitting you.

The preacher curl is effective. It seems built right. I get good pumps and my form is easy to control. It is a nice addition to the barbell curls I started with. I really like doing this exercise. The leg attachment works good as well. I train the legs on days I'm not working my upper body. The leg extension and the lying leg curls are nice to superset with my standard barbell squats. But these attachments come standard on cheaper units so made me wonder if I bought the right machine.

When first assembled I noticed the kick plate used for back rows and tried a few reps. Seems heavy duty which was a concern after seeing the gym's use of plastic where I expected metal and the light gauge of the steel where I would have preferred heavier. I mostly work the back with bent over rows do not use this option. I might have to revisit it the future. The pulley can also be used for kick backs and side kicks. I should use this to strengthen my hips muscles because I do martial arts but the leg strap was slipping on my leg. I couldn't get a good fit. Not sure if I did it wrong or just need to buy a new strap aftermarket.

The lat pull down works good but I bought a triceps rope and use that after bench pressing. I bench then butterfly then triceps rope and or chest flys. I like the lat pull down assembly but the machine is narrow for chest flys. It does striate the chest but not like at the gym. It is usable but I am not used to the the angle it attacks from. Bench pressing for mass/strength, then butterfly for width, and flys for definition is effective with this equipment. Doing flys at the end of my chest workout did seem to add height to chest and puff me out. The fly handle can be used for one handed tricep pull downs very effectively.

It has built in Olympic weight racks for your plates which I greatly appreciated and the finish is nice considering the price. The bench is fully adjustable to incline, flat, or decline. The only thing missing on this I wanted to see was handles on the front for pullups and maybe dip bars. At this price I have not seen a better gym. It is able to accommodate all the muscle groups I need to work and gives me multiple options for maximum results. I would say this is a definite upgrade from just a bench with leg attachments and a support rack for pressing. I prefer free weights over plate machines as I like the freedom of movement and the fact you can always add more weight to barbells or posts. Plate machines are limited in the amount of weight that comes installed in their machines and often cost more.

The only bad points about this gym seen numerous at first are very small and insignificant. Major concerns are the smith bar is junk and it uses to much plastic. Without going overboard it seems one could modify or upgrade some of the components from plastic to metal by buying from a specialty store that sells hardware specifically for home gyms. Within reason I would try to rid my machine of as much of the plastic that makes up the actual build as I could. I lost some of the phenolic spacers that go into the framework to prevent some crushing of the metal when you tighten bolts. I called support and they wanted to charge me $40 for a couple pieces of plastic. I thought they might just offer them for free seeing as they had to be very cheap. I pointed out to the lady that the parts in question could not be that expensive. Her reply was that I was accurate and that they sell the parts for $2.31 but the rest was shipping and handling. That they had to pay the warehouse guy something to fetch it for me. Then she asked if I needed other replacements such as foam pads, either to change the course of the conversation or add insult by trying to add on further expense.

Since I use most of the features of this gym I get a total body workout upper and lower. It allows me to work all the muscles I need and from different angles adding to muscle confusion and greater gains. Despite the metal being thin, too much plastic where there should be metal, a need for more fluid noise less operation, and it lacks pullup and dip bars, it is a great value. To get all that I want I would easily have to spend double. I am thinking like Powertec smith cage with pull up and dips for around $1200 but then you would have to buy a quality bench for maybe $300 max. Idk the Powertec's seem better built therefore more costly.
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on October 16, 2012
golds gym should be ashamed of having there name on this product.for starters when a machine takes 6hours to put together its because it is a poor quality frame more screws and bolts for support due to light weight frame.
more importantly the smith machine the rails arenot straight up and down so it is not even close to being smooth it has a un natural feel it feel like it rubbing on something horrible.the bench wobbles in every position which is a great way to hurt your shoulder while benching.
the pec deck is ok if a woman is using it with light weights if you plan on using heavy weights on it the pec dec will be the first thing to break.
the precher curl wobbles just as much as the bench and the padding will not last very poor quality.the lat pull down is the only thing on the gym that i would rate satisfactory.they tried to make a multi function gym and failed miserably.
i got this as a gift from my wife who ment well it was purchased at sports authority luckly they give refunds when they came to take it appart they end up throwing it away because so many different screws and bolt sizes it is impossible to put back together.TRUST ME YOU DO NOT WANT THIS IN YOUR HOUSE IT IS COMPLETE GARBARGE WITH SO MANY HOME GYMS AVAILABLE PLEASE DO NOT PICK THIS ONE YOU WILL BE SORRY IF YOU DO.I WOULD GIVE THIS HOME GYM A NEGATIVE 5STARS.
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on August 12, 2012
I purchased one of these units last Christmas for my home in SC, where my father and step-mother reside. I ordered it so that I could replace the aging gym that my father had purchased some 20+ years ago. When it arrived in two boxes, I wasn't sure how long it would take to get together, but between my dad, myself and my son, we got it together in about 12-15 hours over a two day period. My 73 year old father was, and is, very pleased with it, as was I, and now I have a new gym to work out when I at home. I was so pleased with it, in fact, that when I returned to my work residence in Virginia, I was looking to order one for the spare-bedroom converted to a gym in my rental house. But for some reason, they appeared to be out of stock or unavailable for about six months. Then about 2 months ago, Amazon informed me that they were in stock and ordered immediately. It was delievered about 2 weeks later, and I began building it immediately. Having already assembled one, I knew exactly where to begin and what preparations needed to be made. An additional bonus was that some of the "building" appeared to have been eliminated, with large items that had once been "pieces" wer now "pre-fabed" into one, much more solid piece. After about a total of 8-9 hours of work (not including the time taken to lube/grease/oil the pin/fly wheels and bolts upon which the pulley wheels would ride), I had the entire gym completed and it works perfectly. I had read the very "negative" reviews before I purchased the initial model, as well as the negative reviews that appeared prior to my purchase of the second unit. Unless I just "got lucky" (not likely), these negative reviews were completely unfounded. I am as critical as anyone; but my gut tells me that 1) if these people did not, in fact, put this unit together using a little common sense (i.e. addressing the pulley wheel friction issue by pre-greasing and lubing INSIDE the pully wheels as well as the outside, the supporting bolts and the glide rods), 2) follow directions by not tightening bolts to tightly on moving parts (pulley wheels, etc...) and 3) not tightening stationary parts until completing the directions as directed, then your performance IS probably going to suffer. I know it doesn't say anything in the directions about using grease and oil on the inside metal of the pulley wheels, but that is where "common sense" comes in... basic physics and mechanics, friction... This is a great product, make no mistake. Between this, my biking and kayaking, no excuses for not getting harder and maintaining my strength. The vast design improvements make it easier to construct since last years version and I highly recommend this product! I am 100% satisfied with it... thanks ICON!!!
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on February 6, 2014
We ordered this and it arrived in less than a week. My husband put it together about 10 hour was spent unloading it from the garage, getting it into the 2nd floor room. The plastic pullies seem a bit cheap, but it works great for what we paid and does it's purpose. It fits just right in our 12 foot by 12 foot space. Don't put in a room smaller than 10'x10' or it will be a tight space.

If you are expecting a gym equivalent to the professional gyms...this isn't for you (go pay the $2,000+). If you're like us, just wanting to get lean and build some muscle...this is PERFECT for you. It is for us. I can already see the definition in my arms and back.

No weights included so we bought a 300 lb. Olympic Grey Weight Set (also from Amazon) for $300 and it arrived the same day and all the weights fit perfect on our new machine.
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on April 13, 2015
While I had a slightly different experience than some, I agree this is a disappointing machine. Mine must have been manufactured after those some people had bought as the tubing and general framework on mine is extremely solid and sturdy, no bending, wobbles, really rock solid. Which is why it's so aggravating that they used the cheapest possible components to finish it out. Had to replace all the bushings with linear bearings and replace all pulleys. Literally could let go of the lat pulldown in highest position and the weights wouldn't even come down!!! And it definitely cost me more money to replace these things at full retail than had they been provided as part of the original machine. The whole thing might have cost another $150 but would have performed as well as a much more expensive machine. Are you listening, Gold's?
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on January 4, 2014
This machine performs well, looks nice, and takes up a moderate amount of garage space.

I bought this machine almost one year ago and I do everything on it. Its certainly not the best machine, but its great bang for your buck.

I highly recommend buying an Olympic bench bar to supplement the machine's capabilities. The long safety catch on the machine allows me to lift free weights without a spotter.

The only issue I had was the smith machine bar is not connected to the support via bearings. Instead it just slides over the vertical support rail, making for a less than smooth lift.

Fortunately, there is plenty to do on this gym because of the low pulley (think curls, rows), high pulleys (think triceps extensions, chest and back flys), pec deck (for chest), preacher curl pad, and leg station.
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on December 16, 2012
picking out the right workout machine is very tough. everyone needs or wants different things. also you have to compare the price too other similar gym's and if its on sale.

with this home gym, you are getting so much with one machine for a very low price compared too real gym equipment. so dont compare too your gym's smith machine!

for me this was the best choice and im happy with it. i have everything so i can do many many different exercises at my house instead of going too the gym and wasting gas and time.

took me 10 hours of easy instructions too get it up and working. please dont bend tubing by over tightening the bolts, thats in the instruction manual lol..... ( as other reviews had bent tubing)

about this product: this is for people who KNOW WHAT A SMITH MACHINE IS. (other reviews are people who did not know what a smith machine was) its an ANGLED SMITH MACHINE!!! 7 degree angle for a more natural lift. YES IT IS MORE NATURAL. with this angled smith machine you cannot go very heavy. around 250 lbs of weight. it recommends 310 on the barbell and rack. use it PROPER and it will work fine. you cant go crazy on it and bounce the bar like a regular lift.

the pulley system its self works after ADJUSTMENTS ARE MADE. ( other reviews did not adjust the pulleys) i use an air tool lubricant for the pulleys and NOT WD40!!! the lower pulley had a little tension on it so i made some adjustments and its fine now. the lower pulley does have limitations when standing up. the butterfly gets in the way and the cage is not as tall so the smith machine bar gets in the when when i back up a little. i can manage too use it the way i want it though. just have too have the right spot.

the high cable's and lat pull down work very well.

the butterfly is a little difficult at first. the pulleys are connected so you have too by ready steady and even when using this. if one arm is faster than the other it will feel awkward.

i paid 740 with tax and im all set for a longe time. as you read this machine is not for idiots. please use common sense when using this machine and you will be pleased as well. also, you take care of the machine and the machine will take care of you!
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