Customer Reviews: Good Cook Classic Safe Cut Can Opener
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on March 9, 2012
This is the best can opener to own hands down. I was opening a can with a conventional can opener and the can did not open. so, i decided to pull the can lid off BIG MISTAKE!!! my finger was cut opened and i was bleeding everywhere. i had to have my finger wrapped for a week.

pros: The can opens from the side and not the top. no sharp edges and no cutting your finger. great if you have kids you don't have to worry about them getting hurt with the can lid.

also, the can opener works by placing it on the can and start turning it and it opens the can LIKE MAGIC :-D

cons: NO cons ... this product is great!
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on October 17, 2011
If you have read any of the other reviews you already know how it works and why it is such an improvment on other can-opener designes. I originaly bought my first Good Cook safty can-opener over nine years ago. It lasted 3 years before it started needing two passes to free the lids. I replaced it imeadiatly and have been using the replacment for about six years now and it is still working perfectly. I have given several as gifts and one didn't work well from the first day and I returned it. If you are familure with a standard can-opener this one takes some practice and getting used to. Once you master it, you will never want to go back to any other style. The only drawback is you can't use the lid to press the extra water or oil out of a freshly opened can of Tunna. (a small inconvienience, when the lid was probably dirty and has sharp edges) If you manage to get cut using this opener there is something seriously wrong with it or how you are using it.
I will be getting another if my current one wears out.
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on May 3, 2006
What could be more prosaic than a can opener? Well, standard can openers harbor the most harmful bacteria in the kitchen (how often do you clean yours?)

The SafeCut can opener is the most obvious design for a can opener, at least in retrospect: it reverses the assembly process by un-crimping the lid.

Let me repeat that: it un-crimps the lid of the can. Without a blade. As it does not touch the food, it cannot contaminate it. As it does not cut the metal lid, it leaves no sharp edges. In fact, one can push the opened lib back onto the can's body as loosly re-sealed container.

It is elegent in its operation. It is safe for children and those with unstead hands.
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I've been using these can openers for a few years now.
They are easy to hold and use, and they open cans by opening the sealed top rather than cutting the cans open. End result is an opened can with no sharp edges.
I originally got one planning to use the cans for crafts with my children. We did some of that, making mini baskets with tuna cans, pencil holders with vegetable cans. Because they don't have sharp edges, it makes a nice safe craft with children. I've recommended them to crafty friends and non-crafty friends and bought one for my dad.
I'm so happy with this can opener. When I need to replace it, I plan to get the same kind.
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on November 16, 2012
You know how it is when you finally find a great item, and it disappears off the market? Well this might have been one of those cases. I bought a Good Cook Safe Cut Can Opener (GCSCCO) many moons ago (it's been about 10 years) and it's STILL working great. I recently had a conversation with someone who mentioned that they keep a Swiss Army Knife (SAK) in the kitchen because the can opener implement has never failed them. They mentioned that the last 3 can openers they've bought have broken or stopped working within just a few months.

While I've used the can opener on my SAK to open cans while camping, it's not exactly the most convenient thing to use (although I will admit, with no moving parts and great steel, it IS reliable). The SAK opener is no better than an old P-38 can opener, both are serviceable and don't really have moving parts.

The GCSCCO on the other hand is so easy to use, AND being a Safe Cut type opener, it leaves no sharp edges that you (or anyone else) can cut themselves on, so it's safe for kids (and households where pesky pets might occasionally get in the trash can). It works by cutting/splitting the crimped seam on the edge of the can. This effectively turns the top of the can into a lid should you choose to use the can as a container for short term storage of the remainder of the can's contents if you didn't use it all up. It actually provides a fairly decent lid that will stop food from drying out in the refrigerator if left for only a day or two. Of course, for the preppers and lightweight thrifty backpackers, this also turns cans into convenient pots. It leaves no sharp edges on either the can OR the lid.

In addition, since the opener doesn't ever contact the contents of the can (unlike conventional top cut type openers) the opener never collects gunk and doesn't begin rusting in short order. It also doesn't drop metal filings, rust and other wonderful extras in the contents of the can as you're opening it up.

Some folks have said that it's not easy to tell when the can is open. IME, if you have good eyesight, it's simple, you'll see the slight ribbing of the crimped edge where the gear wheel contacts it to turn the can coming around so you know you're close, but even blindfolded, I'd know when the can was open, because you can feel the reduction in resistance to turning the handle.

I've been using mine for about 10 years and it still opens the can perfectly the first time around. So why did I go looking for it if mine works great? Because I told my friends about it and they can't find the one I have. I looked around and discovered that Good Cook has changed the design on the new Safe Cut models, and evidently, the new design isn't as good. There are complaints of the newer models ceasing to work, with either broken handles after a year or two, or after a while the opener begins to require going around the can 3-4 times before it opens. Mine works as well as it did when I got it a decade ago.

After searching all over the web, I discovered that the Bradshaw International Safe Cut Can Opener shows pictures of the same design as mine (and you'll note the pic for THIS Amazon listing even shows the Good Cook brand on the packaging). I'm not sure what's up with that, but nevertheless, if this is the same as the old (not new) style Good Cook Safe Cut Can Opener, stop looking around at any other can openers and buy it (unless you're one of those who can't use a manual can opener and needs an electric one).
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on December 1, 2011
I purchased this can opener in May, 2011. It broke in November, 2011. Did a great job while it lasted but not quality made. I'll be looking for another brand.
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on March 31, 2013
The good cook clasic safe cut can opener worked well the first week we used it. It is a little hard to turn, but doable.

After the first week we started to notice that it wasn't completely cutting through the can in spots and we were left with lids that were still attached. We ran into issues where we would try to go around the can a couple of times and noticed we were generated metal shavings as the opener would try cutting the 2nd or 3rd time around the can.

Now we are left with a shallow cut all the way around the can and a lid that is still perfectly sealed, it won't even puncture the can to start cutting. We've been using the opener for about 3 months and have opened probably a couple of dozen cans with it. This just isn't a very well designed opener.
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on February 1, 2011
I bought this for my mother as a Christmas present and she was confused by it a first. It only has one handle, not two! All you have to do is set it on the edge of the can and turn the knob. It cuts the EDGE of the can off where the metal is rolled so you can re-close it by setting the lid back on top of the can when you're done. It's like magic, and leaves no sharp edges.
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on March 11, 2016
(1) Great can opener for 3 months then stopped working, now it just slips on can lids instead of gripping and opening them. (2) AMAZON.COM DID NOT WANT TO STAND BY THE "LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE" clearly stated as the last bullet-point (bullet points are below the price). The Rep: she had fought sternly: repeatedly in a firm & sustained manner to keep from doing the return, her argument relying on a "return window". The "return window" for a product with a "Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee" is for life, which I pointed out more than once, 3 times that I recall actually. But that did not work with her. (3) I HAD TO PROVE THAT I USED TO WORK FOR AMAZON by pointing out details about their offices/cubicals... details that are pretty much unique to Amazon work culture. As soon as I proved my experience working for Amazon & used an internal term, she instead promptly handled my return, actually just sending a replacement, though She did not sound friendly, SO WE'LL SEE IF SHE ACTUALLY DID IT. She stated that the replacement would arrive withing 3 business days & that I did not have to return the broken one. It was hard to catch her name, Marco -pronounced Mar+So (??)
UPDATE: The replacement shipped UPS. Found out the Reps Name is: "Marcell O"
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on September 23, 2012
I have this can opener and it worked great for less than a month. Now when I use it I have to go around 3 times and it still doesn't always cut all they way around so I have to bend the lip up. Just yesterday I noticed that the opener is making tiny little metal shards that are falling into my can of food. I was just looking for a new one to replace this piece of crap and felt I should warn you to put your money towards a better brand. I'm going with consumer reports this time.
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