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on July 14, 2013
I really liked this film but I'm a geezer and I loved the great black comedies that have sadly gone out of style: the Alec Guinness films of the early 1950s, "Dr. Strangelove," "Catch 22," "Being There" and the all-time champ "The Loved One."

A black comedy takes realistic situations (the opening scenes lull you into believing this will be a classic Western) and realistic characters and stretches them to absurd conclusions. Some of the reviewers here show they tried to take this film as a serious "High Noon" type of western and dissed it because it wasn't: "There's not enough words" (there were exactly enough).

Look: The gunfighter (Cohen Holloway) kidnaps the pretty Englishwoman (Inge Rademeyer) and takes her out on the prairie to rape her. He tries but he can't get it up. THAT scene right there should have been your signal because it set the tone for the whole rest of the movie. So, dragging her along, he begins a quest to find a cure (for you younger viewers, Viagra didn't come along until more than 100 years later), consulting MDs, Chinese herbal doctors, an Indian medicine man, all the while being pursued by a very inept posse with a leader so dumb he shoots his scout ("I said I was a scout. I didn't say I was any good at it.") and the posse then becomes hopelessly lost.

The final big gunfight between the gunfighter (who has by now won the sympathy of both Inge and the audience) and the posse members (who, after rescuing the girl now want to rape her) hits a hilarious snag when all of the participants run out of ammunition at exactly the same time.

It's black comedy, people, and a very good one! Even Larry McMurtry didn't have the guts to tackle ED on the Frontier! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
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on March 15, 2012
This movie has the elements and magic of a classic John Wayne movie. Directed by Mike Wallis, this kiwi western, filmed in the heart of New Zealand, is a wonderful film. The acting and setting of the movie is highly realistic, a great homage to the original western movies. Cohen Holloway and Inge Rademeyer make a wonderful acting duo, complimenting each other in their acting styles. The movie shows some great scenery which looks like the real unspoiled Old West. Another great element brought to this movie is the wonderful score, written by John Psathas. The music ties together the movie in a great way making Good for Nothing an instant classic.
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on July 16, 2012
The film opens with some beautiful scenery and music. It lulls you into believing this is going to be a classic western.

A British woman (Inge Rademeyer) travels out west to live with her uncle. In route she is kidnapped by a quiet gun slinging murdering cowboy (Cohen Holloway) who attempts to rape her, but realizes he is not functional. The cowboy drags her around the countryside seeking a cure for his "broken" manhood.

Our woman who is refined and educated provides a stark contrast to the overly stereotyped slow talking dim witted cowboys. As the two characters get to know each other we expect the predictable Stockholm Syndrome to set in when things take a slight twist. It is an interesting and unconventional western. It has action, drama, and humor. Clever, but not spectacular.

PARENTAL GUIDE: No f-bombs, no sex, rape-like scenes, male rear nudity (Cohen Holloway)
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on July 21, 2013
Nitty Gritty down to earth western showing more realism then the standard western. The real west was a place of drifters and confidence men who really couldn't shoot straight. Yellow teeth and poor physical hygiene were much more the case for most of the west. The gun fights were well done with more misses then hits, the gritty reality of how women could be treated if found alone and unprotected, all on display in this movie, even the hero leaves a lot to be desired when compared to even a western like Clint Eastwood's "Unforgiven". this is the best western since "Appaloosa". Definitely a must see for fans who prefer a realistic rendering of Old West conditions.
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on May 15, 2012
I read the review quotes on the cover-art of this DVD and laughed... they were either bland or outlandish... even comparing it to "Unforgiven".

The second that the movie ended, I literally said "wow". And immdiately it is obvious, the dialogue, acting, seriousness, tone, musical score, scenery, realism, originality and more, were ON-PAR, if not above almost any western I can think of... even, (gasp) Unforgiven.

I was drawn in to the professionalism of the production... atention to every detail was given, cinematography and locations shot were amazingly beautiful yet harsly barren, the characters were impeckable, the sincerety, drama, details, everything. This movie really brings home the true dangers of those lawless times. Everything in this movie is not only believable, but draws you in, and puts you right there with the characters. This is REALISM at it's best.

I applaud the producers and directors for making a modern day western that isn't a hollywood shootem'up, or re-hash of a half-popular old western. This movie will have your heart pounding, leave your jaw dropped, and put tears in your eyes. There is suspense and surprises all along the way. Well done, casual pace, but not a single boring moment. THIS is how I envision the wild west must have really been like.

This should be a western everyone should see.. I know you will be impressed... too bad this didn't have a marketing budget for the big screen... then again, I know what big money does to westerns, so I'm glad the production was left alone. It's AWSOME! A++++
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on October 26, 2012
It was a low budget film done in New Zeland (i think) With the low budget there were some things that did not measure up to hollywood mega films but. It was extremely well done and not overly verbose. The humor was subtle. I loved it.
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on December 16, 2012
This movie is well made with good actors. The locations & scenery are interesting. I will recommend this video to others.
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on January 18, 2014
This movie was an unexpected surprise. I assumed it was going to suck but I actually liked it a lot and it will now go in the books as one of my favorite westerns.
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on April 30, 2013
i don't like traditional westerns because the characters always seem so one dimensional. i have to admit though that starting with 'unforgiven' there have been quite a few that have broken out of the usual stereotype.

this is one of those films. overall i really enjoyed it; it was quirky and funny and the shootouts were probably more accurate to the times than any i've seen. someone else here mentioned that it was unrealistic that isabelle would be walking round in her knickers and i concur with that. she would have been embarassed and humiliated and try to cover up at every opportunity.

the chemistry between the two leads was steamy, however i thought that she ended up being kind of a bitch. no he was no saint but it was obvious that he loved her and he protected her. his e.d. was plainly due to the fact that she was more to him than just a shag.

without giving it away, i thought that the ending was ultimately unsatisfying, that is why i did not give it a five star.
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on August 27, 2012
I have always loved a good western, especially in the style of Quigley Down Under and any Clint Eastwood western. Cohen Holloway is outstanding in the role of the quiet, gentle, but deadly outlaw. This is a must see for anyone who loves this lonesome hero/outlaw character.
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