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on September 6, 2005
I have received "ladies'magazines" for many years and keep coming back to GH. I am 57, single, have little reading time for pleasure and little interest in or time for walking through stores to keep up with products, new ideas, etc for women. I don't' even spend much time on the net for this information. I like GH's reputation for quality (GH Seal of Approval and assessment of products), the price (it requires ads to sell the magazine at this low price in today's market; GH passes some on to the customer by keeping the subscription cost low), and the timeliness and the variety of topics interesting women. And I enjoy the tidbits of celebrity information without excessively intimate details of their personal lives that have no impact on the reason I enjoy their performances/talent. It's the only "overall" magazine of this kind that addresses things I want to know about on a consistent basis without becoming the same every month, which is something I don't like about many other periodicals. I also enjoy the ads; otherwise, I would never know of foods, beauty aids, cooking techniques and equipment, fashions, shoes, books, etc. I look forward to getting my GH. When topics greatly interest me, I cut and file them. Also, when I finish with one while flying, I can always find another woman who is happy to take it on their flight.

As some of the youngsters say today, "It's all good!"
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Of all the magazines, this one has the best layout.

Whether you are looking for the latest news on your favorite star or are looking for a new recipe...this magazine has it all.

You know how many magazines say: "Oh, we are going to tell you about...." And five minutes later, you are still looking for "that" article. Well, in this magazine they have a great Contents page with a special: "On the Cover" section. So, if you want to read about Nicole Kidman she is on page 110! OK, that was in the November 2001 issue and it is quite a sad article. What ever happened to the fairy tale? I just don't know...

Now, if you love reading about other people who are making the news, the People section always has something fun to read about. Fashion and beauty gives ideas on the latest nail color or makeup tips. The articles on relationships are interesting.

This magazine also has sections for: Health & Well Being, Consumer Sense, The Better Way, Food & Home, Fiction, Departments and Columns. The TECH section is always of interest. There is a definite focus on women, as in: "The Best Cell Phones for Women." Plus, this is where you can find Heloise giving out the newest Household Tips.

My favorite page is the looks, trends, and news page where they always give you ideas for holidays or feature beauty products like Pumpkin Pie body wash in November. The recipes are often multicultural and you can find anything from Lebkuchen to Pavlova with Passion Fruit Sorbet.

In my top 10 of favorite magazines!

~The Rebecca Review
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on May 12, 2004
Good Housekeeping is a wholesome, clean, serious magazine. Various topics that may be found in an issue - how to raise children, household tips, financial help, or marriage advice - suggest that the magazine is geared towards the middle-aged to the older woman. I'm married and only in my 20s, but I still get so much out of reading the articles and advice anyway.

I absolutely love this magazine! I was looking for a magazine with good, long articles to read, and I found this great one. They even re-designed the look, and it's excellent. Everything is more organized, clearly separated into their respective sections, and each page is clearly marked with the section header so I'll always know which section I'm on.

I particularly enjoy the articles about real-life triumphs and tragedies, Talk to Me by Joy Behar about relationship advice, and Peggy Post's Etiquette Dilemmas.
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on March 18, 2003
This is a "return" of Redbook and a pictorial "Reader's Digest." The stories are about interesting people and are well-written, but not deep. I can read the whole thing in one hour. I subscribed for house decorating and garden advice, but the magazine emphasizes health and beauty. I intend to look elsewhere.
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VINE VOICEon December 29, 2011
Of the myriad of womens' magazines on American newsstands, Good Housekeeping stands out for many reasons, the main one of which is that the products they endorse are backed up by a three-year (!) refund promise from the magazine should a consumer find the product defective in any way (as in the magazine's endorsement didn't match what the product really does). I don't know of any other magazine that offers such a guarantee to the public. Such sincerity and professionalism mean a lot in this day and age!

Also their recipes are triple-tested and they have the courtesy (and, again, professionalism) to let their readers know exactly how they go about testing recipes before they hit print. I can only imagine all the pots, pans, utensils, stoves, and ingredients - not to mention the time - that are used to try every recipe. They remind me of the folks at America's Test Kitchen who do the same thing. Anyone or any entity that takes that much time to perfect their product gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from me.

I also like the various features of Good Housekeeping: Ask Heloise, the cover stories (most of the time), and how to use and reuse household products creatively. One feature I'm not thrilled about is the so-called "happiness" column. I don't see what the writer is accomplishing and, truth be told, it's unrealistic (and not human) to be happy all the time. Yes, it's okay to be sad and depressed. That's what being human is all about.

One thing I do wish G.H. would cut down on are the articles about losing weight and how to "beat" aging. Folks, how about the monthly articles touting how natural it is to age (and how none of us humans have a choice in the matter) or how being a little overweight is nothing to beat ourselves up about? We can't all be model-thin, and the skinny and anorexic folks don't have perfect lives, either. I expected *much* more from G.H. in those departments (and figure how much they can change the cultural attitude about aging in women and weight issues given their influence!).

In all, Good Housekeeping is the best of the magazine market for women. I would like to see more features or coverage geared towards us folks in the city or who don't have families. We like the magazine, too. - Donna Di Giacomo
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on July 17, 2010
I'm done buying this magazine. I got this magazine on sale for a $5.00 subscription and they aren't even worth that. The cover stories are so boring. Also, too much advertising. I find myself just flipping through with no interest to read it These are going in the garbage.
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on May 27, 2014
In the midst of the feel-good stories, decorating bits and lifestyle tips, are the ads. And the Buy Buy articles. And the Buy Buy articles disguised as decorating bits and lifestyle tips.
Buy this new paint color, this nail polish that Michele wears, this facial scrub that takes years off, this trendy chevron rug in nauseating colors, this "slimming" dress with the peplum (!!), and this green cleaner that sounds great but really doesn't clean well. These cards will make your guests feel special ($25 for 5) and we found this costume ring for $150. What a deal!! And there is a new feature, how families are managing to live well on a miserly $100,000 per year!!! WOW. We do it on 15 since I got laid off 4 years ago. This all makes me want to throw up a little bit.
I will say that getting on the email list is good if you like chatty 10 Best Lists. About 2x weekly you'll get 10 Things to Never Eat, 12 Best Skin Helps, 10 Ways To Style Floating Shelves, etc. It's at least fun and they are not trying so hard to get you to buy something.
I'm saving my issues to trade at the bookstore for quilt magazines.
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on July 29, 2014
I used to read this magazine in my high school library when I used to cut class and take 5 hour naps there. The magazine was full of really cool recipes, advice and a lot more other stuff that I liked so much, I used to secretly tear out and take home. Their website, I'll admit is pretty helpful too and well organized. The problem is this magazine NOW. I got this subscription from Rite Aid since I had reward points to spend. I looked through the first issue I received and I was shocked that there were so many advertisements to the point where I thought I got a water-down version since I got it for free. It was actually the real deal. I gave the second issue a chance, but it was nothing but ads. No articles were interesting at all (if you actually find any). When I got the third and fourth, I just open the magazine once and flip through a few pages very quickly and then throw it out. Save your money.. it's not even worth your time. I can't wait for my subscription to end because I feel like this magazine is basically junk mail.
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on July 12, 2014
This is the wife of the person who ordered this subscription--it was ordered for me. I am really disappointed in this magazine. I don't know when it because part of "good housekeeping" to diet. This magazine has multiple articles and advice and such on losing weight. If I wanted that kind of magazine, I'd have subscribed to a health magazine. I was looking for something more like Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray, with yummy recipes, maybe some crafts and decorating ideas, etc. Instead, it's like any other "woman's" magazine pushing the same tired ideas about getting your body ready for a bikini.
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VINE VOICEon October 1, 2008
Was once an excellent, reliable mag, with all sorts of helpful information on different subjects. Now, it's mostly adverts with a few pages of info and recipes here and there, and half of it seems to be geared toward housewives who are intent upon watching every calorie. I guess if you're ocd about your weight and you're looking for another way to beat yourself up, this is for you.
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