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on September 2, 2009
I am a fan of television medical drama. As a kid, I grew up with "Ben Casey". My passion for the subject of medicine being portrayed in the media took two gigantic leaps forward with "St. Elsewhere" and "ER". The intelligence and the spirit of the creators behind these shows truly permeated through their storylines and their characters, to connect with viewers like myself, so strongly, because they acknowledged that we too had intelligence and spirit. I have followed the concept write-ups for "Three Rivers" - a new fall CBS drama which tells the story of today's cutting edge medical technologies and processes of organ and tissue transplantation from three perspectives - those of the transplant team; the donors and their families; and the recipients and their families. Headed by Alex O'Loughlin ("Moonlight"), and supported by a strong ensemble cast including a long-time personal favourite, Alfre Woodard ("St. Elsewhere" and "L.A. Law"), I hold high hopes for "Three Rivers" to share with TNT's "HawthoRNe" the third gigantic leap forward for television medical drama.

P.S. As of October 19th, 2009 Network Ten in Australia has pulled the plug on "Three Rivers" after airing only one episode. A VERY disappointing move indeed!!!! After singing the network's praises in the past for airing such great quality programming as "Picket Fences" and "NYPD Blue", I am VERY disappointed that they haven't given the people behind creating the "Three Rivers" concept more credit. Not only is it an insult to the real life transplant surgeon (whose life Alex O'Loughlin's character "Andy Yablonski" is based on), but it is an insult to those who are trying to support the public health message of organ and tissue donation, and the future possibilities of transplantation medicine. I can only hope that CBS in America give "Three Rivers" the credit it deserves, and in its wisdom, a DVD release of the series for those who are genuinely interested in its subject matter.

P.S. As of November 25th, 2009 I am so thankful CBS still regards "Three Rivers" highly enough to include it on its schedule through to the conclusion of its 13 episode order. In an almost limitless landscape of television choice "Three Rivers" truly deserves to stand proudly as "the new engine on the block that could", as the comparable viewer totals during sweeps for it and other highly regarded dramas, such as "Cold Case", "Law & Order", "Brothers & Sisters", and the new "FlashForward" are pretty much on par with each other. Keep it up "Three Rivers". I, for one, am very proud of what you stand for.

P.S. As of December 2nd, 2009 I have learned that CBS has removed "Three Rivers" from its December schedule, and some entertainment news sites have announced that the show has been officially cancelled. This is indeed sombre news - but a little beam of light illuminates the fact that "Three Rivers" is still in production to complete CBS's 13 episode order. This will give the high quality drama a chance at a high quality conclusion. I will be lining up with a whole legion of admirers to purchase "Three Rivers - The Complete Series" on DVD.

P.S. As of April 28th, 2010 it appears CBS has signed Alex O'Loughlin on to head its new version of "Hawaii Five-O". Presumably, this high-action crime drama will be marketed as one of CBS's most anticipated new series for its Fall 2010 Season launch. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope that this can work, in marketing terms, in favour of a DVD release of "Three Rivers - The Complete Series", as I would like, so very much, to see this significant series in its entirety.
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on January 30, 2012
Well, just like we have our sixteen episodes of Moonlight to watch on DVD, now we have our thirteen episodes of Three Rivers. All of the fans know that both were amazing shows, so I won't go into an explanation of why they were cancelled. I will just say that Three Rivers is an excellent show, and if you want to enjoy the outstanding thirteen episodes we did get to see, buy this DVD or Blu-Ray.

Alex O'Loughlin stars as transplant surgeon Andy Yablonski, and his character is based on the work of real life transplant surgeon Dr. Stawinski from the Cleveland Clinic where he specializes in organ transplants. Dr. Stawinski actually tutored Alex for the role, even down to taking him into real surgeries and teaching him how to do stitches, and everything that he could to bring realism to the show. Being the quick study that Alex is he did an amazing job, and he was surrounded by an outstanding cast as well. Eclectic, to say the least, and one of my favorites is Alfre Woodard who played Andy's boss at the transplant center set in Pittsburgh.

Each week there is an exciting story about transplant situations - the people who need the organs - and then the people who end up donating. I found it fascinating to be educated about organ transplants while enjoying a drama with just the right touch of humor and romance mixed in. Besides putting Three Rivers in a no-win time slot for a brand new show CBS took too long to develop the characters - and just as we were starting to find out about Andy's troubled past and his criminally inclined uncle (who ended up playing Steve's dad on Hawaii Five-0) - we lost the show.

CBS had done it to us again. BUT - now we have Moonlight and Three Rivers AND the first season of Hawaii Five-0 on DVD/Blu-Ray to watch, and lo and behold, OMG, we are actually in the middle of the second season of Hawaii Five-0 - starring - Alex O'Loughlin! Alex is such an awesome talent - an incredibly versatile actor who can do any kind of role - and I am so happy that Hawaii Five-0 is such a success and that CBS is treating Alex's show with respect this time.

My advice? Buy Three Rivers, Moonlight and Hawaii Five-0 - then get a list of Alex's other work at and buy every single movie/show right here at Amazon. If Alex is in it - you can't lose.
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on November 25, 2009
Three Rivers is a fascinating show, and it has something for everyone. You don't have to be a fan of medical dramas to enjoy it. Alex O'Loughlin is perfectly cast as Dr. Andy Yablonski, and his hard work and study shows. Alex is extremely passionate about this role, and has become an ambassador for Donate Life.
Not only is Three Rivers informative and important in educating people about organ donations, but the writers are quickly weaving stories around the various characters, and making me more and more anxious to see each episode. The entire cast is excellent, but I am glad to see that we are finding out more about Dr. Andy and his past and personal life. A doctor with a dark past to deal with along with work that keeps him too busy to keep his marriage together makes for a fascinating hour.
The writers have woven the three parts of this show so skillfully - the doctors, the donors and the families of the donors. There is action to keep your attention the entire hour and it leaves you wanting more. This show is touching, dramatic and has just the right touch of humor.
Three Rivers has a very tough spot. Where I live, the football on CBS has consistently pushed it later than many people want to watch TV on a Sunday night, with school and work the next day. It has been on against football on NBC, and it even had the World Series to contend with on FOX. This week, while I watched one of the best episodes yet, ABC was airing the AMAs - and again, football on NBC. I am glad to see that CBS seems to be trying to give this marvelous show the chance that it so richly deserves, and I hope that they appreciate the show and the stellar cast enough to try airing it on another night during the week.
I love Three Rivers. Alex O'Loughlin, as always, is brilliant - and I look forward to seeing much more. I am praying for a DVD!
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on January 11, 2012
Three Rivers was taken off the air too soon!! Took long enough and I am so happy now we can get the DVD!!
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on December 13, 2009
I have so enjoyed this medical series. I am amazed that an hour has been enough time to make me care about what happens in the lives of the donors, the recipients and the medical staff of Three Rivers. I also found this show answering questions I have long had about what happens with organ donors and how the donation and recipient process works. I have to admit, Three Rivers has gone a long way in calming some of the fears I have had about becoming an organ donor. In addition this is a very interesting show, as well as a show with a lot of heart. The problem in watching it each week was in actually finding the show on television on Sunday nights. Due to constant football overruns, it never aired at the same time twice in a row! One night I timed the delay, and on that specific evening it finally started more than 35 minutes after the time it was scheduled to begin. I told my sister, who lives in Canada, about how much I was enjoying Three Rivers and although she was anxious to see the show for herself, she was only able to find and watch it once! What a shame. It is such a good show with a wonderfully rich cast of both regulars and weekly visitors. The last episode got more personal with Dr. Andy and revealed an interesting family tie who was first a negetaive influence and then became a questionable saviour; a family tie that apparently lead him down a path that he has, at least temporarily, been able to divert and save himself from. This set in motion a new twist that I believe separates Three Rivers from the medical dramas that came before it. This show used cutting edge and some not yet realized computer aged technologies to provide the magnificent visuals that allowed the audience a glimplse into the complicated world of medicine. It provided to the audience a means of understanding the medical dramas that unfolded each week without talking down to us. It is my humble opinion that this show, in addition to providing much needed information and clarification to the public at large on the subject of organ tranplants, broke new ground in medical dramas for television. It is a real shame it has been cancelled. I miss seeing it each week and can't wait to buy it on DVD.
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on December 29, 2011
I was instantly hooked on this show when it aired on CBS. I was extremely dissapointed when it was cancelled. The show had an awesome cast and was well written.
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on February 16, 2012
If you liked the first season of Hawaii 5-0: the main leads, the written episodes, the tech briefings and flat-screen computers then you going to like Three Rivers.

The Hospital is set in Pittsburgh, where the three rivers meet. The series is created by Carol Barbee, who is executive producer with Alex O'Loughlin as lead surgeon. This show ran 2009-2010, then both jump to Hawaii 5-0 for 2010-2011, and Carol Barbee leaves after season 1 to go to Touch.

The set up might seem familiar: a few quick story developments before the credits, then from the various cities into the hospital Three Rivers and we see how the people end up connected, who lives, who might die, and how this effects the main characters, including Katherine Moennig heartthrob of L-word and Daniel Henney of the X-files films.

The first few episodes show how the organ system works and how `procurements' are done, as well as how close to death you might need to be in order to get an organ (plus how good your insurance might need to be).

This medical show is different in that it takes place mostly in the ICU, not the ER and covers everyone from people who come in Ambulance through the ER, to chronic conditions and those who have been waiting for years for transplants. With an A-list of patients (including some ex-doctors from Chicago Hope), there seems to be no problem finding the story of that week medically but also some background drama for doctors.

Owiso Odera is Kuol, representing the hopeful uninsured who can't even get listed for his heart, which is shutting down, despite his having survived the war in the Sudan.

The DVD set, in a three holding case look like the real thing and while there are not paper ads, the 13 episodes along with 2 special features are present, much like other 3 DVD/13 episode series. There are no subtitles, which at $5,000 an episode are probably too expensive, or too much in terms of room on the DVD. Still it is a good deal for a very enjoyable medical series. And one which we are fortunate to find on DVD at all.

Sad it is gone BUT it seems some of the equipment, producer, writer and actor went on to the first season of Hawaii 5-0.
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on March 11, 2012
What a great shame that they didn't go to a second season. Alex O'Loughlin is such a spunk, and the rest of the cast were fantastic too. So many ends left hanging at the end. But more importantly, what a great advertisement for organ donation.
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on November 25, 2015
I wish this show would have been on longer. It was very enjoyable. It's about a doctor and his team who specialize in transplants. It was a little far fetched when they were almost always able to provide a transplant for the patient. It's still worth watching despite that. It also had very few sex scenes which was surprising. All in all I would recommend this show.
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on December 6, 2009
I thinks Three Rivers was and is one of the best medical shows I have seen. Yes there is House and there was ER. Both good shows. Three Rives was close to ER. It shows compation to the medical team and to the recipients of orgon doners. It shows all points of view. It could have been more detailed! But what can you do with one hour a week. What I saw of Three Rivers I enjoyed and I know for a fact alot of fans are disappointed that it is done.
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