Customer Reviews: The Good Nite Lite
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on March 1, 2010
My 2.5 year old was getting up around 5:15am every morning and it was getting really old. Heard about this night light and it has really worked! It took about a week for her to totally get it but now she does. I tell her every night before bed that she shouldn't come out of her room until the sun light turns on and for the first few mornings, she would come out early and I would walk her back to her bed and remind her not to come out until she saw the sun come on. She did it with very little fussing and now, even if she wakes up before it comes on, she waits in her room until it does. Many mornings, she'll say, "Sunlight on!!" and will give it a kiss before she leaves her room. She loves it. Only complaints - the timers are kind of a pain to set and it's a bit over-priced. Still have no regrets, though!
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on December 16, 2010
Let me preface this review by explaining that our daughter has beaten Drs. Weissbluth and Ferber. She simply does not go to sleep until she's good and ready. And then she wakes up ridiculously early. Like 4:30 AM early.

We've tried a lot of different things, but the GoodNite Light seems to be the only thing that's worked. We got it last night, programmed it, plugged it in and explained to our daughter that she goes to sleep when the light is blue and can't get out of bed until it's yellow.

Last night, the light turned blue and we happily put her in her crib. She went right to sleep, about 45 minutes ahead of schedule. Then, at 6 AM, when we set it to wake, we heard her get out of her crib and come into our room.


Now, the standard kid rule applies (50% of the things you buy for your kids won't work, but you don't know which 50% until you but them), but I heartily recommend.
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on December 5, 2011
I researched all the different types of clocks and night lights before deciding to purchase this one. This is by far the best choice. And it's also the most visually appealing in comparison to some of those tacky looking toddler clocks.

In response to some of the other reviews
- My 3.5 year old daughter likes the look of the sun and moon and so do I. We don't find it scary or off-putting in the least.
- Yes, you have to plug it in. It is very clear on the manufacturers website that you have to plug it in. Not sure why people are complaining about this if they read the product descriptions. The battery is used only to program the internal clock timer.
- If you are looking for a clock to set during nap time, this might not be the best option. I personally didn't want to have a clock for naptime (even though naptimes are a battle) because my daughter takes naps anywhere between 12-2. It's not consistent and I'd have to program it each day anyway.
- I do agree it isn't the easiest clock to set but I only had to set it once.
- There are 2 dimming settings available if one setting is too bright or dark.
- It IS expensive but all the other comparable clocks/night lights are within the same price range. Some of my friends just put a normal timer on their current nightlight or just used a regular clock and taught their child to wait for the first number to turn to a '7'. Yes, those would be more cost effective measures but I don't mind paying around $35 for a product that lets me consistently get 30 more minutes of sleep in the morning! :-)

My daughter was getting in the habit of waking up around 6:15-6:30 when normal wake up time is 7. We tried to have her quietly read books in bed but that only lasted a few days. She would point out the window and tell us it was light outside. We tried telling her even though the sun comes out, it doesn't mean it's time for everyone to wake up yet. This has been a godsend. This clearly tells her when it is time for her to get out of bed.

No regrets with this purchase! Love it!!!!!!
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on February 3, 2015
I am so happy i finally decided to purchase this lite! My son 3.5 would wake multiple times at night for months and it was wearing me out. The lite gives you the option to plug into the outlet or put onto a dresser but you must have your own cord for it if you want to put on a dresser but it does come with a case so it can sit on a dresser. my son understands the sun/moon so he was so excited when we put it into his room. It was a big hit and every night he continues to check if the moon is up and runs into our room so excited to tell us the sun is up every morning. The Moon stays on all night which i love because my son would wake and see the moon and know to go back to bed. The sun only stays up for 2 hours. I've read people complained whiting there was a nap time option but that would make it so confusing for my son as the moon isn't up when we nap lol Its great and even if your child doesn't have sleeping issues its a great night lite.
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on May 5, 2015
Our son after his first birthday started waking up at 430 and wouldn't go back to sleep or would sleep until 530 as long as you laid next to his crib. After a month of that my husband was going crazy so I bought this. At 14 months my son quickly learned. What does the moon mean? "Sleep" and what does the sun mean? "get up"... my son now 3 still lives and dies by this sun/moon and stays in his big boy bed now for a year until the sun comes up. He actually yells, "the sun came up I'm coming out now!"

Our son still doesn't sleep in... he's awake at 530/545 but he plays in his bed until the sun comes up.

I recommend this to every parent.
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on November 3, 2015
I was hesitant to buy such an expensive night light, but this thing seriously is life changing. My daughter is 3 1/2, and likes to pop out of bed at 6 am. Mommy needs time to get dressed in the morning before the chaos begins! The set up isn't all that difficult - I don't know what all the fuss is about. It took 2 minutes maybe. I explained to her that the blue moon means it's still night night time and to stay in bed (or return to bed after using the potty) if it's still blue. I told her that it's time to start the day when the light turns yellow and the sun comes up. IT. WORKS. She doesn't get out of bed until it's yellow at 7 am! A genius product. Highly recommend!
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on January 3, 2015
We bought this for our 2.5 year old when he started waking up at 5 AM. This lite worked like a charm. We talked extensively about the sun and the moon and staying in bed until the sun comes up. Now when I say "The moon is up!" My son replies, "Time to take a nap!" I do wish the moon lite was a little dimmer, but it hasn't disrupted my son's sleep. I read on the website that if you don't want the moon to shine all night, set it to come on a minute before the sun. For example, set the moon for 6:59 AM and the sun for 7:00 AM. Thought that was a good trick worth mentioning.

After 6 months of having it, the lite quit shining. I contacted customer service on their website. Come to find out, they are local to us in Atlanta. Adam, the owner, quickly responded and offered to meet me to swap out the lite. Amazing. You don't come across that kind of customer service anymore and we were very appreciative.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product to all the sleepless parents of toddlers. And know that if there are issues, the Good Nite Lite team will make it happen!
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on July 16, 2010
I bought this light for my daughter who was having terrible sleep issues. She had multiple night wakings as well as waking up at 5am and she just didn't seem to understand when she was supposed to be asleep. The Good Nite Lite initially taught her what she was to do when the Lite was either blue or orange/yellow. At first, she still woke up during the night which we later discovered was due to her intolerance to artificial food dyes. Now, the clock has become essential in her sleep. She knows that when she sees the blue moon, it is sleep time. When she sees the orange/yellow sun she knows it is time to get up. It's has really been helpful in teaching her this principal and i hope that it'll make time telling easier down the road.
The Lite itself is simple to set and I like that you can modify the sleep and awake times to whatever you'd like them to be. The moon stays on for the duration of the sleep time while the sun only stays lit for a few hours after the wake time. The light produced at night is just bright enough to see a child when checking on them, yet not so bright as to interfere with sleep. The only caveat to this is there is no plug cord; it has to be set up right at the outlet. I had to run a small extension cord from behind her dresser to above her dresser to make it work for us.
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on September 3, 2015
This works wonders!!!! We got this light with the hopes of training my two and a half year old to sleep later. We have been trying to accomplish this her entire life to no avail, so I had very little hope of it actually working. When the light arrived, I was able to program it with ease (although it is a bit multi-stepped, I was still able to follow the directions and complete the process easily). My husband works late swing and I work days. So on the days I do work (three days a week) poor daddy is stuck getting up with only four or five hours of sleep. We tried blacking out the windows, but that just made her wake up earlier so that's when we got "Mr. Moon" as a hope that we could somehow change her schedule.
She had been waking consistently at 6am. When we first got the clock, we set it for 7. The moon and sun are very understandable to a child her age, and we discussed it excitedly before bed. The first couple days she woke up near 6am and just sang or talked in her bed until "Mr. Sun" came up (at which point she excitedly yells "mommy!!! It's the sun!!!!"). Then she actually started going back to sleep until 7. When she woke up at 7, we changed the wake up time to 7:10. That was great for a couple days. Then we changed again in 10 minute increments (mind you, we've shifted her entire day 10 mins with each change, so her nap and bedtime have also grown later). I'm happy to say the clock is now set for 8:10, and she is sleeping until at least 7:45 and plays contented in her bed until she sees "Mr. Sun". It's working exactly as I had hoped!
One little note. I don't think it would work as well if we didn't have black out curtains as my dear child always wakes with or before the sun. So our successes are due to the clock and the total black out thing we have installed on her window. I'm hoping she will eventually wake up at 10am.
Another note: I don't find the light too bright in the slightest. I was actually hoping it would be a bit brighter because her room is dark and she loves to read books in the morning. It's way too dark for that.
Last note (I think!): I didn't realize it plugged directly into the wall. So the first night she had it out and reprogrammed in a hot minute. So the box it comes in is a stand for the light. We now have it on the top shelf of her bookshelf and it works perfectly with an extension cord to a child safe outlet.
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on June 10, 2015
We are trying this a second time and so far it's been awesome. It's been almost two months of 3am wakings where my 2.5 years old son creeps into our room and tells us he is scared. We end up either letting him sleep in our room or sleep with him in his room. The little sleep we get was getting interrupted every night. I got this for my son and told him if he wakes up and sees the moon, he has to close his eyes and go back to sleep. If he wakes up and sees the sun, it's time to come downstairs to our room. He gets a kick out of the moon and sun! It's been a week is sleeping through the night and we are better rested and loving this product. I made it a point to write this review as part of the hesitation initially was worrying it wouldn't work and it's a little pricy. Worth every penny!
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