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on August 2, 2006
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on September 16, 2007
I love this series. By Season Six the series was back on track. Mama came back. Thelma was married to Keith. And J.J. was J.J. By the way, I love the DVD cover. Doesn't it look like they all sat there and specifically posed for this DVD? That's so cool. Does anyone know how Ralph Carter is? I remember reading some years back in The Enquirer that he is HIV-positive. I hope he is staying healthy.

The song for "Good Times" was written by Alan & Marilyn Bergman.

These are the opening-theme lyrics to "Good Times"

Good Times.
Any time you meet a payment. - Good Times.
Any time you need a friend. - Good Times.
Any time you're out from under.
Not getting hassled, not getting hustled.
Keepin' your head above water,
Making a wave when you can.

Temporary lay offs. - Good Times.
Easy credit rip offs. - Good Times.
Scratchin' and surviving. - Good Times.
Hanging in and jiving- Good Times.
Ain't we lucky we got `em - Good Times

And, these are the closing-theme lyrics to "Good Times"

Just lookin' out of the window.
Watchin' the asphalt grow.
Thinkin' how it all looks hand-me-down.
Good Times, yeah, yeah Good Times

Keepin' your head above water
Makin' a wave when you can

Temporary lay offs. - Good Times.
Easy credit rip offs. - Good Times.
Ain't we lucky we got 'em - Good Times.
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on June 3, 2006
The 1978-79 season,the sixth and final of CBS's Good Times brought a few changes amongst the cast and plot. The late Esther Rolle,who was written out for 1977-78,returned to the show by popular demand. Rolle was jealously disappointed by the abundant attention Jimmie Walker's character James "J.J." Evans Jr. was receiving. J.J. became increasingly popular since the 1974 premiere. Rolle's character Florida Evans,mother of J.J.,Thelma(Bern Nadette Stanis) and Michael(Ralph Carter),took Carl Dixon(the late Moses Gunn) to be her second husband. It was written that Florida and Carl had been on their extended honeymoon throughout 1977-78. Carl owned and operated a repair shop that Michael worked at part-time after school and on weekends. Florida met Carl when one day,back in season 4,she came to the shop to discuss a matter or two with Michael. Carl fell in love with Florida but she was not ready for a new mate(Florida lost her first husband James Sr. in a Mississippi auto accident-explained in the season 4 premiere). In reality,James Sr.'s portrayer John Amos was fired after the end of season 3. Sadly,Carl had been diagnosed with lung cancer and he and Florida spent some time in Arizona for the sake of his health. Willona Woods(Ja 'Net Dubois),the Evans' neighbor and friend served as a mother figure for the Evans children while Florida was on her honeymoon with Carl. Willona is still a loving mother to Penny Gordon(superstar Janet Jackson who joined the cast at the beginning of season 5). Popping into the Evans' apartment often like Willona is landlord Nathan Bookman(Johnny Brown,who became a regular in season 5 also). Nathan,nicknamed "Buffalo Butt" and by Willona,"Booger",claims that the Evanses were his favorite tenants despite a series of warnings from previous seasons. Joining the GT cast this season is Ben Powers who plays aspiring football player Keith Anderson. Keith and Thelma are husband and wife. If only James Sr. lived to see the wedding(viewers saw it). At the Keith-Thelma wedding,J.J. accidentally trips over Keith's already-injured foot. Keith lived at the Evans' apartment while he recuperated. After the full recuperation,he joins the Chicago Bears! J.J.,an aspiring painter,is a businessman himself. He taught art at home. I dedicate this item to the memory of Rolle who died at age 78 in 1998. CBS aired GT for the very last time on August 1,1979(logically,this item will be released exactly 27 years later). Today,Walker still does stand-up comedy. Almost seven weeks after the demise of GT,the sitcom's fellow resident All In The Family got the Nielsen axe also. But not the star character Archie Bunker. Archie was spun off on Archie Bunker's place for four seasons. GT was killed by The Dukes Of Hazzard,NBC's Diff'rent Strokes,ABC's Mork & Mindy and M&M's network mate Taxi.

Florida began working as maid for Beatrice Arthur's character Maude Finlay on AITF's spinoff Maude,which makes GT a "grandchild" of AITF. The sitcoms' creator Norman Lear became a multi-millionaire due to the popularity of the shows,including another AITF spinoff The Jeffersons which was in the Nielsen Top 10 when GT got cancelled.
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VINE VOICEon August 6, 2006
The 6th and final season of Good Times is bittersweet for me. I own all the seasons on DVD and had watched them for years as re-runs. I am glad all the Evans' and Willona finally escape the projects, but sad that the show has to end. It's like they become your family, b/c the situations are so real. The struggles, heartaches, you feel them too. My fave episodes include the one with the deaf boy, Larry, I also liked the one were JJ has to donate blood to Sweet Daddy and the one were Florida and the kids get stuck out in a snowstorm. Good Times is and will always be one of my fave TV shows, ain't we lucky we got 'em? RIP Esther Rolle.
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on June 5, 2006
This (to me personally) is the best season of the show. Everything is perfect, Florida (Esther Rolle) is back, Thelma get's married and in the end they all get out of the ghetto rich in all.
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on December 25, 2014
My wife grew up watching this show and I need this to complete my collection of the entire season.
Arrived well packaged and had no defects or issues.
I am very happy with this purchase - so was my wife.
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on June 4, 2006
IT IS ABOUT TIME! I have been waiting for the Sixth Season to Come out on DVD for AGES. I got all the others. I am a Good Times Fanatic! Thank God. He does answer prayer! Haw Haw!
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on October 16, 2012
Good Times season 6 is the final installment of in my opinion one of the best shows of the 70's.
Continuing the story of a black family living and loving in the ghetto of Chicago.
The regular cast members are back in this final season with Florida returning in time for Thelma's wedding. Although the show is definitely not the same as when it started in 1974 it has not faltered in quality. My favorite episodes are Stomach Mumps where Willona is very adiment at Penny's learning about sex....The Snow Storm Where Florida and her bus gets stranded in the snow and has to take cover in an abandoned apartment and my all time favorite a Matter of Mother where Lonella Gorden (Penny's mother) attempts to set Willona up. The show for me is goes back to what it use to be in the sense of it tackles issues that were not normally talked about in the 70's and coming from an African americans point of view it was a side that had yet to be accurately told from the side of the normal poor American. Good Times season 6 comes in a 3 disc set with no special features and yes the episodes are from the syndicated broadcast but I wouldn't throw stones at least they are released than not at all. If you are a fan from the beginning you will definitely wanna see the Evans family off in this final season.Enjoy.
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on June 11, 2013
"Good Times - The Complete Sixth Season" contains many joyful moments for the Evanses. Two such moments are featured in the opening four-part episode titled "Florida's Homecoming" - where Thelma meets & falls head-over-heels in love with a professional athlete named Keith Anderson (played by Ben Powers). Keith, out of college, signs a contact to play professional football with the Chicago Bears. That's not all, for another momentous occasion smiles upon J.J., Michael & Thelma, as Florida Evans returns home upon Thelma's announcement of getting married. Esther Rolle rejoins the cast after being absent in Season Five over disputes of how the J.J. character was portrayed as being buffoonish, which is also partly the reason why John Amos left the series after Season Three. A bit of bad news dashes the family's hopes of getting out of the projects, as Keith injures his knee after his wedding. Throughout this season, in spite of the accident & having to work a nine to five regular job, he finds solace & support from his new wife & family. The accident has also taken its toll on Keith emotionally, as Keith suffers from mood swings & drinking binges in the episode "The Evans' Dilemma" - which has everyone on edge & concerned for Keith. The character of Sweet Daddy Williams (played by Teddy Wilson) is given a good dose of dialogue, just as he had been the previous few seasons. In "The Witness", J.J. unfortunately views an automobile accident involving Sweet Daddy's girlfriend, Savannah Morgan. Sweet's hired goons pressure J.J. into not telling the truth as to what really happened. "Blood Will Tell" finds Sweets in the hospital needing a blood transfusion from guess who...J.J.. Sweets' right-hand man makes sure J.J. doesn't squeal on him, so he has J.J. booked on a flight so "Bad News" could turn the table on Sweet Daddy through his bodyguards. Michael finds his current living situation is too crowded in the episode "Michael's Decision", so he decides to move in with a female roommate on campus to the chagrin of Florida. The Evanses have an opportunity to become homeowners in the episode "House Hunting", & Cousin Raymond stops by with wonderful news in "Cousin Raymond" - where Raymond has hit the jackpot courtesy of gambling. The happiest day of all is when J.J. & Keith spring wonderful news on the family - that J.J. has finally sold the rights to his comic book character, & that Keith has received a medical clearance that allows him to play football again. Thelma has news of her own to spring on Keith - she's pregnant! It's "The End of the Rainbow" (the final aired episode) for the Evanses, as they finally get out of the ghetto, & move into a swanky North Side apartment complex - where Willona & Penny move to after Willona receives a promotion as head buyer of her boutique. The series ends with Florida & Willona embracing hugs into each other's arms freeze-frame. As I said before - good things do come to those who wait. Don't wait to order "Good Times - The Complete Sixth Season". Get it ASAP!

R.I.P., Esther Rolle & Teddy Wilson.
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on January 26, 2008
Anything but, lol. My sister loves this show and had every season except for this one. I purchased the sixth and last season as a Christmas gift for her, not knowing she had made the purchase already. I kept it for my own collection but haven't watched it. I remember it from TV though and I have to say by the sixth season the sitcom had lost its initial vigor. The addition of Janet Jackson didn't do much to revive the ailing show, as it had lost at least two of its best actors. I would recommend it to the collector who has the rest of the collection, but not as a stand alone.
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