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on November 1, 2001
Hi Infidelity got me hooked, but Good Trouble made me a fan. This album contains two of my all time favorite REO songs : 'Back in my Heart again' and 'Every now and then', but there is no filler material on this album. Every song is great and this album proves, that it is much better to have 10 killer songs than a 74 minutes CD full of poor material with two hit singles. I bought this album when it came out and I have never stopped to listen to it ever since.
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on February 12, 2002
Good trouble was the follow up to the mega successful High Infidelity and didn't burn up the charts like expected. But for true REO fans, this album is the best of all. It really doesn't contain any hits other than "Keep the Fire Burnin" but overall, it is the strongest of the REO albums. Kevin, Gary, and even Bruce contribute great songs that you can't help singin along to with just a couple of listens.
Great album from the Greatest Rock n Roll band!
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on May 20, 2005
All of the tracks on GOOD TROUBLE are excellent, and if you listen to it enough, you will no doubt find yourself singing each song word-for-word. Granted, the album is not at heartfelt and solid as YOU CAN TUNE A PIANO or HI INFIDELITY, but it stands above NINE LIVES, and definitely shows that the group was not really trying to compete with their recent successes from HI INFIDELITY. Sadly, after this album is when REO seemed to have lost their touch for making every song on their album a great one. A truly great buy...
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on June 22, 2006
You know, if you read interviews with REO members after "Wheels Are Turnin'" gave them another huge hit in 1985 (not a great tune, either), they really slag this album off, usually calling it a rushed effort after the enormous success of Hi Infidelity. Hey, THEY may not be too proud of it, but ya know what? This ain't a bad album at all. Far from it. I read the other reviews submitted here on this album and I was pleasantly surprised to see most of them mention Gary Richrath's "Every Now and Then". It's a good song, and would have made a damn good single, too. Never even thought about that til now. Gotta mention another Richrath song, "Stillness of the Night". I think that might be my personal favorite here, and there's more here as well. "The Key" is another good one with a nice piano solo from Neil Doughty, who really pitched in with some nice keyboard work here. (And those who have Hi Infidelity, go back and check out "In Your Letter"). It may have been done under a lot of pressure, and they did take two years to put out "Wheels Are Turnin'", but this is a pretty underrated album. Not a classic, but better than you might think. And by the way, "Good Trouble" reached #7 on the album charts....the same peak position as "Wheels...."
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on July 17, 2011
Here's the deal. If you liked Hi Infidelity, this is the perfect bookend. In fact, it sounds like Gary Richrath and Neil Dougherty decided to amp up these songs with a more REO like sound. But Good Trouble has the same gleam of "Infidelity". Kevin sounds more like the "Ridin' Out The Storm" Kevin. And Bruce Hall makes some nice contributions to the album as well. "Keep The Fire Burning" is the obvious single, but "Sweet Time" has an echo of "Time For Me To Fly" and is a terrific sounding should have been #1 single. "I'll Follow You" completely rocks and finds Neil banging the keyboards with abandon. "The Key" is another great Kevin vocal. This album rocks much harder than "HI" and seems to combine all the best of what REO was. "Back In My Heart" another possible single. "Let's Be-bop" is a great Bruce Hall tune set to an autobiographical lyric. "Stillness of The Night" rocks some more and should have been on every AOR station in America. The album closes with a party anthem- "Good Trouble" which seems to be where the band may have been at the time.

In hindsight, what this album is, had nothing to do with the prevailing mood of the music biz. It had been REO saturation for 18 months. People were still playing songs off of "HI". And it was a little too soon for a follow up. This could have been the best album the band ever recorded. History will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Hi Infidelity in just a few days, but the band should re-release Good Trouble next year as a way to help fans rediscover this wonderful album.
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on July 23, 2014
When I was growing up, I wore my record player out on Hi Infidelity and Wheels Are Turning. Kinda overlooked this one for some reason. 30 years later, Good Trouble probably blazes through my speakers more than any other CD I own. This is one i enjoy from start to finish.

If you're an old REO fan like me, and somehow missed out on this one in the past...don't make the same mistake twice!
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on November 5, 2006
When i first heard reo speedwagon was when i got drafted in the army.The song was take it on the run from hi fidelity and was the best song i have heard and it opened my eyes for this kind of music.Next was when i heard reo for the first time in swedish radio it was the song Keep the fire burning from Good Trouble.And i was so happy that day so i took my bicicle and went to the local recordshop and bought it.Songs like Every now and then with amazing guitar by Gary Richrath has inspired me when i started to learn to play music in a band.I tried to played bass and when i tried to write music i was very inspired by songs like the key and sweet time in this album so if you must have one cd with reo i recommend Good Trouble because every songs makes together the best studio album reo speedwagon ever did.
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on August 13, 2001
I love this CD. (Or in my case, I still have the record) I still listen to this album as much as I listen to Journey's Escape album. I like this album better than High Infidelity. "Keep The Fire Burnin' " is a great opening song and was the only hit off of the album. However, the songs are all great. Bruce Hall did a great job on "Let's Be-Bop"! I reccommend this album to any REO fan out there. If you like "Nine Lives" or "You Can Tuna Piano But You Can't Tuna Fish" You'll love this album too! Even REO underates this album. At least that's my opinion. If you Like REO and Journey, Listen to this album and Journey's Escape album back to back. You won't be disappointed. I love this album and so does anyone that I've referred it too.
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on December 24, 2015
I have never understood why this album was considered a flop by so many when it came out. This is a classic REO Speedwagon album, and in some ways I consider it the last great REO album. From start to finish there is one great song after another: "The Key", "Keep The Fire Burnin'", and "Sweet Time" are all awesome REO songs, and side two of this album stands out as among my favorite REO work of all, even though most of the songs didn't find their way into the category of "classics". "Girl With The Heart of Gold" is a great straightforward song, "Every Now and Then" is even better, and the criminally overlooked "I'll Follow You" is one of my favorite album-ending songs of all time. At any rate, if you are an REO fan and haven't gotten this one yet, you should. This was the band at the height of their powers, regardless of the fact that the album failed to live up to the enormous expectations set by "Hi InFIdelity".
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on April 26, 2005
I am a huge REO Speedwagon fan, from 1978's "Tuna Fish" album forward. This is my favorite of their albums. I thought it built nicely, stylistically on the direction the band took with Hi Infidelity. For whatever reason, the record-buying public thought differently. I thought this was Gary Richrath's peak as the guitarist for the band. I actually still rank Gary among the best in the world. His solo work on this album really shows you the talent that he possesses. Kevin Cronin's voice is also in good form on this album. Bruce Hall, while no Kevin Cronin, does a good lead vocal on "Girl With The Heart of Gold". A very solid effort, and highly underrated.
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