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on September 28, 2004
Ciara's Goodies surprised me and it's one of the best albums I have listened to all years. It's not just R&B, according to an insert I received with my album, it's cRunk & B, a hybrid of the two forms of music. The album opens up with "Goodies" featuring Petey Pablo and is featured by the uptempo song "1-2 Step" featuring Missy. This is a real cool song with a crazy bridge, produced by Jazze Pha of course. The next song, "Thugstyle" slows it down a little but it's still something you can ride too. The album is filled with potential hit singles, but one of my favorites is the song, "Pick Up The Phone," another song with a crazy beat. The Ludacris featured song, "Oh," also is off the hook. Whether you like the song "Goodies" or not, please check out this album. T.I. appears on the "Goodies" remix but he doesn't do as much for the song as Petey Pablo did. Other cool songs include "Ooh Baby," and "Hotline," hey the whole album is fly and so is Ciara, so don't sleep on this album. I'm sure a lot of these young female singers will be picking up pointers from Ciara's album.
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on September 30, 2004
When I first saw this young lady I knew she was special. Her dancing, her singing, her swager was a breath of fresh air. I knew we stumbled onto something new and fresh. God knows we need relief from Beyonce Bootymania (nothing against Bouncy). Ciara is bringing something new to the game. She's a beautiful, young woman that's determined to take the world by storm. She has the potential to be large. She's a great dancer(the female version of Usher). She has fun songs. The album is a really good effort for her 1st. She has a unique sexy seductive voice and the way she rides a beat is crazy. The album contains 12 tracks, with a bounus track the remix of the smash #1 Hit Goodies, which I think could have been better, but it's good, T.I. & her mentor famed producer Jazzy Pha is on the remix joint. She gives you just enough with the 13 tracks, a great introduction. Keep in mind CC is only 18, her lyrics speak of young love beginning, going well, becoming confusing and hard. Don't worry CC is still a good girl and doesn't give up her Goodies. I'll give you Play by Play, Track by Track.

Album - Goodies

1.Goodies feat. Petey Pablo 5/5 - What is it to say about this this #1 Smash Hit, it's fire.

2.1,2 Step feat.Missy Elliott 4/5 - This track will get you on the floor, really good job with the vocals, like I said she can ride a beat with that voice. Great beat, Missy is hot.

3.Thug Style 5/5 - Great song, Great vocals, Great vocal arrangment, beat is great and wraps around her voice, this is Ciara's song. Needs to be a single.

4.Hotline 4/5 - Great beat, will make you move.

5.Oh 5/5 - Southern flava at it's finest,crazy hot beat you can really hear her attitude and swager on this hot shot, she's tough, but adorable and Luda spits fire, it should also be a single.

6.Pick Up The Phone 3/5- Nothing really special here, typical song about your man avoiding your calls, but it's a song you can relate too.

7.Lookin'At You 4/5 - Great Beat, Good Vocals,will also get you moving, could be a single also.

8.Ohh Baby 5/5 - Great song, beat is fire and vocals are on point, should be a single.

9.Next To You Feat. R. Kelly 4/5 - Slow groove with the R, nice vocals, Magic happens here between their voices, hot one.

10.And I 4/5 - Nice slow groove, good vocals, very convincing in her delivery.

11.Other Chicks 4/5 - Ciara tells the man her in life no one can love him like she can, and other chicks are of no concern, after hearing this one, he should be convinced.

12 The Title 5/5 - Whoaaaaaaa, talking about a throwback, she sampled LTD's Love Ballad, she wins major points for knowing real music, that's the real deal, old school at it's finest, and she manages to borrow it and make something of her own out of it. This should really be a single, she shows us what Goodies are in store for future.

Bonus track

Goodies Remix feat. Jazzy Pha & T.I. - Good, could have been a little, but still good, T.I. always delivers and Jazzy is always Jazzy.

With her talent, beauty, and determention, I welcome Ciara! I think she'll be delivering Goodies for a long time to come.

Remember, Music 1st Image 2nd. BE BLESSED!
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on December 23, 2004
This is one of the best cd's I have heard in a long time. Ciara comes with hot beats to get you grooving on the dance floor and beats to get you in that r&b vibe. This is one of few cd's that I can leave in my stereo to replay over and over and over again...without getting tired of it!!

1)Goodies-10/10-HOT HOT track that I'm sure everyone's already heard. Gets you in that pumped up "i wanna dance" feel.

2)1,2 Step-10/10-Another hit with bangin' beats. Another overall club jam sure to get you movin'!!

3)Thug Style-9/10-I like this a lot. Not sure if it's the smooth beats or just the way the song flows that makes it sound good. Some don't like it, so listen to it like twice before you knock it.

4)Hotline-9/10-Yup, another dance track. Sounds good. Sure to get you moving if that's what you're looking for.

5)Oh-7/10-Not one of my favorites. This is one out of the two songs on this cd that I do skip. Tho, I do have to admit, it's starting to grow on me. Also, Luda is on this track, he makes it worth listenin to.

6)Pick Up the Phone-10/10-This is like one of my very favorites! Ladies: this is definately a song for that "jerk" guy that is either avoiding you or just will not call! I'm sure you can relate.

7)Lookin at you-9/10-Dance-able beat. Scoping out that hottie is what this song is about.

8)Ooh Baby-10/10-I LOVE IT!!! She sounds hot on this track and the song overall is just HOT!!!

9)Next to You-6/10-The storyline is good, but I hate the beat, hate the way she sounds, I just cannot stand this song!! SKIP

10)And I-9/10-Good love song. Sounds nice, smooth flow. Everythings good on this one.

11)Other Chicks-10/10-My FAVORITE-Just saying she don't care about those other chicks the guy she wants may be dealing with. He should be with her, is her point. Great song!! I love the slow vibe on this.

12)The Title-10/10-Great f****n song!!! I LOOOOOOVE IT!!! May scare off a couple guys, but she's being honest. She wants that "title". Regardless, the song is good, the message is sweet.

13)Goodies Remix-10/10-Same as the first track, except you got T.I., anything with T.I. sounds good to me.
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on October 29, 2004
Ciara seems to be following in the ghetto girl image that not too many people seem to have a following to. It happened with Olivia (a seriously slept-on talent), Sharissa (tries too hard to be ghetto), and Smooth (a rapper/singer who never really gathered a strong following). However, what Ciara may lack in singing ability (she's not a power-singer but she has potential) she makes up for in production.

We all know the song "Goodies" tears the club up and never really gets old, for it's still in heavy rotation after playing all summer long, and for good reason. The song is just infectious and Petey Pablo spits some serious flow. Plus, Ciara looks damn good in the video, which made many men request it countless times in various video circuits. There are definitely a couple more tracks that are single worthy and could catch fire just as "Goodies" did.

Check out the song "One, Two Step", which is tight within itself. Missy Elliott shows her production skills with jazze Pha on this one and the beat is just tight to def. This song has single written all over it and if released, would definitely gain a lot of attention, and that's just from reading some reviews. "Thug Style" is a song that gets stuck in your head, as it did mine. This song reminds me of Olivia, a slept-on talent that hit us with the song "Bizounce" back in 2001. This song just has the right vocal tones to it and the beat is tight. It's just worth checking out. Also, "Oh" is hot. Ludacris never disappoints and here he really blew me out of the water. Ciara also adds that ghettoness when she says the line "Ciara got that fire like oh." It's tight. "Pick Up the Phone" is another catchy song as well. The lyrics are really less than impressive and repetitive but still catchy.

The slower songs fare pretty well. "And I" is probably the only true ballad on this album, and has a nice thumping beat and some decent vocals. "Next To You" sounds like an Aaliyah song, nice a light with a tight beat, with a subpar R. kelly appearance. It's still worth checking out on a lazy day. "Ooh Baby" is a nice song, and "Other Chicks" sounds like an Olivia song and many females can relate to it...

But that's one of the problems with this album. When you listen to this album, you start comparing Ciara to other singers. I did that on no less than four songs on this album. "Hotline" and "Ooh Baby" sound like J-Lo leftovers, and "Pick Up the Phone", "Thug Style", and "Other Chicks" are all decent but too reminiscent of Olivia. And like I said before, "Next To You" sounds like something on the cutting room floor of the I Care 4 U studio sessions.

Another problem is the lack of ballads! Come on, what R&B singer only has one true ballad on their album? There are no real power notes on this album at all, and I really wanted to hear Ciara's natural range, for her falsetto is decent and could have been better with some strong singing. That can be amended with ballads!!

Also, what is with the Atlanta movement on this album? Save for Missy Elliott, Petey Pablo, and R. Kelly, it seems like Ciara enlisted ATL throughout the album. Jazze Pha, Ludacris, T.I., Vidal & Dre....If you have that many people reppin' ATL, why not name the album ATL's Finest? lol. I would have loved to have a few more guest stars in the R&B market, maybe a duet with a male artist or something, for a good ballad.

Speaking of which, the "Goodies" remix could have been left off the album (it's the same song with a different rap) for some more ballads. I agree with reviewer J. Highsmith in that Jazze Pha shouldn't ever be rapping. His rap was just bland, but T.I. came and actually made the remix almost listenable.

I think if Ciara releases a second album, it should focus more on her voice versus others' beats and hooks, like Ashanti did (because Ashanti's Chapter II had more sustenance than her first album). Ciara has definitely made a name for's hoping that that name won't be followed by "the one-hit wonder".
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on July 29, 2005
First, I'd like to point out that I'm not a kid; my browser won't take me to the register page for some reason. Anyways, I don't think Ciara is that great of a singer. She has a limited range..nothing powerful at all. Everytime I hear that "you think you're slick" part from Goodies, I just cringe. I heard most of the songs on this album. Lyrically, they're not good, just mediocre at best. Especially in Hotline.."you're the cutest thing." Sounds like something you'd say to a puppy. And I agree with MissCuteness (a couple of reviews below me), Aaliyah was the first to do this crunk n b. Anyways, I wouldn't recommend this album if you're looking for some inspired lyrics.
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on May 29, 2005
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on October 3, 2004
The title song of Ciara's debut is not only the ultimate party anthem of the summer, but it's one of the best singles of the year. This jam has been Number One for over a month, and not without good reason: an infectious chorus, a crunked up groove, and production from Lil' Jon (who did Usher's "Yeah!"), currently one of the hottest producers in hip hop. Sadly, you're not going to find anything else on "Goodies" that will top that single. Tracks like "1, 2 Step" and "Thug Style" are obvious fillers, though others like "Pick Up the Phone" and "Lookin' at You" are decent, if unspectacular, slices of hip hop flavored r&b. But the better cuts are the R. Kelly-penned ballad "Next to You" and "Ooh Baby" which are memorable and make the best use of Ciara's limited vocal range. Beyond the red-hot title song, "Goodies" is standard, radio-friendly r&b with a few nice touches. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 6. It's flawed, but Ciara has some promise.
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on September 28, 2004
Ciara's debut album "Goodies" is an almost perfect album. It starts off with the radio-friendly title track "Goodies" and goes straight to another high energy club track "1, 2 Step". With the exception of "Hotline", "Oh", and "Lookin' At You" the rest of the album is mid-tempo but in no way boring. 2 of the best tracks are "Ooh Baby" and "The Title" which both flaunt an old-school sound. ("The Title" even has some nice horns in the background) The "Goodies" remix isn't as bangin' as it could have been but since the original track is so hot fans will enjoy it anyway. Ciara's voice isn't amazing but she can definitely hold her own. Lyrically the album seems geared towards a younger crowd but there's no problem with that. Plus, Ciara wrote all but 2 songs on the CD and she is only 18 so it makes sense that her music reflects herself. With such a great debut album you can only anticipate what her future music will sound like 'cause I'm sure Ciara will be around for awhile.
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on October 5, 2005
I cant believe how people dogged out Ashanti but embrace Ciara like she's anymore talented. And the fact Ciara has been embraced convince me that people dont even know what talent is and they were only ridin the bandwagon. Ciara has a little to no talent. Besides dancing, she has nothing else going for her. Ciara doesnt have anymore talent then Brooke Valentine, Teairra Mari or any other so called one hit wonder. Unfortunately Ciara is joined by a street team who has properly managed her. And her fans that run around calling people haters because people like me dont like their little talentless run-in-mill artist, get over it because aslong as Ciara is here people will keep talkin and no it doesnt come with the nature it comes with being an overrated artist build around sole hype just like 50 Cent and his worthless g-unit Crew. In 10 years nobody will have anything worth talking about because she's has nothing BIG to offer. Oh and the album is a 2 million sold mess. I see that sells ain't nothing but a number either.
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on September 10, 2005
[...] this is a great CD and if she isnt good why is she always on the countdowns on 106 n park and TRL and has # 1 Hits EXACTLY pick your face up from the floor cuz i know you chokin/Featured on songs like lose control and like you ciara can manage her self ...

Goodies Ft petey pablo 10/10 1st Single That Made Ciara A New Player In The Game

1 2 Step Ft Missy Elliot 10/10 2nd Single Just as hot as lose control
thugstyle 9/10 sexxxxxxxy track that should have been 4th single it would have been bigger in radio than And I
Hotline 10/10 Reminds me of Janet Jackson type of flow
Oh ft ludacris 10/10 3rd Single anything ludacris is on is always on fire
Pick up the phone 6/10 Not my favorate
Lookin at u 7/10 good club track
Ooh Baby 10/10 summer track feel
Next 2 U 9/10 Good song sayin she is tempted to make love but is willin to wait for the right moment
And I 8/10 4th Single I like the song But I Wish she would have chosen Hotline or Thugstyle (mostly thugstyle)
Other chicks 9/10 amazin track keepin it real
the title 8/10 good slow jam
Goodies Remix Ft T.I. jazze pha 9/10 good song but can never top the original goodies

I DO WISH Ciara had more club joints but she will on her next album other songs you can find of ciara online

Keep it on/Mase
If I Hit Remix/112 T.I.
Gotta Be The One
Roll Wit U
Represent Me
And remixes of 1 2 step goodies Oh Lose Control
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