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on February 14, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
That is a question I have never been asked before, since my hair is NOT naturally curly~ it is naturally stick straight and fine. However, this Goody Heat Natural Waves curling iron has gotten me so many compliments in the last few weeks.

The curls it produces don't necessarily look like the sample image, but they are still very pretty. The unique shape of the barrel, which I kind of think of as a unicorn horn, gives you curls that are both loose and tight, depending on how you wrap your hair. If you spread the hair out more on the barrel your curls will be looser, and if you wrap it tighter on skinnier parts of the barrel, the curls will be tighter. I prefer to hold it above my head and wrap the hair from top to bottom, without using the handle clip. The handle is helpful when doing the back and underside of my head, so that I can wrap from the bottom up, but the top layers I always do by manually wrapping the hair from the scalp down.

It was very simple to figure out since I'm used to wrapping my hair around my normal curling iron anyways (without using the clip part) but there are decent instructions included with tips on how to get the best results. One key I've found to really getting great curls is to make sure and unwrap the hair off the curling iron rather than just letting go of the end and letting it unwind on it's own; that can result in a big ratty mess. Unwrapping it carefully helps the curl keep its shape and makes a big difference.

My only complaint is that there were no suggestions on what heat setting to use for your hair type, so I'm not sure if I'm using the appropriate one. I've been keeping it on level 6 (there are 10 temp settings) and the curls hold all day. I've never had a curling iron that could set curls like this one unless I was using gobs of hairspray beforehand, which is damaging to your hair.

One thing I would note is that this curling iron won't necessarily give you those Lauren Conrad loose and flowey waves, and it doesn't give much volume since the barrel isn't very big. I think something like the Conair Infiniti You Curl Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron, Colors May Vary is better for that. What this curling iron does is give you a head of beautiful natural looking curls that really last. I've even gone a couple days between shampoos and had the curls still look pretty decent on day two. My hair is to the middle of my back and with this tool I can have it curled in no time. Two thumbs up!
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on March 14, 2012
I was a little intimidated by this products at first, before I tried it I though I'm not going to like this at all, it looks complicated, but I was so wrong!

My hair is a medium length, it has a slight natural wave to it, nothing special. But once I used the heat wave creator it gave my hair a really nice natural waves, beachy hair waves. I'm also not one who likes to do much with my hair, which for me is a big thing when I purchase products because I don't want to spend hours on my hair, I have kids and a busy life style, I don't have the time. But when I got this I plugged it in and I was so surprised at how fast it got warm then hot. Speedy, just the way I like it, another pro in my book. Also what I did I just grabbed chunks of my hair in no particular order, I spent maybe a total of 20 minutes on my hair and that was it. I was beyond trilled at the results I called my sister up who is A-mazing at doing hair and make up and showed her on face talk, lol. She was so impressed, she came over and used it and loved it as well.

I have had no complaints about this product what so ever. If I had to choose something I would say maybe the clamp? The clamp doesn't bother me at all when I'm curling my hair. I don't use curling iron that have a clamp. Before I got the Goody Heat wave Creator, I was using an old curling iron that I had just removed the clamp to use the barrel portion only. Besides that I do recommend this product, I was reading some of the negative comments and I personally don't think the negatives were directed at the product, I just think that this is a new unusual item and some people are stuck in their ways and not liking it because of the clamp, or because it doesn't have a longer clamp. Adapt! it's not rocket science, this is a simple tool.

For those who said it doesn't work on short/long hair, I'm not sure what the problem is? I just got my hair cut it was long, long (a few inches from my butt long)and I was able to use it then and after just fine! I know this because I was worried the waves wouldn't look as good if my hair was slightly shorter. But it works just fine either way. Hope this review helps.
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on February 23, 2013
I looked like an idiot when I used this on my hair. I have fine, blonde hair that is quite straight on it's own. Therefore I am always curling my hair. I had hoped this would give me a nice, beachy wave, but it turned out kinky & too uneven. I think it would probably be great on a talented, thick-haired creature, but not so much with this less-talented, fine-haired creature.

Positives - the curls are much more 'organic' looking - they also held for a L O N G time. Which ended up as a con for me, because with my hair being so fine they were really tight & crazy, ha! That being said - this went off to a friend with thick hair & she has had better luck. I'll stick to a regular wand with a larger barrel. Good luck!
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on March 7, 2012
First I must state that I did receive this product as a product sample but all opinions are my own! I was really excited when I was told I was getting a product from Goody to try. When I opended the box and this was inside, I felt like I hit the jackpot! Beachy (is that even a word, lol) waves is all the rave right now and Goody has made the process very easy! The iron has 10 different heat settings so, there is one for everyone! I put it on a 6 and it did great and my hair is long and very thick. You simply let it warm up for about a minute then in wrap sections of your hair around the iron and use the little clip to hold the ends of your hair. Let it sit for a few seconds then release! Very easy and your hair comes out great! After I finished curling my whole head, I lightly spray hairspray to set it then run my fingers through it and I am finished! I had no problem with the curls holding up for the whole day.
I really like this iron. My only complaint is that I wish the little clip was a bit longer.
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VINE VOICEon March 2, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was intimidated when I first picked up this curling iron to use it. I didn't think I'd be able to figure it out. I do have to say that my preferred curling iron, though, is a Marcel one. That's the kind without the clamp on it. The "professional" one. But since my last one broke, I haven't been able to find a decent replacement so I've been using a flat iron.

What I do is flat iron my hair first. Maybe you can skip this step, but since I'm African-American, and I wash, wrap, and air dry my own hair, it needs more straightening first. After I flat iron it, I've figured out that the easiest way to use this is to hold the hair I want curled with hard on that side of my head. So if I'm working on the left side of my head, then I hold my parted hair in my left hand, grab the curling iron with my right hand, turn it upside down, and the twirl my hair around the barrel using my left hand. The one thing you'll want to do is leave about 1/2 to 1 inch of hair NOT curled at the very end of your hair. That avoids burns on your fingers. Ask me how I know this.

What I've discovered - this is probably meant for longer hair than mine. My hair is shoulder length, maybe an inch past my shoulders. It's not the easiest thing in the world to get the waves - but it works. I don't see in the product description that it's meant for longer hair, but the model does have longer hair. Smaller parts makes curlier curls. To avoid standing in front of the bathroom sink for hours, I only curled the "top" part, or crown, part with a few other curls surrounding those. Larger (wider) parts make wavier curls. To get this look it takes much less time. The problem for me with shoulder-length is that the wavier curls don't make much curl at all. They're there, just not a lot.

I like this curling iron. It works very well. You might burn your finger as you get used to it, but if you're a quick reactor, it won't be bad. For the length of my hair, a shorter barrel would be perfect!
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VINE VOICEon March 6, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I use a Remington Ceramic Curling Wand, 1 Inch, which is a smooth tapered wand without a clamp (and I really like it). But not being very knowledgeable or skilled with the art of curling, I thought it would be good to try out a different type of curling iron. This iron did produce a different type of curl, but I wasn't terribly impressed with either the curl or the operating of the iron.

The clamp is very short, which is good in some ways, and in other ways it makes it a little harder to clamp your hair in it. But the part I really didn't care for was the big selling point of this iron - the bumps. My hair had more of a tendency to end up between them instead of over them. The design also forced the hair to wind higher up the barrel than I wanted, leading to most of the hair at the end of the iron instead of evenly distributed. I also found the controls very poorly designed. There is simply a power button and a temperature dial. Simple is good, but this design was annoying in two ways. First, the dial didn't have an indicator to tell you which number was selected. The center one I guess? Second, it was really easy to accidentally hit the button and the dial when curling. I changed the temperature several times this way and once turned off the iron completely.

I think that maybe I have yet to get the hang of this iron, so I will keep trying. But my other iron took all of two or three curls before I felt comfortable with it, so I don't feel like this iron's learning curve should be that much higher.
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VINE VOICEon February 2, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
POSITIVES: It heats up very quickly. It does a good job of creating loose, natural curls and I received many compliments on my hair.

This curling iron works best with very long hair. I say this because I had trouble keeping my shorter locks of hair from falling off the iron. As you can see from the picture, the clip is very short. Compared to my older curling iron, which sandwiched my hair between two identically long clips, you must twirl long tresses of hair (like spaghetti round a fork) fully around the appliance to keep the hair from falling off. Otherwise you have to be careful not to accidentally touch a hot area when you're holding the hair in place (ouch!)

When using the clip, it is so short that it forces you to put your head very close to the heat of the iron, which I didn't find comfortable.

I'm guessing it was designed this way because a clip tends to flatten the volume a little.

OVERALL SCORE: Good but let your hair grow out for best results!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 26, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have freakishly long, straight, fine, color-treated hair. If this gadget works for me, it'll work for just about anybody.

It works really well. I followed the suggestions provided--beginning the wave halfway down the strand of hair and then working back up. The waves look natural and summery. It doesn't take all that long to use on your whole head, and is lots faster than blow drying with a round brush. I always air-dry my hair and sometimes it gets kind of bent at weird angles. The Goody is great for evening things out.

Count me very pleased!
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on March 3, 2013
I couldn't wait to curl my hair with this but I was disappointed when it didn't work as well as I thought. First of all, it was hard to curl the end of the hair because if you got your fingers too close they would get burned. Second, it was ackward trying to get the hair to wrap around it so that it would curl right. I can't return it now cause I took it out of the package but I would have sent it back in a heart beat and go back to curlers. Definately do not recommend unless you are a pro at curling hair.
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on February 8, 2014
This was my first attempt at getting something that would create natural-looking curls/beach waves, and it delivers. There are instructions for how to do natural or spiral curls, but really any way you handle the iron it works, due to the changing barrel size. I was able to create long curly locks where all the curls were varied in size, creating a natural, beachy look in the middle of the winter! I love this iron, as well as its power-down attribute; if you walk away and forget about it, it turns itself off!
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