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on March 25, 2013
I bought my Nexus 10 after my mother stole my Nexus 7 from me and I'm sure glad she did. My girlfriend had just gotten an iPad 4 for Nursing School so I had something to compare it with.

Let me say the screen is the pinnacle for tablets by far, just watch the planet earth HD episode that comes with. The pixel density is much better than the iPad but not as saturated, which is fine with me because it looks fake. The speakers set it apart from any tablet in terms of loudness and the fact they are front facing so you don't have to look like an idiot cupping the back of your tablet for people to hear. The camera is surprisingly good; auto focuses and takes photos very fast. Skype looks better on here than my laptop, not to mention its nice to use the back camera for a video tour, concert, etc. Its extremely fast with no hiccups that I've noticed (in 3 months). Frequent updates which is rare for a Android device. Coming from the Tegra 3 quad core processor on the Nexus 7, the dual core A15 1.9Ghz and Mali GPU on the 10 plays games just as well which is impressive for the best screen in tablets. Movies don't get any better. The absolute best video experience in tablets, I guarantee. As an engineering student, this device has been more than capable and helped me be organized and prepared for classes.

Reasons why I like my Nexus 10 over my girlfriend's iPad 4:
-better screen
-front facing speakers
-better multi-tasking
-more customization
-can open zips
-can download attachments from sites that the iPad can
-can use flash
-can plug in any USB accessories with OTG cable (flash drive, mouse, keyboard, xbox controller) without installing anything or paying for over priced device specific accessories

*iOS does have more tablet optimized apps but that's the OS and not the device itself. This tablet is hardware superior in every way and the OS is much more capable.
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on January 17, 2013
I am an avid tablet user. I began with the original iPad and continued getting the Apple iterations on future launch days. Of course I was impressed with Apple's offerings but something just felt.. missing. I switched from using the iPhone 5 to the One X+ on AT&T but returned that and got a Nexus 4 (which I also love). I feel that while Android may not have as many optimized apps, the Android OS is miles ahead of iOS in terms of functionality.

So here I am with the iPad 4, bought just 7 months after I bought my iPad 3 (shouldn't these by at least a year apart??). I decided to jump ship and try out the Nexus 10. And boy, am I happy I did that!


-Gorgeous display, in every way. Viewing angles are wide, text is crisp as can be and the contrast is stellar (from a tablet perspective, some phones are better).

-Speed. This thing flies. No lag or observable hiccup anywhere. Coming from Android I definitely expected some hiccups or dropped frames, I was pleasantly surprised.

-Weight. It is light-weight. I have no problem using this with one hand holding on from the middle while in landscape. I hardly ever use it in portrait.

-Speakers. YES! I don't understand why anyone would ever choose to put speakers on the back. I love how the tablet looks with the speakers facing you and on both sides. Symmetry!

-Gaming abilities. Every game I have tried runs flawlessly. Mind you, I place relatively simple games. No shooters or racing games here. Mostly puzzle, side scrolling and such. Spirit HD is my favorite game.

-Browsing. While the bundled-in Chrome is lackluster in a number of areas, the AOSP is incredibly smooth. I notice no scolling lag or checkboards here, even when there is Flash on the page!

-Battery life. Easily lasts two days of my moderate-high usage. Mainly browsing the web or something.

-Updates. Since this is a Nexus tablet, you can be sure you will get timely updates to the OS.


-Tablet optimized apps. This is just a shame, really. Most apps don't use the space effectively, I am hoping this changes since Google launched their own tablet.

-Charging. Battery charges slowly, plus it actually loses power when I am playing a game and have it plugged in. Maybe a dock or magnetic plug in will charge it faster.

-Chrome. The built-in browser is a huge let down. Consumers that are new to tablets will be very disappointed with this. Make sure to get a different browser from the market (Ocean Browser, Boat Browser).

Overall, it is of my opinion that the pros heavily outweigh the cons.

If you are in the market for a tablet, I would not hesitate to recommend this product. I am in love with it! This tablet is great and will only get better.
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on May 15, 2013
I thought comparing both units and the Nexus 10 on its own would be a good idea, since many people ask themselves which to buy. Ill rate each area on a 0-5 scale, 5 being the best.


Note 10.1 - 4.5
Nexus 10 - 4.8

Both units have great front facing speaking. They do both however lack good low-end. The Nexus edges ahead for being the louder of the 2, and having a clearer upper frequency range.


Note 10.1 - 4.6
Nexus 10 - 4.6

They tie. I know that may seem weird, seeing as the Nexus has that great resolution and DPI, but read on. The resolution of the Nexus is GREAT. I used a few HD Space live wallpaper to compare, and WOW, they look great on the Nexus. My problem with the Nexus is colors are very washed out, on the Note 10.1 colors are very vibrant with deep saturation. When it comes to reading PDFs, Word, and internet browsing, both screens to about the same. Most websites are scaled for average, not high, resolutions. PDF/Docs are both very readable. There is a slight sharpness increase from the Nexus, but you have to really zoom in to see it. Games on both units perform well, but each has its ups and downs. The HD screen provides detail, but the washed our colors really show in HD games and the Note looks better in that regard. Unless youre truly using 1080p+ content, you wont really notice much difference. THe Nexus also has a bit of light bleed, while the Note doesnt.


Note 10.1 - 4.2
Nexus 10 - 4.8

I should preface by saying, I have NO problem with plastic bodies. My problem with the Note is that the plastic feels very thin, and has a LOT of give, and can even "crink" when flexing. The Nexus 10 feels VERY solid, and the grippy texture on the back is great. If it wasnt for my Note being in a case, Id worry about it alot, the Nexus, less so. The buttons on the Nexus also seem better build, the are firm and have a good "click" when used.

Performance (real world):

Note 10.1 - 4.4
Nexus 10 - 4.6

The Nexus edges out ahead just a bit. The UI and app performance is consistently better. Its hard to say if thats because of the hardware or slight better hardware. The only area the Nexus struggled with was using ezPDF. For some reason turning pages made the Nexus skip frame rates, I'm would guess that the app more than the tablet. Games and Apps run great in both, but the Note SOMETIMES hiccups a bit, the Nexus has yet to.

Battery Life:

Note 10.1 - 4.8
Nexus 10 - 4.6

Both Units have great battery life when it comes to "real world" use. My Note lasts my 5ish days, while the Nexus last 3ish. Given the increased screen resolution being rendered and the higher clocked hardware, this is a reasonable tradeoff. Keep in mind these times were achieved with a tuned OS. Rooted with all unneeded services/programs disabled, and I run DS Battery saver on its most aggressive preset.


Note 10.1 - 4.9
Nexus 10 - 4.3

Its REALLY hard to beat the Note in productivity. Multi-window is great, S-pen for handwriting notes and drawing is unmatched.


Note 10.1 - 4.4
Nexus 10 - 4.6

This is mostly how much work it takes to fully setup tablet as a power-user. Both devices root easily. The Note has MANY more services and bloatware to be tuned to really max out the performance of the OS. The Nexus, well thats pretty stock, so only a bit of trimming is required.


Note 10.1 - 4.8
Nexus 10 -4.8

Updated to the latest OS on both, they both run great. Ive yet to have an OS lock, random reset, or had to hard reset on either. Both have gotten the occasional random app freeze, but its occasional and most likely the app, not the OS. Its worth noting both tablet to well at recovering from app freezes when they do happen, the OS never needs a hard reset.


Note 10.1 - 4.9
Nexus 10 - 4.8

The Note wins out of box because it got a built in memory card slot. You can root the Nexus and buy an OTG cable and a USB card reader and get the same function. Its just one more step, and added cost though.

So how do you choose between the 2?

The Note right now is all about productivity. If youre a student looking to take digital notes, or looking for general productivity the Note wins hands down. I cant tell you the amount of times Ive pulled up a PDF, Word/Powerpoint doc side by side with Papyrus (my preferred note taking app). As a media device the Nexus is better. Music is louder and clearer, and movies in HD look great.

If anyone would like anything else comparing side-by-side just ask, Id be happy to add it.
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on December 12, 2013
Over a period of several weeks I tried out the following. (I will post this same review in Amazon under each device.)

1. ASUS Transformer T100 hybrid tablet/notebook 

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 Tablet

3. Google Nexus 10 tablet

I also looked at an iPad Air. They are way overpriced. And I still have a grudge against Apple for the 2012 hard drive recall they had on our 27" iMac. It was a total disaster. We didn't lose any data but it took weeks and endless phone calls to get it running right again.

After spending a day getting used to Windows 8, I thought the ASUS might be the one I was going to keep. I actually only tried it for two days. Early on day three I shut it down only to have it remain on the "Shutting Down" screen for an extended time period. So I powered it off. Apparently, my bad. Subsequently it would not reboot into Windows, reset or repair even after talking with ASUS Tech Support. They asked me to return it to them for repair. I declined and returned it to Wally World.

I liked the ASUS. It was attractive but a fingerprint magnet both front and back. And it was more difficult to use than Android. The two issues that bothered me most were the lack of a Swype app and the complications of dictation. The best Swype-type app in the Windows Store is TouchPal. It ain't that good. First of all the virtual keyboard is large. Your finger has to cover a lot of real estate to enter characters. Also, the word prediction accuracy sucks. Windows-supported dictation was not that accurate, so I had to go into Google to dictate. This was not nearly as handy as being in a Google operating system to begin with. I use Swype and dictation a lot.

The mentioned issues relate to Windows 8 not the physical unit. I liked the ASUS unit enough that I discovered they make several similar models running Android. After checking these out I found they were either running old versions of Android or cost a couple of hundred dollars more than the two Samsung models mentioned here. So, that ended that.

It was hard to choose between the Nexus and the Galaxy, Both are made by Samsung. I waited several weeks to see if a new Nexus 10 was coming out but to no avail.

As far as looks go, the Galaxy is very thin and attractive. In my opinion it is as nice looking as an iPad even though it has more plastic. I had the white one so fingerprints were not that visible. The Galaxy gets compliments for its narrow bezels. However these are really a functional negative. They cause you to touch and activate stuff on the screen accidentally quite often. Makes me suspect the iPad has the same problem. There are a lot of complaints about the large area of sensitivity for the three built-in keys at the bottom of the Galaxy. However I thought this was minor compared to the narrow side bezels. (You can probably negate the side bezel problem by putting the unit in a folio case. It could give you more to hang onto.) The speakers are on the top of the sides and are easy to cover up when holding the unit.

Though made by Samsung, because Google's name is on it the Nexus is first in line for Android updates. It has already downloaded the latest Android version, KitKat. It will also be the first to get future updates since there is no manufacturer software OS overlay to wait for. It is pure Android--no bloatware. In terms of specs, the Nexus blows the other two units away. The broad bezels may not be as attractive but they give you something to hang onto without accidental screen touches. The Nexus' rubber-like coating on the back is better for grip and not a fingerprint magnet. Less bling but more practical. The Nexus' speakers are on the on the front, the best place.

Even though I did not keep the Galaxy and its specs are much less impressive than the Nexus, I found it perfectly satisfactory for my needs. I do mainly Web browsing, Email, some text and spreadsheet documents and a few non-graphic intensive games. I bought all of these units from local big box stores. The Nexus 10 was $400 and the other two units were only about $30 less.

After considerable researching of portable Bluetooth keyboards, I ordered and just received a Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 Universal Case and Keyboard. I bought this from Amazon and will review it when I have had it for awhile. So far this looks like a terrific and attractive accessory I will probably keep the Nexus in the protective case without the keyboard most of the time. I will use the keyboard when I do a lot of data entry.
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on January 26, 2013
I bought the Nexus 7 for travel and liked it so much that I decided to buy the Nexus 10 to use at home. The Nexus 10 screen was gorgeous, Jelly Bean 4.2 had lots of neat features and the build quality was excellent so I quickly learned to love my new tablet. That is until it started misbehaving. It began with Chrome becoming unresponsive to touch inputs followed by a spontaneous complete shutdown and eventually a reboot. Once it had rebooted, I continued to use it but Chrome kept on freezing up to the point of being unusable. I did some research on the web and discovered that these behaviors were common with the Nexus 10 and the latest version of Jelly Bean. So I reset the device to factory defaults in preparation for a return. However, the next morning I hated the thought of returning the tablet because it was so nice minus the software/hardware hiccups so I reinstalled all my apps and updated them all in the hope that maybe the bad behavior was a fluke. Not so. Chrome began locking up again so I reluctantly returned the Nexus 10. I am disappointed but I am willing to give the next Nexus 10 a chance, hopefully with less buggy software because the rest of the experience was very positive.
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on January 22, 2013
Originally I posted a long history of the Nexus 10 and updated it once. Now that I have used it for a while I will condense it into something easier by eliminating everything I said before and just getting to it:

1. A tablet will NOT replace a laptop for web surfing. The Nexus 10 does a darn good job of being a backup internet source but for having to type in web pages, etc, its not that user friendly so you will really need a laptop for home use and this for travel or other.

2. Google Play, the online store equivalent of Amazon, is worlds ahead of Amazon is usefulness and ease of use. Searching for books, music, movies is a snap. Everything is loaded into their cloud but you can PIN things to be actually downloaded to your Nexus for like using on a plane withoug Wifi availability.

3. I already know that this is going to be great to travel with versus lugging a laptop around. I'm taking books, movies, all my music in one small package. You can also use if for e-ticketing, to travel with an electronic boarding pass.

4. Uploading your own music is a piece of cake. Picture is bright and clear. Reading is effortless, and the sound of the music player is impressive. You can easily hear the speakers from 25 feet away so its not toy but its not your surround system either!

Last, knowing what I know now, I wish I would have bought the Nexus 7 and 10 instead of the 10 and the Kindle Paperwhite. Again, searching for books in Amazon is like having teeth pulled. I wanted to have both to avail two book stores and two buying options.
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on February 2, 2013
This tablet replaces a cheap 10" Android tablet that I bought last year. This 10" tablet from Google is fantastic! Compared with my other one, Nexus is fast, the new Jelly Bean o/s is simple, intuitive, and fast. Somehow the Internet speed is truly faster than other new tablets including several Asus, Samsung, and iPad models that some of my friends have. The screen is absolutely incredible: video comes in crystal clear and smooth; there is no lag. Stunning!

With all the praise, there are always areas of improvement and truthfully I wish I could give it 4-1/2 stars: 1. navigation bar takes real estate: while the new o/s is smooth, the navigation is now always on the screen, 2. the tablet is a bit heavy: you really have to squeeze it tight to hold it along the side with one hand (as I am often trying to do), 3. volume rocker is backwards: I am usually holding the tablet in portrait orientation with the power and volume toward the top, but then you have to hit the rocker up to turn the volume down, perhaps it was designed by a lefty, 4. lack of expansion: I know Google's whole mission is your life on the web, but occasionally, I need to transfer data and don't have an internet connection, I would really love a microSD port (also I could buy a 16GB card less than the $100 premium I paid for the 32GB version of this tablet).

Overall, I would certainly recommend this to anyone looking for a good solid tablet with a superior display.
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on January 1, 2013
Had mine for a couple of weeks now and couldn't be happier. I have used it on several different Wi-Fi systems and it has worked flawlessly. (Sorry about the others having problems.) I really like the Jelly Bean operating system better than Apple's iOS. (I also have an Ipad 2.) Yes, it is a little slow in charging but nothing I can't live with. I'm sure they will tweak it. Screen is beautiful & browsing is first rate. Highly recommended!
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on October 9, 2013
I've had a variety of Android 10" tablets. I've had Samsung Galaxy Tab's, ASUS Transformer Tablets to name a few and this Nexus 10 is by far the best I've had yet. I was a bit concerned by the dual core specs listed but I haven't seen the tablet lag even a bit on the latest release of Android 4.3. The screen resolution puts my newer iPad 3 & 4's to shame, plus I generally prefer holding the 16x9 oriented Android tablets over the more 4x3 oriented Apple iPads. The tablet is well built with very rigid matte black plastic. It doesn't flex like some other plastic tablets I've had previously. I enjoy the indicator light on the front of the tablet, that's a feature that doesn't seem to exist on the competitors' tablets. In addition to the fluidity of the software and the quality of the hardware it is nice to know you'll get Android OS updates from Google for a few years. You don't have to play the manufacturer waiting and guessing game of will you ever get an Android upgrade. Overall this is a quality Samsung product made better by being part of the Nexus program.
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on April 6, 2013
Bought this for my wife, since she needed a tablet for easy transportation but good content creation (not only consumption). As she needs to edit a lot of Excel and Powerpoint files (using the Quickoffice app) the large screen coupled with a bluetooth keyboard is great to use. Another plus is the Google Android stock experience (guaranteeing eventual upgrades) and the marvelous screen definition. Definitely recommended.
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