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on February 23, 2006
Although I'm labeled "horror buff", I just had to write a review of this film depicting the life of famed Dr. Dian Fossey. Heads up to Warner Brothers for giving us a glimpse into the world of a woman who ultimately gave her life to save and protect the few mountain gorillas remaining in Africa. Dian devoted 18 years of her life to researching and understanding these wonderful primates. This film shows Dian's vunerable side along with her determined side to do what ever it took to save the gorillas who are supposed to be protected by the parks. Sigourney Weaver shines in her role and was the perfect choice for this movie. She approached it with reckless abandon. Although Dian lost her life trying to save the remaining gorillas, we get to see how one person was responsible for doing so much for the gorillas. With heartwarming scenes with her and her beloved Digit, to heartbreaking scenes like when she had to turn over Pucker, the infant gorilla she nursed back to health, to a zoo and the horrible death of Digit, this movie captivates you from beginning to end. For anyone who is interested in the few remaining mountain gorillas, this movie will really open your eyes and make you route for Dian. Although with a tragic ending with Dian's death and burial next to Digit, it's a true love story not only between her and Bob Campbell, but between her and the gorillas she loved so much. I wish I could give this movie more than 5 stars!! Definetly a movie to own and to cherish... for her memory will never be forgotten as her work carries on thru The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International to this day.
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on September 13, 2004
I highly recommend this movie to anyone who has never seen it. I did find the poaching scenes very disturbing and difficult to watch but that may be because I am a passionate animal lover and activist. They are however vital to bringing an understanding to the poor gorilla's plight. Who would ever want a gorilla hand ashtray anyway....GROSS! It also broke my heart when Sigourney Weaver had to give up the orphaned gorilla she nursed back to health to the zoo broker only to find out she died a year later. If it weren't for Dian Fossey efforts, gorillas might very well be extinct by now. My praise goes out to her, as well as Ms. Weaver for the splendid job she did in portraying her.
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on April 2, 2005
Weaver gives an oscar winning performance in Gorilla's in the mist, which is a tryue story about a primatologist named Dian Fossey. It's a very compassionate film, but can also be a tearjerker as it demonstrates the lack of respect for wild animals that people have, and the heartless murder of magnificant and fascinating animals who are just trying to enjoy their freedom in the wild and protect their babies from our species and other predators.
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on December 26, 2003
"Gorillas In the Mist" is one of the Top 10 films released in 1988. It explores Dian Fossey's life in Africa during her struggle to save the gorilla population, whom were close to extinction. The producers and the writers wonderfully desplict the emotional value of the times: determination, leadership, loneliness, love, friendship, and many more. The movie events are accurate to the actual events. Their research on the gorillas and Dian Fossey proves well thorough. Sigourney Weaver plays Fossey beautifully in her well-deserved Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated role(Best Actress). Her every drop of heart and soul is poured into the character in every scene. No other actress could perform this role at this level. All other actors also performed their roles wonderfully. "Gorillas In the Mist" is a triumphant movie perfect for all audiences. This film will be a classic in a few years.
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on January 21, 2002
This is a stunning film, in terms of cinematography, subject, and acting. Weaver is phenomenal, her best performance yet. The honest depiction of Fossey makes the film more amazing. It is a heart-wrenching account of the protection of the mountain gorilla and should be viewed by everyone.
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on October 15, 2005
I purchased this dvd for my very passionate son's 11th birthday. When he opened it his eyes filled with tears. He has loved gorillas, chimps, and all primates since he was very young. I watched the movie before and was a little concerned about his reaction to Digit's murder. It was as I expected, he cried in my arms. His dream is to grow up and move to Africa to help in the survival of this extraordinary species. The movie was given to him for encouragment from Ms. Fossey with all her beliefs and struggles. We as the human race have a responsibility for all species on Earth. This movie will open your eyes and make you realize how vain and selfish humans can be and it also shows that one person can make a difference and is still making a difference years after her death.

What strikes me about Mrs. Weaver is that she was also touched by Fossey's accomplishments and she is an honorary chair person for the Dian Fossey Gorilla International Fund.

Dian Fossey wrote this passage in her journal, "When you realize the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate on the preservation of the future."

I hope this review helps you decide whether to buy the movie or not and brings at least one more person to acknowledge we must all do our part.
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It's so great to see a major Hollywood production about a conservationist hero - and a good film no less. Gorillas in the Mist covers the life of Dian Fossey, often viewed by many as a patron saint of gorilla conservation. The movie was inspired by her memoirs Gorillas in the Mist, with some added liberties (such as the end of the film). Fossey herself was a relatively unsung hero (especially when compared to Jane Goodall) who almost single-handedly saved the mountain gorilla species by confronting poachers and raising public awareness of the gorillas. Although this is based on a true story, this movie has more action and suspense than most Hollywood films in theaters today. It features a civil war, roving gangs of hunters, corrupt ministry officials, messy romance, and murders of both gorillas and humans. I won't ruin the plot, but think Indiana Jones - The Complete Adventure Collection meets Planet Earth. All in the life of a conservation biologist!

Sigourney Weaver, not always the best actress outside of sci-fi films, does a great job portraying Fossey. She starts off awkwardly, but by the middle of the film she really captures Fossey's passion. At times, she seems almost possessed and overcome with her mission, a one-man army in a war against poachers. At one point in the movie, I forgot that she ever played Ripley in the Alien Quadrilogy and became completely immersed in her acting.

What makes the film all the more impressive is that the production crew filmed on location in Virungas, Rwanda. The gorillas in the film are not zoo animals or trained animal actors (as I thought the first time I watched the movie), but rather real, live wild gorillas. All of the footage with the gorillas was taken in their natural habitat, including the instances when the silverbacks charge the actors! The gorillas were so natural and photogenic that you almost suspect that they realize they're being filmed and portray their best side.

I really hope one day somebody goes back to make a "special edition" of this film for blu-ray. At times, the video quality is a bit grainy and could really benefit from enhancements. The beautiful imagery in the film - the green mountains, close-ups of gorillas, etc. - would look great in an enhanced blu-ray edition. Maybe also include some wildlife documentaries about gorillas, such as Mountain Gorilla (IMAX), or a brief documentary on Fossey's life (with interviews from those who knew her). I hope this movie doesn't remain obscure - more people would benefit from seeing it and understanding the problems gorillas face in the wild.

I'd love to read Fossey's Gorillas in the Mist to see how accurate the movie is. If the movie is anything near accurate, Fossey led an incredible life and had an amazing force of will. This movie is a fitting tribute.
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on July 10, 2006
After more than 15 years, the mastermind behind the gruesome and infamous murder of renowned gorilla researcher and protector, Dr. Dian Fossey whose life was portrayed in the 1988 movie "Gorillas in the Mist," may finally be in custody in Belgium. Protais Zigiranyirazo, the former Governor of the Ruhengeri province in Rwanda, brother-in-law of the assassinated Rwandan president, and one of the country's most wanted criminals for his creation of "death squads," which killed 800,000 in 1994, was captured by Belgian police while trying to flee Kenya on June 9, 2001.

Dr. Fossey observed the gorillas for 18 years in the Ruhengeri province when she was brutally murdered in her hut on December 27, 1985. Known for her vigilant pursuit of poachers, Dr. Fossey had made many enemies including Zigiranyirazo, who, it was reported, she was about to announce publicly as being behind poaching and smuggling rings of endangered species and gold in and out of Rwanda. Soon after her murder, Rwandan officials arrested one of her trackers for the murder. He then "apparently" committed suicide while in prison, but diplomats in Kigali believe he was secretly hanged before he could talk. Several months later, Wayne McGuire, her American research assistant, was accused by the Government of her murder but escaped capture when the US embassy warned him, enabling him to leave the country.

For years the FBI was unable to approach its prime suspect, Zigiranyirazo, because of his political connections, but that all changed when he was arrested in Belgium for war crimes.

The saga of Dian Fossey's murder may soon be resolved, but her work for the gorillas she fought so hard to preserve still goes on. The following story, reprinted from the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, is of Beetsme, one of the original gorillas observed by Dr. Fossey over 25 years ago.
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VINE VOICEon March 8, 2014
Dian Fossey went to count and observe the gorillas high in the mountains of Africa, but she ended up dedicating her life to protecting them from poachers. People wanted gorilla heads and hands as souvenirs, and zoos wanted baby gorillas. So she really had her hands full. This movie tells the highlights about her life with the gorillas, as well as her hopes, dreams, and struggles.

When I read the book, I thought that this would make an incredible movie. I was right! Sigourney Weaver was perfect as the tall, dark-haired Dian. And she was great acting like her too! It must have taken some serious time to produce this movie, because Sigourney was surrounded by gorillas and was even touched by them, just as Dian was. The beauty of the foggy mountain landscape made this a breath-taking film. I highly recommend this moving and factual film.
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on December 27, 2011

"When Dian Fossey [1932 to 1985] arrived in Africa, the mountain gorilla was doomed to extinction. The result of her life's work was a significant decrease in poaching and the survival of the species.

The gorilla population continues to grow as the spirit of her achievement lives on."

The above is found printed on-screen at the end of this fabulous movie.

This is a movie of Dian Fossey's (brilliantly portrayed by Sigourney Weaver who won an Oscar for her performance) work in Rwanda (located in central and eastern Africa) with Mountain Gorillas and the extremes she went too to protect them.

(As of spring 2010, the estimated total number of Mountain Gorillas was 800.)

Remember that this movie is not a documentary. It does not go deeply into Fossey's life but concentrates on her efforts to protect the Mountain Gorilla. If you're watching this movie to learn about Fossey, you'll probably get frustrated.

(In fact, many promoters of this movie state that its subtitle is "The Story of Dian Fossey." NO. Its subtitle is "The Adventure of Dian Fossey.")

I was impressed by the scenes with the gorillas (who are actually the real stars of this movie) and the way live footage was blended with people in gorilla costumes. You cannot see any difference. Everything looks equally real.

There were moments I felt genuine awe. In my opinion, it's these moments that make the movie worth seeing.

The cinematography is also awe-inspiring with beautiful footage of the jungle landscape.

Most of this movie was filmed in Rwanda and Kenya.

Finally, the DVD itself (the one released in 1999) is perfect in video and audio quality. It has five extras. One of these extras is a brief "Making of Featurette" where you get to see the real Dian Fossey. This featurette is a definite must-see.

In conclusion, this movie brilliantly shows how one woman went to extremes to save the Mountain Gorilla from extinction!!

(1988; 2 hours, 10 min; wide screen; 18 scenes)

<<Stephen Pletko, London, Ontario, Canada>>

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