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on February 24, 2002
By no means should anyone just run out and get this album unless he or she is extremely eclectic in musical tastes and horrendously open-minded. However, this seemingly nonsensical plethora of beats and tunes was masterfully put together in an apparently random whim! Funky, trippy, and fun, Gorillaz somehow accomplished what Nirvana did around a decade ago.
The most obvious talent a listener would find familiar is the singing of Blur's Damon Albarn. One might say he'd been freed from Blur and had the chance to go out and have a little fun. His play on singing is most evident in Clint Eastwood's lazy refrain which can be irritating at first but may ultimately become intoxicating.
This album just has something for everyone. There are catchy pop tunes like 19-2000 and old-school rap (thanks to Del the Funky Homosapien) given a modern background like Clint Eastwood and Rock The House. Surprisingly outstanding are the funky downtempo trip-hoppish songs like Tomorrow Comes Today and New Genious. And there's a couple of rock songs (Punk, 5/4)! All of which (aside from a few songs that can only be appreciated under chemical infulence) are moderately good to excellent.
So, if you can stomach some songs you just aren't used to (but may end up liking) you'll find a home somewhere in the album and maybe, just maybe find some interesting new neighbors.
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on June 21, 2001
I'm going to go out on a limb and say this will be one of the best albums of the year. This is an album not getting much airtime, but I hope it will with some time. When I heard Gorillaz, I had the same feeling when I first heard Beck's Odelay. Refreshing excitement. The music on Gorillaz blends various forms of music (hip hop, jazz, country, punk, rock, melodic pop.) You'll find bits and pieces of such music in all the songs.
The concept is also great. The group, made up of talented musicians, undergo the identity of Gorillaz, an animated group. It gives people like Damon Albarn of Blur and others, the freedom to go out and produce some new sounding music that is very welcome in today's formulaic market.
Take a listen for Clint Eastwood, the single that's circulating the States currently. It's a great song, but don't think that the whole album will sound like some pop/hip hop tune. You'll find a good mix of all sorts of music nearly in every song providing a nice blend for all tastes out there. If you're looking for a new sound that fuses all the great kind of music out there, give Gorillaz a listen.
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HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon August 27, 2001
Gorillaz is a band made up of cartoon characters, but it's nothing like another famous two dimensional band, The Archies. Damon Alburn from Blur is the mastermind behind the group and the band has an eclectic mix of sounds that incorporates hip hop, electronica and even latin rhythms. The album features some guests, most notably hip hop legend Del The Funky Homosapien who raps on the album's single "Clint Eastwood" which is easily one of the two or three best songs from 2001. Gorillaz may not be real, but their sound is.
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on August 13, 2001
This cd is a must have. sure they're just a cartoon band, and don't really exsist, that doesn't stopp there music from bein great.the clean version isn'treally any different form the original except that some words are bleeped's espically good 4 me cuz my parents are a little strictt about what i listen too. but they have no problem with this at all!there songs r fuuny and are very cool!!!! it's my favorite cd of all time!
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on February 14, 2002
I was honestly surprised at how many people don't like Gorillaz (It's just Gorillaz, not THE Gorillaz, get it right...) They obvoously can't appreciate the utter originality of this WHOLE album. Every song is different and more and more brilliant. Great beats and lyrics. I'm not even a rap or "hip hop" fan. I bought this CD because i heard one song on it and it's the best purchase I could have made. Worth every penny!
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on December 7, 2004
Let me first say that I'm not one to travel off the beaten path in music.....Maybe because I'm a teenager and taking the time to go get a CD (and that in turn means spending my money) means I better like all the music I get on that album or I'm pretty ticked (this may account for the shallow depth in my CD collection)....By the way, having an awesome sound system in your car makes this CD even more awesome--trust me.

"Gorillaz" fortunately is not a one-trick pony.

When you first get your hands on the album (via stealing from your sister) you feel impatient trying to get to all the songs you can possibly recognize (i.e. Clint Eastwood and 19-2000) and then you go back to the beginning to see what you missed.

1)Re-Hash: What I like to call 'Sunday Afternoon' music (think about how you feel on Sundays and you'll get it). Its upbeat, mellow and with some great bass.

2)5/4: Now here's where that kid who wrote about the CD seeming "goth" would probably base their argument. The song is about a guy who likes a girl who in turn, turns on his dad, which makes him depressed and suicidal. I know that suicide is extremely morbid, but the song is so ironic that I find it hillarious in a good way.

3)Tomorrow Comes Today: Darker/moodier. The echoed voices are chilling but the melody really hooks you. In my opinion, the whistling, while seeming upbeat, really seems sad. A good song--sad, but good.

4)New Genius: This is my favorite song on the album. Its dark and I believe has some serious paranoia undertones but dont let that put you off. The music in this song is the best. Part mellow/part james bond-esque (when they make the next movie they should somehow find a way to work this song into the soundtrack)

5)Clint Eastwood: Forget what anyone says about the beats or the hooks in this song. The only thing that you should really be concerned with is Russel's (Del Tha Funkee Homosapien) rhymes. This is what rap is about. Gritty and smooth at the same time. Call it the Snickers Bar of the bunch (mmmm....snickers)

6)Man Research: Space Odyssey of their album.I hear this song & cant help but think I'm missing something but thats okay. The indian chants/crying man (cant distinguish) is heartbreaking.

7)Punk: Apart from being so much fun to clap/stomp along to its got wicked almost arcade-like sound effects. The only negative is that its only 1:36 long...

8)Sound Check/Gravity: Its starts off with what sonds like crickets in the background and then vocals and then boom (this is where what I was talking about having a kickass sound system pays off). This with 'New Genius' is a fave.

9)Double Bass: Arcade bits in here too but the lack of lyrics is surprisingly refreshing. The pace of the beats is slow but not too slow (like when you walk when you have no place in particular to go) But the two line blurb halfway through the song throws me for a loop so if I'm interpreting it wrong I'm sorry.

10)Rock the House: the very dance-friendly song that gets all the wallflowers to get up off their derriers and dance. 70's reminiscent trumpetes and Del's rhymes are melodic and just plain fun. "Tap you toes & clap your hands/C'mon trace the globe & shake your pants/Just twist your hip & do the dip/C'mon Shake 'n Bake do whatever it takes" Harmless almost campy lyrics that your mother could listen to. But not corny.

11)19-2000: Funky almost trippy lyrics that have something to do with Nike Shoes. Who cares what the spiritual meaning of this song is.....just listen to it. La la la la/La la la la/La la la la la la la....

12)Latin Simone: Well this has to be the best Spanish song I've ever known (granted I only know this one and the macarena, but whos counting?) They weren't kidding when they decided to bring in talent from all fields of music. Ibrahim Ferrer needs to do a follow up with the Gorillaz in their next album which releases this spring. I adore his voice.

13)Starshine: A song to bring you back down from Latin Simone's heights. It does its purpose. You get a real feeling of isolation in this song.

14)Slow Country: A lot of people hate this song (and when I say hate I mean somewhat dislike because no one I know really hates this) Its just another slower song so a lot of people skip it, but I like it (wow who would have guessed). If you have lived in the city and then lived in the country like I have and then moved back to the city, all you remember about the country was the slow pace (the pace is quite slow in this song) and how there was no one surrounding you like you were in the city. You feel almost homesick for the lights and noise, but at the same time know why you like it out there (the lack of it)

15) M1 A1: I swear once you get past the like two-minute intro (it is a very long tribute to 'Day of the Dead') the pace jars you back into the consciousness that you might have lost listining to the past two songs. A rock song that you wouldnt be surprised to find drunk guys singing along to on kareoke night.

16)Dracula: Probably the most sexy song on the album (it could just be the fact Dracula is in it but hey) You feel like you are at the end of a dance and everyone has left and the DJ has put this on just for the few who have stayed. Slow but not heavy.

17)Left-Hand Suzuki Method: Believe it or not the title refers to how to play a violin hence the violin in the background (I know others of you had your own ideas...) and this is the only song in which Noodle takes center stage. Now if you know Japanese, I could be wrong, but I think the lyrics are the same just in two languages, yell at me you Japanese-speakers if I am wrong.

**Hidden Track: I like it better. Very very upbeat. Lyrics are different, just 2-D's little refrain and the piano loop are about the only things that make this song at one time Clint Eastwood. But I'm not berating it. It's different alright, but if you put your personal feelings aside from the original, you may find that you really like this remix.

Hope the details give you an idea about what you're getting.
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on September 12, 2001
Like virtually everyone who has gotten into the Gorillaz, I discovered them while watching the 'Clint Eastwood' video on MTV. It was one of the most original songs and videos I had seen in a while, so I decided to buy the album, even after hearing that the rest of the songs on it were nothing like 'Clint Eastwood'. They were dead right, but they were definitely wrong about that being a bad thing.
The whole background of this cartoon band is still a little sketchy to me... Damon Albarn is 2-D, then we have a 10-year-old Japanese girl as Noodle, a rapper by the name of Del the Funky Homosapien as Russel, and the animator/cartoonist, Jamie Hewlett, as Murdoc. Yet what really strikes me is that they've actually pulled the big feat off: while listening to this music, I can only imagine the animated band playing the songs.
It's hard in the music industry to keep a person entertained while listening to a CD for more than an hour (only The Wall has been able to pull this off for me, while such albums as Exile on Main St. make me want to stop it halfway through). And while, unfortunately, this album falls under the latter category, it still does have some catchy hits, such as the bizarre, appropriately titled '5/4', the melancholy 'Tomorrow Comes Today', the (mostly) instrumental 'Double Bass', the B-movie-thriller-turned-rock-out 'M1 A1', and of course, 'Clint Eastwood'. Like I said before, not every song on here is perfect, but there are definitely enough solid tracks to keep me entertained most of the way through.
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on November 18, 2003
Very interesting! There is songs for rappers,rockers, or even both and if you get in to the music there is the G-sides (yes it is the b-side of the gorillaz) and Laika Come Home the dub version of the songs. If you have enough money to buy it? Buy it!
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on August 27, 2001
If you are looking for a CD full of songs like Clint Eastwood, with smooth beats, intelligent rap lyrics, and an infectious hook, then you should look elsewhere. If you like music that pushes the envelope, and is delightful and new everytime it is in your cd player, then you should definatly pick this up. Even though Del tha Funkee Homosapien is only on 2 tracks, this defiantly has an underground hip-hoppy feel throughout the whole album, mostly due to Dan the Automater Nakamura. It seems as if each song has so many different aspects to it, its not a question of best song, but best part, and for me that would be the beginning of M1 A1, with a horror movie voice repeating HELLO? IS ANYONE THERE? over and over. The whole CD transgresses all varities of music, and does each one expertly. I am reminded of everyone from the Beatles to Eric B. (who's still president).
I highly recommend this CD for all fans of MUSIC, i.e. not anyone signed to Jive and I look forward to the TV show.
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on July 17, 2006
This is a milestone, seriously. The predecessor of "Demon Days", it is often underrated compared to it. It is, what may be less important, the first full serious album by a cartoon band. But then it is the work of a musical genius named Damon Albarn, the best musician living on this earth (only John Lennon was a bit better, but he is dead as you might know). Him and and his roommate Jamie Hewlett, famous for "Tank Girl", having lived together for a few years, got bored by all the common MTV music and crap that went on there, so they decided to form a cartoon band. The rest is history.

This album has been entirely written by Damon and roughly produced by him and two mates, who then invited Dan The Automator to add a few hiphop beats. Dan also connected him to Del The Funky Homosapien, now heard on "Clint Eastwood" and "Rock The House".

The first track, "Re-Hash", is a chilled, funny (and a bit funky, too) starter with some weird, seemingly Irish, vocal harmonies toward the end.

5/4 is a damn rocking stomper that never fails to be genius. Guitar and Bass are written in 5/4 beat (thus the name), the drums however in 4/4. Rocks.

Tomorrow Comes Today is a real nice song with a now famous melodica part as well, a real funky bass.

New Genious (Brother). The ultra cool super monster chill. A very funky guitar sample with bass, drums, backing and main vocals that you just gotta love.

Clint Eastwood. The most famous song off the album. Niiice hip hop song with an incredibly genius piano/bass part at the start of the second rap verse, and a neverending outro that is just woooh.

Man Research (Clapper) is an a bit pointless dance track, but you gotta love the yeah yeah part as it is so funny^^

Punk - well, it would love to be :P Cool.

Sound Check (Gravity) - incredibly sad, and when the first verse stops, it is starting to blow off your mind totally.

Double Bass - ingenius!!!!! Very weird (which key could this be written in?), and totally freakin' gooooooooood! (All of which makes me anxious - at times unbearabyl so does say a cigarette - must master backwards. :))

Rock The House: A bit boring.

19/2000: As well, but it's still real groovy :)

Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo) is a just amazing Latin track with Ibrahim Ferrer on it :) The original version with Damon's vocals (which appeared on their first CD, the Tomorrow Comes Today EP) is even more amazing, oooh how lovable Damon sings!

Starshine: Uber sad. Just wonderful.

Slow Country: OK as well.

M1 A1: The intro belongs to the start of the album. Nevertheless, just a rocking, stomping, amazing bumping track!!! Yay.

Clint Eastwood (Ed Case Refix): Worthless. It's the hidden track. It's boring. At least you gain the full version, as the version on the single is just an edit.

All in all, this must be the 5 points, and one of the 5 best albums that I've ever heard.
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