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on October 27, 2011
Overall, the Trekko is a great stroller. I like the sun canopy and the ease of going over different types of terrain. The infant seat enclosure is a nice touch and the recline is easy. There are a couple of things I wish the stroller had, and one issue with a wobbling wheel, which I demonstrate to you in this video review.
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on September 23, 2013
I bought this stroller with the car seat and have been using it with my now 15 month old son since his birth, so I figured I would chime in on some of my feedback on this stroller.

- Comfortable seat, my son really likes it
- Pretty sturdey
- A good value for the price

- VERY heavy
- Not to be used for jogging, despite the three-wheel design
- Does not fold very compact at all. Putting in the trunk of a car often requires removal of front wheel (which is pretty easy)
- Not that durable. The seat folding bar snapped off on me at about the eight month mark and still I can't adjust the seat up or down without removing the fabric cover and manually adjusting it
- The basket sucks. If you put even something slightly heavy in it (like a sweatshirt), it will fall off the two small hooks on the side and land on the brakes, which engages them
-The sun shade could be bigger. I always feel like it's too far back or too far forward but there is no in between position

If you are looking at this stroller you are probably thinking, like we were, that we want something reasonably priced that will grow with our child and allow us to do occasional more rough and tumble strolles on unpaved areas. We also don't live in a city but a suburb so the walking isn't as necessary - we usually walk a few times a day on our street, probably a mile or two a day, occasionally more if we go places like a mall or the beach or something. ANd it works for that.

We are having a 2nd child now and are switching to a City Mini double stroller. It is much nicer than this one, but also costs almost $200 more - so it's up to your budget. This stroller gets the job done but like anything you get what you pay for.

For all this, the stroller has been OK. It has travelled with us several times (four flights) and been fine. It's just
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on January 28, 2013
I had a different Graco stroller (the 4 wheeled kind) for the first year with our son, and I always hated how the wheels sounded when we were taking walks on the boardwalk that is near by, and even down our street... they just never seemed sturdy. Well, just after our son's first birthday the front wheel finally broke off. I decided for my next stroller I wanted a 3 wheel stroller that would be for any terrain. I do not jog, so it is not used for those purposes, just wanted something I could take anywhere without worrying about the wheels. This stroller has been WONDERFUL! I am so upset that I didn't just get one like this from the beginning.

Best features:
Easy set up; only took me a few minutes to do, the wheels just had to be put on.
Easy to fold up. It is trully as easy as they say and show in the video. It can be done with one hand.
Comfortable seat.
Huge storage bin underneath. I have never seen one that would fit so much stuff.
Easy to maneuver back and forth and around objects.
Sturdy wheels.
Adjustable handlebar.
Seat reclines in several different positions for child to sit up or lay all the way back, and it's easy to do!

Only down falls:
No snack tray for baby or cupholders for parents. BUT, I used the brica cupholder on the handlebar for my drink and the brica snack pod on the side for baby to reach his cup and snacks, and they work great, so it's really not an issue.
The stroller is very LARGE!!! Which is great, however it's hard to fit in some vehicles. We have an SUV with a huge trunk, so for me it's not a problem, but when we put it in my in-laws vehicle we had to remove the wheels in order for it to fit. But it was very easy to get them off, and then back on. DIdn't cause much of a problem at all for us.

So you can see the positives out do the negatives in a big way... I would highly recommend this stroller to anyone!!!! It's a great buy!
review image review image review image
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on November 4, 2011
I got this stroller after doing a ton of research. It was the right price for me. I am a casual jogger and didn't need a BOB for what the BOBs cost. My 2yo daughter loves it. We have multiple strollers and she always requests this one. The canopy is great. It shields from sun and wind and there is a eek a boo window that I love. The wheels are extremely sturdy. They go smoothly over gravel and large rocks. I live in a desert climate so the surfaces are not smooth, but this stroller feels like they are. It fits into the trunk of my Toyota Corolla. You can easily fix the wheel in front to go straight only or to swivel. It's just a push of a button. The basket is huge.

On my second or third outing, while I was actually jogging, the front wheel began to wobble. No problem, I just detached it, turned it around, and re-attached it. No more wobbling after that. Now any time it happens, about once every five times, I take the front wheel off, turn it 180 degrees, then reattach it and that stops the wobbling for good. I'm really impressed because I read SO many complaints about jogging strollers wobbling, and I thought it was a curse of any jogging stroller under $300.

I love that I can use this again with the next baby because it accepts Graco car seats.

Problem one, this monster is quite heavy. But that is typical for joggers. I don't have any trouble with it because it's extremely easy to fold and unfold, but it is not practical for light use. That is why I am going to replace my now-broken umbrella stroller with a Graco Liteway. My daughter and I use our strollers an awful lot so I need the two. This is not the stroller I choose to keep in my trunk for trips to the mall, or for the walk to daycare. It is just too bulky. I prefer to keep it in the garage and use it for long walks with the dog in our neighborhood and the occasional jog. It's wonderful for that. I can steer it with one hand while I play with my phone.

Another problem is that if I put too much stuff in the basket, it detaches. No problem, it's easy to fix. But I didn't want to carry my purse. My purse was really heavy that day. It had my work laptop in it. So I will be purchasing a stroller hook for that.

Also I'm bummed that it doesn't have a snack tray for my daughter. I bought a detachable cup holder for her, but I don't really like it because it doesn't stay in place. The only thing I would change about this stroller is that I would add a snack tray.

So for the price I give this 5 stars. I paid about 145 for it. Had I spent 200 or more I would have given it four stars for not having a snack tray for baby. Other than that it's pretty great for jogging and/or long walks.
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on December 30, 2011
After my call with a supervisor from Graco I came to find out, the video that Amazon has up is NOT the same stroller that's being sold in the US, it's the european model. The Trekko came out in Europe first and there are some key features they did not want to included on the US model for whatever reasons.
This stroller doesn't even have shocks or suspensions so I emailed & asked how can this be a TRUE all terrain stroller. My reply was "No, The wheels do not have shock absorbers. Please lock wheels". But even when they were lock you could still feel them wobble.

For NOT being a jogging stroller (in manuel-reads-not to be used for jogging) it's VERY bulky.
The material doesn't seem like the breathable kind , which means your child will be uncomfortable.
Yes, it's heavy but not much of a difference compare to Jeep's line of strollers.
The mechanism to drop the basket up & down is very poorly made.
Front wheel wobbles even when in lock mode, it's fine when your walking at a slow pace but brisk walking is a no go.
There is this huge gap between the push handle and stroller itself.
Weak amount of cushion and seatback is hard...................
On the bumper bar there is the metal piece with a bolt/screw that just sticks out. NOT safe, if you go over a bump your child could hit it or if they like to rest thier feet on the bar they will surely scrap the skin off. On the video (Europe model) it shows this padded flap piece to cover it up. Graco claims its expose for the carseat, well if you order the travel system version I can see how ideal that will be but if your child will not be in a carseat I don't see how that can be safe. Yes some can throw tape over it or what not but the point is, you shouldn't have to.
AND you all already know the con about no kids tray or cup holder.

Sleek design
The seat sits upright and is higher up then most strollers which is one of the reasons I wanted it. Going over gravel or a walk after the rain meant debris wouldn't be spit up from the wheels into my child's face.
Lever for the seat recline is nice-no draw strings unlike others
I like that the canopy has a huge mesh peek a boo window just right, so when you have the shade all the way down, your child can still see the world without feeling like he/she is in the dark.

I wish the cons didn't outweight the pros and that the stroller would of had an adjustable footrest along with at least a snack tray for the little ones.
If the stroller was maybe under $90 I would of did some tweaking to it and kept it.
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on December 30, 2011
We had purchased a standard Graco travel system and after a couple of uses on nonpaved trails, we decided to purchase a B.O.B. stroller from REI. Darn things are spendy! Luckily, just prior to purchasing it, we found this Trekko on the Graco UK site and it was now being carried by Target. At 1/3 to 2/3 the price of a B.O.B we could make it work.

-Snug ride 35 fits into it perfectly and has lots of sunshade protection.
-Nice wide stable platform for hiking trails and rough ground.
-Not some funky weird color that will be dated looking next week.
-Large basket that supports a pretty good amount of weight.
-PLENTY of air circulation for hot weather.
-One foot locking that is actually sturdy
-Long enough from handle to rear tires that tall people will not always be hitting it with their feet.

-Could stand to have the basket latch redesigned to lock firmer and have both sides lock (sometimes only one side locks into place)
-Moveable backrest could also stand to have a latch redesign for the same reasons above
-Overall length and width. Graco could have shaved about 4 inches of the length and width. With that being done it would make it much easier to handle in tight areas.

Since it is shaped like a B.O.B. some items fit. We added the items below and LOVE how they made the Trekko a perfect stroller for an outdoor family.

B.O.B Wind protector single - hooks onto the from wheel and the straps to hold in the carseat allow for the sides to be tightened up. We did had two pieces of velco to allow the top straps of the wind protector to be attached to the stroller canopy. Our daughter no longer has to worry about cold walks to day care in 15 degree weather. Keeps her nice and warm when combined with normal cold weather stroller items.
BOB Weather Shield For Single Revolution/Stroller Strides Models in Gray

Handle Tray- This is the same vendor that makes them for B.O.B. the center zippered pouch is huge and holds a large nalgene bottle without issue.Colors of logo are grey so it does not stand out much at all. Jolly Jumper Stroller Caddy - Stroller Handlebar Organizer

Reflective tape- Added two long strips of silver reflective tape along the side rails as Grace has zero areas of reflectors on it and we often go for early morning and late evening walks.BOB Weather Shield For Single Revolution/Stroller Strides Models in Gray
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on December 15, 2014
I don't have much to say except read the reviews before purchasing this stroller! It is a good stroller for walks but the wheels shake and rattle. I bought the Graco Trekko for peaceful walks with my daughter and the whole walk is listening to a bunch of racket coming from the plastic wheels shaking. Defiantly not a good quality purchase. Other than the shaking and rattling it would be great, but it's not great with all the noise.
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on October 2, 2014
This stroller is exactly what we were looking for! We live in an area with rugged outdoor trails and this stroller glides effortlessly on all the terrains--sidewalk, gravel, dirt, grass--it maneuvers very well with the front wheel swivel and the big rubber tires grip the ground well, even when using one hand to push. We were using an older 4-wheel Graco stroller model and this has been a major improvement and we love it. It is very easy to fold up and down with one hand while holding my baby in the other arm, but it doesn't store very compactly as we wanted--the stroller lays flat on the wheels rather than upright, so it takes a lot of area space even if you pop off the wheels, the back wheels lock in place once it's folded down. The 180 degree pretty large rotating canopy is a feature we like and has been very useful in blocking our baby from the sun in any direction we are walking and it has a mesh view to keep an eye on baby and zips closed--it also stays in place pretty securely even when walking against the wind. I also love the straps, an improvement with the slide-ons to use the chest harness or just the waist and the belt covers are a great accessory to ensure the straps don't irritate baby's neck, although we never had a problem with the slim straps coming in contact with baby's neck, even on the old model. The click-in-place or pull to release feature for inclining/declining baby is pretty easy but sometimes it will release only one side if you don't pull it evenly--it is like a manual car seat adjuster. The storage basket underneath is pretty large but I don't know how sturdy it is to hold up much weight, although we haven't had any problems yet with storing a few water bottles, a baby blanket, changing pad/wipes, and a few other lightweight items. We haven't had to use it because our baby is older, but the feature to enclose the feet area for a newborn seems like it would feel cozy and safe like a bassinet. We really like this stroller and are very happy with our purchase, it is a simple design with convenient, well-thought out features and was very easy to assemble in a few minutes.
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on September 20, 2014
I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome this stroller is. I purchased it early in the Summer (2014) and have used it to tote all sorts of pool toys, towels, etc. along with my infant (less than 6 months old) all throughout the Summer season. If you read other reviews of this product that mention the front wheel issue, this really isn't an issue because the stroller works great for me. The bin underneath is such a help since you can raise and lower it! It gives me no issues as far as holding up the diaper bag. I just never try to overload it. After all, I don't want to push any more weight than necessary when I have three girls to keep up with. The actually maneuverability of this stroller is awesome too. Just one hand is all you need to push it easily. If you are looking for a great sunshade, you really can't find a better one in my opinion. It keeps the sun off my baby girl and also allows enough breeze so in the scorching heat of summer, the baby is not super hot.

Two things that I thought would be big issues for me were the following:

(1) There is not a tray near the handlebar for drinks, etc. To solve this problem, I purchased a cup holder tray for me to use which works great when toting at least 4 water bottles to the pool and it has room for my keys, phone, etc. This product was only $8 so it was a no-brainer for me.
(2) There is not a tray for the baby to use in front of them to place their cup in as an older toddler or snacks. I thought about this one quite a bit because of the experience I had with my two older girls and came to this conclusion. I will not have to worry about losing a sippy cup as easily since I will have the tray in front of me while I am pushing the stroller. Also, I do not have to worry that snacks are being dropped everywhere creating a big mess. If I want a tray, I can always purchase one later to put on the stroller later on.

NOTE: If you want something that will grow with the baby and will hold the infant car seat and DO NOT have a Graco brand baby car seat, I don't think that will be an issue for you, either. I have a Peg Perrego baby car seat and if I want to just place it in the stroller rather than putting my baby directly into the stroller, it works great.
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on March 1, 2013
I bought this stroller when it was first released and there weren't many reviews on it. Overall this isnt a bad stroller, I just don't love it like I had hoped I would. Below I've listed the pros and cons:

-Adjustable handle, works great for both my husband (6ft) and I (5'6")
-Easy fold
-Great manuverability for a large stroller
-Very stylish
-Large storage basket below
-Seat seems to be extra cushioned compared to other strollers I've seen
-Seat lays almost flat
-Easy assembly
-Locking front wheel

-No parent tray (we purchased the Diono Buggy Buddy Stroller Organizer)
-No child tray. This wasn't initially an issue since we used this stroller with our Graco infant seat, but now that my son is older and we no longer use the infant seat, I wish we had something with a tray for a sippy cup or snack.
-Bulky when folded. It fits in the trunk of my Honda Civic if the front wheel has been removed, but you won't get anything else in the trunk with it.
-The canopy to me isn't large enough or isn't positioned correctly for it to be useful with the seat.
-It is a VERY bumpy ride if you are doing anything more than a brisk walk, even with the front wheel locked.
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