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on June 10, 2012
I thought my husband was crazy for wanting the most expensive high chair Babie's R Us had to offer. It's a high chair, right? We bought a decent Graco 11 years ago for #1, and used it for- what felt like -ever. After 11yrs and 3 (now 4) kiddos, the old Graco is long gone. But we have high-chair buying down to an art. The things we wanted:

--WHEELS on all legs. We neeeeeed to be able to roll it around. To kitchen, various sides of the dining table, breakfast bar, etc.
--Narrow wheel base (see above).
--BIG TRAY. What is with the dinky high chair trays on so many models?
--Ability to take baby in/out without taking the tray off entirely.
--One-handed tray operation.

I was leaning toward a less expensive brand (Chicco), until I tried to pull little bean from the seat and CRASH went the tray on the store floor. That and the cheap feel of the "arms" on the other brand (where the tray fits onto the chair) decided it for me. The Graco has everything we need. It rolls wonderfully, turns on a dime, can fit through the narrow spaces (doorways, b/w the table and the wall, etc.), has a good-sized tray that operates one-handed. So long as I'm a little careful I can get bean in and out without pulling the tray off entirely.

This model also has a number of things I didn't *need* but LOVE. The tray is not just one layer, not just two, but THREE. Take the top insert off and there's still a tray. Pull the big tray off (the release is under the tray) and there's still a smaller tray underneath. This is amazing! It can also be used as a booster so easily my 11yr old can detach/reattach it. Plus, the booster base and the back support make a wonderful booster in itself. Not to mention the child seat option. This has been fun for my tiny 6-yr old. I bought one high chair and ended up with a great high chair, plus a booster for a sibling.

The ONLY downside: the tray does not fit flush against baby's tummy, which leaves a gap for droppings. We use bibs with a front pocket, so this isn't a serious problem, though I do wish the tray fit more snugly. A baby in a thin diaper might fit better. Our little one has cloth-diaper-puffy-butt. All in all, the best, most durable high chair you're likely to find. Well worth the $$.
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on January 16, 2013
My wife and I bought one of these for our daughter's family for Christmas. Our son-in-law put it together right away (it was pretty easy) and our granddaughter used it for the first time at our house. It was such a good chair that they had barely taken it home when we ordered another to keep at our house so the baby would have one to use here too. With at least one more grandchild on the way we'll get plenty of use out of this combination high chair, booster seat and youth chair.
In addition to all of the great five- and four-star reviews I see the chair has also received a couple of one-star reviews. One said that the child can fall out of the seat “once you unstrap the harness.” I suppose a baby could fall out of the chair if it wasn't strapped in! Another made a similar comment and said their baby fell out of the chair because they thought it was locked when it wasn’t. That doesn’t sound like a design flaw with the chair either.
This thing has a harness like a jet fighter or a race car: it has five straps that come over the shoulders, around the sides, and up between the legs. The straps all come together and fasten at a central point over the baby's chest. It appears to function just like the system in the car seat that our kids use, and seems as safe as it could possibly be.
I have no idea how a baby could fall out of this chair (or even get out if it tried) as long as you kept it strapped in, which is the general idea, right?
My recommendation is to buy the chair and then remember which one of you is supposed to be the adult. Fasten the straps, lock the tray in, and accept some responsibility.
Bottom line: this is a great chair.
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on April 24, 2012
My daughter loves sitting in this, she is so much happier than the highchair I previously bought her. It rolls around very easily, and I like that I can leave the snack tray attached and just put her in and then buckle her. The seat pad is very soft and easy to wipe down. Also, it comes with a booster that can be put on a dining room chair, so you are getting two seats in one. I think this is the perfect highchair! I added a few pictures so you can see the features.
review image review image review image
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on January 13, 2014
I searched and searched for a chair with the features that I really wanted:

Easy to clean fabric
On 4 wheels and easy to move
Leg post attached to the chair - not the tray

After finding and ordering this chair I realized as soon as I put it together that it had none of the features that I wanted and this is why...

The fabric on the actual chair is a faux leather, easy to wipe down...but the insert on top is made of regular fabric and will have to be machine washed after each use to prevent staining. Also, the insert isn't attached to anything, just strung through the straps and stays back against the chair only when a child is sitting against it. Also needs to be readjusted every time you put baby in chair.

The front wheels on this chair do not swivel. Do not expect to be able to grab the front of the chair and move it around. It steers from the back only. We have a large kitchen and use the chair for baby to sit in while I cook, do dished, etc. Imagine a suitcase with wheels that do not swivel. You have to stand behind it and push in in front of you to steer. This chair is exactly like that.

Reclining feature. The back of this high chair reclines. By "the back" I mean ONLY the back portion. The seat does not recline with it. If you're planning to use it for a baby who does not sit independently yet, plan on them laying down rather than being reclined. Not at all practical to use as a feature to get them out easier - or IN, forget about it. Also, plan on leaving the tray on all the time if you're going to recline so the leg post (attached to the tray) can help keep them from sliding down the chair when it's reclined.

Which brings me to the tray. I knew the leg post was attached to the tray when I bought it, thinking it had the rest of what I wanted I was willing to give on that. But the way it reclines (they should call it a slide feature) broke me. When my 4 month old tried the reline without the stationary leg post I thought the straps would hurt his little man parts as he slid down the chair.

The child we purchased this chair for is our 5th child. I have had many years of experience with chairs and what I "need them to do" to be functional in our home. We ended up returning this chair and I bought the Chicco Polly Magic (a Babies R Us exclusive chair) - which reclines the whole seat including the part the supports the tushy, is faux leather on the chair and the insert, 4 wheels that all swivel, and an amazing tray that you can set on top and simply PUSH DOWN to attach. The new one we bought also has the post attached to the tray, but I can live with that because the entire seat reclines and I'm not relying on the post to help keep baby in place.

My suggestion (as a veteran mom) is to go see this chair, touch it, wheel it around, and really imagine yourself using it in your home (cleaning it, moving it, how baby will feel in it) before you buy it.
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on May 21, 2013
My 11-month-old baby is well-supported and comfortable in the high chair. I like how supportive and padded the back and seat are, how easy the material is to wipe clean, and the 5-point harness works well to keep her secured. I also like how HUGE the tray is! Even though I didn't think I'd need such a thing, it's kind of handy how there are three levels of trays. If I get distracted after breakfast, and I don't notice that I forgot to clean the smashed bananas off the tray until I'm setting my baby up for lunch--no worries! I just remove the top layer to reveal a clean tray beneath. I've never used the bottom tray, but it is available (although smaller). The recline feature is super easy to use, even though my baby is too old to recline while eating.

I do have a little minor things that I wasn't expecting, though:

When deciding on which color to purchase, I didn't realize that the infant insert was the only source of color on the high chair (other than the plastic frame). If you don't need the infant insert, the back is a blah greyish white (in the Vance high chair color). It's rather institutional looking, and I seriously considered exchanging it for the other color. However, I've come to the conclusion that it's not worth the hassle, and plan to keep it because I like it overall.

The buckle release for the 5-point harness can be a little tricky. Sometimes, you push the button, and the harness easily releases. Other times, it seems to get stuck, and I have to push everything back together, and try again. Fortunately, I haven't had to get the baby out quickly when it gets stuck like that, but it's kind of annoying.

I may have missed this somewhere, but I thought this was an all-in-one high chair that could separate into a high chair and toddler booster seat. Just so you know, the toddler booster seat is not a part of this high chair, and has to be stored separately. If you read this review and I'm incorrect--you have found a way to store everything together in the high chair--please leave a comment! I just got home from Japan where there is a 16-hour time difference, and I'm rather jet-lagged. I could be missing something. :P

The last thing that will be a little annoying to work around when I have baby #2 is the infant insert. It is just a piece of material with a head support. There is no way to affix it to the back of the high chair. You simply thread the material for the shoulder strap of the 5-point harness through the holes on the insert, and the baby will hold the infant insert in place when buckles in. When you take the baby out, the infant insert will probably slump down a bit, making it a little more difficult to put the infant back the next time. Just a little FYI.

That's all for now. Overall, it's a good high chair. It's MUCH better than the cheap-o temporary high chair we bought while in Japan, so it was nice to have something sturdy and well-built waiting for us when we got home!
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on April 24, 2015
Love this high chair. Debating this one vs peg perego siesta. But graco blossom got great reviews and peg perego only got c plus from baby bargain authors. And peg perego siesta complaints of finger pinched on chair. I love this chair because i can bottle feed him and let him relax on chair. The only thing is the middle prong is not attached to the seat and attached to the table. When putting infants in, you really have to hold the baby. So baby won't slide or fall. Other option is to recline the chair all the way and slide the baby in without pulling out the table.
I Highly recommend it.
review image
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on March 4, 2013
I specifically chose this version because of the color combination. The base of the high chair appears to be neutral and brown in the photos, but it is definitely all gray. It looks good with the covers and padding, but does not match my kitchen the way I was hoping.

Besides this one thing, I'm very happy with the high chair. It was easy to put together and seems very sturdy. I'm hoping for years of use from this chair! I don't usually spend so much on baby items, but if it really lasts through to become a youth chair, it will be well worth it.

I like that I can use the booster seat and high chair at the same time. We have a bar height table and I'm always nervous that my 3 year old niece is going to fall out of the chair, but I can use the booster seat for her and the high chair for my daughter at the same time. The youth chair will give us more seating when we have guests over.

**just wish it was brown as shown :/
review image
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on October 27, 2015
Great chair, VERY versatile. Recently we went on our first road trip since we got the high chair. We opted to try and take the whole thing instead of just the booster/strap on a chair part. I was able to break down and fit the ENTIRE chair in the trunk of my '13 Dodge Charger sedan along with our Poco child backpack and have room for our luggage! easy set up and breakdown at the other end of our trip and then back! See pictures submitted with the review. Comfort wise, our little guy loves it! We've had it since he was months old.
review image review image
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on June 12, 2014
For an expensive high chair this chair just has too many things I am unhappy with.
- In the recline position, the straps are not user-friendly at all. This made for a very unhappy baby while I struggled with the straps, which made feeding even more difficult. I find that in the upright position this is no longer a problem.
- The safety bar between the legs is attached to the tray, so if you want to put the baby in without the tray on you must make sure you hold the baby securely while getting the straps together. This is scarier than strapping a baby into e.g. a car seat which is lower to the ground and which holds the baby in while you do the buckling.
- As per the care instructions, I put the removable trap on the top rack of my dishwasher. It came out bent out of shape and no longer rests flush against the tray below it.
To Graco's credit, they are sending me a new tray free of charge. However, I've had a mixed experience with Graco customer service-- when I submitted a question online about the high chair (over two months prior to writing this review), I received an automated response addressing a completely different question. I never received any follow up addressing the question I sent them. If they cannot respond to individual emails/online queries, they ought not to offer that option.
Considering how much I spent on this high chair I will not be purchasing a different one to replace it. However, if you are in the market for a high chair and are willing to spend this much, think twice before choosing the Graco Blossom.
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on November 18, 2014
Best highchair. It is easy to clean the trays and the removable headrest is great for little ones. The tray can be set at three different distances, so you can move it out as your child gets bigger. I love that is also converts to a booster chair instead of having to buy a separate booster. My one critique is that although the "leather" fabric is soft, it stains very easily. Getting tomato sauce out takes a lot of work!
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