Customer Reviews: Graco NasalClear Nasal Aspirator, 1 Count
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on April 10, 2013
I've owned three of these aspirators (first one I gave away, second one pooped out after over 20 years of use, and I just received my third) and it has been extremely useful, especially since all three of my infants had a lot of congestion during their first few weeks of life. As a caveat I have never used the nasal suction straw things because I think it's sort of gross and you need two people to pull it off. So I guess I'm comparing this to the traditional rubber aspirator which is minimally effective at best.

I feel so bad for the people who have found this item unhelpful and frustrating so I feel compelled to offer a couple of tips:

1) Sometimes this aspirator is sold with only the thick tip (for some reason I remember it being sold with the thin one before). The thin tip is A LOT more useful for tiny nasal passageways. These tips can be found separately for about $5 for 4 (2 of each type of tip). I'm not sure if this model is going out of production but I was able to find tips at babiesrus.

2) Use saline drops or a tiny bit of breastmilk to loosen the mucus.

3) Most importantly point the tip straight into the baby's face (think 90 degree angle) --- the nasal cavity actually goes more back than upwards. If you point this tip up the nose, it ends up just sucking on skin inside the nose (which is uncomfortable) and not the mucus. If you point it towards the back of the baby's head you get more stuff out.

4) sometimes it doesn't look like you get much out but if you suck up some running water after use, you can see if it was effective or not (though it can look pretty nasty so brace yourself).

5) be careful not to lose any of the washers because they are essential (these are the rubbery rings). You can purchase replacements from the graco website but it's annoying to pay for shipping (I actually got a couple at once since I knew I would be having more kids and using the aspirator for a while).

Hope this helps!
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on June 26, 2009
So the first thing I can say about this product is that is really does help decrease if not completely abolish the crying and fighting of a small baby when it's time to suction their nose. It's a continuous gentle suction so it seems to not feel so intrusive. The music is kind of loud, but if you put your finger over the small speaker it helps diffuse it a bit. It probably isn't so bad for an older baby. When my son got sick he was just barely two months old so it was still a bit loud for his ears. Now for the suction itself, it's effective for thin secretions of mucous, not so much for anything thicker than that. It worked well in combination with the bulb aspirator. I thought I would be able to throw that thing out...but not the case. It seems like it would be a good product for a cold with a continually runny nose, or just looser mucous. It's not really great for use on more congested noses because it's gentle suction is just not enough. Clean up is gross but easy! I think people have said you can run the pieces in the dishwasher however, I just clean the pieces out with hot soapy water and a small bottle nipple brush. It has a great little storage drawstring bag and two differently shaped nasal pieces. Overall I think it's a useful product for certain types of mucous. It's definitely worth the cease in suction session battles when the mucous is a prime candidate for it.

So the bottom line: Is it a must-have? No, I don't think it's more effective than the bulb. Is it nice to have? Yes, I don't mind having it to resort to for certain types of colds in addition to baby being okay with having it in his nose. Should you buy it? Depends on how much you need your twenty bucks. Lastly, clean up is probably more sanitary because of the pieces pulling apart, but it is definitely something you want to clean as soon as your done using it.
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on July 15, 2009
Our daughter was constantly getting a cold in the winter, so we were endlessly having to clear out her nose, which she hated. We would rinse out the bulb aspirator after each use, but when I got a whiff of the inside of that thing one day, I nearly puked!

One day I found this inexpensive option at Wal-Mart. The first few times, she was unsure, but once she saw how it made her feel, she truly doesn't mind it. I wasn't totally impressed at first because I just felt like it wasn't sucking enough. But when my husband read the directions, it tells you sometimes, if the mucus is thick, you need to suck in a little water in between suctions. When you do that, it works perfectly! As gross as it is, the water flushes out the loose boogers and they go straight to the clear cup.

We loove this gagdet, and I suggest all the people who complain about the suction try using the water!
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on September 30, 2014
I think this thing works fabulous!! If you can find the right tip for the right needs. My son, 3 months, still has a tiny little nose and neither of the tip sizes available really worked well for him. It also depends on the type of congestion. If he had a runny nose, then the tips provided might have worked. My son had post nasal sinus congestion that kept him from breathing but would not come out the front.

I tried all of the most popular options

1: Bulb Snot sucker- It worked, after torturing my poor kid repeatedly to get the snot out, not to mention these things do grow mold inside them.
2: Nosefrida- WORST COLD EVER!! but it totally worked. I left a review there also
3: Graco Nasal aspirator: As I mentioned, the tips were just not quite right for his situation.

Suddenly, last night, I realized I could use the nosefrida tip with the graco nasal aspirator. Worked like a charm! The Nosefrida tip creates a seal so that the stuff actually comes out. 10 seconds later, he was clear, could breath. He still cried and hated it, but at least it was quick.
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on February 21, 2015
This product was recommended to me by the ED nurse that assessed my infant. I really like this product. I have tried almost every nasal aspirator out there. It does not suction as well as the NoseFrida, but it's better than sucking in viruses and bacteria through a porous sponge. My 4 month old contracted RSV/bronchiolitis with extremely thick nasal mucus. After instilling NS drops to thin the mucus I use this product. This product is amazing because she does not scream when I suction her. The part that goes into her nose actually vibrates which she finds pleasant and she sits there without fighting me. I move the aspirator in a circular motion inside each nostril and she just sits and smiles while you can hear it working! The button for the music is a great bonus feature (wish the songs were longer). I like how the pieces all come apart for thorough cleaning. It's not the strongest suction out there, but after following the directions specifically it works very well. I have yet to actually get any of the thick mucus into the collection container. The thick stuff doesn't make it far past the part that goes into the nose, but it definitely removes it. I'm just so thankful for an aspirator that my child doesn't fight me on and actually gets the job done.
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on January 16, 2014
We have tried the ball syringe, and those do not work at all. Then we bought the nose frida sucker with the tube, that actually works pretty well. However my 6 month old son ended up being admitted to the hospital after he contracted RSV at daycare, and we bought this after he was discharged and the nose frida just wasn't cutting it.

It gets a bunch of mucus out, thick mucus. But there are some things that are NECESSARY for this to work.

1) You need the replacement tips, and you MUST use the tip that is longer that extends further into the nose. The one that comes with the device didn't work. It needs to be tilted up and inward into the nostril just like they did at the hospital, move it around a little in there.

2) You need to use saline to break up the mucus. The MIST works better than the drops. MIST the saline up into babies nose. We use the Little Remedies Sterile Saline Nasal Mist.

3) You HAVE to hold the other nostril shut when sucking.

If you do all of these things, you should be able to get the majority of the mucus out. I wish it had a bit stronger suction and a bit larger opening at the tip, but it does work.
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on October 9, 2012
I would recommend this item b/c it helps clear the mucus from my 3yr old. I have to reason with her so she lets me use it. After she agrees I show her the mucus in the catch chamber and she is glad she can breathe better. This is easier and works better than trying to get a 3 year old to blow into a tissue.

Following the instructions is key to making it work. However, it sometimes does not engage when I press the start button. It seems a bit intermittent. I would give 5 stars if it worked perfectly everytime but since it sometimes does not start on the first try I am giving it 4 stars. With that said I will post a pic of the chamber after it has been used. I know it is gross but this is proof it does work. Keep in mind my daughter sounded congested but there was no mucus dripping out. I used the short nozzle in each nostril for about 2-3 seconds and this is what came out. Covering the opposite nasal passage with my finger is key to getting a good suction.
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on March 15, 2015
Here are some pictures and cleaning techniques. Hope this helps!

Clean with warm water and soap
Make sure you hand dry all parts as much as you can with a paper towel or similar
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on December 4, 2015
This aspirator will work for getting most of the mucus out, for a time. It does not work well if the mucus is too thick. Over the past 3-years we have gone through 8 of these aspirators. The motor has died on all 8 of our aspirators in less than 6-months and the music has broken on at least 2 of them for no apparent reason. I cannot explain why they break, our child does not play with it and we don't throw it around the house. It gets used, cleaned, and placed back in the drawer. The motorized portion is never exposed to water during cleaning so I just can't explain why it breaks. The most recent one we bought the motor stopped working the second time it was used on day 1 out of the box. Replacing the batteries did not solve the problem and over time on all the previous models it was the same, the motor would just be dead. They are easy to use and clean but if you like it I recommend you buy 2 because it will break when you need it most and you'll be stuck waiting on a replacement to come in like we were. Many of you can run out to a Walmart to pick one up but I live overseas so that isn't really an option.
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on March 7, 2015
A LIFESAVER for little colds!! I'm a nurse, a mommy and a childcare a Director. This product works beautifully! We struggled with the blue hospital bulb aspirator (B+) and even that nose frida snot sucker (D-).
With this graco nasal aspirator my son could finally breathe. It sucked TONS of mucous and assisted in eliminating my son from a double ear infection. A TIP for parents with children suffering from ear infections and colds: spray your child's nose 3-5 seconds each nostril with OCEAN spray (cvs) then suction it out with the GRACO. We found that Flonase also helped tremendously in clearing his nasal passageways and assisting him to BREATHE at night. My son would sweat profusely at night trying to breathe through his nose. Thank you graco!!
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