Customer Reviews: Graco NasalClear Nasal Aspirator, 1 Count
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on November 14, 2015
Read the instructions and you'll love this gadget! May be sick, but I highly appreciate that I can see what's coming out of my children's noses so I don't mind at all...okay except that it is still pretty gross hahahaha but put this on your registry and open it and use it as soon as you get it! I love it!
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on May 19, 2015
Update: 9/20/15 this thing just stopped working. One day it sputtered but after a few more presses of the button it worked right. By the end of the week, no response when you hit the button. I changed the batteries and all, the music works, the motor makes no noise what so ever. I emailed the company and still no response. It didn't last long did it? The kicker is that I didn't even use it everyday. It was when my son got a cold or runny nose. I changed 3 stars to 1 until I see what the company has to say.

Original review:
I have my reservations about all the nasal aspirators out there, but this one faired better than I expected. I am in the healthcare field and I can use the blue bulb syringes pretty effectively. However, when the baby is sick (and since daycare, he has been sick believe you me!) sometimes he just gets the never ending thick goo of mucus that only a strong suction can remove. I have tried the babycomfy (looks like an egg) and the ever popular baby Nosefrida and believe it or not, I and my wife have gotten sick from it a couple times each! Well, just look at the "filter" I decided to try this. Let's get down to the nitty gritty:

Please note: look at the pic, the suction part does separate as a whole "pre-unit". It then can be futher broken down into the silicone nozzle, the housing, the waste reservoir and then the o-ring seals if needed. You'll understand why I explained this when you get to the cons

- plays 4 or 5 tunes
- soft yet firm enough silicone tip to create a decent seal without hurting
- removable parts for cleaning (but this will also be a con)
- 2 AA batteries, no special button cell or whatever
- love this: good and quick suction right from the press of the button! I was really worried about this aspect, I thought it maybe weak and needs time to build and by that time you know the baby's going to be unwieldy cranky but no! I'm surprised about this...this is a good pro

- limited waste space. By the time you get some boogie in there then try to flush it for a next pass...even a quick sip of water will already fill the waste container...which leads to...
- removable to clean, nice, but you will be doing it often if you plan on more than one pass with a super quick flush to clear the suction way for a good second pass. I suppose you can just keep going for it but depending on the thickness of the boogie, it can clog or really diminish the next go.
- the idea is novel, but when you hold the baby it angles the container. the waste (esp with water flushes) easily angles back into base of the 1st part of the aspirator. Again, fine if you just try to go at all attempts without a flush of water in between but as I have a habit of the flush from decades in healthcare, the small reservoir annoys me a little
- cannot reposition or swivel to side if need be so if you can't suction baby close to vertical position, then you may not want to flush/clear in between...too meddlesome
- kind of loud, can startle the baby...unless he/she is a really good sleeper, he/she will probably wake up if you try this during a nap

Overall, would I get this again...yes BUT ONLY if I didn't recently invent droplet filters for the babycomfy and nosefridas. With the babycomfy and nosefrida at least I can control the amount of force, duration and minimal noise (no motor rumbling by his face) - and now with my filter inserts I can protect myself from germy microdroplets/aerosols. Hopefully you may have better luck with this.

Update: 10/10/15 So the manufacturer read my email, I must've pulled all the right serial numbers and viola! Next thing I knew, there was a tough gray shipping bag on my doorstep that had me wondering what in the world did my wife order. She didn't....Graco sent me a brand new replacement! I am happy to say *knock on wood* I'm back to cleaning his snot out in half the time and more efficiently than the bulbs. If this lasts the year, then I'll update the stars but for now, it's bumped to a 3. Thank you Graco customer service if you're reading this. It is very appreciated and just in time for cold season!
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on May 28, 2015
If I had reviewed this when I first got it ai would have given 5 stars. We actually bought 2 of these. The first one worked good for a while. When my husband took it apart to fix it he found that it had sucked snot into the motor and couldnt be fixed. I bought another because it was all they had at our walmart other than the old fashion bulbs and I needed it right then for a sick baby. The new one worked amazingly 4 times. Thats it. My husband took it apart expexting to find snot in the motor. He found that the new one had an added membrane to keep snot out of the motor and that this one had a bad sauder on the power button and he couldn't fix it. I was once again left without a decent snot sucker and a sick baby.
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on March 25, 2016
One million percent better than the Nose Frida. Mainly because it is beyond disgusting sucking out snot with a tube that I literally have to suck on (Nose Frida). Our baby has had a few colds this winter and the pediatrician said it's important to keep the mucous cleaned out of her nose since she can't blow it out herself. The Nose Frida made me feel sick to my husband had to leave the room when I used it so he wouldn't puke. This works just about as well and does all the suctioning mechanically. It also plays a few short tunes, which baby loves. She'd scream like I was sucking her brains out with the Nose Frida, with the Graco Aspirator she just patiently lets me do it and smiles at the music.

It is gross to empty the snot receptacle, but it's easy to wash out but is much, much less gross than manually sucking it out and then having to wash it out.
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on October 10, 2015
The nose frida works well but our son screams every time we try to use it. I decided to try this and he loves it. He even tries to use it on his own. We're not sure what makes it so fun but it works well and our son thinks it's a toy so we're happy. Would recommend.
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on August 11, 2014
This is so much better and cleaner than using the aspirator that they give you from the hospital. I can clean this and know that there is no mold growing like the plastic one that I was using from the hospital. This is noisy which scared my child a little, but after several uses she got used to it and the noise never bothered her. I'd turn this on around your kid and maybe let them touch it before use so that they get used to it as well.
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on December 6, 2014
I have not tested this on my baby yet, but I did test it on myself.

I had a slightly stuffy nose and decided to give it a go.

It sucked out more than I expected. it is very powerful, so I would be very careful of getting the suction tip against baby nostril skin.
In combination with a tissue, this worked very well.
At first I didn't think I got much, but then I sucked a little water to clear it, and a huge chunk of goop came out.
Easy to clean
Batteries are easy to replace, but at the same time the cover doesn't just fall off
The music is not bad, but it doesn't have an off. You have to let it play to the end.

If you have a stuffy nose, or if you have kids with noses, this is very useful.

Update 11-27-15:
I still love this thing. My baby is now 11 months old, and I have used it on her several times. It worked the best when she was less than 6 months, because she didn't fight it off. She liked it because she would smile and turn towards it. She is currently at a stage where she wont tolerate it while awake, she turns away and cries. It doesn't hurt her or anything, she is just at that age. I imagine once she gets a little bit older and can understand it helps her feel better it will start being super-effective again. Right now it is ok, but I can only use it while she is asleep for quick sucks of a runny nose.

However, I have used it lots. LOVE this thing. I had a bad sinus infection and I sat in bed for like an hour, cruising the internet and sucking gunk out of my head. I took breaks to let the snot settle and to empty the chamber. I went from not being able to sleep through the night and having to sleep in a chair, to being able to sleep just fine. Love this thing. Where has it been all my life!?
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on December 8, 2015
The Good: My son (6-8 months) did not cry when using it. He loved the musical sounds. The suction worked pretty well.
The Bad: The suction power is just not the same as a bulb aspirator, the device itself is not very robust. Didn't survive a small drop to the floor. Wasn't very good with viscous mucous and did nothing with hardened mucous.
The Ugly: Clean this sucker every time you use it otherwise little critters will get into the reservoir (yes, they do, and it ain't pretty). The motor on this thing isn't very sturdy or robust.

Conclusion: If you have patience this will work for you well enough. But in the end you'll want a bulb aspirator or something with more sucking power. And you'll have to endure some crying to free up their nose.
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on August 17, 2013
This thing is a life saver. We tried two other aspirators and this one is definitely the best. See below a summary review.

* It uses just one battery
* It sucks effectively both thick and thin mucus
* It has a some music tones that "sometimes" help calming the baby
* It can be used on infants and toddlers

* You need to clean it regularly by suctioning warm/hot water so it drags the dried mucus from inside. However, make sure you dry it well to prevent rusting of the inner metal parts.
* It can be a little noisy. This both scared the baby and entertained her, depending on her mood. So this can also be a "Pro", I guess.
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on February 18, 2016
First time I saw this was after my niece was born, she was really congested so my sister would use it on her. It worked like a charm and my niece didn't mind it at all. So fast forward 2 years to my having my son, I just knew without a doubt I was getting this. Only thing was that this does not work for me like it did 2 years ago for my sister. It doesn't get anything out of my little ones nose, and its so freaking loud that it terrifies my baby. The one my sister had was not loud like this. I'm very disappointed in this product and would advise that anyone just stick to using the bulb syringe for a little one's stuffy nose.
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