Featured Album: Vladivostok FM

Outside of GTA IV, you aren't likely to find a lot of games that let you bump the best of Eastern European hip hop, rock and pop. Download all the songs from one of the game's most inspired stations in handy album format on Grand Theft Auto IV: Vladivostok FM.

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Artist Spotlight: Femi Kuti

Afrobeat royalty Femi Kuti hosts Liberty City radio station IF 99. While you're tuned in, catch his song "Truth Don Die" on that very station.

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The GTA IV Official Soundtrack Has Arrived

Featuring original and selected tracks from Grand Theft Auto IV, this soundtrack album includes the best music from one of the most iconic video games in history. Collecting new music created exclusively for Grand Theft Auto IV along with rare and hard to find material, this album provides a taste of the incredible variety found within the 16 in-game radio stations.

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Explore GTA IV Radio Stations

  • Rock the most discerning dance floors with this history of dance-club hits.
  • Injecting international funk music for a worldwide party.
  • Disco never dies! Music from the time when Liberty City was fun.
  • Hardcore lives on in the city where it all began.
  • Bringing you Marley classics that weren’t played at the last frat party.
  • You feel the love, you feel the temperature rising, you know what I’m saying, baby.
  • The home of hip hop in the home of hip hop: Liberty City.
  • Jazz from a time before it became elevator music.
  • This is the home of the classic raging rock.
  • Massive dancehall hits coming at you direct from Jamaica’s soundsystems.
  • From Puerto Rico to Liberty City, the sounds of San Juan are here. More reggaeton, papi!
  • Classic old school hip hop joints-- the raw way.
  • You are traveling through space, you are looking for somewhere to settle-- it cannot be here. Nobody likes you and you are beginning to understand why.
  • Modern Rock that proves it’s not dead just yet, ironically enough.
  • Taking jazz to the next level with these fusion nuggets.

Featured Songs: The Vibe 98.9

Have You Ever Loved Somebody
Freddie Jackson
MP3 Music
MP3 Music
Footsteps In The Dark (Parts 1 & 2)
The Isley Brothers
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GTA Soundtrack Box Sets

Back before DRM-free MP3s were readily available and easy to purchase, new Grand Theft Auto games marked the arrival of big, beautiful CD box sets featuring the music included in the game. Check out the collections for Vice City and San Andreas and get down with the sounds of games past.

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ZiT: We'll Spot The Song For You

When playing Grand Theft Auto IV, if you hear a song that you are interested in buying as an MP3, all you have to do is dial ZiT-555-0100 on your in-game mobile phone and a text message will be sent to you with the name of the artist and the title of the track. The next time you log in at the Rockstar Games Social Club, you will find 30-second previews of all the songs you have ZiT'ed while playing the game. You can add them to your basket there and click to purchase at Amazon MP3, or you can find them all here.

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Because Of You (Album Version)
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