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on August 28, 2012
Long time fans of Grand Theft Auto know that each of the games in the post-PS1 era is thematically linked to a particular genre of movie. GTA III is heavily indebted to Mafia movies such as Goodfellas and The Godfather, as well as to the cable television series The Sopranos. Vice City is clearly influenced by Miami Vice and Scarface, while San Andreas draws a great deal of inspiration from Colors and Boyz N the Hood.

GTA IV-The Complete Edition carries on this tradition by transforming Grand Theft Auto IV into an homage to Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon. As in Kurosawa's film, a set of events is seen from multiple points of view, leaving the player to decide which perspective he or she believes is the most credible. Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz, and Luis Lopez, the main characters, each bring a different experience and interpretation to GTA IV's story line. Niko is an immigrant, forced to assimilate and adapt rapidly to a world completely new to him. Johnny is caught in a classic master versus apprentice situation. Luis, who is the only character with any kind of insider status, must choose between building his future and honoring his past.

These are all familiar character situations in videogames, of course, but Rockstar creates deeper and richer stories and characters than most other game developers. The majority of games stick to the bare rudiments of character motivation and development. Rockstar has given us THREE strong stories in the GTA IV series, each with a complex and compelling main character. It was ambitious of Rockstar to release Niko's view of the story first, in isolation, without any indication of what was to come later. Many of the events in the Niko version of the story, in fact, aren't fully explained until the Luis and Johnny episodes. Compare that to the usual rote or clichéd story arcs found in too many games, even multi-episode games. There are a few studios that consistently produce well-written games in addition to Rockstar--Bungie, Valve, and Kojima Productions are three standouts--but the vast majority treat story and plot as afterthoughts.

Story and influences aside, the bigger question is whether or not GTA IV and the two Episodes are fun to play. The answer is YES, even though it is clear that Rockstar devoted a lot more development time to Luis' episode than it did to Johnny's episode. TLAD feels somewhat stripped down and is similar to GTA III in many ways. You'll spend most of your time following the main story, driving or riding to combat missions. If you fully explored Liberty City in Niko's episode, there isn't a whole lot to discover or do that you haven't already experienced. On the other hand, TBOGT contains a much broader variety of missions, side activities, and minigames. Most players will spend more time with TBOGT than with TLAD--but now that they're both part of this value priced bundle, it's no big deal. The important thing is to play the series in the order in which it was released (GTA IV then TLAD then TBOGT). If you don't, you'll miss out on properly experiencing how the full story unfolds.
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on December 6, 2015
I downloaded steam and installed the game however I keep getting the attached error message that the resources are low as shown in the picture attached also when trying to connect with windows live the error message stating the serial is not in the database is coming up this is also attached. Last but not least when running the game the graphics is really bad and when changed after a while of playing the game it crashes and the error message to restart comes up.

Can someone please give me some feedback as to how to get my money back as I am totally disappointed with this buy after waiting hours for this to download.
review image review image review image review image
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on September 16, 2014
The Code for this is on steam. I have this game on both my PS3 and PC, but I don't really like the controls for it on PC so I hooked up my PS3 controller. The game format is a bit glitchy on the PC too, because it is ported really poorly. If you're thinking about getting this game now I would just wait until GTA 5 comes out for the PC, it should be coming out pretty soon so I hear. Over all not really something I would get for the PC.
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on February 27, 2014
I bought this on the 360 when it first hit. This and it's successor are the only games that I pre-order because I want them when they come out. I played this on the 360 up until (online) GTA V was about to come out - that's how much fun it was. I sold my 360 right before XMas but still put in a decent amount of work in GTA V. Since the online in GTA V is not as fun and not as addictive, I still sought this game out.

I waited until the price was right (under $10) to get it and it took some time to get it together on digital download. I prefer mine on media, these gigs are too much to download even though I have the speed for it. The graphics blow the 360 out of the water as the clarity, textures and everything loos like it should have. Now everything looks more realistic as wood looks like wood, lights shine brighter and clearer. There are many more vehicles on the road and looking at the Manhattan skyline on PC is much better because it is fully drawn all the way so it looks closer to how you would see it from a distance in real life. Of course, like others wrote, it is not optimized well for PC as there is a little stuttering and slight choppiness here and there, but is is tolerable since it looks so much better than the console versions.

Now, the main reason I bought this (besides price) was for the online play. On the 360, there was always someone online even after GTA V dropped. The 360 takes 16 players at a time, so I wanted to see how the PC would do with 32! Sadly, I got on today and at best, there was only ONE person online!!! What happened to the modders and all of the people who were waiting for GTA V? This was a let down because I wanted to see how 32 at a time and what adjustments I would have to make. I guess i'll have to wait for GTA V PC to find out, but where I last left off, GTA V online was boring!
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on April 13, 2015
A fun game. I had zero issues getting it to run properly. It does have games for windows however their is a patch to ditch this called X Liveless. That will bypass GFWL and allow you to save. It will not allow you to play online with this patch. The game does show its age a little bit. Its not a bad looking game but if you compare it to Sleeping Dogs its like night and day. Their is a Mod that upgrades the graphics of the game and makes it look much better. Its called Ice.

The game is fun. The game allows you to play Darts, Pool, Bowling with a partner. The city is big and interesting. The missions are fun and the story is well done. The game does have some faults. Fist fighting feels awkward and strange. compared to Sleeping Dogs.Luckily the game revolves around shooting mostly. Your character talks about needing money but I have around 300,000 currently and he is still saying he is broke. I wish the game had a garage to store cars in. I have played this game with a xbox controller and one time with a mouse. Both work fine. The mouse is the better option for targeting bad guys.I do not have a heavy weight system. It a AMD quad core with a r7 250 graphics card.

I did not play multiplayer and I have not played the extra DLC. The gay balled of Tony. Also for whatever reason if I use the mouse and drive the car its perfect. The camera is centered in the back of the car. If I use the controller the camera is not centered its off a little to the left of the car. Thats annoying.Overall a fun game.
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on June 23, 2014
Few things that I feel need to get out of the way.
-Yes, you can play this on any Windows 7 or 8 if you have any idea about computer or can use google.
-Yes, most low end gaming computers can play this. If your computer is gaming in any sense and you have a decent processor and 256mb graphics card, you can play it on the lowest settings.
-Yes, the game is a bad port. If your computer isn't an absolute monster then you can't play it on it's highest settings.

Other than that, this game is amazing and a must have if you enjoy shooting and exploding and car crashes. I would recommend it. If nothing else, go watch DanzNewz play it on youtube. That should answer any questions of if you want it or not. I've had a lot of fun on my own and playing with my friends.
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on June 18, 2014
Though I have modded the game a bit, I'm having a blast playing GTA IV for PC. People seem to feel like Rockstar screwed up with this game but so far I haven't run into any major issues. The controls are a little difficult to get used to if you haven't played GTA games before but they're quick to learn and you can always customize them as needed.

The voice overs are fun if not overdone a little but it's supposed to be cheesy and fun. Not overly serious.

All in all, I'd recommend this game to anyone who like's open-world, sandbox style games. It's easy to mod too with a thriving community based around that. So there's that if you get bored with the standard gameplay.
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on February 11, 2015
I got the PC version of this game for the main reason of being able to mod it. While I was able to do that, the game is poorly optimized for Windows 7 and up. Just getting the game to work is a hassle. I won't explain here, but it took me at least 4 hours of deleting and redownloading files just to run it. The only reason I put up with all this is because I'm a really big GTA fan. When I FINALLY got it to work, the game ran at a very low frame rate. However, a few mods and tweaks to the games setting later, I was able to squeeze out around a steady 30 FPS on my mid-spec gaming rig. In conclusion, Grand Theft Auto IV is a great game which suffers from poor optimization on newer systems.
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on November 3, 2014
Quite hard to install in Steam on Win8. Some compatibility problem caused lots of trouble.
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on December 30, 2015
great game but you have to have THE OS to run it and apperently "STREAM" will not run on WIN 8.1 or UBUNTU 14 LTS these "Little" things and that's not going to change any time soon and people buy these games so as to not have to plop down $400.00 on a newXBOX or PS4 and so your totally wasting everyones time and stupidly i actually thought for a second i could play this game withouit having to throw the money at the ps3 which either way with these games you end up loosing it through some spyware or somene isntalls something on your PS3 like some coakroach from europe does something to watch you
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