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on August 31, 2012
I decided to buy this keyboard after trying out mini bluetooth keyboards from two other manufacturers (Spider and ProHT). The number 1 problem with the other keyboards is the overly soft rubber keys that are used make it extremely difficult to type anything, it feels like mush

However, this is absolutely NOT the case with the Grandmax mini bluetooth keyboard.

I am extremely satisfied with the overall quality of this keyboard. The keys are very tactile and responsive, the battery lasts way longer than i thought it would, and the device works great with my iPhone 4S and my iPad.

I can honestly say i will never go back to using the on screen keyboard on my iphone (except for short notes) because this keyboard has spoiled me!

I would recommend this product to anyyone looking for a ``pocketable`` keyboard for your touchscreen smartphone, tablet, or even for your laptop.

After buying this product i have since had to purchase two more for my mother and sister, and they love them as much as i do!

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on November 13, 2012
I bought this over 6 months ago from a different supplier who no longer carries this magnificent keypad so you can imagine my elation at accidentally stumbling across this ad!
I've been using this tiny keyboard DAILY with my iPhone (it fits perfectly inside a rubber case designed for the iPhone 4) and I've gotten quite proficient at typing fairly fast, if I do say so myself. I'm buying a second one since this little gem is hard to find and for some reason my older one has developed a habit of repeating letters twice every other word. No biggie and it's not irritating enough to stop using, just thought a replacement might let me use BOTH of them a bit longer.
I have NOTHING negative to say about this keypad. I must have been through half a dozen others looking for the perfect one and this item is superior. The backlight is not two goofy-looking bulbs planted on each side, the way some cheaper versions are. No, it is a complete backlight, illuminating every single number and letter perfectly.
I leave mine on 24/7, only waking it from sleeping when I need it and I've only had to re-charge it ONCE!

If you're in the market for a micro keypad don't hesitate - just go for this and avoid the frustration of shopping around. You WON'T be disappointed!!
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on March 5, 2012
This is probably one of the best Bluetooth thumb keyboards on the market. The keys are relatively large, for a thumb keyboard, and are convex, which reduces the risk of hitting an adjacent key when pressing down on the intended key. It will enable you to type faster and more accurately than most other thumb keyboards. Only downside is that it is a bit chunky.
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on February 27, 2013
I purchased the Grandmax Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard to pair with my new Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy s2 phone. If, like me, you can't stand typing on a touch screen, this little device will solve your woes!

The Good:
The device paired easily with my Android phone (running Ice Cream Sandwich OS) on the first try. The buttons provide an excellent tactile sensation, with a soft click when pressed. At 4.25 x 2.25 inches and with a slim profile of 3/8ths of an inch, the keyboard fits easily in a pocket or purse. The smooth plastic finish allows it to slide easily in and out of pockets. The keyboard features all the most essential keys, plus some handy shortcuts and contextual keys. For smartphone use, the arrow keys on the bottom right are wonderful for editing text precisely or correcting typos (no need to fiddle with the touchscreen trying to get the cursor in the right place - just arrow your way over to the spot). It is also very nice to have a tab key for powering through forms. The backlight can be enabled or disabled with a press of one dedicated button and works great in low light conditions - it's nice to be able to shut it off to conserve battery. Like another reviewer, I also find the toggle power switch on the side of the device ideal - since it requires you to slide it up or down, the device will not get turned on accidentally by a button press. Overall, this is a great little product!

The Bad:
I'd call this keyboard perfect but for a couple of minor issues. First off, I love punctuation. I use commas and periods in text messages all the time. To type a comma on this keyboard, you must hold the function key and press the M button, which takes a little longer (and more dexterity) than I'd prefer. To type a period, you must hold the function key and press the / button. Personally, the / is a lot less important to me than a period, especially when you consider that there are dedicated buttons for most other, arguably less important punctuation marks, such as the semicolon. One other small problem I have with this keyboard is the slippery feel in-hand. While the texture is nice for pocketing the device, the smooth finish makes the device feel less secure when typing - hard plastic ridges or bubbles or a soft rubberized texture on the back would be nice. The last problem I have with the device has to do with the battery. While the battery life is excellent, I can't figure out the meaning of the battery indicator lights on the top left of the device. I am never certain how long to charge the device or whether or not I am running out of juice. The included instructions did not help at all - they are quite sparse on this topic.

The Fix:
Although the battery icon issue cannot be fixed without additional documentation, for the smartphone or tablet user, there is a great fix for the punctuation issue that also takes this awesome little keyboard to even greater heights! "External Keyboard Helper" is an inexpensive and handy utility available on the Google Play marketplace that allows the smartphone or tablet user to create custom mapping for keys on their Bluetooth keyboard. Pairing up this app with the Grandmax Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard allowed me to change the mapping of some of my keys so that I have one-touch access to the period and comma. I was also able to create a bunch of custom shortcuts to various apps. The two products work great together.

Bottom Line:
This high quality keyboard is well worth the cash. It gets 4.5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend it to anyone that prefers a tactile typing experience to typing on a touchscreen, especially when paired with External Keyboard Helper.
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on March 16, 2012
I did a ton of research to find a small, ultra portable alternative to my tablet's touch screen keypad. I looked in to silicon keyboards, keyfolios, lapdocks, and thumb keypads. And I am so incredibly happy I settled on the Grandmax mini keyboard. It's about 4", which is too small to touch type. But the keys are bigger than a cell phone's qwerty and close enough together that you can easily thumb over all the keys at a fairly quick speed.

It does have some syncing issues sometimes. I'll find that it copies the previous letter a few times or hangs for a few seconds. But it's not frequent enough to be distracting or counterproductive. I also had a problem with the drive disc (it's a mini cd that's flat on two sides, so it wouldn't read/spin in my CD drive), but fortunately didn't need it.

The keyboard itself does NOT work with a ViewSonic G tablet. I could get it to pair, but it wouldn't connect. However, it DOES work beautifully with my Motorola Droid Razr. I use the Quickoffice app, so even some of the Windows keys on the keyboard work. It works so well, once paired is easy to sync up (flip the on switch!), and is really addictive. Definitely recommended!
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on May 19, 2013
I bought this keyboard to use with my iPod Touch 5th Gen.
At first, I was skeptical when in opened the packaging and the CD and instruction manual only list windows and android devices. However, syncing to my iPod could not be easier. I plugged the keyboard in, to charge, and at the same time switched it on. Hitting the sync button on the bottom of the device immediately had it come up as available devices on my iPod. Selecting it the iPod asked me to enter a code on the keyboard and hit enter. Doing so synced the two, and the keyboard was immediately usable on my iPod.

Now, functions that work.
All the numbers and letters work, as expected, including shift, caps and tab. The arrow keys work when you are in a document, allowing you to scroll inside sentences or pages.
The volume controls work and allow you to increase, decrease or mute your music. There are also play, forward, rewind and pause buttons that controls playing music on the device without the need to open the music application.
F1 on the keyboard has the same function as pressing the round button at the bottom of the device. Unfortunately, after pressing the button and accessing currently running applications, the arrow key does not allow you to scroll between the apps and select one.

All in all, a very good keyboard with nice keys.

Size wise, the keyboard is the exact width of the iPod touch 5, and a little bit shorter, while also a little bit thicker.

Construction seems reasonable solid, and the backlight feature that can be turned on and off with a keystroke is an bonus. Worth the money.

As an bonus, the keyboard also paired and connected to my Nokia N900 smart phone, something I have not been able to do with multiple other wireless keyboards.
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on December 10, 2012
Summary:I bought this keyboard so I can text faster then on a touch screen and its better then buying a phone that has a lame keyboard. I can say with out a doubt that this is one of the greatest gadgets that I have ever purchased.

Pros:- Well made, and very sturdy. You literally feel what its worth and that it justifys the price. I bought a cheap 8 dollar mini keyboard and it feels like complete garbage compared wit the grandmax.
- It has Back lit keys. thats usually unheard off for something this small.
- Connects with the ease of bluetooth. Pair it with your intended device with the small button on the back, type in the code. And Viola! you have a connection.
- Its not so big nor so small that its impossible to use. I use it and my fingers are pretty large. But its keys are NOT squishy but feel like a proper clicking keyboard. Very good for texting and writing.

Cons: Price? Thats about it. Im a cheapsake I know. DONT JUDGE ME.

EDIT: After 3 months the unit stopped working. I had to RMA the product back to the manufacter. Thats why I knocked out a star.

The problem consisted of it refusing to turn on, connect, or both.
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on December 29, 2012
It looks like a real nice keyboard except I can't get the drivers off the disk. I've tried on 3 different drives, and none that I have (not old drives by the way) can read this screwy disk. To make things worse the drivers are not on the GRANDMAX web page either. I sent them an email that has so far been ignored.
Followup post: Grandmax did respond to my emails but didn't suggest removing the thin layer of plastic covering the disk which was the problem.
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on December 5, 2012
BTW: 1 year later: this product works as great as day one! :)

Delivery was lightning fast. This is a nice, lightweight, but well made,fully backlit little keyboard. It took about 2 minutes to read the instructions, pair with my Galaxy SII and test it out. Then it needs to be fully charged before use. What I really like about it is that I can park it wherever I need to (purse, pocket etc.) and continue to use my phone normally (with virtual keyboard) but when I need to type out several paragraphs for example, all I have to do is flip the on switch on the keyboard and I can begin to use it right away without getting involved in any menus. Both the virtual keyboard and micro keyboard were accessible at the same time on my device when I tested it out. The other thing that is nice is that the on button is the kind with little ridges that you have to push UP and DOWN (like older devices)not some sensitive thing that's going to get pressed on constantly by accident. The board is about twice the size of a Blackberry keyboard-the back is a little slippery for heavy texting so I might attach something there but it seems sturdy and self-contained enough to tote around without a cover which is great. The only cons for me is that its almost just a bit TOO big widthwise for heavy text input with medium sized hands, but perhaps with anti-skid stuff on the back I will get used to it-also if you have really big hands-you'll probably like it as far as mobile keyboards go. Small hands might find it too wide. I'm not nuts about the comma attached to the 'M' button and both the period and comma requiring the function key to be pressed, but perhaps I will get used to that. I haven't fully investigated combinations, but it seems the keyboard cancels out the automatic functions like automatic period which has to be manually input-but perhaps I just need to play around with configurations. Overall, its a sturdy, straightforward little gadget.
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on March 2, 2013
Wanted an external keyboard to work with my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Tried two others (one bluetooth and one wired) - both failed miserably. And then this one arrived. Connected immediately and worked as advertised. More ruggedly built than the others as well. Now, phone auto-connects with it as soon as keyboard is turned on, turning my phone into a more convenient computer on the run. And I keep being stopped by other Note owners wanting to try it, and then wanting to know where I got it.
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